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Enema Husar: the pain that won’t go away

Enema Husar: the pain that won’t go away

Yesterday the nation’s two houses of Parliament were in a virtual lockdown trying to settle very important matters before shutting down until February. At task was a bill about data encryption to allow access by security agencies and Labor’s thrust to open the way for the people smuggling trade. However, Emma (enema) Husar stopped all that to rattle on about being maligned, misquoted and other nonsense about suing various people as she held the lower house captive. Perhaps the reality of her snout being pulled from the trough is making its mark as Labor won’t be choosing her to run at the next election. Husar should go independent and see what the voters say. In the meantime she might grow a thicker skin to avoid further shock.

Embattled Labor MP Emma Husar has launched defamation proceedings against Buzzfeed, claiming reporting of false allegations of misconduct and harassment has ruined her career. Ms Husar has vowed to fight for her position as Labor’s candidate for the marginal western Sydney electorate of Lindsay, despite announcing in August she would not contest the next election.

Source: ABC

Labor MP Emma Husar launches defamation proceedings against Buzzfeed

An internal party investigation by high-profile barrister John Whelan was launched after former staff made allegations of harassment and misconduct.

The investigation upheld claims of unreasonable management but dismissed allegations of lewd behaviour, and added there was no basis for her to resign.

In the following months, Ms Husar suggested she had been forced to announce her resignation, and declared she was ready to fight.

“During the last six months, I’ve had to bite my tongue and not defend myself publicly whilst being misrepresented,” Ms Husar told the House after Question Time under parliamentary privilege.

“I will not wait around for someone else to wait around and show leadership.

“Sunlight is always the best disinfectant and, today, I bathe those misrepresentations in a flood of light.”

Ms Husar has launched defamation proceedings in the Federal Court against Buzzfeed, and the reporter of the original story Alice Workman.

She claims she was not given an appropriate amount of time to respond to the allegations the organisation put to her, before it published the story and it was promoted on social media.

The New South Wales Labor party will formally begin the process of selecting a candidate for the electorate of Lindsay in the coming days.

It is understood Ms Husar is prepared to fight for her position, to the extent of launching further court action if required.

She has not ruled out running as an independent.

The New South Wales Labor party has picked former state MP Diane Beamer as its preferred candidate.

Ms Husar was one of Labor’s stars of the 2016 campaign, snatching the western Sydney electorate of Lindsay from the Liberal party, now holding the seat by 1.1 per cent.

The ABC has contacted Buzzfeed for comment.

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  • luk1955 07/12/2018, 7:35 am

    Good that this skunk is in NSW. We have enough idiots here in Victoria.

    • Pensioner Pete 07/12/2018, 7:37 am

      luk: No shortage of political idiots in Queensland either. Our Labor pollies must be learning the true art of ‘stupid’ and excelling in their lessons given the decisions of late in the state parliament.

      • Albert 07/12/2018, 9:52 am

        She claims that it has ruined her career. What career would that be?

      • TommyGun 07/12/2018, 4:55 pm

        Albert: that would be the ancient and venerable art of Trough-Snorkling.

  • Lorraine 07/12/2018, 8:36 am

    No state can hold a candle to Daniel and his merry men

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