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 ABC: no better under Buttrose

07.05.19. If anyone knows the inner workings of the ABC it has to be Maurice Newman. Although the new boss Ita Buttrose has newly taken up the position, outside observers are not holding their collective breaths for the overt and blatant bias to be addressed. And Why? Because the ABC is adamant that no Leftwing bias exists—so what is there to be addressed?
How many times must we be reminded that there is no bias at the ABC? If that’s true, why, ­according to former long-serving employee and staff-elected director Quentin Dempster, are “forces at work in our country” out to ­destroy it? 

Source: News Corp

Forces from within are destroying the ABC


Well, we know who they aren’t. Political support for the national broadcaster comes overwhelmingly from one side of the philosophical divide. Indeed, the ABC has a formidable army of organised supporters including, GetUp, the Greens, the Labor Party and Friends of the ABC. They rent billboards proclaiming: “Don’t lose your ABC this election day. Vote to protect the ABC.” These organisations are transparent in their political and social ambitions and see the ABC as a close ally. That’s why they ­fiercely defend it and campaign to have Sky News “after dark” run out of town.
The truth is that the mantra that “there is no bias at the ABC” is a myth. It is a lie, repeated over and over in an effort to hide the reality that the ABC is a left-wing sanctuary. How else to explain its obsessive, often fanciful, coverage of US President Donald Trump, its ­unceasing apocalyptic views on climate change, its superficial one-sided commentary on immi­gration and identity, its anti-business mentality and hostility towards the Catholic Church? Even ABC Kids feels compelled to rap a lesson on white male ­privilege.
These are not partisan observations. Nor are they academic. After all, taxpayers spend more than $1 billion a year on the ABC and its 1983 act requires the board “to ­ensure that the gathering and presentation by the corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial according to the recognised standards of objective journalism”. ABC defenders may claim that standards have changed but unless they are relying on the Humpty Dumpty ­defence that a word “means just what I choose it to mean”, the obligations haven’t changed.

The reality is that the ABC sees ­itself as a counter to the Murdoch media. Many within the corporation see Rupert Murdoch as the devil incarnate. Comments in News Corporation outlets critical of the broadcaster are a plot to ­defund a competitor. Dempster blames Murdoch for “perpetuating an in-built media imbalance”.
Emphasising this, in an interview with former managing director Mark Scott, veteran ABC presenter Jon Faine complained about the (right-wing) partisan ­nature of Sky News and its influence in Parliament House. He rejects plurality of opinion because broadcasting some of the views aired on Sky would be like “we’ve heard from Anne Frank, now let’s hear what Hitler’s got to say”.
It is this slippery ideological slope that has seen the ABC ­become an unabashed campaigner for radical environmentalism and globalism. As a climate change activist, the ABC is without peer. Its religious belief that ­humans cause catastrophic global warming is summarised in a sticker distributed to all staff urging them: “Shut down your PC ­before you go home to reduce CO2 emission (sic).” However credentialed, contrary views on climate change are not tolerated.
The ABC has also become a spear-thrower for the animal rights movement. Four Corners picked up a theme popular among American animal rights activists that seeks to ban greyhound racing. It alleged widespread animal cruelty involving Australian livestock exports. Its science program Catalyst broadcast a segment critical of beef consumption and its ­impact on climate change, the ­environment and health. Viewers were encouraged to consider ­insects as a future source of protein for humans. Vegan protesters now invading farms and disrupting traffic no doubt thank the ABC for these brainwashing sessions
Now the ABC has inserted ­itself into the election campaign with a program timed to derail the election prospects of the Left’s hate ­figure, Pauline Hanson, and her One Nation party. An Al ­Jazeera expose, How to Sell a Massacre, is a sting three years in the making, employing hidden cam­eras to ­record One Nation’s ­unsuccessful attempts to solicit foreign funding with the aid of the National Rifle Association. As Al Jazeera’s executive producer is a former ABC employee, Pauline Hanson is entitled to ask whether Australia’s national broadcaster collaborated in this production.
And Australians should ask how the ABC justifies links to an organisation that uses hidden cameras, is anti-Semitic, hosted a party for newly freed arch-terrorist Samir Quntar, and was allegedly involved in corrupt practices to win the rights to the 2022 soccer World Cup. Indeed, after the ABC’s strong stance on offshore detention and marriage equality, it beggars belief that all connections with the propaganda arm of a government that funds terrorism, condones human trafficking and forced labour and punishes homosexuality and adultery with stoning and imprisonment weren’t pulled long ago.
But no. The ABC employs double standards so Labor, the Greens and the unions won’t have to worry that their close ties to GetUp and its access to substantial foreign donations will be exposed.
With no pressure on accountability, ABC activists will pursue their political ambitions at will. Should any politician, chair or board challenge their partisanship, they will be met with the usual sophistry, arguing editorial independence, responsible management and compliance with statutory obligations.
But a lowly 46 per cent employee engagement score, down six points from 2015, is signalling a different story. At a time when audience numbers are slumping, the staff see an organisation lacking good governance and a viable operating purpose.
The just-appointed managing director, David Anderson, has spent his life at the ABC. He is a popular figure, steeped in its culture and unlikely to bring about necessary change. This means the forces at work who Dempster claims are “out to destroy the ABC” will continue to come ­mainly from within. They are the influencers who have captured the corporation and put it on an ­unsustainable financial and ideological trajectory.
Maurice Newman was ABC chairman from 2007 to 2012.

