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 A ‘mircale’ from the pious Morrison—turning good into bad!

14.10.21.  Day after day the good people of Australia awaken to a continuum of rotten leadership, lies, spin political corruption and more, all bound up in gross incompetence. The front page of any newspaper shouts at you. It no wonder that politicians are mainly despised—rated lower than used car salesmen—oops, salespeople! They stink! We have been raised with the notion of  the vote being a free person’s greatest asset. Ha, a bloody myth has been made of that—right here in following column that makes the reader ask, why don’t I just scrawl a rude word across the ballot paper and be done with it? Have we become lobotomised zombies under strict control of those that push our buttons to keep them living high on our toils. In case you’ve forgotten: lockdowns, police brutality, heavy fines, branch stacking, rogue premiers, etc, etc.) Peta Credlin sets game rules in her lead paragraph:
How can something be dead wrong two years ago – in the words of Scott Morrison, “a reckless target … (that) will come at a tremendous cost to Australians” – but now be absolutely right?
This is the obvious question the Prime Minister knows he must answer if he expects to win quiet Australians over to a climate policy requiring higher targets, deeper cuts and billions more in taxpayer expenditure than ever proposed by his predecessors, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull.

Source: Peta Credlin, NCA

PM’s switch to net zero leaves us in dark

But it isn’t just politicians in the hot seat; so are corporate leaders following a backflip from the Business Council of Australia. The BCA slammed Bill Shorten’s 2019 election plan for a 45 per cent emissions cut by 2030 as “economy wrecking” but now demands a 45 to 50 per cent cut by 2030. It is urging the Morrison government to commit immediately to net-zero emissions by 2050.
The BCA, representing Australia’s 100 or so biggest companies, claims “circumstances have changed” since then. Wrong. All that has changed is the politics.
US President Joe Biden is a climate warrior while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is desperate for a diplomatic triumph at next month’s Glasgow climate conference. There are concerns Morrison may be asked to pay a blood price for the nuclear-powered subs deal.
The BCA’s about-face is being hailed as a free pass enabling the Morrison government to change its position without having to worry about the economic consequences of more drastic emissions cuts or political blowback. As if.
The BCA paper is shallow boosterism that should shame an organisation that led the intellectual charge for the economic reforms of the Hawke and Howard eras, and still was making good economic and political sense a decade back. It cites Deloitte Access Economics modelling purporting to show that achieving net zero by 2050 will provide a $890bn boost to the economy and 195,000 extra jobs by 2070.
Let’s pass over the implausibility of being able to model anything with precision 50 years hence. Unsur­prisingly, the working papers for this modelling are not published; what is said, though, is that it’s based on “avoided warming damages to the economy” plus the “benefits of low-cost renewable electricity production”. That would be the ostensible benefits Britain is experiencing as a result of relying on renewables for up to 40 per cent of its power.
As Energy Minister Angus Taylor said this week, “reliance on gas imports … and a prolonged wind drought have plunged (the UK) into an extraordinary energy crisis”. He also said: “The UK’s energy crisis has literally stopped industry in its tracks. Jobs are uncertain, production of critical outputs has been paused (and) bills have skyrocketed.”
But none of this bothers the BCA or, so it would now seem, the Morrison Liberals. That’s because, as the BCA claims, technological change, especially “green hydrogen” – or hydrogen produced using renewable energy – is going to drive our reliance on fossil fuels (mainly coal) for about 70 per cent of our electricity to under 15 per within a decade.
This is notwithstanding the cav­eat from the International Energy Agency – effectively explod­ing the premise of the BCA report – that “reaching net-zero emissions will require the widespread use after 2030 of technologies that are still under development”. The IEA says: “In 2050, almost 50 per cent of CO2 emissions reductions … come from technologies currently at demonstration or prototype stage.”
In other words, Australia is being asked to jeopardise affordable and reliable fossil-fuel-based power now in the hope something will be developed to replace it sometime in the future, demanding a leap into the dark. This is economically irresponsible but politically it’s also almost bewilderingly stupid.
But it won’t be long-gone boards and chief executives that will pay the price but the Coalition and, in real terms, the small business sector (which can’t survive passing on every climate cost to consumers) and households on low and fixed incomes.
It is building as an almost perfect storm for Morrison; and it’s far more than just a party-room showdown between “modern Liberals” from rich, Tesla-driving electorates in the leafy suburbs and the disparaged but politically astute redneck Nationals representing coalminers and the poorer regional seats.
If it were, it might be fixable by another round of rural pork-barrelling or, better, by opening some new low-emission coal-fired power plants to keep power affordable and reliable while transitioning to nuclear power in coming decades. At least that would mean Morrison’s fight is with the Labor Party rather than within his own team.
Instead, there’s something far more important at stake here. Politicians with elastic principles and no conceivable convictions are what drive our despair about public life. Apart from a bedrock preference for freedom and a commitment to budget responsibility (both of which have been tested almost to destruction by this pandemic), this government was elected to end Labor’s emissions obsession.
Indeed, even before that, Rudd’s flawed carbon pollution reduction scheme, which Turnbull crossed the floor to vote for, only hastened Rudd’s demise. Gillard just limped over the line when she promised “no carbon tax under a government I lead”. Breaking this promise helped to secure Abbott’s landslide win when he vowed to repeal it. In 2016, Turnbull narrowly survived losing 14 seats because the Nationals kept his green-left zealotry at bay. When it came back again in 2018, the party room handed his job to Morrison, who won a miracle victory in 2019 by standing firm against Shorten’s uncosted emissions policy.
That’s the political reality of the past 20 years in terms of real votes cast at real elections, not opinion polls with loaded questions designed to build climate crisis drama in the media. That Australians care about the environment is not the issue; they do, and our country has an extraordinary record of conservation.
But net zero by 2050 isn’t just an environmental issue. It’s an economic and national security issue, too. That is what’s at stake against a background of global capital rent-seekers – the billionaires, bankers and big corporates, all desperate for another way to make money by way of global taxpayer trillions and consumers bearing the brunt of soaring costs for life’s essentials.
It is not a question of should we protect our environment, that’s a given; it’s how we do it that’s the issue. Making our nation poorer and our energy security more precarious at one of the most volatile times in our history defies sense.
This is a government with no seats to spare, seeking a fourth term on a thin record, that has all but exhausted the goodwill of its natural supporters. By continually ruling out nuclear power Morrison has brought many to the point of no return. Leaders lead, and followers head to Glasgow.

