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Time for the truth about rioters

riotRioters’ ethnicity must be exposed

Andrew Bolt writes: SATURDAY night’s race riot at Moomba proves our refugee program has made our streets unsafe, and the police and media cover-up must end.

Andrew is 100% correct. This PC crap of not reporting the obvious ethnicity of rioters and other social misfits can’t continue if democracy and effective policing is to succeed. Bowing to the held notion that various ethnic groups will complain about being targeted must be ignored because this scourge is now out of control and threatens public safety. If it brings heat to a specific community, well and good—it might make their community leaders do the right thing for the good of public harmony. To sweep this travesty under the carpet can only create a larger problem just like it did at Cronulla in 2005.

Source: News Corp 14/3/16 via a tip from Joe Blogs.

Our safety betrayed by ugly cover-up over refugee program

This time, about 200 members of two armed gangs — one mainly Sudanese and the other Pacific Islander — stormed Melbourne’s Federation Square to threaten police and bash each other.

Other Australians, many with children, fled for their lives.

Brawling in Federation Square spilled on to Swanston St during Moomba festivities on Saturday night. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

This level of mass violence — like the terrorism threats and the shootings in Melbourne’s north and Sydney’s west — is relatively new to Australia and demands an explanation.

It is disgraceful that police and the media so often refuse to give it.

Yesterday’s Sunday Age, for instance, refused to mention — again — that one of the gangs was African.

Police shied from identifying the ethnic background.

The ABC largely looked the other way.

This evasion — or deception — is standard. Google “Apex gang” and see for yourself how rarely reporters identify its key characteristic — that most members are African.

There seems almost a conspiracy to stop the public knowing that our refugee and immigration policies have become a threat, introducing new levels of violence and gun crime to our cities.

But if we don’t know that truth, how can we take steps to save ourselves from worse?

How will people know we are importing danger when we take in people from war zones who have a martial culture, few employable skills, and very different cultural or religious values?

We are setting them up to join our underclass, and inviting them to salve their self-respect by taking pride in their racial or religious identity, in opposition to the rest of us.

It’s no surprise, then, that Melbourne had two more mass brawls of Sudanese immigrants — one involving 100 people — last December, and a rash of home invasions and car thefts by the Apex gang. It’s no surprise that Middle Eastern crime gangs, mostly Muslim Lebanese, are linked to many recent shootings in Melbourne. It’s no surprise that the 21 Australians jailed in Australia for terrorism offences are Muslim, nine from Lebanese families.

Yet our political and media class often refuses to face these facts — and blinds the rest of us to them.

Let me list — again — examples of its record of deception. Apologies for repeating myself, but you need to know you are being betrayed:

IN 2008, police chief commissioner Christine Nixon claimed Sudanese refugees were “under-represented” in crime rates, when police figures showed they were over-represented by a factor of five.

IN 2010, Nixon’s successor admitted that while police recorded the ethnic background of criminals, it was not “appropriate to be putting that sort of information out” because “sometimes they cause offence”.

LAST year, the Salvation Army accused police of covering up a New Year’s Eve brawl between more than 200 African youths in Melbourne’s CBD. Police did not issue a media release and no media reported it.

IN 2014, the Sydney Morning Herald passed on police appeals to find six men who allegedly raped a 14-year-old girl, but omitted the men’s most identifiable feature. The reporter later tweeted that while she’d written the men were of African appearance, “it was taken out in the subbing process”.

LAST October, The Age reported Victoria had “the worst month for gun violence this year, with 10 incidents” in a report that omitted police claims that the shootings were linked to Lebanese families.

IN 2013, federal Labor frontbencher Mark Dreyfus claimed the “multicultural” community of Dandenong was “harmonious”, even though police warned it actually suffered from a high crime rate and African and Pacific Islander gangs.

LAST year, senior ABC presenter Fran Kelly claimed she knew of no “links of people who have come in as refugees and then committed terrorist offences”. In fact, the last three terror attacks here — the stabbing in Melbourne of two police officers and, in Sydney, the killing of two people in the Martin Place siege and the murder of a police accountant — were all by refugees, an important commonality rarely reported.

Yes, mentioning the ethnic or religious background of gangs and gangsters risks unfairly demonising the many law-abiding citizens of these ethnic groups or faiths.

But look at the price we’re paying for shutting our eyes.

Discussing our Maori and African gangs last year, a detective from the Embona Armed Robbery Task Force confessed: “We are getting to the stage where local youths won’t walk down the streets of Frankston any more because they fear trouble.”

And now families flee Moomba.

Who imported this danger?

What are they doing to save us from more?

