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 Don’t say ‘Dunnyman,’ say ‘Privy Councillor.’

15.05.19. They are numberless – the people who know better than other people especially how to speak propah.
Take the leprechaun at Qantas – he is not merely the one in charge of getting planes to their destination, he is an evangeliser for the wonders of homosexuality, and a vigorous attacker of anyone who would doubt the benefits that homosexuality brings to mankind. Yes, and so far has his life been so enriched by it that he will use his position in Qantas to aggressively bear down on those he conceives of negative attitudes to poofterism.
Take the girl posing as a man who is the current prime minister of Canada. When a questioner at a public meeting used the word mankind – in a Dorothy Dixer to enhance the wimp, mind you – he cut the question short to simper that we don’t like the word mankind – we prefer personkind.
Microsoft has now joined handies with Trudeau and the rest in the thought police to advance “more concise and inclusive language” by offering to replace “policeman” with “police officer,” “congressman” with “congressperson,” and “disabled person” with “person with a disability,” whenever you unconscionably type unacceptable words.
The examples are not “more concise”, they are less concise. But they are more “inclusive” – a holy word, a sacred word, in itself – and the examples are politically correct; the only thing that matters in a society succumbing to soft totalitarianism. Soft, so far as no prisons yet for using words not in the Commo dictionary, as in China.
Think how useful it is for students at schools and universities – those bastions of the smug know-all lecturers who not only know about history and geography but who know about the right word in the right place – to get higher marks for kneeling in obeisance by using ‘acceptable’ language.
And what a mistake Microsoft have made with ‘congressperson’ instead of ‘congressman,’ because mankind has already replaced ‘congressman’ and its equivalent ‘polotician’ in every country with ‘thieving bastard,’ and ‘useless jerk,’ and worse.
In short, if Microsoft gets its way, then whenever you write, “it is wrong to give a person priority in employment just because sheit is not white,’ Microsoft will suggest you should write, “affirmative action is doubleplusgood”
But Microsoft is wrong in thinking it is ahead of its time In 1939, Nazi official ‘Hangman’ Heydrich used the term Sonderbehandlung (“special treatment”) to mean shooting or hanging (personal choice) of anyone viewed as a “disciplinary problem.”
And Himmler discovered that the Germans had twigged what Heydrich meant, and came up with ‘evacuation’ (to concentration and extermination camps of unspeakable horror).
And in 1949 George Orwell put his finger on the use of what we now call ‘inclusive language’ and he called ‘Newspeak’.
Newspeak is a government controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit freedom of thought that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party. He and them criminalised such concepts into ‘thoughtcrime.’
The Ginger Nut who was our Prime Minister not all that long ago wanted to shut down free speech in the growing number of blogs by forcing them to apply for a licence which would be cancelled if the censor didn’t like the words they were using.
If Shortarse gets in, he will do the same having telegraphed that he will remove what few exemptions exist in the multitude of Anti-Discrimination Acts.
Just letting you know; before I am not allowed to.
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  • Thunder 15/05/2019, 5:55 am

    Have not flown on the Poofters Airline for over 30 years after finding the plane’s Poofter Crew having a party at the back of the plane instead of feeding us.

    That was Christmas 1984 Peiking to Australia

    As for PC shite, gawd help the poor mfer that calls my wife “ms”…..

  • Pensioner Pete 15/05/2019, 6:06 am

    One good thing about poofs is their inability to reproduce.

  • Xword 15/05/2019, 6:45 am

    When “coloured person” is considered racist and must be replaced with “person of colour”, it’s patently obvious the inmates are now running the asylum.

  • Finn 15/05/2019, 7:39 am

    Poofs can’t help being poofs. That’s life.

    But really those that actually advertise their dwelling by the hijacked rainbow that in this house we take up the quoit disgusts me. Not bc of what they do, couldn’t care less, but bc it’s advertised as the only thing they do. It’s not about laws or rights. I suppose it will become like swearing where John Steinbeck observed in his pirate story Cup of Gold, the profanity on the ship became “bleached white” by usage and no one will even notice the aberration. Cept me. I’m too old.

    • L.B.Loveday 15/05/2019, 2:56 pm

      They can chose to not “do it”, just as a kleptomaniac can choose to not steal.
      This comment has been disallowed by both The Australian and The Daily Telegraph today despite being just a statement of fact:
      Ex-POTUS Obama agrees that homosexual life-style is a matter of choice.

      From the book: The Making of Barack Obama by David Garrow.

      Garrow, who received a Pulitzer prize for a biography of Martin Luther King Jr, claims that “Obama wrote somewhat elusively” to a girlfriend “that he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex”.

      Choices – we all make them, Obama chose Michelle.

      • Neville 16/05/2019, 1:08 am

        And indeed there’s any number of references on the web to the proposition that Michelle is somewhat possibly not the full XX.

  • Lorraine 15/05/2019, 8:44 am

    Dunny man and sewerage contractor ,is very fitting for the Irish elf

  • Penguinite 15/05/2019, 8:53 am

    A ray of light from the “Dark Continent”! African Cardinal: It’s ‘better to die of hunger’ than accept homosexuality. https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/african-cardinal-its-better-to-die-of-hunger-than-accept-homosexuality
    Don’t expect QANTAS will be code sharing there anytime soon!

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 15/05/2019, 11:03 am

    I mean, if he was Australian we could at least say “he might be a poofter but he is our poofter,” but we can’t even say that. Thirty years ago this August the WA govt. banned the use of the word “scab” so doctoring langwidge isn’t something new.

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