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  • Honeybadger 14/10/2021, 6:07 am

    Could barely wade through this. Over it, with all the irrational bleatings, lies, beat ups and the ongoing erroneous premise that CO2 (not carbon) is detrimental to the environment and drives temperature.
    Perhaps the Western world needs a real threat to refocus them, like a war with China. But just keep on about climate change, the real priority you lamentable dopes. Rolling blackouts await.

    • Ozman 14/10/2021, 6:25 am

      Blackouts guaranteed.

  • Ian 14/10/2021, 6:12 am

    The ACT believes that they are already carbon neutral with regard to electricity. So cut the incoming feed to them from the coal fired plants.

    The big question then will be, is the screaming loudest on a cold winter morning or a hot summers day.

    I have never heard such absolute spin and BS regarding the ability of a nation to turn off its reliable power sources for the promise of future supplies from technology that has yet to be developed. We don’t even have R&D in this country anymore. We just dig holes and sell the dirt.

    Has Twiggy got his electrical trucks working yet? What a complete FW.

    • GTD 14/10/2021, 8:02 am

      Agree 💯% .
      Cut the lines to the grid and let the greeny wankers see what happens..

  • Ozman 14/10/2021, 6:22 am

    Principia Scientific International was originally formed to give climate scientists another voice because they were omitted from the list of experts permitted to express their views at conferences and in journals and other media. It now incorporates those who oppose the plandemic narrative.

    The damage done to economies from the plandemic lockdowns is designed to implement a greater reason to introduce the need for more lockdowns. This time for climate change. Morrison appears to be on board.

    No doubt the miracle man will find more kryptonite at Glasgow to further impoverish the Superpower of Fossil Fuels.
    This way he can blame Greta.
    How dare you!
    The Thunder of Thor will rattle every cell in your head.

