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aaaaaaaaForum for Delcons and Deplorables # 57


iA not so smart-arse lawyer! More

13.06.21.  Sunday morning, 4:15 AM and Chaucer is safely over the border at Moonie, Queensland now immersed in the slavery of Morning Mail production. This Sky News article made me choke on my one-litre cup of tea. Not for the large dose, but for the total bullshit in the article below. The Palace Duck espouses powerful words about trying to slip over the Queensland border evading Covid capture. A sign at the border yesterday indicated a fine—and you will be caught says that sign—of $66,000. I nearly ran off the road doing a double take. The crossing was at Goondiwindi, the same place as last year. I had the day before phoned the Gundi cop-shop and was told. No pass required (unlike last year) but you will be asked if you had been to any Victorian ‘hot-spots’—no drama. I thought to make a remark that it had been a long time since I had been near a ‘hot-spot’ but refrained—a lady copper you know! Anyway, rounding the bend fully expecting to see flashing lights, columns of cars like those in the video and scores of cops and army blokes in hi-viz jackets and vests toting radios, mace, camera, a taser, a Glock pistol, a baton and handcuffs. But alas, the only thing there was the same small shed from a year ago, shut, and not a person there, and not a car in front of me—fair bloody dinkum! What liars the PalaceDuck’s courtiers are. Had there not been a confusion of signs funnelling border-runners directly into Gundi and presumably another cordon of cops, I would have taken a photo of the abandoned checkpoint Charlie! Now see the lie! More

13.06.21.  MP Trent Zimmerman, the openly proud queer, should rise above his ‘deviant’ proclivity, in which anything seems to go for the Same Sex Marriage barrackers and stick to the letter of the law about immigration—that solemn thing he swore to uphold for the people of Australia the Crown—or has that been desecrated also? If the people smugglers are to be kept out of business the Biloela family must not be allowed to stay in Australia at this stage. Let it not be forgotten that their every court challenge failed and trying to uphold the law has cost taxpayers more than  $6 million. If so many people want them to stay let each and every one of them donate to a fund that will support the family as they return home and apply for immigration, a matter which they should have done in the first place rather than border-crash! Yes, it is a sad case. They rolled the dice and lost. Zimmerman, however, should keep out of this except to instruct them to go home and do it the right way. We don’t want to go back to the smugglers and deaths at sea and that’s what will happen if meddling pests like Zimmerman get their way.
As Tharnicaa Murugappan marks her fourth birthday in hospital, the member for North Sydney Trent Zimmerman said there had been an “enormous outpouring of goodwill” towards her family.
“I think it is time that we brought them back from Christmas Island and that we do look at providing them a long-term future in Biloela and the community that has been so supportive of their aspirations,” he told the ABC. More

13.06.21.  “While the Coalition dithers on energy policy, the renewables revolution has already begun — and farmers are reaping the rewards.
He was one of those bright country kids who teachers proudly waved off on graduation day, knowing the pond that spawned him would be too shallow to hold him. Glen O’Brien, 36, grew up on a farm outside Uralla, in the high country of northern NSW, and went to the district’s Catholic high school in nearby ­Armidale. He moved to Sydney to do engineering and has lived life at a breakneck pace ever since. His first job was the sort of gig budding ­engineers dream of – he was part of a team that constructed a 450m-long steel and concrete bridge across the Georges River in Sydney. Over the next few years he worked on a number of big and interesting projects: the Cotter Dam in ­Canberra, the Cooma to Bega powerline, a ­wastewater plant in Busselton More

13.06.21.  It is indeed a strange world in which we live. The terms ‘wank’ and ‘wanker’ originated in British slang during the late 19th and early 20th century. However, the ‘term’ has escalated in popularity and rather than a joyful way of passing the hours, days, weeks, months and years away in a climactic fog, society’s elite have taken up the event in perverse order. The recent event in the Australian Parliament in which the ‘queer’ coterie of elected ones utilised various office desks for the event—presumably to indicate disdain for the office bearer? Well, the habit has spread to the US and CNN in particular.
Sky News host Rita Panahi says “leftist privilege” is protecting “enablers and propagandists” from being sacked after several CNN commentators were embroiled in scandals over the past few months.
The Atlanta-based network opted against disciplining Chris Cuomo after the host fessed up to “inappropriately” advising his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, on responding to sexual harassment allegations. More

13.06.21.  ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose thinks the ABC should be more like the BBC. That’s a start. In her foreword to Aunty’s 2019-20 annual report, she wrote: “It’s worth remembering that the ABC serves a population just over one-third the size of the UK (over a landmass 32 times bigger) and does so with total funding of around one-seventh the size of the BBC’s budget.”
It’s also worth remembering that the BBC is funded by a licence fee paid by all British households, companies and organisations that receive or record live television broadcasts, including iPlayer catch-up. More

13.06.21.  Vladimir Putin snubbed from G7 for seventh consecutive year
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been snubbed from the G7 Summit for a seventh consecutive year after his expulsion in 2014.
He will instead meet US President Joe Biden on Wednesday in an attempt to repair diplomatic relations with the United States. More

13.06.21. There may be a white supremacist in Australia, or even a few, but they are not in any way an issue.
Yet the left seems to search out every possible happening to prove they exist.
Remember at the Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney last year, a NSW police officer was caught on camera flashing the “OK” hand gesture as he passed by a group?
This act has ignited a debate about whether or not the officer was signaling support for white supremacist ideology, as this hand gesture was alleged to have been co-opted by far-right white supremacist groups.
NSW Police issued a statement that the officer was clearly signaling to a group of women to show that the night was going “OK” as he was wearing a mask, and that he was not aware that this gesture was linked to white supremacists. Rob Jenkins discusses this made-up issue of being white, bad, and what it can lead to: More

iChainsaws, trees and idiots! More

12.06.21.  Sky News host Rowan Dean says those selling the “renewables scam” are riding on the coattails of “fearmongering” on climate change.
“And they do it with these kind of pie in the sky ideas,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.
“All these scams and schemes.” More