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15.11.19.  It appears demonstrators in Hong Kong have increased their activities from weekend events to weekdays as well. Matters are becoming very ugly indeed with images of protesters filling bottles with petrol to make potentially deadly molotov cocktails. Bows and arrows are being used by students and the city shut down for long periods. Chinese University has closed for the year as mainland Chinese students flee. Beijing is looking to place a curfew this weekend and that could provoke a showdown prompting Beijing to finally strike—how much longer will they wait?
Pro-democracy protesters have again paralysed parts of Hong Kong, forcing schools to close and blocking highways as students built barricades and stockpiled makeshift weapons, setting the stage for campus showdowns. Police skirmished with militant students at major university campuses around the Chinese-ruled city as authorities ordered schools and universities closed. Thousands of students hunkered down surrounded by piles of food, bricks, petrol bombs, arrows with heads wrapped in cladding, catapults and other homemade weapons. More

15.11.19 The world condemns the Israelis for defending themselves against their aggression yet never a word about the Arab countries’ treatment of Palestinians. They are not allowed to become citizens of Arab countries, in accordance with Arab League Decree 1547 for 1959, “in order to preserve the Palestinian entity and Palestinian identity.” Even in Jordan they can no longer become citizens. Palestinians face severe travel restrictions throughout the Arab world. They do not receive passports and their travel documents are only accepted by a few countries. Palestinians cannot vote or run for office in national elections. Children born to Palestinians do not get citizenship in their host countries, violating Article 7 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Bassam Tawil, a Muslim Arab based in the Middle East, tells of other Arab – Palestinian conflict: More

15.11.19 If she was a man Fonda would be seen as a dick head. Jane Fonda has been an outspoken moron for most of her life, protesting war, violence, discrimination, and now our collective inaction when it comes to saving the planet. And last month Fonda launched her Fire Drill Fridays campaign, promising to protest in Thunberg’s spirit each Friday through the end of 2019 and it gets her arrested at the U.S. Capitol on a regular basis. At the recent Awards night Fonda continued to honor Thunberg’s example. She accepted Thunberg’s Woman of the Year award on the teen’s behalf as Thunberg continues to travel the United States. She said “When I saw Greta Thunberg strike for climate, I knew I had to mobilize my school and our city. Greta’s views match my own, that you take care of the earth, and the earth takes care of you.” However, Del Wilber paints a more sinister picture of this daughter of a decent actor: More

14.11.19. Oh dear! The worn out #MeToo mania has cooled off but a brand new one that might send some blokes running for the airport or perhaps a tent out behind Ayre’s Rock, for a fee to the brothers, might be #GotChaMate. Yeah, Morning Mail’s version, “See How They Run”, revolves around Tracey Spicer’s old plan to expose the “gropers” groping among us. But thanks to the incompetent ABC the cat is out of the bag. Where do gropers and perverts hide out these days? Venezuela where there should be a few empty Nazi war criminal digs vacant—”former resident deceased”! See MM.April 2018 here.
Tracey Spicer had the best of intentions when she set out in 2017 to bring the wave of #MeToo to Australia. “Currently I am investigating two long-term offenders in our media industry,” she announced on Twitter. “Please, contact me privately to tell your stories.” More

14.11.19. It always happens after every major incident no matter what it is. Global warming, floods, hurricanes, collapsing buildings, wine kills you and so on. Out come all the experts. It’s like watching the primal urge for cockroaches to mate. Out they swarm, experts jostling for their awaited moment to espouse “the reason” for the flavour of this   month, which is fire control. Yes, we are in ‘uncharted waters’ so to speak. The theories presented vary but there are catch words and one that sounds the alarm is, “modelling”. We learned much about that from the IPCC modelling fraud. As some experts admit that we are in ‘uncharted waters’ but “models” are based on what—guesses and theories formed with bias agenda? All this from experts which are devotees of the Greens ideology and Greta Thunberg? Then we are to believe doublespeak and waffle which broadly means, I don’t know but want keep my university job, and grants, so I must march for Thunberg! Rather than repeat sections contained in this article some of those sections of note will be in bold. More

14.11.19. Sky News host Peta Credlin says Prime Minister Scott Morrison “will rue the day” a form of a voice to parliament “ends up in legislation”, emphasising “his quiet Australians might be quiet but they are certainly not stupid”. “There is an inherent contradiction in any attempt to unite Australians by treating people differently – indeed, it’s the very fallacy at the heart of identity politics,” she said. “You don’t end discrimination by discriminating and you don’t increase social harmony by defining people by their differences.
The double-crossing minister for this crap, Ken ‘Kangacape’ Wyatt has decided, obviously in league with PM Scott Morrison, to circumvent democracy and force a societal split by skin colour because they know the public will resound with an emphatic NO to the “Voice” bullshit should it be put to a vote! See the video with Peta Credlin below and bombard your member like never before!

14.11.19. A senior bureaucrat at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)—also the mother of a well-known animal rights activist—has been stood down pending an external investigation into potential links to activist websites. Julie Delforce, a senior sector specialist in the department’s Agricultural Development and Food Security section, has been the subject of media speculation after her son, renowned activist Chris Delforce, published the Aussie Farms website. More

14.11.19. With more than 25% of the world’s pig herd going down with African swine fever (ASF) and given that pork meats is the preferred source of protein for hundreds of million people, expect a price rise in perfect unison with Christmas—shortage or not in Australia the excuse will suffice! In South Korea, however, a strange sight for locals and tourists alike as the Imjin river runs red.
As South Korea battles an outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), the destruction of some 47,000 pigs has led to the Imjin River, which runs through the demilitarised zone, turning blood red. The strange colour is the result of the river being polluted with the blood of many of the slaughtered pigs. Heavy rains caused their blood to flow from a border burial site into a tributary of the Imjin. More

14.11.19. Even the most experienced legal minds in the country would not dare to out guess what the High Court might or might not do, particularly in this case now on Appeal. The Australian Legal Affairs Editor, Chris Merritt unravels the complexity of law that could in the end see George Pell going home as a result of a full bench being called to deal with the matter that more than the Catholic world will be watching.
George Pell moved one step closer to overturning his convictions for child sex abuse on Wednesday when the High Court abandoned its normal practice and left the way open for a ­complete reassessment of the evidence in the case. All seven judges will decide in March whether to hear the jailed cardinal’s argument that he is in prison only because two judges on Victoria’s Court of Appeal ­rejected his appeal after engaging in circular logic and making a ­series of legal errors. More

14.11.19 Companies start and become successful because the founders learn how to make them successful. If they don’t, the company fails and they lose everything. Many companies do fail. Those that grow soon have to bring in people to run it. If those that are brought in are also successful then the company becomes large then it registers on the stock exchange and ownership moves from those that run the company to people whose only interest is how much they can make. They then have people they perceive will make them money not the long term interest of the company. This often results in disasters. Directors who having damaged the organisation often walk away comfortable leaving small shareholders worse off, as Gil Gutknecht points out below: More