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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 62



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23.09.21.  The Australian today: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is deluding no one but himself if he really believes he won a clear mandate in Tuesday’s election. Motivated by hubris and the dubious claim his minority government faced an obstructive parliament, he called the election two years ahead of time to leverage his successful handling of the pandemic to win enough seats to secure a majority. Just as they did in 2019, however, voters declined to give him what he wanted. His so-called vanity election – which polling showed was unwanted by most voters and cost taxpayers $C600m ($647m) – has ended up with a parliament almost unchanged from what it was. Once more, Mr Trudeau will be in a minority. Despite Mr Trudeau’s confidence, his Liberals will end up with only about 32 per cent of the popular vote, the lowest poll for a winning party in Canadian history. The main opposition Conservative Party came out on top – just as it has in five of the past six elections – with 34 per cent. More

23.09.21.  The range and intensity of Melbourne’s surprise earthquake yesterday morning would have many still in bed asking their partners the usual nonsense, “did the earth move for you darling?” Sexual prowess be damned. Dictator Dan must have thought the Gods had put a curse on him personally. After the ‘rock and roll’ of a quake, Dan’s ‘black shirt’ police were preparing for a show of force that would greet the daily parade of lockdown protesters. Considering his broken back and shattered ribcage, nowhere beyond the safety of his bunker would China’s champion be seen—to calm those of the CFMEU that finance his term in office—damned chicken shit! Put the bastard in a wheelchair for special effect—at the head of the mob, where he could cop a squirt in the face of pepper spray from one of his thug coppers!
The largest earthquake recorded in Victoria shook homes and damaging buildings as tremors reached Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Tasmania. Emergency officials warned that aftershock could last for months after the magnitude-5.9 quake between Mansfield and Rawson in Victoria’s northeast triggered several smaller earthquakes on Wednesday. Buildings began shaking in Melbourne’s CBD at 9.15am, with the tremor lasting about 40 seconds. More

23.09.21.  Today we have a maths lesson from what the ABC assures us is from a  leading epidemiologist who has labelled the NSW government’s decision to lift construction site restrictions on unvaccinated workers as “a bit dangerous”. We suppose that is much the same as being, “a bit pregnant?” From Monday, September 27, the rule limiting construction sites to 50 per cent capacity if they have any unvaccinated workers will be removed. All construction sites will be able to have one person per 4 square metres even if workers who have not received the jab are present. Have your percentage calculator at the ready!
Epidemiologist and World Health Organisation (WHO) advisor Marylouise McLaws said allowing vaccinated and unvaccinated to work alongside each other was “a bit dangerous”. More

23.09.21.  Aerial coverage by Sky News of yesterday’s demonstration in Melbourne was suddenly no more—only ground shots that limits the overall view and sizes of police and crowd. As happens in a true dictatorship such details are kept away from public view and that’s exactly what happened as Dan Andrews banned helicopters flying over Melbourne.
Victoria Police have been successful in putting an immediate stop to media organisations filming and broadcasting aerial footage from the Melbourne protest in a drastic move that is expected to remain in place until at least Sunday. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority on Wednesday confirmed a Victoria Police request to stop all aircraft – except police aircraft – flying over Melbourne’s CBD on the third day of the protests. Police said the order was: “due to operational and safety reasons in relation to the protest activity”. More

23.09.21.  Victoria Police ignored multiple pleas by Victorians to allow a peaceful protest against the Andrews government and lockdowns to continue without violence. People marching through Richmond were corralled and kettled by police throughout the day, thus setting the stage for tense confrontations and violent arrests. Vic. Police had originally planned for a major protest within the CBD, and as request by CCP Shane Patton. The Andrews government agreed to shutdown all public transport and create a ring of police-checks around the city. Protesters thwarted those plans by moving the location of the protest to Richmond instead, catching the police off guard. The following videos by Real Rukshan highlight some of the contrasting moments of the day. More

23.09.21.  Mercifully missing from the political stage of late has been the Coalition’s perfect village idiot, Michael McCormack—Turnbull’s chosen ‘yes’ man who played for cameras at every opportunity. His gesticulating, animation mimicking that of a ‘D’-grade vaudeville ham has been absent from the evening news—a reprieve from certain dyspepsia indeed. Befitting the role of village idiot McCormack iced the moronic cake with his customary intelligence. He called out the Member for Dawson, George Christensen for wanting the Victorian Police that acted as thugs to be arrested. The entire world saw the videos,—an elderly woman knocked off her feet, her head crashing to the ground with two ‘thug’ coppers soaking her with pepper spray as she lay immobile. Another video of a citizen under two coppers while a third kicked the victim’s face. McCormack wants Christensen sanctioned for his words. Observe ‘thugs’ at work here.
Federal government backbencher George Christensen is refusing to apologise for calling for Victoria Police officers to be arrested, despite condemnation from within his own party.The Liberal National Party Member for Dawson used social media to call for the arrests, alleging officers used “excessive force” on protesters in Melbourne over the weekend. More

23.09.21.  There is no doubt that China is arming itself and using its defense forces inappropriately. Trying to expand its territory, bully smaller nations, killing its own people, etc., has become a commonplace practice.
But, having given the world its special kind of flu, things may have started to go wrong for the Xi Jinping kingdom.
Major corporations are going broke owing the “small people” billions that will never be repaid; China itself is going broke and if it stops paying its military, they may join the small people and rebel.
On top of this, the west is changing its supply market from China to other countries and setting up powerful alliances like the Quad group that has a citizenry that is much greater than China. That all may make the evil empire more dangerous as Judith Bergman points out: More

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