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Fat kim boy and trump deal.

Fat Kim Boy and Trump deal

There will be a second one, but my first short takes were:-

Every news channel was stumped for something to say. The news is after all supposed to be straight reporting of what happened. And the last thing on earth they wanted to do was congratulate Trump for pulling it off. It stuck in their throats.

So then they hopped around to find ‘experts’ on history, geography, defence, human rights, negotiating skills – and all of them were skeptical. If they had been there they would have insisted on this, and that, and the other, being on the joint communique.

Next was this. Obama made a deal with Iran whereby he lifted sanctions, paid them money, and gave them a cast iron promise they could build their nukes in ten years time. Wonderful, at last, what a man, see the glow from his arse.
Trump makes a deal whereby he will lift sanctions AFTER he sees the denuclearisation going forward. AFTER the bodies of the POWs and killed are returned. And the media could only doubt Kim, doubt Trump, shake their heads, worry how it will come unstuck, tell us the devil is in the detail, and how the whole thing could come unstuck if trump gets into a twitter war.

Third point- they love it in South Korea.

Last point for time being. I was gobsmacked at so many commentators I did not know who were much more clever, more hard headed, harder to fool, and more insightful than Trump. I didn’t know Trump was so gullible, so easily conned.

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  • Graham Richards 12/06/2018, 7:27 pm

    Trump: “You’ll get so tired of WINNING……gotta love the guy!

  • Clarion Call 12/06/2018, 8:14 pm

    The MSM in the USA are having group suicide parties for those activist commentators and pretend journos who can’t take it anymore! Watching the Big Fella dunking these commos in giant crap pots as he continues to rule the world, single-handed, the shame and feeling of absolute helplessness is proving too much to swallow for these shell-shocked morons. Ah…..he just made my day…again!

  • Cliff 12/06/2018, 8:54 pm

    The negativity of the American media at the press conference in Singapore with a clearly exhausted Trump after the meeting and unexpected signing of the (let’s face it) incredibly vague document – reached after one short meeting in one day – was embarrassing. They WANT Trump to fail and were grasping desperately for any point they could possibly dredge up to show flaws in the agreement.

    Could you imagine the different tenor of those questions – and the sickeningly obsequious accolades – had those questions been addressed to Barak Obama by that same press pack?

    …or to Hilary Clinton?

    • Graham Richards 12/06/2018, 9:58 pm

      Who are those folk you mentioned, the Obama/ Clinton names. Must be some obscure couple of no particular significance!

      • Muphin 13/06/2018, 5:37 am

        GR .. they are the ones who brought America to its knees. They are the ones that should, perhaps will be, in JAIL.

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