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 Abbott speaks about his part with deadly viruses

26.03.20. Former prime minister Tony Abbott says Australia is “much better prepared that we otherwise would have been” to battle the coronavirus outbreak because of the work which was “done back then in my day as health minister”. In a speech to a Infectious Diseases Conference on May 2, 2005 the then health minister Tony Abbott outlined measures the Australian government would have to take in order to successfully curb the spread of a deadly virus. Mr Abbott advocated for increased border security measures which would then require all incoming passengers to “make a health declaration” while also suggesting the establishment of quarantine centres. Mr Abbott told Sky News hosts Alan Jones and Peta Credlin Australia is “probably three weeks behind Italy, and probably two weeks behind Spain”.

Source: Sky News

He said in order to prevent Australia following those two countries, “what we got to do desperately is shut things down in the short term”. “If we do manage to lock things down hard for four weeks or six weeks then we’ll be in a better position to start to think about whether we can relax things”. The former prime minister said the government is now moving towards a “set of arrangements” where the government is having to “put the economy, as it were, into a coma, an induced coma to try and avoid a health crisis”.

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  • Muphin 26/03/2020, 6:13 am

    The drug chloroquine has been approved by the American FDA. There has been NO deaths reported since it was first manufactured in 1934. The side effects are well documented.

    If this drug was made freely available and prescribed by doctors “Kung Flu” (covid-19) could be completely wiped out within 90 days.

    If this drug saves ONE life, wouldn’t be worth trying????

    • Pensioner Pete 26/03/2020, 8:53 am

      Quite so Muphin. The drugs Hydroxychloroqine (Plaquenil) and Azithromycin combined have been reported as having a 100% success rate with the Chinese Wuhan Virus. They are available via prescription.

      I will be talking to my doctor this morning about these drugs as I get my updated keep alive prescriptions. Due to the current lock-down, my consultation is via phone.

      • Penguinite 26/03/2020, 10:20 am

        Unless like the idiot from Mid West USA who stopped reading the label at on his aquatic filter at chloroquine and missed another ingredient that killed him after ingesting it! Now, of course, MSM are blaming Trump!

    • Botswana O'Hooligan 26/03/2020, 5:17 pm

      Yairs Muphin, I took it for years as a preventative for malaria, didn’t have any side effects or at least it didn’t affect my thirst.

      • MM Ed 26/03/2020, 8:02 pm

        Yairs! I had to drink lots of Schweppes Tonic Water after Borneo and the Malayan campaign, it contains, or did, quinine. Gin helped!

  • Penguinite 26/03/2020, 8:53 am

    Klung-Flu, I love it! Thanks. If Turnbull and his mates hadn’t usurped Tony Abbott we would be financially soooo much better off and fit enough to combat this Chinese subversion by “Health Stealth”. Another plus would plus would have been the early retirement of Julie Bishop and the other Julie would be in gaol!

    • DT 26/03/2020, 9:42 am

      Yes, but never forget that Mansion and Black Hands are associates of the socialist globalist world wide network and PM Abbott was targeted from within Australia and from outside.

      As Christopher Monckton warned us by video at time he asked us to watch Tony’s back.

  • DT 26/03/2020, 9:39 am

    Late yesterday NZ announced Level 4 restrictions and ordered people to stay where they were sleeping last night until further notice.

    Although many Australians and New Zealanders do not realise it our two nations, consider Closer Economic Relations Agreement, ANZUS Treaty and other agreements, cooperate on many levels and issues. Mischief media tried to smear our PM claiming he was following the lead of NZ closing borders, the truth is that on Friday 13 March our COAG based leaders cabinet reached that decision. On Sunday 15 NZ announced the decision followed by Australia on Monday 16 March.

    The charter flights evacuation of Australians from Wuhan included New Zealand citizens, it was a joint mission.

    The COAG leaders cabinet meets again Friday evening, where will you be sleeping that night?

  • JK. 26/03/2020, 10:29 am

    Quite right PP. both these drugs have been on the market for years and have been shown to work, what the bloody hell are they waiting for ?? for the pices to go up maybe????

    • luk1955 26/03/2020, 1:06 pm

      The governments of the world don’t want this crisis solved. This is the final fruition of their plan to make the planet into a jail, for us. Minus the elites of course. Why let a great crisis go to waste? Give the creators of this plot a high mark for shutting down the whole planet simultaneously and in just 3 short weeks. What they are not telling you is that most of the CV death have been people who had other severe problems, but the CV was enough to push the dead over the cliff into never never land. This accounts for 88% of the CV deaths the news is spouting on about. CV complications from other illnesses.

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