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05.06.20. Hong Kong’s legislature has approved a contentious bill that makes it illegal to insult the Chinese national anthem. The ruling came as people in Hong Kong were set to light candles across the city to commemorate the 1989 crackdown by Chinese troops in and around Tiananmen Square. The legislation was approved after pro-democracy opposition MPs tried to disrupt the vote in protest. More

05.06.20. Minister for Indigenous Affairs Ken Wyatt has slithered out from beneath a wood pile to stir up the social harmony of most Australians that regard him as a racist because of his intention to determine Australians by the colour of their skin. Wyatt and Morrison have been colluding for more than a year to force Constitutional Recognition down our throats. If you doubt that editorial assumption you must read here! In the meantime, a Liberal Party councillor in Sydney­’s Hills Shire has dared to challenge the Aboriginal industry’s further rubbish of re-writing history to suit a vacuous minority in what amounts to 3.3%  of total population. And that is what the single issue minister Wyatt gets paid $250,000 plus to represent. He should return 96% to the taxpayers of Australia!
A Liberal Party councillor in Sydney­’s Hills Shire has suggest­ed Aborigines may have wiped out another race when they arrived­ in Australia and should not be granted recognition of their original custodianship of the land at official events. Brooke Collins sparked anger on Thursday after he declined a resident’s request to perform an Acknowledgement of Country at council-run events and meetings, saying to do so would “single out one race” and “divide us more”. More

05.06.20. While the world becomes absorbed in the race machinations of a deceased black man with a lengthy criminal record in America, China is more than pleased as it takes away the seriousness of what they have in store for Hong Kong. Police have used pepper spray and arrested several Hong Kong protesters who were defying a ban to stage city-wide candlelit vigils in memory of China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre. Scuffles broke out in the working-class Mong Kok district when demonstrators tried to set up roadblocks with metal barriers and officers used the spray to disperse them.
It was the first time there had been unrest during the annual June 4 Tiananmen vigil in Hong Kong, which had been banned this year due to coronavirus restrictions. Hong Kong’s coronavirus restrictions are due to be lifted from June 5. Several thousand people joined the main rally in Victoria Park, chanting slogans such as “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time” and “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” More

05.06.20 Yesterday morning, a coffee shop this Ed attended required all who sat to imbibe their morning starter to fill a book with their name, address, and telephone number so they could be contacted if someone known later to have with Covid had come in the same day.
A tracking mechanism, so one is told.
In the course of a day a coffee shop may have 300 visitors, multiply that by the other coffees shops he/she might have attended the same day.
Multiply that by the attendees in libraries, clubs, restaurants, churches, TABs, theatres and sporting fields he or she may have gone to the same day.
Multiply that by the number who were at schools, doctor’s surgeries, dental clinics, supermarkets, birthday parties,concerts, footy practice, visiting mum, band practice that he or she may have gone to the same day. Not to mention trains, taxis, garages, busses, and those overtaken when on his/her bicycle.
Then take a punt that he/she got the date right in the first place.
It is argued that it will save lives. Well, if bullshit saves lives, that’s possible.
The question is of course when will the Government say it’s no longer required, if ever?
As bad as it is here read what Walter E. Williams says is happening in the US, maybe not so bad here. More


Bringing meaning to the old saying, “Like a stunned mullet!” More

04.06.20. On balance, if you are not doing anything contrary to law, it’s unlikely you will be forced to the ground and subdued by a law officer—there will always be exceptions. From the police point of view in any country the safety of the officer must be paramount. When an officer intercedes they have no idea if that person is off their head on potent drugs giving the strength of ten, armed or guilty of anything. The only thing immediately obvious is size. The so-called ‘sleeper hold’ used in Minneapolis on George Floyd is widely used in police tactics. The bottom line in subduing a person of interest is that you don’t want that person to get up until you want them to get up!
Le Pecq: Three days after George Floyd died with a Minneapolis police officer choking off his air, another black man writhed on a street in Paris as a police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest. Immobilisation techniques where officers apply pressure with their knees on prone suspects are used in policing around the world and have long drawn criticism. One reason why Floyd’s death is sparking anger and touching nerves globally is that such techniques have been blamed for asphyxiations and other deaths in police custody beyond American shores, often involving non-white suspects. More

04.06.20. The Left are forcing new ‘victimised stereotypes’ upon minorities. Sky News host Rowan Dean says a renewed form of racism has emerged from the hard left who are “demanding a new stereotype” be put on African-Americans, one where “you have to be a victim of an injustice perpetrated not by a black person”. Mr Dean told Sky News for those on the hard left or even the “normal left” the only black lives which matter are “those that fit a stereotype”. “This is racism,” he proclaimed.
In Australia, however, protestors leading the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Sydney are trying to “hijack” what is happening in the United States and pretend Australia is a “horrible, racist country,” Centre for Independent Studies commentator Jacinta Price says. “I find the majority of these protestors who are in fact white, are using these issues to push their own agendas” and “indigenous people in central Australia are actually used and exploited” in the process. More

04.06.20. “If you are a little bemused and confused by the artsy crowd in this country, join the club. As the Morrison government considers a funding package for the arts, playwright David Williamson says “some middle-class audiences at the theatre are finding it a little tiresome to get yet another play from yet another minority group that tells them that they are unconscionable … some sections of the audience are sick of being told they’re horrible.” Too right. Many have had enough of being beaten about the head, labelled oppressors of minority groups.
On one view, the arts must be in strife when a luvvie such as Williamson says so.” More

04.06.20. Victoria chooses a ‘fist full of dollars’ over human rights.
Sky News host Rita Panahi says it is remarkable China’s gross human rights violations “seem to just be not an issue for the Daniel Andrews government” amid its engagement with communist China over the Belt and Road Initiative. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been widely criticised for the government’s agreement to the initiative while also neglecting to involve DFAT in the process. Mr Andrews has now been criticised for refusing to speak out about China’s gross human rights violations against political dissidents and Uighur Muslims. In parliament Mr Andrews told the opposition leader if he wants to “lead a human rights delegation to China or any other country and then try to do a trade deal at the same time, I wish him luck because I reckon he will need it”. Sky News host Paul Murray said the premier only claimed “you can’t take the money and fight against human rights” and has instead chosen to take “the fist full of dollars”. More