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  • Popular Front 07/05/2019, 6:48 am

    When the ABC dropped their Sydney club rugby coverage – the Shute Shield – on Saturday afternoons that removed the last reason for me to watch the ABC. Rugby aside I haven’t watched the ABC for any reason for over 20 years now and btw I don’t watch the commercial channels either as they are all pitched at the lowest intellectual level – slightly above moron.

  • Gregoryno6 07/05/2019, 7:23 am

    Did anyone really expect that things would be sweeter with Eeta? This is the lady who thought her name was good enough to serve as the title of her magazine.
    I recall Terry Lane, no brutal right-winger himself, calling her out on an article that ignored some interesting statistics on domestic violence and child murder (Hint: women are guilty of both, not just men).
    To misquote Orwel, they got Ita Buttrose a long time ago.

  • Lorraine 07/05/2019, 8:02 am

    To be fair Ita has just stepped in, and as we know this ship will not turn.
    In fact turning this ship right with the employees ,vetted as Greens only need apply.I do not watch the ABC and if it is unsustainable as the writer suggest, lets get there faster

  • Jarrah 07/05/2019, 8:18 am

    Ita is a well-known lefty so don’t expect any major changes. Close the joint down or offload it and stop wasting taxpayers money on a Marxist plaything that all taxpayers fund.

    • Peter W 07/05/2019, 5:06 pm

      Seriously? Ita is NO lefty. You have not studied her very well have you. She opposed many of the pathetic comments made by those on Studio 10 when she was there. In fact that’s why she resigned in the end; because of the bias lefties!
      Why do you think the ABC staff balked at her appointment. She will sit back and observe like any new appointee would be expected to do. Already that bitch Virginia Trioli has resigned from the ABC TV.

  • Albert 07/05/2019, 8:24 am

    Did anyone really expect change under Ita??

  • Maryanne 07/05/2019, 8:28 am

    I havn’t watched the ABC for years either, though I sometimes listen to our local ABC radio station. Even the classical music station is going to pot: I heard somebody singing “Volare” last week.

    • Eliza 07/05/2019, 9:52 am

      The classical music station is Not going Maryanne but gone a long time ago. Remember margaret throsby and all her left wing interviews. Also these days there is sooo much chatter between musical pieces often with snide lefty remarks that I tend to live stream 3MBS radio 103.5 FM Melbourne .

  • Cliff 07/05/2019, 9:14 am

    The ads. the ABC are currently running extolling their own virtues have a hint if desperation about them. They KNOW they’re seriously on the nose with 50+% of the population but can never be seen to admit to that simple fact.

    It’s time the ABC became a subscription service so that those who find its services ‘vital’ (as they say they are in their ads) can pay for that ‘vital’ service – and those who don’t find that service vital can be spared the substantial expense of supporting it.

    An alternative solution would be to put it up for sale and let the new owners pay for the cost of running it.

    • Gregoryno6 07/05/2019, 11:09 am

      Cliff, the best solution I’ve heard is to sell the whole show, lock stock and barrel, to the staff for a dollar.
      After that, the place is on its own. They could initiate a subscriber service.
      Then would we see just how broad and dedicated is Aunty’s audience.

      • Peter Sandery 07/05/2019, 3:23 pm

        I have given some considerable thought to that suggestion but have come to the conclusion that it should be put up for sale first, after the idea has been put to a plebiscite in the same way that the SSM issue was handled. If the plebiscite then did not get passed it could be as you say, gifted to the staff of the ABC for a dollar, on the proviso that no taxpayers’ money would be used to fund it for thereon.

  • nev 07/05/2019, 10:26 am

    When one looks at the damage to the Nation wrought by Labor governments time after time, over and over that labor wreaks on the economy, tears and rapes the fabric of democracy and when the country is near bankrupt we kick them out and tell the other side to fix it all up.
    After three years of belt tightening, scratching and scraping and trying to get Industry back on its feet and the books balanced. Labor comes back and simply says “look all this self-responsibility is to hard we have an easy way and they are back in power.
    Easy! To my mind, maybe I’m missing something. Labor has the perfect trifecta
    (1) The unions, its funding arm: The tax exempt unions. Labor’s fund raisers and power brokers.
    (2) The ABC, a 1 billion dollar tax payer funded propaganda unit run according to Alinski’s rules.
    (3) The Labor Party, the heart, the central hub whose tentacles control academia, the media and every arm of the public service and all that is LEFT.
    WHY DOES IT KEEP HAPPENING? We let it, but worse still the Liberals let it! That is why the richest nation blessed by greatest abundance of natural resources is condemned to the one step forward two steps back cycle. And we have to pay the price.
    They’re part of labor, is the reason there is no place or need in Australia for a tax payer funded ABC!
    How can there be a need for a Liberal party who no longer knows what it stands for or who it serves.
    Ps, Please make a greater allowance for me to day…….. Knocked over by the dreaded lurgy.

  • Muphin 07/05/2019, 2:20 pm

    The ABC has become a political force in it’s own right. It has a far-left political network and its unwavering conviction about who should be running this country, and how.

  • Penguinite 08/05/2019, 8:45 am

    As I commented in The Australian this morning, on an item concerning the politicking by the new CEO Anderson. Wake-up Ita you’ve been dudded!

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