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21.04.19. Ruby Australia have sure opened a can of worms with the Israel Folau rigmarole. Herein are two journalist’s accounts on the matter. The unlikelihood of Fairfax’s Elizabeth Farrelly, a recipient of MM’s coveted “Wankley Award”, even though she seeks to weave in Julian Assange into her fabric—and the expected stand by Alan Jones. Both cite Folau’s right to freedom of expression. Rugby Australia and some commentators claim Folau breached his contract. Such a restrictive clause in a work contract, should there be one, will no doubt be tested in court.
However, greatly perplexing this commentator is what lies at the root of this affair—the involvement of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, Australia’s champion of SSM and avowed queer. Invoking the old adage, in part, “Hell hath no fury like poof scored,” we don’t know the extent, if any, of Alan Joyce’s intervention.
Alan Jones writes, “The bed wetters are now running around squeaking that Qantas may pull their sponsorship because Alan Joyce wants Rugby Australia to sack Folau and, apparently, any of his mates who hold similar views.” He also says, If Joyce is not applying the weights to Rugby Australia, let him clear the air and say so.” More

21.04.19. The hypocrisy of Labor is laughable. Operating for so long under the Richo method for political campaigning, “Whatever it takes,” has a downside and that happens when an opponent takes a leaf from Labor’s training manual. Say anything you want about your competitor—there is no law to stop you. And once it’s out there some of it will stick. Sorry is only good on Sorry Day. Labor now calls foul about a Facebook post warning of death and inheritance taxes. You wouldn’t believe Labor even if they promised not—like,”there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead,” sort of bullshit.
Labor has demanded Facebook investigate apparent “fake news” posts claiming the opposition is planning to introduce a “death tax” on inheritances, in the first major test of the social media giant’s promise to crack down on false election material. More

21.04.19. Well, the Leftist media have put their dough on Bill Shorten for the Lodge. They run interference for an idiot who proves himself to be in way over his head—as exposed in recent days. Shorten’s expertise is largely restricted to sneaky betrayals of the poor union buggers who believe his deceptions which have been keenly honed to a stiletto point over the years in a intellectually stunted environment of Marxist uniform mantra. With increasing social media and alternate news blogs like this one MSM Leftist scribblers will be remembered for their bias and given no quarter for their failures. Chris Kenny won’t be one of them that’s for sure!
Chris Kenny in The Weekend Australian:
The Easter break won’t have come soon enough for Bill Shorten. He desperately needs to regroup after a disastrous first week of the federal election campaign. The Opposition Leader misled the nation about $30 billion worth of additional superannuation taxes, refused to answer questions, made factual errors and launched into a paranoid media conspiracy. More

21.04.19. To the monotonous clicking sounds of a cracked record, remember them, the US Democrats chant the impeachment song for Donald Trump. The Times say Hillary Clinton’s closest aides have led calls to impeach President Trump over the contents of the Mueller report, but they worry about resistance from Democratic party leaders who fear it would rally voters to support Trump’s re-election. The long awaited Mueller Report has now been dissected, digested and regurgitated in that order as Trump detractors sift the tailings to bring down the president. The Wall Street Journal joins the stampede with its angle.
President Trump in June 2017 gave his former campaign manager a directive: Tell then-Attorney-General Jeff Sessions to publicly declare that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was treating the president “very unfairly.” Corey Lewandowski, not wanting to deliver the message himself, asked senior White House official Rick Dearborn to do so. Mr. Dearborn told Mr. Lewandowski he had handled the situation — but did nothing. More

21.04.19. China’s President Xi Jinping vowed to upgrade China’s military machine and extend its capabilities. On Tuesday it plans to show the world just how far the president’s promise has blossomed. The people’s Liberation Army navy will celebrate 70 years in a massive parade of force that will be further escalated with a 7.5 per cent rise in defence spending for 2019. Ships from Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will join the parade but no mention of the US, UK or Australia. We have to wonder what the fortune cookie messages will tell the obedient crews.
China’s navy will mark 70 years since its founding next week, in a parade that will show off new warships including nuclear submarines and destroyers, giving the emergent superpower the chance to flaunt its wealth and new-found military muscle. More

16.04.19. One of the worst features of the insanity called ‘hate speech’ is that the HateFinder General, squatting like a venomous toad in the crazy castle called the Human Rights Commission, listens to the croaks of other toads in other countries and adopts the crazy extensions of meaning of hate speech.
case in point – Vox.
Vox is a fast-rising Spanish populist party which describes itself as a socially conservative political project aimed at defending traditional Spanish values from the challenges posed by migration, multiculturalism and globalism.
Vox’s foundational mission statement affirms that the party is dedicated to constitutional democracy, free-market capitalism and the rule of law.
Spanish prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation to determine whether the secretary general of Vox, is guilty of hate speech for warning of an “Islamist invasion.” More

21.04.19. Terrorism can only exist on a large scale if some one funds it. Those with the money rarely blow themselves up, they have proxies to do that to themselves. With the number of terrorists groups with sophisticated weapons running around killing people there must be a large source of funds. It is highly likely significant funds for some of the terrorists come from Saudi Arabia, certainly for the 9/11 attacks on the US did. Possibly the largest supporter of terror are the mad mullahs, fundamental Muslims, of Iran. Now at least one world leader has had enough as Cal Thomas explains [continue reading…]
20.04.19. My how the times do change. Explorers and archaeologists of yore were held high in the annals of intrepid souls. Specimens of mankind gave interest and learning in the world’s great museums—and still do. But some people want their ancestors back and Germany will return the bones of Aborigines after much haggling by none of whom are related, you can bet. And as far as antiquity goes they hold little or no interest.
300,000 years ago, about 100km west of what is now known as Marrakesh, a group of homo sapiens lived in a cave overlooking a verdant Moroccan landscape. There they resided and used fires to cook on and keep warm. They hunted with sharpened stone tools to slay animals. And they died there, (probably from food poisoning) leaving their bones laying in the dirt. Nobody wanted them. Like the Australian Aborigine there would have been nothing particularly notable about that. They were members of a nascent ape species that spread across Africa. But today their discovery has become important. They are the oldest yet found. 60,000 years of our mob makes them youngsters—don’t bother moaning of you are offended.
In total, 53 ancestors’ remains are being returned to Australia by Germany this month Germany is returning the remains of dozens of Aboriginal ancestors to Australia in what has been called the largest handover of its kind. More

20.04.19. I doubt there is a person in Australia that has escaped one of the many Clive Palmer political ads. For several months he has blitzed media with his loud repetition—more than a million bucks a month, even more now. It will be interesting to learn if and how well that ploy might work. However, Clive is on the nose in Queensland over the sacked Queensland Nickle workers’ entitlements amounting to about $7million. He said he would pay up. Now, just weeks before the election, he says he will pay after the election. Has Clive just wasted his millions to buy votes and blown it with such rubbish? I’ll bet the sacked workers don’t buy his bull!
Senate candidate Clive Palmer’s promised redundancy payments to sacked Queensland Nickel workers have been put off by the billionaire businessman until after the election. The United Australia Party leader this week made the surprise announcement he would pay out the $7 million in entitlements still owed to employees of his Townsville-based nickel and cobalt refinery, which went into liquidation in 2016, costing nearly 800 people their jobs. More