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09.07.20. Sky News host Andrew Bolt says while the coronavirus is nasty, Victoria has had “10 times more people die of the flu just about every single flu season without anyone panicking or demanding lockdowns”. He said Victorians are being treated as the “lepers of the nation” right now amid a second outbreak of the deadly disease in the state. “New South Wales is so desperate to keep us out”. He said coronavirus measures need to be “smarter” and “more targeted” in the state. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to isolate the vulnerable, quarantine strictly the sick, with a policeman at the door if necessary, and not imprison the healthy”. “But going the Andrews government way, how can anyone afford that”. “How can anyone trust it?” Since the coronavirus began this year, deaths number 106! More

09.07.20. Now is the time to get rid of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and bring back someone who knows how to run the state responsibly, according to Sky News host Alan Jones. “If Victoria were a company, because of its bankruptcy, financially and intellectually it would be put into liquidation,” he said. “Call in administrators,” Mr Jones said. On Wednesday Premier Andrews confirmed 134 new coronavirus cases in Victoria in the past 24 hours, 75 of which are from public housing towers across Melbourne. It comes as Mr Andrews ordered everyone in Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire back into stage three lockdowns, warning Victoria is on the “cusp of a second wave” of the killer coronavirus. “Are we seriously saying we are asking the mob who caused the problem to fix the problem.” “And now, as a result of alarming incompetence, a social and economic disaster is on our doorstep,” Mr Jones said. More

09.07.20. With the clown like the WHO director general Tedros Adhanom still at the helm of his largely disgraced organisation and with his dedicated adulation of communist China most people can guess what the outcome is likely to be. Must read here and especially here.
A global investigation into coronavirus is due to begin this weekend as a team from the World Health Organization heads to China on the next available flight. After Australia successfully lobbied for a review of coronavirus’s origins, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom announced a team including animal virus experts will head to China to work out the scope of the investigation. More

09.07.20. Victoria’s Premier Andrews must lay trembling under his blankets these mornings wondering what new blundering disaster would greet him as his kingdom and his future unravels at apace, and so it should. But that doesn’t stop him laying blame and in the same breath saying the buck stops with him—it what frightened cowards do. Danger Man Dan is a sly and slippery character! Have Victorians learned their lesson yet?
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says the hotel quarantine bungle, which led to 60 COVID-19 cases among security contractors and their contacts, was the result of people who behaved in a “completely unacceptable way”. Mr Andrews said he would not “sit in judgment of himself” over the decision to allow private security firms to police isolation rules. More

09.07.20. Since about March the VOVID-19 pandemic has ebbed and flowed but few indeed could have imagined the collateral damage the world was set to experience. As we doff our hats and thank China for their good work, counting the losses are only just beginning.
Regional media has been dealt another blow, after regional newspaper publisher Australian Community Media announced it was considering closing four of its printing sites. In a statement, ACM said it was reviewing the operation of its sites in Ballarat in Victoria, Albury in NSW, Murray Bridge in South Australia, and Canberra. The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) told the ABC any closure would put at least 200 jobs in jeopardy. The AMWU said the majority of those jobs were at ACM’s Ballarat site, which employed at least 120 people. More

09.07.20. TikTok has pulled out of Hong Kong because of the wicked new control laws sneaked into place. TikTok is a Chinese based company and many say that China has no access to TikTok’s data which they harvest in huge blocks. The parent company Bytedance is based in Beijing and that means the CCP has power to demand all and any data.
Popular video app TikTok is used by more than 1.6 million Australians including Premier Daniel Andrews, but tech experts have raised concerns about something more sinister lurking in the app. China said on Tuesday it was concerned about India’s decision to ban Chinese mobile apps such as Bytedance’s TikTok. Francis Maguire reports. More

09.07.20. There are positives coming out of the Climate debate. As the climate jerkoffs publish their ideas and concepts in government-funded research findings it gives real scientists and researchers an opportunity to point out their errors in thinking. As we have seen recently those that claim somewhere, such as Antarctica, has had its hottest day ever, scientists can then demonstrate how their measurements are wrong and the location has not had its hottest day. As the Chinese flu becomes less of a story the press will get back to the fires and the climate fearmongers. They will start to argue climate change as the destroyers of trees and fauna so it is becoming important we have the knowledge to refute their inane arguments. One animal that will be at the forefront in their argument is the Koala and Vic Jurskis is the author of The Great Koala Scam and recently wrote in Quadrant Online a great rebuff: More


08.07.20. Older Aussies will recall the ‘telephone book’ dunny paper, threaded on a string hanging on a nail driven into a fibro-clad hardwood noggin within easy reach? What is of note today is the COVIC-19 mania that saw nary a single tissue on shelves in all supermarkets. With the new outbreak stemming from Victoria the panic buying mania has spread much faster than the bloody virus. In the urgency for manufacturers to increase production many are complaining that the ‘new’ dunny paper is thinner and narrower. Aldi had a huge supply—tiny little rolls perfect for a miniature doll’s house and just as useless. A bunch of gum leaves would be better and safer—at least they are less likely to let a finger make a damned hole in them—and you know what that means! As you can’t try dunny paper in the shops—imagine the scene if you could? Here’s a guide from the professional botty-paper gurus.
Australian consumer organisation CHOICE has put popular brands of toilet paper to the test to find the best on the market. A panel of experts trialled 48 toilet papers – including two-ply, three-ply, four-ply, hypoallergenic and recycled – from supermarket brands such as Kleenex, Quilton, Sorbent, Aldi, Woolworths and Coles. More