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21.05.19. If someone gave you $1 billion and you stood on a street corner handing out one dollar per second, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, you would still not have handed out $1 billion after 32 years!
Next time you hear a politician use the word “billion” in a casual manner they do, think about whether you want those ‘politicians’ spending your tax money. A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency put it into perspective for those who are tired of being conned with BS. More

21.05.19. Time seems to be the enemy of the French sweetie boy, President Emmanuel Macron’s teacher wife, Brigitte who sadly is taking on the appearance of a cranky headmistress of an English boarding school for wayward nymphs.
When the torrid relationship between Emmanual and Brigitte came to the note of  Macron’s parents that he had fallen in love with his drama teacher in 1994, they were so desperate to avoid a scandal that they packed him off to finish his last year of high school in Paris, two hours south of their home in Amiens. However, the separation only raged the passion between Macron who was then 16, and Brigitte Auziere, then 41. But alas, the enemy, old man time is a cruel master.
Macron, however, has bigger problems in his realm and those have caused him a rethink—not about Brigitte—but about his fantastic Leftie gallivant across Europe.
French President Emmanuel Macron sees himself as Europe’s savior, and this week’s European Parliament elections as a make-or-break moment for the beleaguered European Union. But Macron is no longer the fresh-faced force who marched into a surprising presidential victory to the rhythm of the EU anthem two years ago. More

21.05.19. “Congratulations to Scott on a GREAT WIN!”
That was the tweet from the US president Donald Trump to Scott Morrison on his Saturday victory. Rather different indeed to his response to Malcolm Turnbull’s call to congratulate Trump’s Presidential win which was booked for one hour but ended abruptly in 25 minutes after which Trump declared as, “This was the worst call by far.” Trump remarked about the similarities of his and Morrison’s surprise win during a phone call between the two leaders.
US President Donald Trump has likened Scott Morrison’s shock election win to his own presidential victory and the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote. The ABC can reveal that when Mr Trump spoke with the newly elected Prime Minister on Sunday, he observed how people “seem surprised” by the result. More

21.05.19. American Steve Bannon,  a mate of Trump and was the backer of the publication Breitbart News often used by MM, wades into Australian politics to give Labor a severe lashing. Unlike most Americans that waltz through the incomprehensible mish-mash of the Australian system making ill-informed assessments, Mr Bannon has a good handle on the matter —clearly far better than Labor did.
Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon says Labor’s Bill Shorten “snatched ­defeat from the jaws of victory” ­because he pandered to inner-city elites at the expense of ordinary Australian families. “It’s the little guy who is the backbone of civic society but who is not outspoken … they don’t demonstrate but they pay attention,” Mr Bannon told The Aus­tralian in an exclusive interview from Paris. “That’s what the elites have forgotten — they think these people are stupid. More

21.05.19. A Senate more amenable to the Coalition—perhaps? There is always one idiot to slip through the cracks and that is Sarah Hanson-Young—affectionate known as the parliamentary village idiot. Much lauded is the booting of Hinch, Anning would have been preferable if only for his outspoken challenges that very many agreed with—but obviously not enough. As for now, Morrison has been dubbed the “Messiah for the Shire.” Despite his win I still have doubts about the man who is likely to believe his the Messiah. There remains more to do to cement his new found popularity with many Conservatives—beginning with Paris!
Tony Abbott called them “feral”.
Paul Keating described them as “unrepresentative swill”.
But the new batch of senators starting on July 1 should be more open to talks with the Morrison government. More

21.05.19. How relevant is race in Australia in how we judge our fellow man. It is strange I don’t feel any distinction with race among my friends and colleagues. How they react to me is vastly more important than where they came from or their colour. When someone identifies me, an older white Australian male as a racist, or sexist or homophobe or Islamophobe or any other stupid descriptor I just pretend to live up to their description with them as the subject of my scorn. It’s great having a middle-aged lefty arguing they are not aboriginal or Islamic and get very upset when you refuse to accept their denial, accusing them of being inferior. Amazing how the left feel they are superior to everyone else by accusing everyone else of being bad but can not accept it turned around. More

21.05.19. The sun had barely set before Labor knew it was doomed. Three losses in a row.
Doomed because of Tanya Plebersek.
Shorten figured if Labor adopted all the Green lunacies and go even more extreme that Tanya would score when the other fruit loop, Penny Wong, couldn’t. Tanya would close the coal mines – the biggest issue for the Greens.
So this Green in a Red Labor suit had all the credentials that the party wanted to take back Labor voters who supported the Greens – well, she had one credential.
She was nuts.
Great policy – go to Queensland labor seats where coal-mining is important and tell them you are going to close coal mines.
Well, journos and bankers and actors and musicians are all in favour of doing that.
Men that work in coal mines are not. More

20.05.19.  Oh dear! Can you imagine the phone calls between Labor Leader hopefuls with the attendant conniving and backstabbing so well practised in those quarters? Suppose a prime minister of turtle head Chris Bowen? Of shrieking Polly Parrot Plibersek? Of the smarmy, measured fox of Tony Burke? Their only hope is Albanese whom at least exudes an aura of being somewhat fair dinkum—as opposed to all the others? And now, the late starter, Joel Fitzgibbon, following his epiphany this morning—but does he get it yet?
Tanya Plibersek will officially launch her bid for Labor leadership on Monday, after factional colleague Anthony Albanese moved to seize the momentum just hours after Bill Shorten’s shock election loss. More

20.05.19.  Richard Ferguson
Hello and welcome to PoliticsNow, The Australian’s live coverage of the federal election results. Counting continues in a handful of undecided seats as the Coalition closes in on an absolute majority in the 151-seat parliament.
Top story: The Coalition could finish with 78 seats, as Kerryn Phelps slides to defeat. More

20.05.19. Chaucer’s take: Even as late as Saturday morning when polling stations opened, pollsters continued to assure the populace that it would likely be a Labor victory. Clear thinking Australians across the land shook their heads in bewilderment that Labor’s litany of crazy and harmful policies being rolled out at every coffee break could compile such results. It seemed incredible—and it was! Trust has been restored to the Aussie ‘gut feeling’—we hope!
This is exactly what happened in the US with the Trump campaign—Trump could not possibly win and all the polls supported and reported that. The morning after in the US there was disbelief as all Democrats went into mourning. In Australia expressions of “shock” reverberated across the land. More