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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 59


iCovid only attacks Labourites in UK Parliament! 😊 More

26.07.21.  Nary a reader on Morning Mail believed the laughable bullshit uttered by the PalaceDuck when she announced that she would not be attending the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. MM’s BS meter swung so hard into the red zone that pointer became permanently bent. Of course, it is now a matter of a bullshitter becoming an obvious liar—not an unfamiliar par for the course? The Duck ought to lay off the Sushi and the BS—calories are high in both.
Finally, the full story behind the viral moment that IOC vice-president John Coates dressed down Annastacia Palaszczuk in front of the world’s media in Tokyo last week can be revealed. When Diary reached him in Tokyo ahead of Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony, Coates was keen to set the record straight once and for all about the controversial incident. He has now claimed his alleged public “mansplaining” to Palaszczuk to force her to attend the ceremony was actually instigated by the Queensland Premier herself. More

26.07.21.  “There was movement inside the Party as the the word was passed around that Campbell Newman had given it the boot…!”
Former Queensland premier Campbell Newman has quit the Liberal National Party, lashing out at Coalition pandemic responses, and will run for the Senate at the federal election, most likely for the Liberal Democrats. Mr Newman, who was premier from 2012 to 2015, has accused the Coalition of abandoning its principles in federal and state politics across the nation, largely through its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and its imposition and acceptance of lockdowns and border closures. More

26.07.21.  Under Xi Jinping, the true nature – and menace – of China is no longer obscured. Relations with China reached their zenith in 2014: symbolised by our trade deal, China’s first with a G20 country, the declaration of a “comprehensive strategic partnership” between our two countries, and President Xi Jinping’s assurance, in the English version of his speech to our parliament, that China would be “democratic by mid-century”. It all now seems so distant, in this new era of wolf-warrior diplomacy, with Australia described as “chewing gum” on China’s boot. For those of us who grew up in the Cold War, and might have been tempted to conclude with Francis Fukuyama that “history really had ended” in a global convergence towards market economics and liberal democratic politics, it’s all changed and changed utterly. More

26.07.21.  In the video you will see Dr Faucci AKA ‘Saint’ Fauci being demolished by Senator Rand Paul in ‘testy’ US Congress exchange. Sky News host James Morrow says Republican Rand Paul “wasn’t having any of Dr Fauci’s attempts to redefine gain-of-function research” as the senator proceeded to “demolish” his claims amid a “pretty testy” exchange this week in US Congress. Mr Morrow said Senator Paul accused Dr Anthony Fauci, the “liberal left’s secular saint” of the pandemic, of “lying” to cover up his role as head of America’s National Institutes of Health in “funding” coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Dr Fauci rejected Senator Paul’s claims on the grounds what was conducted at the labs had been judged by “qualified staff up and down the chain” as not being “gain-of-function” research. More

26.07.21.  NSW’s now extended lockdown is taking the whole Australian economy back to a hard landing – yet on Friday the share market hit a new all-time high and there are no signs of any slackening in the property boom. It might seem like a weird, weird world, and it certainly is. I could throw in the contrast with the UK, where Covid cases were running around 50,000 a day – the equivalent of 5000 a day in Victoria and over 6000 a day in NSW – and yet they were opening up as we close down with far, far fewer cases. Now true, they are really only “sort of” opening up – you are still supposed to isolate if you are a close contact of someone who tests positive and there are still assorted restrictions. More

26.07.21.  Sky News host Rowan Dean says cities around the country have experienced some of the “coldest days on record” – contrary to predictions made by the Bureau of Meteorology which said “nights are likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia”.
“Remember this forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology, firm believers in the concept of man-made global warming, back at the end of May, only five days before the official beginning of winter,” Mr Dean said.
“According to the ABC on May 27 the Bureau of Meteorology predicted, and I quote, that ‘Nights are likely to be warmer than average for most of Australia, and daytime temperatures are likely to be above average for many parts of Australia, especially those closer to the coast’.
‘So … how’s that prediction looking?
“Brisbane is on the coast and yet this week shivering Brisbanites awoke to one of Brisbane’s coldest days on record. More

26.07.21. As we are seeing with the demonstrations around the country big tech and big media are reporting “selfish people demonstrating against the right suppression of their rights”. There is little if any reporting of why and their absolute right to bring their views to the attention of the Government, that is what we do in a democracy. There will be others in MM who will condemn the police brutality and the fact we are turning into a fascist state but Ryan Hartwig tells about the bigger danger that Big Tec is to us in the following article: More

iIt’s called living with modernity! 😊 More

25.07.21.  Parts of the nation are still in the throes of a mouse plague as they do  proliferate with frightening speed. Can we now anticipate another phenomenon, an Olympic athlete plague direct from Japan’s “anti-bonking” beds? We shall see if raging hormones in the extremely fit athletes will obey Covid rules? It was claimed that beds were designed to collapse under the weight of more than one person? The amount of broken backs will determine the truth of that. As for the increased supply of condoms, they are being hung off the end of one’s nose to limit the need for swab testing. Athletes have debunked reports of “anti-bonking” beds in the Olympic Village despite being subjected to a raft of restrictions amid Tokyo’s ongoing state of emergency. Listen to the restrictions in the video below. More