  • Xword 14/10/2021, 6:26 am

    Geez you guys are hard on Scomo … you don’t realise the guts and determination it takes to be the last rat off the sinking ship

    • DT 14/10/2021, 9:40 am

      Simple as that?

      No international political pressure at all.

  • Bob Ford 14/10/2021, 6:33 am

    Surely we do not need to put up with this rubbish , day after day ? Political manipulation ,bowing and scraping to NWO , UN , Davos oligarchy, let alone scare tactics , incarceration ,being forced to do useless acts, being poisoned with experimental drugs, destruction of lives and small business and barefaced lies !? Simple answer -Join UAP, help recruit members , encourage disaffected pollies to work with UAP. Result- a New Australian Government staffed by Patriots.

    • DT 14/10/2021, 9:50 am

      Minor parties could gain enough Senate seats to control or hold balance of power to block government legislation and maybe force changes but they cannot form government.

      In 2019 the Palmer party did not gain one seat in either upper or lower Houses of Parliament. But spent a huge amount of money campaigning. They have not got the experienced support staff or machinery that the major parties have.

      Last night on Sky it was discussed that minor party combined support has exceeded ten per cent of voters and is rising, and therefore Senate seats could be won but that would be their only worthwhile gain.

      So it’s up to astute voters to carefully consider if a Labor supported by Greens government would work for them as compared to the Liberal and National (QLD LNP) Coalition.

      Of course the Labor side leans heavily to the left in the majority, and the Coalition has left leaning MPs but not as far left as Labor Greens. Slowly but surely the Liberals have been pushing their LINO left into an increasing minority. Voters can help by finding out about their local Liberal candidate and only voting for centre to centre-right faction.

      I would like to put the Coalition into opposition but the present Opposition would be far worse for Australia.

      • wal1957 14/10/2021, 11:52 am

        DT, for years I voted for the party I least despised.
        That achieved sweet FA.
        Stuff the majors.You keep saying that we should continue holding our noses and just vote for the Libs. Have you given any thought to the possibility that that is the very reason we are in this mess today?
        The Libs succeeded last election courtesy of Queensland country voters and the stupidity of Bob Brown and his “caravan” of climate crusaders. Now Scomo has also apparently swallowed the green energy pill. Sunshine and breezes – current technolgy not fit for purpose. This is insane!
        The Libs can kiss my A$$.

  • Lorraine 14/10/2021, 6:51 am

    The Stupid PM is working thru all of the problems with net zero, so Angus Taylor informs, working extremely hard to get their head around this for Australia ……Hours of what spin will work is what I take that to mean. Mean while the Labor Policy that was so bad ,is now workable, geez if we had elected Bill Shorten we would be half way there by now. How stupid is the voter

  • Pensioner Pete 14/10/2021, 6:52 am

    BobF: Quoting you: “Join UAP, help recruit members , encourage disaffected pollies to work with UAP.”

    I could not agree more, however, if UAP administration would answer emails or answer their phone, perhaps UAP would progress.

    • Lorraine 14/10/2021, 7:20 am

      I joined , have a membership number,,happy to cast my vote in to their

      • Pensioner Pete 14/10/2021, 7:57 am

        Lorraine, I too am happy to vote for UAP, but it would be very useful if they would sort out their communications systems as it is vital for members and potential members to be able to communicate now, because the likely-hood of a Federal election is looming, possibly before Christmas and UAP need much support from members and potential members (like me) to ensure they win a lot of seats.

        I am trusting UAP do not go the way of One Nation in that the administration was a shambles prior the last Queensland state election.

        Until UAP sort out their communications and actually respond to my inquiry, I will stand back on membership.

  • Aktosplatz 14/10/2021, 7:24 am

    I saw Peta Credlin’s take on this one comparing the spin given out in 2019, by Morrison, compared to that of his today. I find his back flipping insulting to our intelligence.

    Frankly, the LNP have disqualified themselves in the forthcoming election. I cannot remember such dishonesty being so publicly disclosed. Thank you Peta Credlin.

    I am not joining any political party, good luck to those who join theLib Dems, ON, or UAP. However, I will fill out every single box on my ballot papers (especially the Senate) and I can assure you that in the race to the bottom, the LNP will be neck and neck with the Greens, and Labor.

