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19.05.21.  Former Manly and Brisbane player Jamil Hopoate has been charged over a cocaine haul
“Former Manly and Brisbane player Jamil Hopoate — the son of notorious NRL bad boy John Hopoate — has been charged over a large-scale cocaine haul.
Recently sacked NRL star Jamil Hopoate has been charged over a large scale cocaine importation, after allegedly leading police on a daring daylight pursuit. Police will allege the son of notorious former Manly player John Hopoate, and the brother of Bulldogs star Will Hopoate was allegedly seen accessing a truck linked to a haul of cocaine at Port Botany about 10.30am on Tuesday morning. Moments later it is alleged the 26-year-old and a woman got into a car and left the area.” More

iThis will help obliterate the worldly strife of today! More

19.05.21.  Like frogs in a happy garden fish pond, most Australian’s believed the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) was instituted to protect the nation from predatory acquisition of important infrastructures, essential services etc. Now we learn what useless bastards they all have been and continue to be. After reading this article you might be inclined to march in the streets, or dust off the old guillotine for a bit of public sport. But more likely you will be sickened by how our elected mongrels have sold out Australia and are now sitting elsewhere on a lifetime pension as reward for their damned  treachery! It’s time the people figured the best way to punish politicians—any good ideas?
Last month, the federal government, in a ham-fisted way, cancelled the Victorian government’s largely ceremonial Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China. Yet Canberra’s own critical infrastructure register shows China controls the Victorian energy market from generation to transmission to retail supply. More

19.05.21.  MediaWatch host Paul Barry seems “determined to undermine” the investigative journalism of Sharri Markson, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny. The host of the ABC’s flagship program last year said Ms Markson “should have told readers that almost every virus expert had dismissed the lab escape theory”. Mr Kenny said this is despite Ms Markson’s critics now admitting there is a 40 per cent chance of her findings on the origins of COVID-19 being the reality. One of the Nine newspapers said officials in the US and Australian governments put the “probability of a leak as high as 40 per cent”. “Sharri’s reporting has only ever said that this was a possibility that warranted serious investigation and now, even her critics admit that what they once called an unfounded conspiracy theory is now a 40 per cent chance of being the reality,” Mr Kenny said. More

19.05.21.  President Biden has been ‘weak and disastrous’ on the Middle East. The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says US President Joe Biden has been “weak and disastrous” on the Middle East. “He’s tried to undo everything that Donald Trump did,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “Donald Trump was very successful in the Middle East.” More

19.05.21.  It sure sounds like Laura McBride has read too much rubbish from the story-telling fantasies invented by compulsive fibber Bruce Pascoe. Dear Laura has followed the indoctrinated crowd with her use of “first nations” which is twaddle. Historians would argue with the lady about that invetion. Nevertheless, the term “first nations” is a recent assertion and was stolen from various Indian tribes in North America and the Canadian once Eskimos, then Inuit, now ‘first nations’. It has the impetus of a superior person and greatness—don’t you think? It appears that original thought for some people is in rather short supply. It was a while coming but ‘first nations’ has now won out from “Aborigines” and then “Indigenous.” The stupidity is that something must have got lost in the translation because according to Indigenous Australian studies’ 1996,  “European words are used because there is no Aboriginal word that refers to all Aboriginal people in Australia.” However, the adjective “Indigenous” means: “anyone or anything originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native!” Anyone born in Australia is Indigenous!
In the stately reading room in the country’s oldest museum, Laura McBride casts her eye over a passage from a 1920s edition of the Australian Museum magazine. “The mind of a savage is simple, passionate and changeable, his brain soon wearies of continuous effort,” it reads. More

19.05.21.  Sky News host Cory Bernardi says “politicians love saving us in a crisis, not from a crisis” because “they get no credit” if they prevent something from happening. “You see if they prevent something from happening they get no credit. For political authority, they need to overstate the severity of the issue, scare you witless, and then have you experience less pain than originally forecast. “Let’s acknowledge that every death is a heartfelt event for someone but we can’t wrap ourselves in cotton wool forever. “Let’s accept that we all have an expiry date and that it’s reasonable to think that a life taken prematurely is more tragic than a life lost in its ninth decade, even one that’s lost through government incompetence.” More

19.05.21.  Weird happenings are afoot in the Kingdom of Andrews. His Cape Otway koalas are eating and bonking in manic fashion. The ungrateful little buggers are eating all the manna gums which one koala (name withheld) said it was the ‘caviar’ of all the eucaltpt family—Myrtaceae Eucalyptus viminalis. As for the bonking issue, sources say that Danny-boy, having buggered the citizens, decided to bugger the lady koalas also by havinf an infertility device fitted and for the boys, it was said that someone in the Andrews family makes condoms. When asked if meddling with that sort of things was a wise thing to do to wild animals, a spokesperson said the boy koalas would be a bloody site wilder if you snipped their willies off with a pair of scissors, wouldn’t they? You can’t argue with that!
A south-west Victorian koala population is being moved from its Cape Otway home for the eighth time in six years after eating its way through the local manna gum habitat. The koala population in the Great Ocean Road town, three hours’ west of Melbourne, boomed in the mid-2000s and quickly outgrew its food source, resulting in the secret culling of 700 koalas in 2015 due to “overpopulation issues”. More

19.05.21.  Animal activists plead with farmers not to kill mice plaguing regional NSW. This presents the argument for farmers and legislators alike as to what presents the most danger to good citizens and what creatures should be culled for the overall benefit of the nation—does it not? A global animal rights organisation is pleading with farmers not to kill the mice plaguing regional New South Wales. PETA argues the rodents shouldn’t be denied their “right” to food because of the “dangerous notion of human supremacy”. The infestation devastating farmers and their livelihoods are on track to cause a $100 million damage bill. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has condemned the organisation as “idiots who have never been outside the city”. More

19.05.21. We are so bloody lucky, we Australians.
All we have to worry about is “what if the Labor party wins the next election?”, not who the US president is.
Sure, we might get attacked by a mongrel Chinese Dictator’s storm troopers, but with luck the rest of the world would react to push them back to the Middle Kingdom.
We might get another wave of the Chinese pandemic and give our Pollies more opportunity to lock us down once more.
We might have to put up with the ABC for some more years, but in the main you can turn those bastards off, so no real issues. This is unlike many countries that suffer, as Cal Thomas explains, because of a crook US election result: More