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  • Bystander 15/03/2016, 7:12 am

    Sadly, we the public, have allowed this to happen through complacency and selective ignorance. Apart from the few writers on blogs such as MM, the general public chooses not to know. If they knew, they’d have to care, so it’s easier to ignore the facts.

    • ttbn 15/03/2016, 11:59 am

      Is that right, Bystander? You have probably been ‘standing by’ too, as your moniker suggests. Could you elaborate on what we, the public, could have done about the importation of scum? What we could have done after the scum was imported? When have politicians ever listened to the public? Get your head out of your bum, and put the blame where it belongs.

      • Bystander 15/03/2016, 5:12 pm

        A little unfair ttbn. You don’t know me or how active I’ve been in pestering my local Federal member, posting blogs, and writing to various papers on this topic. I’ve been called an islamophobe, bigot and racist more times than I could count.

        I have bought several copies of the books by Ayaan Hirsi Aly and five copies of The Story of Muhammad by Harry Richardson, which I’ve lent to anyone I could convince to read them. I’ve managed to convince a few family members and friends along the way so I’m quite happy that I’m doing my bit.

        Apart from bagging people you don’t know, what have YOU done?

  • Ian 15/03/2016, 7:27 am

    Education is the solution. Educate the masses and these imports will be sent home with no more to arrive.

    One night in Dandenong, that’s all it takes. Go for a movie. Have dinner out. Walk around talking on your mobile phone. I’ll give you 30 minutes near Myers before you either get your phone taken, or worse.

    Maybe we should call them ducks instead of refugees.

  • Robert TG 15/03/2016, 7:44 am

    No no, This can’t be right. I’ve been told by the politicians on both sides that Multiculturalism is enriching the fabric of our Society. It must be our fault if we don’t feel the enrichment. And wouldn’t it be racist to point out the bleeding obvious, that these are race based gangs.
    Gee whizz, did anyone see the weak Victorian premiere pretending to talk tuff about gang violence…. He will have the gangs shaking in their boots…..with laughter.
    Meanwhile the government is spending nine hundred million dollars to import an additional twelve thousand rapefugees.

  • bushwanker 15/03/2016, 8:30 am

    Polygamous marriage and marriage to animals is morally equivalent to same sex marriage in my view and the proponents to these deviate abominable forms of marriage such as those who follow Islam will be coming out of the rotten woodwork as soon as the traditional model has been cast aside.

    • bushwanker 15/03/2016, 8:38 am

      My comment should have read Polyamorous, not Polygamous.

  • Honeybadger 15/03/2016, 8:47 am

    Dandenong is apparently a no go zone now too.
    We have the police uttering the usual platitudes last night. ‘This will not be tolerated, the perpetrators will be found, blah blah’ and then we hear no more about how many have been charged. Meanwhile more sudanese are imported. It is true insanity.

    • Albert 15/03/2016, 9:21 am

      My wife had to go to Dandenong recently on business. She couldn’t get out of the place quick enough and felt threatened the whole time she was there.
      As for the coppers and their Turnbullesque waffle, they did make arrests on the night. Out of all those black hooligans running riot through the streets they managed to grab four of them. What a joke; four out of dozens, if not hundreds. They should have brought in the paramilitary and arrested most, if not all.

  • Graham Richards 15/03/2016, 9:03 am

    I distinctly remember telling a couple of pro African immigrant Melbourne left learners that rioting & general unrest, crime political problems on a scale they could not conceive of would be the result of any indigenous Africans.

    Suck it guys. If you’re that stupid nobody can help.

    • nj 09/04/2016, 12:24 am

      Ask these ppl to share their en masse house with the people they want in the country??
      I am sure they will get the picture after several months.

  • Lorraine 15/03/2016, 9:14 am

    now, now , children / we must not be racist

  • Biking Voter 15/03/2016, 9:18 am

    If police record the ethnic background of criminals I would like to know why they bother if at a later point in time they can’t talk about it. Why is it even important to record the ethnicity of a particular person? Or is it like when an indigenous Australian committed a crime he was then later described as being of “Aboriginal appearance” rather than saying it outright? A criminal is a criminal is a criminal.

  • Zoltan 15/03/2016, 9:23 am

    No need to mention race, we all know it’s never people that look like us

    • Albert 15/03/2016, 9:27 am

      Zoltan, if you don’t call a spade a spade then you will be out of the poker game quick smart. Besides, there are quite a number in our communities who just can’t join the dots.

