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19.07.19. Our Morning Mail family certainly do love their pets. We know this only too well as when we post an image of an animal with a child or some such and it can get more reads than an important news story although riven with gloom. This story will warm your hearts on the eve of a fine weekend.
A series of chance meetings and lucky breaks at the world’s most remote music festival have led to a dog, found wandering alone in the desert, being reunited with her owner — five days later. Mal Mead was travelling in convoy across the desert from Innamincka to the Big Red Bash, 35 kilometres west of Birdsville in south-west Queensland, when he came across “the most amazing dog”. More

19.07.19.  So many words from Henry Ergas to call a spade a spade that mean don’t do it!
Former High Court chief justice Murray Gleeson has declared a new indigenous “voice to parliament” could be created through legislation—with only minimal references in the Constitution—without eroding the power of the nation’s politicians. The legal mechanics of this social mess is separate from the what people feel and perceive of generations of financial demands mostly driven by the Aboriginal industry which after many billion of dollars have little to show except massive waste. It is matters like that combined with public demonstrations threatening Australians in a language foul in Melbourne, “We have organised this to abolish Australia Day because f..k Australia. F..k Australia, I hope it f..king burns to the ground.’’ And terrorism should their demands not be met. That sort of thing will be the decider at the ballot box ahead of legal issues which differ widely between scholars.
That indigenous Australians lived on this continent for thousands of years before European settlement is a fact whose recognition in the preamble to the Constitution is long overdue. More

19.07.19.  Thanks to a number of journalists like Graham Lloyd who drill down on the climate disaster scare mongers to expose just how they ‘cherry-pick’ data to suit their agendas, the public are putting the pieces of a very deceptive jig-saw together—and the jig is up. Unfortunately, it’s all too late for many fine people whose careers have been terminated by vile Leftists. The day will come when they are turfed out to feel that pain—we can only hope! That is why MM reports these articles.
Tourism operators fear visitor numbers to Cairns have taken their biggest hit since the pilot strike crushed the dreams of runaway businessman Christopher Skase in 1989. Many blame bad publicity that the Great Barrier Reef is dead. But according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science and local tour operators, the reef is fighting back. More

19.07.19.  Much of Australia watched the tactics of Labor in league with GetUp during the May elections as NSW seats were targeted in ways not seen before. Little was said at the time, except here on MM. That was how it was when Pauline Hanson was jailed two decades ago when the establishment saw her as a political threat. Even those who did not like Hanson were shocked —a political prisoner was unpalatable for most decent people .
GetUp et al, however, despite media trumpeting great defeat to all those in GetUp’s sights went for naught when the votes were counted—the reverse had happened—ruthless tactics on a personal basis were firmly rejected by an electorate that sought to favour morality over mongrel. Except in Warringah! The time has come to get GetUp—good and proper! More

19.07.19.  All is not well between China and the US. Trump has their measure and makes no bones about exposing what China has been doing to the West for decades and getting away with it. Swamping the world with $2 dollar junk, much of it broken in the package. Theft of intellectual property. Bullying trade practices. Australia has a billion dollars worth of coal held at Chinese borders as punishment for siding with the US against Huawei. Political interference. And China’s human rights violations are second to none when harvesting body parts are concerned. They are indeed a worry to the world.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday called China’s treatment of its Uyghur Muslim minority the “stain of the century” and accused Beijing of pressuring countries not to attend a US-hosted conference on religious freedom. “China is home to one of the worst human rights crises of our time; it is truly the stain of the century,” Mr Pompeo told the final day of the international conference in Washington. More

19.07.19 What has happened to the world, have we all become soft headed, lacking in wisdom or intelligence just so we can be seen as caring about equality? This pretension serves no one and is disingenuous to woman the world over. Giving a woman a role as female equivalent as a male character, dismisses the strength that a woman would bring to a role written for a woman and emphasizes the weakness such pretense will show. James Bond is a man, the whole point of the film franchise is to demonstrate a fictional hero, fast very smart cars, some flagellation and that HE that gets the girl of every (sorry, 90%) male watcher’s dreams. James Bond will never Jamie Blondie no matter what hollywood says. Caroline Graham for The Mail On Sunday discusses this movie faux pas: More

19.07.19 The following story is published following the FFA publishing guidelines that will once more divide football in to ethnic groups. Australian soccer clubs will be free to once again acknowledge their ethnic background in their club logos, names and identities, according to a draft version of Football Federation Australia’s new club identity guidelines. The draft policy encourages clubs to “identify themselves in an all-embracing and inclusive manner that is welcoming to all participants in preference to using monoculture branding which may be viewed as exclusionary”. In the usual Australian have it both ways the draft states the ICPI is only a guide and “are not intended to be enforceable, strict regulations”, meaning clubs can ignore the policy if they see fit. Jack Montgomery discusses Khan’s London what happens after a soccer match: More

18.07.19.  What would Horatio Hornblower say?
Just when you thought that navy brass had dragged the fine reputation of the RAN into the stinking bilge of a Chinese prison hulk, Australians and otherwise proud and diligent members of that service have to read the nonsense that follows in this article of shame which seems to pass as normal in a military farce that also paints its fingernails pink?
Were I admiral of the fleet I would grab the Seaman Jarrad Pluckrose by his ear, drag him down into the bilge where awaits the flotilla queer who would teach the pansy Pluckrose where to find that elusive ‘Golden Rivet’.
A female sailor facing assault charges has labelled a nipple pinch on a male sailor as “horseplay”. Able Seaman Hannah Clayton took the witness box on day two of her Defence Magistrate trial on Wednesday. Able Seaman Clayton faces two assault charges for allegedly slapping Seaman Jarrad Pluckrose on the bottom and pinching his nipple in two separate incidents. More

18.07.19.  Reader and commenter Graham Richards wanted to know if the fiercely Greens dominated country of Finland was contemplating nuclear energy. This should inform those interested.
From The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, 17.07.19.
More than a quarter of the electricity consumed in Finland is produced with nuclear energy. Nuclear power plays a major role in the implementation of the Finnish Climate and Energy Strategy, as nuclear power plants produce virtually no greenhouse gas emissions. At present, there are four nuclear reactors in Finland. A fifth reactor unit is under construction, and a construction licence application for a sixth unit has been submitted to the Government.
In the video at bottom John Barilaro, NSW Nationals and Deputy Premier mentions Finland being under a Greens government are on board with nuclear. Australia must begin to take a new look at nuclear power as it applies to the latest reactors and waste control.

18.07.19.  The idea that the Great Barrier Reef is in need of saving from catastrophe is popular, especially among academics and politicians. In 2003, I published an article in the IPA Review entitled ‘Deceit in the Name of Conservation’concerning the then Queensland Premier and Chief Scientist. In an earlier article entitled ‘WWF says Jump, Governments ask How High’ I explained the extent to which there was collusion within members of a Reef Protection Taskforce, that including activists and the CSIRO, to the extent that they felt a need to invent evidence of damage to the reef — least none existed. More