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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 54


iYou’ve heard of the Banditos—meet the stupidos! More

28.02.21.  For thousands of years, people have discussed, debated, and disagreed with each other when considering what it means to be human. From the ancient Greeks to the 21st century, western civilisation’s exploration of human identity has not been a straight line, nor a road without whopping big bumps. Those more taken with the ecstasy of thought have helped steer human progress. From our vantage point, the overall direction is distinctly ­positive: we strive for the inherent dignity of the individual to live free from ideological shackles imposed on them by others, to be free to prosper spiritually, emotionally, physically and ­materially. More

28.02.21.  Rarely on this blog can Gerard Henderson, a very wise head indeed, be taken to task over his subject. Not so in this case. Mr Henderson sounds more like a salesman for PM Morrison by going soft on his founding of a “national cabinet’. Given Labor’s strong presence at the table, unity, which was the selling point from ‘Scotty from marketing’, was guaranteed to be a flop from the get-go. And so that proved to be with disastrous results in Victoria and QLD and WA. As Gerard points out, the states run their own game. A wonderful history lesson then fills most of his  article. That raises a question. One wonders if Labor premiers like Daniel Andrews, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Mark McGowan and that ACT dope Andrew Barr would have given much time to the nation’s past history—especially war time, of which, Labor stains the pages. More

28.02.21.  Jacinda the Kiwi ‘jailer’ has pulled up the virtual drawbridge to New Zealand, more strictly in Auckland. Authorities are uncertain about the situation with one person testing positive. As Australians have witnessed over the past year it is Labor that delights in swinging the bat of compliance. A perfect example is Mark McGowan, Labor, in WA who ‘super-glued’ his state solid with a single detection just recently—and the loss to all? That’s not the point—the power of fear is!
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Saturday ordered New Zealand’s largest city back into lockdown from 6am Sunday as COVID-19 cases continued to be detected in the community. The latest restrictions in Auckland will probably last at least seven days and come less than two weeks after a three-day shutdown in the city. More

28.02.21.  Hundreds of returned Australian travellers have refused to pay their hotel quarantine bills as debt collectors chase more than $16 million in New South Wales alone. The returned travellers say they can’t afford the $5,000 charge because they spent thousands of dollars on plane tickets home. Some say conditions in quarantine hotels were so appalling no one should be forced to pay. Other returnees say that as a matter of principle hotel bills should be covered by governments, especially as the charges can’t be claimed back on tax. More

28.02.21.  “God bless America” is a standard phrase in the US. Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States had a nickname. People called him “Old Hickory” because he was a strict and bold military officer during the war of 1812. Jackson would have used that phrase as he fervently believed in God.
Sir, I am in the hands of a merciful God. I have full confidence in His goodness and mercy. The Bible is true. I have tried to conform to its spirit as near as possible. Upon that sacred volume I rest my hope for eternal salvation, through the merits and blood of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
That was Andrew Jackson just a few weeks before his death, May 29, 1845.
President Joe Biden is America’s 46th president and he also has a nickname, “Sleepy Joe!” He also seems to believe in God. That’s as well because he will soon enough be meeting him—if God is a he? In the meantime, shed a tear for the man that the establishment chooses to humiliate in such a demeaning way! More

28.02.21.  The Sunday Mail (Qld) has reported that Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles, the perfect example of the appalling calibre of scumbag that dares to slither into political power, did this week tear up a $30m hotel quarantine bill sent by NSW. What the idiot clearly did not know, and should have to avoid declaring himself as a nincompoop, was that Queensland’s then-treasurer Jackie Trad agreed to pay such costs during national talks shortly before she was deposed last year. They say a picture is worth a thousand words—the image of Miles brings truth to that wonderful, old adage!
The Sunday Mail has revealed that Ms Trad was among the nation’s treasurers who, at a Board of Treasurers meeting on April 1, 2020, agreed that states would fund the costs of hotel quarantine accommodation. More

28.2.20. “John Howard was the worst Prime Minister Australia has ever had”, “Kevin Rudd the best”, “Donald Trump is a bastard”, “every woman who says something is always honest, every man a liar”.
“You’ll never regret an abortion or changing your sex”; “all whites are privileged, all blacks are not.” “Islam is a peaceful religion while Nazis were all Catholics.”
“CO2 will destroy the world, windmills will save it.”
These are among the views that we all like to hear from both sides to establish the truth and not just leave it to the ABC which forever promotes one-sided views.
It has become the norm that only one view on controversial subjects is expressed.
Townhall’s Frank Wright put’s it into better perspective in this article: More

iCharity for the uncharitable in Lebanon! More

27.02.21.  Broadcaster Luke Grant says it is a “bit rich” for the owner of the Daily Mail in the UK to slam Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Prime Minister Scott Morrison over the media deal with Facebook. “I think it’s a bit rich for this English bloke to be potting Josh Frydenberg and Scott Morrison give me a break at least we did something,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin. Mr Grant said Australia was the only country in the world to make a media deal with Facebook and if it didn’t work the government would renegotiate. “Let’s see what happens, if things aren’t right next year Josh will get Mr Zuckerberg back around the table and hopefully get a new deal.” More