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 A-G Porter ‘in support’ of Palmer’s WA border challenge


01.08.19.  People simply love to dump on Clive Palmer. It has for some time been a national sport for MSM. Like Donald Trump, ‘Cloive’ Palmer is not exactly conventional, although many might say, somewhat delusional? But with his court challenge against WA for a border lockdown Palmer looks headed to win.
The West Australian Government has released a document clearly stating federal Attorney-General, Christian Porter, joined court action designed to remove the state’s hard border “in support” of Queensland businessman Clive Palmer’s position. Mr Palmer’s legal challenge against WA’s hard border commenced in the Federal Court this week, with a final decision expected to be made in the High Court later this year.

Source: ABC

Attorney-General Christian Porter ‘in support’ of Clive Palmer’s WA border challenge, document shows

The Commonwealth joined the legal action, but on Perth talkback radio station 6PR on Monday, Mr Porter said the Commonwealth was not “arguing for either side.”
“We are at the Commonwealth a middle man if you like, who is there to provide expert evidence, to inform the court, and to offer observations about what the facts are through our medical experts, just like WA does, and then offer observations to the court about how those facts relate to the words of the constitution and the constitutionality of the situation,” Mr Porter said.
But a document released by the State Government that was filed to the High Court on June 12 states “the Attorney-General intervenes in support of the position of the plaintiffs”.
Mr Palmer and his company, Mineralogy, are the plaintiffs.
For the latest news on the COVID-19 pandemic follow our live updates.
Earlier, Federal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann — who like Mr Porter is a West Australian — echoed Mr Porter’s comments from Monday.
“This is not a matter of us siding with any particular litigant,” he said.
“Where there are serious matters of constitutional law involved, the High Court expects that the Federal Government will be part of the proceedings in order to explain its perspectives on important matters of constitutional law.”
Palmer says McGowan exploiting ‘threats that don’t exist’
Mr Palmer today accused WA Premier Mark McGowan of lying to the public about why the state’s border had been kept closed, as the battle between the two parties intensified.
Earlier this week, WA’s Chief Health Officer Andrew Robertson told the Federal Court there was little public health justification for keeping WA closed to the five other states and territories that had eliminated coronavirus.
He said he had written to the State Government indicating it could consider a travel bubble with South Australia and the Northern Territory if it was legally viable, given the risk of reintroduction of COVID-19 from those jurisdictions was low.
Mr Palmer said that proved Mr McGowan had misled the public by saying borders had been kept closed based on health advice.
“That’s a wholly different picture than you hear from the Premier,” he said.
“I’d call upon the Western Australian Government to maintain border closures in relation to hotspots in Australia but not to lie to the Western Australian people about threats that don’t exist.”
Mr Palmer said every Australian had the right to travel the country, even amid the pandemic.
“What the Western Australia Government has done is unconstitutional. We are one country and one nation,” he said.
“It doesn’t matter whether you live in Queensland or Western Australia, we are one country.”
WA recorded one new case of COVID-19 overnight.
The woman, aged in her 30s and who had returned from South Africa, remains in hotel quarantine.
It brings WA’s total number of active cases to seven.
A total of 666 cases have been diagnosed in the state to date.

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  • Ozman 01/08/2020, 6:12 am

    Be interesting to see whether the virus does not take get a foot hold in Western Australia.

    If the politicians were smart they would get hydroxycloroquine and treat COVID-19 just as any other virus. Only the infirm are likely to be affected greatly by the virus.

    Kerry Stokes was able to fly into WA without any problems and not quarantine.

    • luk1955 01/08/2020, 7:48 am

      Kerry is of the elite class. They have their own rules of living.
      7 cases out of 2.5 million people = 0.00028% of the state population.
      What would be the percentage of people in WA having cancer?
      It is completely ridiculous to lock the state down when the percentage is not even statistically relevant.

  • Ex ADF 01/08/2020, 7:50 am

    I do hope Cloive succeeds. Of course he is not doing this for the good of any man except himself, however I really enjoy it when officialdom is given a kick up the bum!

  • Prospector 01/08/2020, 10:30 am

    I am progressing through the WA health system with treatable prostate cancer. here in the bush if i go to my local hospital I have to wait at the door and answer questions about whether i am coughing, have a fever etc before I can get inside. At Kal airport I can sit in a seat with a gap between me and the next detainee.On the plane I can sit in the middle of the three row seats with someone next to me.
    At Fiona Stanley hospital I can sit next to people with no gaps and stillhave to answer the same questions.
    Very few are wearing armed holdup apparel. hand sanitizer is only used by staff at the hospitals,with a few others joining in.
    At the local roadhouse I can mingle with truckies who are waiting for their coffee and I have no idea where they are from.
    The inconsistency is ludicrous.
    I hope Clive wins as eventually the “Rona” will arrive and we all will have to deal with it anyway. Living in fear of a virus is bad enough but living under the political/bureaucratic response to it is worse.

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