  • God58 14/10/2021, 7:45 am

    Sadly our concerns expressed here, like everywhere, mean nothing to politicians and the retarded sheep overtaking a once good country. A definitive plan needs union members to immediately stop all coal mining. Then immediately shut down all coal power stations. Then immediately shut down all coal export shipping. Wait 4 weeks and assess feedback from federal and state governments and our retarded sheep. Wait another 4 weeks to make sure everyone gets the picture. All the above still shut down. Then have a referendum on all the climate BS, winner takes all with all State governments, greenie parties and politicians and most media companies and tech platforms banned for good.

  • pattoh 14/10/2021, 7:50 am

    Again, please note the timing of Scumho’s third wheel at G7 Pissup & Shagfest &

    a. the party machine going full paddle pop on Gladys

    b. an apparent Green Awakening

    c.[?] a nuclear thaw

    What are the odds the minions of the Guilds of the City had a quiet word?

    Who really sets the “policy” agenda in Australia?

    At least we have the pleasure of paying them . [ & their iPhone/Spy contracts]

    How many cabinet members have been merchant bankers or “auditors” of merchant bankers?

    Join the dots:-

    WTFU – The City still owns a mortgage on our lives &,
    it has it’s own agenda. [ which you get sanitized & delivered by the MSM]

  • Tamworth 14/10/2021, 7:51 am

    We are near the stage when our sick anger dissolves into despair and apathy.
    The Great Fraudulent Election of 2019 had terrible consequences.

  • Sir Peter 14/10/2021, 8:29 am

    If only all the giant egos could actually work for the country’s benefit. The only hope is for PHON and other micro parties to fold and join AUP, with Kelly as leader. I really like Pauline, always have – but she’s a hard sell. Kelly, plus Clive’s money plus all PHON membership might actually have a chance

    • Pensioner Pete 14/10/2021, 8:39 am

      I like your thinking Sir Peter, however, I reckon egos will stand in the way of One Nation/UAP merging. There was a merge of another conservative party with UAP recently (Reignite Democracy Australia), and the flack flying regarding the merger within the ranks of the UAP is considerable.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 14/10/2021, 9:27 am

    Groucho Marx gave morrison the idea of “if you don’t like my principles I have others ” and he has been using those “others” when it suits.

  • DT 14/10/2021, 9:40 am

    The climate based hoax and warming trend creative accounted computer modelling really angers me, that people we elected to be our representatives treat us like idiots while they follow the UN IPCC and others globalism agendas including the crony capitalist grab for increased wealth at our expense.

    But the situation today should be looked at based on the timeline of history from when it began, United Nations based leftists manipulating member nations. I have written again recently here about the history. So for around seventy years their plot has thickened. Around the 1970s a small group of manipulators decided on a climate based scare campaign. Time Magazine got it started with an article about a new Little Ice Age, which was I believe from research and present day indicators a true story.

    A decade later the same magazine warned about climate change and global warming dangers. Behind it was now deceased Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, he was a senior UN employee but became a millionaire and later a billionaire from investing. His associates included George Soros and together they have gradually succeeded in getting their version of climate change into the public domain and moving forward to get what they want, politics and money motivated.

    So powerful have they become, so influential that they have brought governments down and leaders, remember that Christopher Monckton warned via a video for Australians to watch the back of our PM Abbott, and the same for Canadians and New Zealanders to protect their leaders. All three were later replaced, they were no cooperating with the UN IPCC based scare campaign and things like transition to renewable energy.

    My point is that right now PM Morrison and even the Business Council of Australia appear to have changed direction, in 2019 they warned us that net zero emissions would damage the economy and cost a huge amount of money. Now in 2021 they are saying that it can be achieved and, according to the BCA, who have commissioned a 2050 economic outlook report, billions of dollar added to the economy, many new jobs, the complete opposite of their 2019 statements.

    What has changed?

    International political pressure is what, when PM Morrison was at the G7 Meeting as a guest it was reported that he had to stand up to the UK PM and refuse to mix net zero emissions with a trade agreement terms and conditions. The POTUS has been pressuring Australia and he even and often uses the WEF propaganda like Build Back Better.

