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Politics: the noble profession—NOT!

Politics: the noble profession—NOT!

Disgraced National’s MP Andrew Broad being caught out fiddling with naughty girls overseas while boasting of great importance to Australia’s political hierarchy has stirred the rats in Labor’s dirty tricks department. Innuendo and leaks on social media has prompted Queensland federal MP George Christensen to defend himself, why or about precisely what we are not sure. Until George sues the unnamed Labor mud-slingers the truth about his visits to questionable parts of Asia known for naughty things won’t be known. Who will be next on the yet to be launched, #ThemToo coterie of alternate lifestyle proponents as guilty sods cower under their beds?

Queensland federal MP George Christensen has identified himself as the politician at the centre of allegations about travel to South-East Asia, dismissing them as part of a vile hate campaign. News Corp Australia this week reported Australian Federal Police (AFP) launched inquiries into an MP because of trips he made to parts of Asia known for prostitution and drugs, and suggestions he sent money to bank accounts in the region.

Source: News Corp

George Christensen dismisses travel allegations as ‘vile and defamatory’

The Prime Minister’s office issued a statement saying the allegations were made by a Labor frontbencher and had been discredited and dismissed by police.

This morning, Mr Christensen, the federal MP for Dawson in Mackay in north Queensland, wrote in a Facebook post that the allegations were about him, but the AFP had found no evidence or information supporting them, or any criminal conduct.

“I have confirmation in writing from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) that someone made an allegation to the AFP about me, even though they ‘had no direct knowledge of the conduct’ they were alleging — that’s called vexatious in my books,” Mr Christensen wrote.

“The AFP have further stated they ‘found there was no evidence, or other information to support the allegation, or establish criminal conduct’ and, as such, they did not launch any investigation nor did they, at any stage, interview me about any matter, criminal or otherwise.

“I also have confirmation of that in writing.”

Mr Christensen dismissed the report as part of a “putrid” smear campaign by his political opponents.

He said “this whole matter is vile and defamatory”.

“I’ve asked myself why I’ve been the subject of such a vile and hateful smear campaign and I can only think it is because I stood up for my electorate against the powers that be, or rather, that were, on too many occasions,” Mr Christensen wrote.

“They now want revenge and have sided with Labor in this smear campaign to try and get that revenge.”

He said he would not comment on the matter “for now”.

“I say to my political opponents that if you want me out of Parliament, beat me the old fashioned way — on the hustings, not through smear,” Mr Christensen wrote.

“No doubt they will still throw mud from the sidelines without putting their name to their allegations, because the people involved in this smear campaign are so gutless, in fact they are the lowest of the low to stoop to such actions as they have.

“I will not be making any further comment on these lies and smears for now, and those seeking to defame me will be contacted by my lawyer.”

The ABC contacted Mr Christensen this morning for comment.

His media spokesperson said Mr Christensen would not make any further comment.

“As per [the] Facebook post, that is all he’s saying at this point,” the spokesperson said.

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  • Pensioner Pete 23/12/2018, 6:26 am

    Hard to find in the Australian media, so off to the UK: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6521677/MP-spectacularly-outs-regularly-visiting-seedy-south-east-Asian-towns.html
    Given the AFP found nothing untoward and given this Daily Mail report, there seems to me, to be nothing outlandish happening at all, other than the usual MSM beat up.

    • Zoltan 23/12/2018, 8:57 am

      Ah, so that’s how he lost all that weight!
      Good on you George

  • DT 23/12/2018, 7:47 am

    Please be assured that Labor and Green MPs own the high moral ground. There are rules and discipline, for example all were cleared of any suspicion that they are in breach of Section 44 of the Constitution before they were permitted to become candidates for election.

    One sometimes referred to as “Bonking Bill” never had sex with that woman when she was a teenager, never had any affairs, and definitely not while married. There never was a taxpayer funded trip to Europe by a Labor MP with his lover at taxpayer’s expense. In fact all of the allegations floating around were creations from the far right wing mob leftist bloggers often post about.

    Country Women’s whatever maybe?

  • Zoltan 23/12/2018, 9:00 am

    As an aside, and I’m in festive mood.
    I read that 78% of members of parliament are millionaires.
    That’s shocking and disgusting.
    It means almost a quarter of them are too stupid to fill in a simple expenses form properly.

  • Lorraine 23/12/2018, 9:31 am

    seems to me if these jaunts overseas was a man to man meeting the media would all agree that,,,,,,,,,,,,,, that is acceptable.

  • Zoltan 23/12/2018, 11:34 am

    I’ve got a mate in a very similar situation to George, indeed he’s over there now for the birth of their first child.
    He can’t even get a visitor visa for her to come here.
    Knowing how difficult it can be to gain entry here, I wish them all the best of luck.

  • Peter Sandery 23/12/2018, 12:10 pm

    Well.MM ed, through the research ability of Pensioner Pete, we all now know what prompted George Christensen to defend himself.

  • bushwanker 23/12/2018, 5:40 pm

    I am not suggesting that George Christensen did anything in South East Asia other than being there but even is he did have a romp with some female Asians, that normal human activity has to rate light years better than the abominable carnal activities of filthy depraved homosexuals in the Labor, Liberal & Green parties not to mention the hypocritical employees of media organisations, Get-Up and the ABC.
    Good onya George, keep getting up their noses.

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