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 A few truths about “black Lives” propaganda!

10.06.20. Laws should not apply ‘based on how long we’ve been here or the colour of our skin’! Sky News host Peta Credlin says a person’s standing in a country and their rights and validity should “never be about how long you or an ancestor might have lived there in order to call that place home”. It comes as Indigenous Minister Ken Wyatt has announced he wants an overhaul of the Closing the Gap program in the area of indigenous incarceration given the number of Aboriginal Australians incarcerated has increased from 19 per cent in 2000 to 30 per cent in March 2020. However, Ms Credlin said the ABS has confirmed since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody the “rate at which indigenous people have died in jail has fallen”. “It’s now lower than the rate of deaths in custody for the non-Indigenous prison population”. “Would I be right in assuming we’ll now see a march this weekend against white deaths in custody – no I doubt it,” she said. “That’s the problem of dividing a country like ours, by the colour, of an Australian’s skin”. Ms Credlin said Australians all live under one set of laws and must never allow a situation where “our laws apply differently based on how long we have been here, or the colour of our skin”.

Source: Sky News

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  • Penguinite 10/06/2020, 8:14 am

    Kangaroo-Man is only creating a racial divide instead of bridging it! The more we give the more they want! Makes a bollocks of the ABC anthem “We are Australian”

    • wal1957 10/06/2020, 10:05 am

      Spot on.
      Aboriginals already get far more latitude than ‘whiteys’.

  • JK. 10/06/2020, 8:41 am

    Peta Credlin is right on the money, one law for all.

  • Austin Ayforti 10/06/2020, 8:51 am

    Why does the dipstick Wyatt think it is up to anyone other than the aboriginals to keep themselves out of jail. It’s a simple choice everyone makes every day.

    • Maryanne 10/06/2020, 9:33 am


      • Honeybadger 10/06/2020, 10:24 am


  • Albert 10/06/2020, 9:28 am

    I watched Aborigine woman Jacinta Price on sky last night as she gave her people a well deserved serve and basically told them to pull their heads in and stop lying and hiding the truth about incarceration and deaths in custody. Unfortunately I did see any comments about her on 7, 9, 10 nor the ABC.
    She has accepted an offer from Peter Credlin to take a camera crew to Alice Springs to record and show the truth about Aborigine culture in that place, which Price says the leftist media can’t bring themselves to mention, probably because it would stuff up the bullshit image they are trying to force upon us.
    Good on her.

    • Maryanne 10/06/2020, 9:43 am

      There’s no aboriginal culture let alone the “rich” culture we are endlessly told about. There is degradation. No amount of money can fix that. They need some sort of spiritual renewal and it can only come from them. It can’t be imposed. Throwing bucket-loads of taxpayers’ money at them only prolongs the pain and misery.

      • ibbit 10/06/2020, 10:15 am

        “…bucket-loads of taxpayers’ money” is exactly what they want, and they will put up with “pain and misery” to get it.
        Thank heavens for Jacinta Price who balances out the dreadful Kanga man. Hope government starts listening to Jacinta instead of the other trouble-maker.

    • Peter Sandery 10/06/2020, 10:38 am

      What Jacinta also said, Albert, and in this she was reiterating what Tadhgh Purtill describes in great detail in the book entitled “Dystopia in the Desert The Silent Culture of Australia’s Remotest Aboriginal Communities”, in that everyone involved in the “Aboriginal Industry” has a vested interest in ensuring that programmes designed to teach Aborigines the fundamentals of looking after themselves, namely civic responsibilities remain unsuccessful, otherwise they would be doing themselves out of a cushy sinecure..

    • Philippe Armstrong 10/06/2020, 1:50 pm

      Albert-Price is loathed because she wants people to show self respect, have endeavor, and be responsible. They are not cheap platitudes or virtue signalling-they are things that lift people up. Is not the left’s objective. They want power and control and to run a huge industry with perks and benefits and no shifting from the status quo. Jacinta of course will be called a coconut or a black in America will be called an Uncle Tom.

    • Philippe Armstrong 10/06/2020, 2:20 pm

      There are the Redflag socialist agitators who are part of the activist set. They live in their nice cozy suburbs and are not poor by any stretch. If you took a few busloads of them to some towns they would be shocked and horrified that they are doing stuff to each other-no whiteys doing it. And they get full entitlements and Aboriginal only services that whitey cannot receive. If Australia has systemic racism Australia is doing a very lousy job of it with tens of thousands employed in the race grievance industry. If Aboriginal life is better, best way to prove it would be to cut themselves adrift of any whitey money.

  • Theydon Wood 10/06/2020, 11:16 am

    Making allowance for difference is racist.
    Treating everyone the same isn’t.

    • Peter Sandery 10/06/2020, 11:30 am

      Agree completely TW

  • Ozman 10/06/2020, 11:57 am

    Aborigines who have another ethnicity within their DNA cease to be full blood and therefore are not Aborigine. Besides this, everyone who is born within a country has just as much right as the other person to be subject to the laws and culture of the day, as anyone else who was born on within in the same borders. In this respect, all citizens are equal.

    The reason there is not an equal representation in prison of citizens from different ethnic backgrounds, probably has to do with how individuals disregard other people and the laws of the land as part of their preferred culture.

    As for Black Lives Matter, most people who call themselves black seem brown to me or are sporting a natural tan envied by whitey.

  • DT 10/06/2020, 12:33 pm

    Very few real indigenous people live in the cities, and most Australians who claim to be indigenous are in fact people of mixed ancestry.

    The Aborigine Industry and activists should be ignored.

  • PW 10/06/2020, 5:33 pm

    Listen up you racist Aboriginals, it’s not about the colour of your skin, its about the colour and smell of your attitudes.

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