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 Spooks and spies: are they real or imaginary?

16.10.20.  Like a voice whispering from a dark corner ASIO issues its warning about foreign spies. And how would any of us know how well ASIO does its job? Or, if any of them even go to the office? What we do know is that they never, ever, make mistakes? ASIO’s Director-general Mike Burgess fronts the media with tales of spies. Do you think Mr Burgess is the real thing? He could be the janitor at the local school—his real name is Roger Smith who still lives with his mother in a council flat?
Attempts by foreign spies to secretly cultivate Australian politicians across all levels of government are coming under increasing attention from the country’s domestic intelligence agency. In its annual report, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) warns “almost every sector of Australian society is a potential target of foreign interference, and the threat manifests itself in different but equally unacceptable ways”.

Source: ABC

ASIO warns foreign spies are secretly ‘cultivating politicians’ across Australia

Director-general Mike Burgess has revealed that during the past 12 months ASIO has “stepped up its investigations into attempts to secretly co-opt current and future Australian politicians”.
“In all states and territories, at every level of government, intelligence services are seeking to cultivate politicians who will advance the interests of the foreign country,” Mr Burgess added.
National security figures fear politicians in local councils are of particular interest to foreign agents because they often rise to more senior positions in state and federal governments.
Despite concerns about foreign actors targeting politicians, Mr Burgess said he would be “uncomfortable” if ASIO was asked to undertake background checks on MPs.
“That is not a position I would want to be in because we have to be independent and apolitical,” Mr Burgess told a Senate Committee on Thursday.
“I certainly think it would be uncomfortable if people would want ASIO to do that, for fear of, at some point, you’d say, ‘well, ASIO is just stacking the deck with people they prefer’.”
ASIO also claims it disrupted a foreign plot this year to “penetrate” Australia’s intelligence community but has not specified which country was behind the foiled attempt.
“An Australia-based foreign national was working with a team of foreign intelligence officers, who were trying to recruit multiple Australian security clearance holders,” ASIO stated in its annual report.
“The agents wanted sensitive information about the intelligence community’s operations, particularly those directed against their home country.”
Australia’s culturally diverse communities being monitored and harassed
ASIO’s director-general has also warned that foreign interference also involves the “monitoring, harassing and intimidating of Australia’s culturally diverse communities”.
“We have uncovered many cases — involving multiple countries—where Australian community members and their families have been threatened for expressing views at odds with the foreign government’s policies or values”.
“It is unacceptable that people in Australia are being intimidated simply for advocating democratic reforms or criticising human rights abuses,” Mr Burgess said.
“Seen in this context, foreign interference can be nothing less than an attack on Australia’s sovereignty, multicultural communities, values and freedoms.”

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  • Penguinite 16/10/2020, 8:38 am

    Spies are a real and present danger at all levels of society. Even our local Councils are infiltrated by Green Marxists. Politics is the back-door and key to controling the population. I cite the mess that USA is currently being subjected to with ANTIFA and BLM activists being aided and abetted by (un) social media. Europe isn’t far behind. The UN, of course, is dead-set trying to subvert and control the world without realising they to are subject to incursion by stealth.

    • Greg 16/10/2020, 9:45 am

      Local councils maybe Pen. But I am more concerned about starting at the top. I have severe doubts about the loyalty of some federal politicians currently sitting in Canberra who never have a nice word about Australia and its people. These are the true “enemies within”.

    • Sir Peter 16/10/2020, 12:29 pm

      Penguin. Quite right to raise the issue of social media.
      The “mostly peaceful” riots ginned up by Soros and the Democratic(Socialist) Party could probably not happen without it. For the traitors it’s a win/win. They use Twitter and Facebook to rouse the rabble and use Fb and T to coordinate the “spontaneous” demonstrations. All aided and abetted by Fb and T’s army of “moderators” ie censors.
      Future generations will look back at us in wonder – how could we have allowed the digitisation of our society so naively. Just as we view the Romans using lead pipes for the water supply.
      With zoom meetings and the newfound enthusiasm for working from home the chink spooks now don’t even have to put bugs in our board rooms. We obligingly digitise everything and send it.

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