    As we all know our nation needs its allies’ support as China winds up the threats on trade and hints about a military action against our nation, and others that displease the CCP – concentrate on CCP and not the average Chinese person because they are not free, no democracy for them, the CCP rules their lives.

    So consider the position our Federal Government is in now, it is not possible to ignore the demands for lower emissions and ridiculous net zero target.

    And anybody that believes Labor would block the demands is a fool.

    This goes way beyond Australian internal politics.

    A comment from Michael Smith News that I posted here a few days ago is in my opinion a very good summary of the situation. The Liberals in Canberra are not fully behind the hoax, and even fewer National MPs are, and they meet next Sunday to decide what position they will take.

    The comment suggests that PM Morrison and Cabinet, he is not the Lone Ranger, are working out a position that does the least amount of economic damage here, appeases the globalists and our cooperating with them allies.

    In short Australia does not have the option of doing nothing.

    However as we did achieve Kyoto emissions targets and are on track to achieve Paris, and are one of the tiny number of UN member nations that is achieving the targets as agreed, surely our leaders have a strong case to put as to why we should not be expected to do more, and much more than the bullies have done.

    • Disgruntled 14/10/2021, 12:54 pm

      A good take on the subject DT.”

      “And anybody that believes Labor would block the demands is a fool.” spot on!

      “This goes way beyond Australian internal politics.” So true!

      “In short Australia does not have the option of doing nothing.” We are in it wether we like it or not, that is for sure!

      Now we have to hope that our leaders can make good of a not so good deal. Australia (if we can keep China at bay) has a goodly amount of what is necessesary to come out close to the top and here is hoping our guys are smart enough to make good use of what we have in their barganing and don’t let themselves get “pushed around”.

      Repeat again;; “And anybody that believes Labor would block the demands is a fool.” Collectively Labor hardly has arfa-brain amongst them and they certainly do NOT have any practical experience; Only just ideoligical beliefs and thoughts that will not get the job done; (just imagine Albo and Marles steering the ship; it’s a real horror thought! Just like setting out with no sail OR rudder!)

    • Fedup 14/10/2021, 4:38 pm

      Yeah, I agree DT, lets appease everyone & ruin the country even more than the SFL & liars have already.
      God forbid we tell them to eff off, we may have got some respect back.

  • Cliff 14/10/2021, 9:57 am

    Prediction time.

    Scottie will succeed in getting enough of the Nats on board with outrageous bribes.

    He’ll go to Glasgow – and he will fold, making promises that will be impossible to fulfil. But that will damn near destroy anything left in this country that is half way productive.

    You and I are in for some very cold (and all too often, candle lit) winters in the future, along with sweaty summers.

    Meanwhile, the borrowings will continue until someone acknowledges that the money will have to be found from somewhere. Where will they find it? Your Superannuation funds and your family home.

    Stand by for taxes that will strip most of us of both.

    And that’s under a so-called Liberal government. God help us all if Labor get in and get their hands on the means to take our money.


  • Philippe Armstrong 14/10/2021, 12:23 pm

    Unless these branch covidian hypocondriacs are sorted out Australia is cooked permanently, on the grill. They are the biggest menace to civilization and sanity since WW2 by the length of the Flemington Straight.

  • Tamworth 14/10/2021, 1:59 pm

    The BCA have ONLY their interests at heart.
    And one interest is to keep banks and hedge funds on their list of shareholders. If they don’t, then the woke banks etc will “divest” causing a los of confidence.
    So they #MeToo.
    And to hell with science, Australia, or anything else. If Morrison sticks by the original plans, the BCA will “find it hard” to donate come election time.
    My God, what a rancid stew Australian business, banks, and political parties have made for themselves.
    And us.

  • crankykoala 14/10/2021, 2:07 pm

    All this climate change/zero emissions BS, just goes around and around. The politicians, with a few exceptions, are caving in to external forces dictating what Australia must/should do. Well, the pollies are supposed to represent the people but in this case everything is a presumption that the majority of Australians want zero emissions. A plebiscite was held to sort out same sex marriage, why then cannot a plebiscite be taken to establish once and for all whether or not Australians want zero emissions. The result could be quite enlightening. Australia for Australians all these other interfering bodies should be told quite bluntly to FO.

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