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No revolution with Trump


There will be a revolution.


But it won’t be led by Trump.

Trump, expert on all things related to real estate, doesn’t seem willing to commit to the long overdue rehabilitation for the American model of government.

Far from being willing to lead a revolution, Trump seems geared more to preserving the outmoded structures that are built around Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and Johnson’s “Great Society” model.

Indeed, Trump’s recent embrace of antiquated and corrupt political fixers like Paul Manafort suggest it will be very much business as usual in Washington no matter how much he complains of establishment politics. He talks of restoring past glories, but in Trump fashion that could just as easily mean a new marble foyer and a fresh coat of gilt on the chandelier to revive some hotel set in a neighborhood that has been run down.

Trump’s offered solutions for America are often eerily similar to those made by Obama in 2008 — Obama would handle Iran better through smarter diplomacy, Obama said – Trump will handle China through smarter diplomacy, Trump says. Obama would have more efficient management to cut waste. Trump will have a war on waste. But leave that aside.

Both Obama and Trump have champions willing to argue their corrupt ties to failed political models are all just something their man had to do in order to get ahead and that once in power, the candidate won’t act like the past predicts he should act. But Obama has been everything his ties to the foaming idiot Jeremiah Wright, the terrorism-advocating commo Bill Ayers and the beyond-a-joke corrupt Chicago political machine predicted Obama would be – a racist socialist, intellectually and socially neglible.

Trump won’t have to do business with politicians any more, all that is behind him. Is the story.

The same story was told of Hitler (not in any way comparing Trump to Hitler) but illustrating how supporters of a particular politician delude themselves that their champion was not involved in any way. Even the Nazi, John Rabe, who saved thousands of Chinese from the barbaric, oafish, raping Japanese army argued to the end, “If only Hitler knows about this…”

There will be a genuine revolution in America’s future, but it won’t be lead by the likes of a self-absorbed operator like Trump, or a totally corrupt and venal woman who would be Governess to the World like Hillary Clinton or an affluent alms seeker like the downshouting Sanders who only passed from little nappies to big ones and never once worked to earn his own keep.

All three are all mired in the past. Trump, it has to be said, the least of them. The revolution will come when the whole nation is ready to address several painful truths about both the present and the future.

The first truth is that people who don’t have genuine daily challenges to cope with, the challenges that you and I face each and every hour, tend to do one of two things: They will either become self destructive, (this will not hurt us) or they will create illusory problems to solve (this does hurt us). Same-sex marriage, “No Offence” laws, Climate Change, all spring to mind without effort.

The second truth is that traditional blue collar jobs for working class America are not coming back, at least not in the same form they existed in in the past. We need to find ways to find meaningful work for bluecollar workers. Meaningful work; not shifting forms or bullshit counselling or make-work and the like.

The third truth is that there are just as many white collar jobs at risk or should be at risk. The internet is eating into the revenue of accountants in private practice for example; and it promises to change how people are educated – particularly in universities. It is spelling the end of journalists – journalists who must work for politicians to put the spin on all the mistakes they make because journalism is now so syndicated that getting a job in print media means waiting until somebody dies.

Perhaps more importantly, the nation badly needs to strip illusory meaning from the lives of huge numbers of lawyers, academics, PR bullshitters, bureaucrats, imaginary ‘rights’ generators and political fixers whose make-work tasks solving nonsensical problems have created a crushing level of bureaucratic sclerosis in the US economy.

No one who is wedded to a big government model will ever be able to do that. Trump so far as not suggested he will cut down the bureaucracy – just make it more efficient. (Frankly, not everybody really wants bureaucrats to be more efficient, the damage they do now is enough without an increase in “performance outcomes”.)

I could be wrong about Trump. Perhaps at the base of all his talk he wants not to make America great again, but to give Americans work to do and achieve greatness through that, a nation with work for all. The unemployed in Arizona and Texas are drooling at the thought that they will have work on Trump’s wall.

On other issues and ominously for Australia and Europe, he is doing a cost benefit analysis on allies’ contributions to defence. If they don’t contribute enough? Well, he says, “The countries we defend must pay for the cost of this defence. If not, the US must be prepared to let these countries defend themselves. We have no choice.” Speaking last month about the US-Japan relationship, he said: “If we’re attacked, they do not have to come to our defence, if they’re attacked, we have to come totally to their defence. And that is a, that’s a real problem.”

I rather think if he gets in as President he might have a word to say about our nonsensical purchase of French technology for a submarine that is likely to be incompatible with US and Japanese allies.

Trump says that ISIS are finished, “their days are numbered – I won’t tell them when, and I won’t tell them how”. This is an echo of Netanyahu during the Iraq war when he refused to say what he was going to do to Saddam -“it is only right and polite that he is the first to find out.” But on Islam in general Trump is still treading the old path. There are two Islams – the ones who murder and maim and the others who just want peace. He thinks.

He says, “Containing the spread of radical Islam must be a major foreign policy goal of the United States and indeed, the world,” he added that he would work closely with US allies in the Middle East to combat “extremism“. The very dogs in the street are barking that there is no difference that makes a difference between “radicals” and “moderates” – their Qur’an makes no such distinction. Trump is still trapped in that mode of thought.

But these things, while important are peripheral. The attitude of European voters towards the Merkelisation of Europe shows that the tide is turning, regarding immigration in particular and political correctness in general. The man and woman in the street knows full well what Islam promises and they are beginning to coalesce in opposition. Many have already armed – a sure indication of their attitude.

The real issue, the one issue that lasts, the one issue that comes down from the Romans and has been mentioned in every generation, is work.

Work, meaningful work.

If Trump somehow manages to find meaningful work for all, and not have a divided nation where some have no work to do, some have useless work, and the rest have work that matters, he will not only save the US from its death spiral, Trump will save the world.

Getting America back to work is the real reason why voters are turning out for him.

Trump look-alikes will come forward in each country and with luck they will realise what George Orwell said …..

“People are wrong when they think that an unemployed man only worries about losing his wages; on the contrary, he needs work even more than he needs money. An educated man can put up with enforced idleness, which is one of the worst evils of poverty. But a man like Paddy, with no means of filling up time, is as miserable out of work as a dog on the chain. That is why it is such nonsense to pretend that those who have ‘come down in the world’ are to be pitied above all others. The man who really merits pity is the man who has been down from the start, and faces poverty with a blank, resourceless mind.”

There is nothing in Sanders or Cruz or Clinton that even approaches the need for work for all.

Non government jobs. Private industry and self-employed jobs. Real jobs. Building things. Selling things. Paying taxes and not hanging off the government teat until there is no more milk. Not shoving paper around in endless meaningless reports and requests and vouchers and aquittals of endless grants.


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