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27.02.20. In the obvious ramp up of the Aboriginal industry push more, always more, and like the tantrums of a spoilt child, enough is never achieved. We have a Minister of the Crown in Ken Wyatt, a snake-in-the-grass part Aboriginal, whose title is Minister for Indigenous Australians—representing 3% of the population, which seems to be the case. In the same bucket is the ‘bleached’ Bruce Pascoe who claims to be Aboriginal and the minister says he is—despite many claims to the contrary from Aboriginal leaders and others. Pascoe’s fanciful journey through Aboriginal history with his wishful claims border on delusional. But, aided by the ABC, Pascoe’s book ,”Dark Emu” has been catapulted into the education system as a history lesson for children. The Left’s bible of truth, The Guardian, kindly said, Bruce Pascoe’s groundbreaking Dark Emu was first published in 2014, and has been showing us different ways of seeing the country and its “truer history”, as Pascoe puts it, ever since. That sentence might have ended with, “If you believe fictional bullshit!”
However, these archive video clips below offer a genuine glimpse of how the Australian Aborigine lived in the past and just as important, the nature of their culture. It is, of course, very different to the fanciful embellishment and nonsense espoused by the dramatist Pascoe. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of these images, however, is the lean, athletic stature of the Aborigines filmed in sometime around 1966 and the more recent images of Aboriginal leaders by comparison. More

27.02.20. It truly does beggar belief that the Australian, or any self-respecting media would waste their time and credibility interviewing Malcolm Turnbull, a man that most Australians agree was the worst prime minister ever. Turnbull is pushing for zero net emissions by 2050. The Waffler would be 95 were he to live to see that achieved and the accompanying economic devastation. Given his zeal for action might have people wondering if his family has considerable investment in renewable energy? The Video below exposes both Turnbull and that bloody mincing poodle Christopher Pyne piddling in each others pockets. Their banter is pathetic and illustrates, now in hindsight, what utter nincompoops we foolishly elected—now that the damage is there for all to see. Pyne’s French submarines says it all! And as for Turnbull, well… anyone got a good word for that worm?
Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has lashed his former colleagues over climate policy, describing their comments to a net zero emissions target as “false and misleading”… More

27.02.20. It appears that COVID-19 is the catalyst to expose clearly the dependence of most, if not all, Australian universities on Chinese student money. Providing a $7,500 grant in order to get students around the coronavirus travel ban clearly supports that situation. However, surely this raises a few questions. Bringing in so many mainland Chinese for study purposes demonstrated a few years ago their dedicated affiliation with communist China when they rented several buses and caused a sea of red flags in Canberra. Read here. On April 16 2008 the SMH:
THOUSANDS of Chinese Australians are being asked to converge on Canberra next week to rally and defend the Olympic torch against pro-Tibet protesters. The mass campaign is being organised by Chinese student and community leaders in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, while the Chinese embassy in Canberra is also said to be actively supporting a peaceful show of strength. Zhang Rongan, of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, said he expected more than 10,000 Chinese and Chinese Australians to go to Canberra for the torch arrival on April 24. He said he was arranging “strong men” to protect against any attacks from pro-Tibet or Falun Gong forces.
Given that our universities cater primarily to, and are so dependent on Chinese money, perhaps Australia simply has too many universities? And, too many PC, far Left professors and Marxist lecturers, all of which are not self supporting—and what are they teaching? More

27.02.20. This blog has covered many times the struggles of the people of Venezuela under President Nicolas Maduro who appears not at all concerned about the condition of his people and the country. Venezuela is  grappling with a political, economic and a massive humanitarian crisis with its health care system crumbling. Shortages of doctors who earn $10 per month or less, lack of drugs, power and clean water have caused illness and epidemics. Families suffering the consequences no longer trust the country’s disintegrating medical infrastructure or political regime to save them. The US has been watching the unfolding mess and observers are wondering what it takes before intervention on a human rights initiative? PBS special correspondent Marcia Biggs reports on Venezuela’s health care catastrophe. More

27.02.20. Note: Criminals are disguising themselves as WHO to steal money or sensitive information. If you are contacted by a person or organisation that appears to be from WHO, verify their authenticity before responding.
The number of new coronavirus cases being officially reported outside China has exceeded those reported by Beijing for the first time since the outbreak began, the World Health Organisation has said. There were 427 new cases reported by 37 countries on Tuesday (local time), compared with 411 by China, according to WHO. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the sudden increases of cases in Italy, Iran and the South Korea were “deeply concerning”. More