  • Jack Richards 15/03/2016, 10:21 am

    I was watching the ABC24 new on the weekend. They reported on 2 crimes that had happened in Melbourne. In the first it was reported that the Police were looking for a Caucasian man in his mid 20s. In the second they were looking for 2 men who had attempted to force their way into a woman’s home but were driven off by the woman’s French Mastiff dog. Notice, in the first they mentioned the perp’s race but not in the second. They mustn’t have thought the fact that the home invaders were an African and a South Asian of any relevance while it was relevant to mention the race of the White man.

    There is a new code we should all learn. When no race is mentioned you know that it was Africans or Arabs or… NOT Whites. But they always mention the race if the offender was White. It’s a subtle way of trying to convince people that it’s whites who are the criminals while all the others are poor, vulnerable, humble and respectful victims.

    The worst thing this country ever did was abolish the White Australia Policy.

    • Joe Blogs 15/03/2016, 10:40 am

      “Does your derg bite?”

      Well observed, Jack. Harold Holt, et al, obviously didn’t foresee the muslim problem, which has been brewing for decades in Melbadishu.

      • Jack Richards 15/03/2016, 10:56 am

        Under Sharia law my dog would be killed immediately. You see, he’s a black Labrador – a very black one. Angels are scared of dogs but especially scared of black dogs and therefore, according to Moohamhead (may piss be upon him) they should all be destroyed.

      • Joe Blogs 15/03/2016, 2:12 pm

        Black Lab, Jack? Lovely dogs.

        Note to self: Hire The Dambusters DVD.

      • nj 09/04/2016, 12:14 am

        People forget places like cronullastan,newportistan,saudi paramatta, broadyslam,etc.
        It has been growing for awhile.
        no one notices the subtle changes
        Of halal only butchers, streets turned into mini raceways, burglary and assault goes up. Shhh… not allowed to mention those IT IS “RACIST”

    • Robert TG 15/03/2016, 11:35 am

      It is pretty safe to assume that if no race is mentioned in a crime that the criminal was not white.

    • Zoltan 15/03/2016, 6:59 pm

      White Australia, if only they’d let the plabs have their say so on that!

      • Zoltan 15/03/2016, 7:00 pm

        ooops, typical pleb..(that’ll be me).. plebs not plabs

  • Joe Blogs 15/03/2016, 10:28 am

    That useless blob of congealed oestrogen, Nixon (another ALP appointee and Telstra “Businesswoman” awardee), caused enormous damage to VicPol, including appeasement of ethnic “groups” (“gangs” sounds just awful and scary) and lying about the problem. Whenever someone from police command appears on TV these days, the males appear to have undergone chemical castration and a frontal lobotomy (a bit like ADF command), and the females try unsuccessfully to sound like blokes (affirmative action training, no doubt).

    Thanks to the stupids who voted ALP, we’re doomed, doooooommmmmed.

    • Joe Blogs 15/03/2016, 10:56 am

      BTW, Bolta keeps asking rhetorical questions such as, “Who brought them here?” or “Why did WE import them?”

      Hint, Bolta: it wasn’t US, it was THEM.

  • Sir Peter 15/03/2016, 11:41 am

    Diversity is strength like cancer is health

    • Joe Blogs 15/03/2016, 11:55 am

      Indeed, Sir.

      • Albert 15/03/2016, 2:41 pm

        Diversity is having a choice of shot size when loading up the old 12 gauge for the duck season.

  • ozisceptic 15/03/2016, 6:11 pm

    Yes, all true, correctness has stopped honest reporting.
    I remember in NSW the totally discredited bureau of crime statistics addressed the issue of ethnic violence. So their methodology went like this… if there is a gang of middle eastern men committing a crime, you ask for their country of birth. If half were born here, and half born in Lebanon, well only half were Lebanese, the others Australian. So not really a red flag for ethnic violence.

  • luk1955 16/03/2016, 10:44 am

    MSM are owned by large fascist multinational companies who are complicit with the international bank cartel, who are dictating what goes on in the western world. They have used social media to secure their destruction of our civilization and replace it with war loving animals who are not human. Unless we get rid of the ibc, we are going down the route of being eliminated by the animals we imported, who have every incentive to fight forever. After all, mohammed or whatever his name is, was a military general who waged ceaseless war to impose his POLITICAL ideology wherever he could. allah is merely mohammed’s alter ego.

  • nj 09/04/2016, 12:02 am

    Proof that our strict immigration screening
    is not working. I suppose next time we bring in refugees that we have the names of everyone who wanted them in?? It is only fair so that anyone that falls victim
    to these gangs would know who contributed to their grief if their loved ones get hurt or killed. perhaps a few dollars from all these bleeding hearts as compensation for starter.

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