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02.12.21.  For a long time Morning Mail has been advocating that Australia and indeed the Western world should move away from any dependence on China, even ‘ringfence’ the rogue state. Now social commentator Prue MacSween says, ” it is time to “diversify” from China.” It comes as the lack of baseload power has forced Beijing to buy and use almost 3 million tonnes of Australian coal last month. “They’re so two faced and they wouldn’t give a stuff what we think,” Ms MacSween told Sky News host Chris Smith.“We need to stop, we’ve got to learn this lesson that China is dictating to us, it’s time we diversify and tell them to go.” More
02.12.21.  The search for lost Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and associated costs may place the event one of, if not the largest of its kind in the history modern aviation? There have been theories aplenty but one so far has come up with the goods. The latest to come forward is Richard Godfrey, a founding member of the non-government MH370 independent Group. Richard thinks he knows where the crashed plane is, and it’s off the Australian West Coast.
A British aerospace engineer claims to have cracked one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time: the final resting place of missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Richard Godfrey, a founding member of the non-government MH370 independent Group, on Wednesday said he was very confident new mapping technology had pinpointed the passenger plane’s crash site 2000km west of Perth in the southern Indian Ocean. More
02.12.21.  The quitting of politics by two top Liberals, Christian Porter and Greg Hunt  might seem peculiar at first thought. The obvious might be death threats against members of both families. This pattern is becoming more common in Australian politics lately and the reason for that is good fodder for another story at another time. Conversely, The Liberal Party under the leadership of Scott Morrison is not a successful union. To that end the long serving Porter and Hunt may conclude that serving the nation is no longer worth it? However, given that Porter and Hunt bring the number of Coalition MPs quitting to 10, that alone might, or perhaps should, bring leadership into question?
Former attorney-general Christian Porter and Health Minister Greg Hunt will leave politics at the next federal election, as the number of retiring Coalition MPs rises to 10. Mr Hunt is expected to announce plans to quit his Victorian seat of Flinders on Thursday, while Mr Porter issued a statement on Facebook on Wednesday to announce his departure from politics after spending “the best part of the last 20 years in public service”. More
02.12.21.  Liberal MP Kevin Andrews says what President Xi Jinping is managing to do is “unite the rest of the world” against China. It comes as Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu has thanked Australia for its support during escalating tensions with China, ­declaring the government’s strong comments are helping avoid conflict in the ­region.
“I think China can be deterred; China acts in a bullying way towards all its neighbours, in fact, it’s in border disputes with about 17 of its neighbours at the present time,” Mr Andrews told Sky News host Rowan Dean. He said Australia should not be “kowtowing” to President Xi, but the country should be looking at what the “weaknesses of China are”.
“What President Xi is managing to do is unite the rest of the world and the rest of the region against him simply because of the way in which he’s going about what he’s doing, there’s these wolf warrior tactics, this bullying.” More
02.12.21.  So says America’s Indo-Pacific affairs co-ordinator Kurt Campbell. By his scenario China will ‘come crawling back’, hat-in-hand, so to speak. Bt who is Kurt Campbell? Just another loyal Democrat being rewarded by Biden. Joe Biden and Malcolm Turnbull have the same malady—”The Faecal Touch!” As it did to Turnbull, it is now doing to Biden—gaff after gaff! And the same fate awaits! So, what are Kurt Campbell’s assumptions worth? We’ll see soon enough.
Joe Biden’s top Indo-Pacific adviser says China’s campaign of “economic warfare” will fail to bring Australia “to its knees” and Beijing will eventually be forced to re-engage on Australia’s terms. Kurt Campbell said the AUKUS partnership to help Australia build nuclear submarines would be one of the Biden administration’s most significant achievements, paving the way for a new “strategic intimacy” between the allies. More
02.12.21.  Stories like this were unheard of a couple of decades ago. Perhaps it’s not so much that religious-based atrocities didn’t happen, it’s more so because the trappings of Islam was a closed shop. Cruelty as dictated by a god was simply the way it was and always was and for too many, the way it will always be! Then came ISIS boldly to the fore—in-your-face-barbarity brought to your lounge room most nights—extreme evil. This dreadful story indicates that such evils inculcated to the human mimd is brainwashing at its worst. What to do about it is the problem, especially as there are laws providing freedom of religion. The answer is obvious—but who will proscribe Islam? The image above says, “Islam will dominate the world.” Now it’s China striving for the same thing. At the same time in Victoria reigns the dominant dictates of Daniel Andrews and his Stasi enforcers of Danny’s law!
A former member of the Islamic State group has been found guilty of genocide over the death of a five-year-old Yazidi girl he had purchased as a slave and then chained up in the hot sun to die. The German court also convicted Taha Al-J, an Iraqi citizen whose full last name was not released due to privacy rules, of crimes against humanity, war crimes and bodily harm resulting in death. The 29-year-old was sentenced to life imprisonment and ordered to pay the girl’s mother 50,000 euros ($70,000). More

02.12.21. It is quite likely that one of the covid variants will help build immunity against the Chinese flu. It is also likely that the Omicron variant is that one. It’s certainly too early to be sure and we may be in for a nasty surprise, but early impressions are that it is milder than delta. Health Minister Greg Hunt this morning said the government’s “overwhelming view” was that the Omicron variant was “manageable” and the health advice was that it may be milder than other variants. If it is it could be a wonderful Christmas present for the world, especially in Africa where immunization is extremely low. Zachary Stieber discusses why: More

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