27.02.20. Media Bias/Fact Check says:  The Global Times is a tabloid under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a nationalistic perspective. It also rated the publication as Chinese Propaganda, Poor Sourcing, Misleading and failed Fact Check. That’s all you need to know and expect the their bullying ways in which they are prepared to besmirch and virtually threaten the American Wall Street Journal for an article that China’s communist Party found not in support of their vexatious agenda. In other words, why would anyone believe a word of anything the bastards say? For example, this article!
Fifty-three reporters and editors at the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) have signed a letter asking top executives of the paper to consider changing its controversial headline “China Is the Real Sick Man of Asia” and apologize. The Global Times also learned that senior executives of the WSJ wrote a second letter to the Chinese side, saying they recognize the harm and fury the headline has caused. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian also questioned on Monday why the WSJ had the audacity to slander but lacks the courage to make an apology. More

27.02.20 Mike Burgess, who took over ASIO last year, warned: “There are more foreign intelligence officers and their proxies operating in Australia now than at the height of the cold war, and many of them have the requisite level of capability, the intent and the persistence to cause significant harm to our national security.” He said the “sleeper” agent “lay dormant for many years, quietly building community and business links, all the while secretly maintaining contact with his offshore handlers. “We’ve seen visiting scientists and academics ingratiating themselves into university life with the aim of conducting clandestine intelligence collection. This strikes at the very heart of our notions of free and fair academic exchange. Given that many of these spies come from communist countries it is likely they would influence our academics to the left. Which suggests that Walter E. Williams discussion about academia in the US applies fully here: More

26.02.20. It was the precocious teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg with her, “how dare you” skewer-in-the-eye of politicians and corporate leaders, “they must do more” she howled from her many pulpits. Greta has been comparatively low key lately but mum Malena Ernman has been quite busy with her new book in which she reveals the reality of family life during her daughter’s transformation from bullied teenager to climate icon. Janet Albrechtsen shines the spotlight on how some CEO’s are using social sensationalism, like that of Greta’s for personal gain.
Every other day a corporate chief somewhere will declare, in sombre tones and often for applause, that business must take a stand on an issue for the sake of the community. These big-noting corporate chaps justify their grand plans for humanity in many ways. They claim businesses have a legitimate interest in matters affecting the wider community in which they operate. Political leaders are not doing enough, they say. Workers and consumers want us to do this, they assure themselves. More

26.02.20. Australia’s recent and ongoing disasters have caused massive donations of cash to pour in from generous people here in Australia and overseas. By law the government have their greedy claws ready for harvest. This anomaly must be remedied lest the stench of charity greed for administrative costs, such as the Red Cross debacle, will turn donors off if their money does not go where they intended.
New legislation will be introduced to change the way money donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service can be spent, in a bid to ensure $51 million raised by comedian Celeste Barber can be distributed to volunteer firefighters and affected communities. A bill to amend the Rural Fires Act will be introduced to NSW Parliament by the Greens on Wednesday, seeking to change the way donations to the RFS and Brigades Donations Fund made between November 1 and February 1 can be used. More

26.02.20. Sitti Hikmawatty is Indonesia’s child rights commissioner. She warned women and girls they risked becoming pregnant if they swam in the same pool as men. Ridicule on social media and calls for her sacking have been resisted. This is all very scientific, you know. The Child Rights Commissioner reckons pool water can act as a medium for sperm, regardless of any chlorine content or the fact most swimmers wore clothes. She says, “There are certain types of sperm that are very strong. Even without penetration a woman can get pregnant. If a woman is in her fertile phase, it can happen. Nobody knows how men react towards women in swimming pools.” This fool of a woman must think humans mate like whales do? In that case MM advises women to stay away from the men’s wanking corner of the pool!
While she has since revoked her claim, some are worried the damage has already been done and it speaks to a growing push to reject feminist ideals. “I apologise to the public for giving an incorrect statement,” Ms Hikmawatty said yesterday. “The statement is my personal statement and not from [Indonesia’s child protection commission] KPAI. I plead with all parties not to disseminate further or even to make it public.” More