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18.08.19.  What a wonderful idea Donald Trump must have thought. It’s a no-go, however, as half of Europe went into Trump shock syndrome. And Greenland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quick to point out, “Greenland is open for business not for sale.” Besides, Denmark owns Greenland. The then President Truman at the end of WWII offered  $100million for the Island was told to take a hike.
So, why would Mr Trump even float such an idea to buy Greenland, especially given the many spot-fires he has to quell on a daily basis? If nothing else it keeps his detractors guessing! Strategically, Greenland would make an excellent base in that area.
Greenland is a self-governing territory, responsible for its own policies and foreign affairs, that is technically a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment on the story when approached by ABC News. More

18.08.19.  The government has thrown in $160million of taxpayers’ money to ramp up the Aboriginal industry’s grab for unwarranted powers. One can only imagine the slew of other grants. The ABC and other Left wing media are united in their programming of pro Aboriginal powers by jamming the airwaves with cloying repeats about indigenous culture triumphs. Also jumping on the band wagon is the NSW government (as if Berejiklian doesn’t have enough problems over the abortion debacle) via support for the nonsense in the following article. The double speak and extreme wordiness is amazing and the object just as elusive. The people behind such time consuming rubbish should be publicly named at the least.
Listen to Peta Credlin on Sky News expose government treachery at bottom—the Morrison/Wyatt plot—shocking bastardry.
Many of the transport routes we use today—from rail lines, to roads, to water crossings—follow the traditional Songlines, trade routes and ceremonial paths in Country that our national First Peoples followed for tens of thousands of years. That’s why we are very proud to present the inaugural Transport Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2021 which acknowledges and pays respect to the role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as custodians of the lands where we work. This plan demonstrates our commitment to working towards reconciliation both within Transport and in communities across NSW. More

18.08.19.  As you read this article you may agree that the National’s Leader and Deputy Prime Minister of Australia is not an idiot in search of a village but a gold plated National moron instead. Morrison must be speechless at seeing his work undone. McCormack repeatedly drags the Coalition down to rock bottom. But the National Party is even sillier for keeping a political disaster as their leader. In this latest McCormack bungle China will be celebrating, not believing the help they received to drive Pacific nations into the loving arms of communist succour. Let them pick Australian fruit, the fool recommended!
Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has accused the Australian Government of taking a “big step backwards” in its relations with the Pacific, after Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack was captured on tape saying island nations affected by climate change would continue to survive — by picking Australian fruit. More

18.08.19.  If Scott Morrison wants the respect of Australians he will today call in the Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye and expel  him home for political interference. Trump would!  Cheng Jingye has already had too much to say on the matter which has caused violence by his thugs lurking in our universities. Morrison must stop this growing danger of China’s bullying in Australian affairs before it goes any further. Given China’s supreme arrogance it will go further. Come on ScoMo get off your bum, or is to be another episode of being a SloMo?
China’s ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, issued a statement on Saturday morning, as further rallies were taking place in Sydney and Melbourne. He denounced the Hong Kong protesters’ actions as “radical, violent and illegal” and said they were determined to undermine its “one country, two systems” arrangement. More

18.08.19.  At the base of this warning to Alan Jones called, ‘a last strike’, for his words against the very stupid Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s show pony PM, emerges that ME Bank will pull its advertising from 2GB. Russell Tate, the chairman of Macquarie Media Limited should be very careful with this because it appears to be an attack on a conservative announcer. Only four days ago Macquarie CEO Adam Lang muttered that Jones and Hadley should be shoved out to make way for younger and more left-wing voices. Tate and Lang might find out that more advertisers will jump ship when their audience goes elsewhere for truthful comment rather than Leftie crap. And, as for ME bank trying to dictate social policy by its bullying tactics to pull their advertising for something rather trivial said to Ardern, that most people would agree with, account holders of ME Bank will be right to close their accounts forthwith. Commercial bullying can be a two way street. Backing Ardern is a very bad bet.
Broadcaster Alan Jones has been told he is on his last strike at radio station 2GB, after his comments earlier this week about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. More

18.08.19 MM has taken to task many of those that exaggerate climate change as threatening the world. We do this because mainly they are lies that end up hurting people. It has to be clear to most that those that fall for these lies in a big way may take action that is dangerous for our society. We see idiots putting people lives at risk by placing metal pins in trees about to be chain sawed, damaging equipment if forest camps and mine sites that could kill people if not found. People becoming radicalised by the environmental groups that even put themselves at risk, how stupid can one be to superglue oneself to a road. Until recently much of the action was not a direct assault on people at random but as Gregory Wrightstone discusses that has changed. More
18.08.19 Los Attitude: For those used to rush by and ignore Sydney, LA people will be a surprise. They have an extraordinary service culture wanting to help at every step and not just in the shops and places one visits. For example I get out of the Ryde car share, put on my backpack, take the two bags I had, one in each hand, not terribly heavy and start walking. After a couple of meters this nice looking, middle aged, Hispanic woman walks up and says ”let me help carry those Suur”, genuine and caring, typical of the people of LA. Yes, once I would have been surprised but a little experience shows a big-hearted population. As I was only going a short distance I declined this lovely lady’s offer with thanks, she wasn’t at all insulted, smiled and went on her way. More

17.08.19.  Yeah, the social warriors of mediocrity sprayed Roundup on the ‘Ocker” persona. The woosie brigade extolled the virtues of ‘getting in touch with our feelings’ by frequent outbursts of tears—like Bob Hawke used to do. It seemed that women derived some kind of joy from that. “Last call”at the pub did that for me. Blubbering into your hankie, in public, was a sort of revenge for the bra-burners—we were emasculated. But, fail to leap upon an axe-weilding maniac and you become a coward. Life for a bloke was so much easier when we roamed about with a broad-sword and shield hacking away at trees, and the enemy—especially the bloke that fiddled with your missus—which proved how much you loved her—and she was pleased! Hmm, being civilised has a neutering result, methinks. Pass the hankie!
Janet Albrechtsen:
On Tuesday afternoon a handful of men ran into the face of danger. Going about their business only seconds before, they confronted a man brandishing a bloody knife, pinning him down in the middle of a bustling Sydney street. The men who stopped further bloodshed have been called heroes, and they will be recognised for their courage. More

17.08.19.  Democracy to the Xi Jinping communist regime is a word exchanged in their lexicons to ‘obey’ or else! What do you make of this move? Airline safety assessments have been ‘revised’ to “broaden out viewpoint and gathered all available criteria impacts the safety of commercial aviation.”
Cathay Pacific Airways CEO Rupert Hogg has resigned amid mounting Chinese regulatory scrutiny of the Hong Kong flag carrier over the involvement of its employees in the city’s ongoing protests. Augustus Tang, the head of Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company — which, like Cathay, is managed by Swire Pacific Ltd — will take over as the carrier’s new chief. The airline also said Paul Loo had resigned as chief customer and commercial officer, to be replaced by Ronald Lam, head of the carrier’s low-cost arm Hong Kong Express. Cathay Chairman John Slosar said recent events had called into question the airline’s commitment to flight safety and security, and put its reputation and brand under pressure.”This is regrettable as we have always made safety and security our highest priority,” he said in a statement. More