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14.12.19. One might have thought that the BBC might have looked beyond the news feed from our ABC for an alternate report. Not a single word is mentioned in this story about the Greens policies that prevented hazard reduction burns which caused mega fuel loads on forest floors. Not a word about idiot arsonists either. And this from PM Morrison: Mr Morrison rejected calls for greater funding of firefighters, saying existing resources were sufficient and that volunteers “want to be there”.
Well Mr PM. Let me give you just one tiny snippet about “wanting to be there!”

A fire sparked off by a train threatened to race through several farms. Only two of us on the truck that day, the Captain and poor old Ed. Chaucer. Captain driving, Chaucer on the back with a 38 hose. We ran along the fireline laying foam trying to stop it getting away into hectares of farmland—animals, crops, expensive farm machinery and dwellings. It was a narrow stretch, rail line to the left, fence to the right—no turning around. The truck stopped and in a moment flames roared up the embankment and over the truck, I dropped to the floor for protection. Dense smoke followed, no vision, no air. I yelled to driver, “get out of here!” More

14.12.19. Trillions of dollars in bank notes have gone missing, vanished into thin air if you listen to the top financial wizards in the business who are stymied by the mystery. Even Australia’s Reserve Bank boss Philip Lowe foolishly said he  “…estimated that about $2000 in printed bills exists for every Australian.” “I, for one, don’t have anywhere near that amount.” What a bloody bullshitter! Dr Lowe’s total remuneration was $1.02 million in the 2017-18 financial year, including $114,617 in superannuation. Also, by telling every crook in the country that every Australian has $2000 bucks hidden in the house is irresponsible. The last time, about six years ago, another idiot ex-RBA said similar, apportioning blame on pensioners—the crime rate against the elderly soared!
The reason for the missing trillions, except for organised crime, is because people don’t trust banks, even more so since their last bout of bastardry, and they trust politicians even less—and you can’t blame them, they’ve all been screwed by one or more in the past and present!
Some Australians are burying it. The Swiss might be hiding it. The Germans are probably hoarding. Banks are issuing more notes than ever and yet they seem to be disappearing off the face of the earth. Central banks don’t know where they have gone, or why, and are playing detective, trying to crack the same mystery. More

14.12.19. The fate of the Rohingya people has been a problem that sparks mixed sentiments, anti Islam is at the forefront—and thus comes trenchant  hatred. Yes, a small number Rohingya’s have acted like terrorists. And yes, the Myanmar military, an instrument of the state have retaliated. But, again, a small number of solders have set about torching Rohingya villages and locking hundreds of women and children in buildings and burning them to death. The Rohingya’s are people, mostly peasants struggling to get through life as best they can—just like most of us. They bleed when cut, cry when hurt, laugh when happy and mourn when loved ones die. Surely they have a right to life—where, is another matter.
Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate has bowed to her masters—that is just part of the entire human tragedy. As we approach the season of ‘peace and good will to all mankind’ there seems very little to go around—even though we have an allotted “season” to celebrate what should be an every day matter of decency. We are indeed a weird mob?
The Gambia has denounced Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s “silence” over alleged atrocities against Rohingya Muslims. The Muslim-majority African country has accused Myanmar of genocide in a case at the UN’s top court. Lawyers said Ms Suu Kyi had ignored widespread allegations of mass murder, rape and forced deportation. More

14.12.19. As Tevia, the beleaguered Jewish father in the movie, “The Fiddler on the Roof” stamped about, was it in his hayloft? chanting “tradition”, that comes to mind every time an Australian tradition nears celebration.
Christmas, Easter, Australia Day and Anzac Day for example. It’s those PC meddlers with nothing to do who want to change everyone else into becoming boring miserable bastards like them—lacklustre cretins! In this era of complete insanity where there are more than 60 genders and verboten words like Mr and Mrs and nobody is crippled any more, they are physically challenged, and you can’t be sub-normal, and don’t dare say you believe in God either! This story personifies all of that PC crap perfectly. The CSIRO should develop a virus that only attacks PC pests—no cure either!
Christmas is cancelled, folks. It was a hell of a ride there but like all good things it had to come to an end. Don’t fret. Just think of all the time you’ll save not having to do your Christmas shopping. More

14.12.19. Reader Pensioner Pete alerted us to this video clip which says much about the wunderkind Greta Thunberg, the loud climate activist—the climate messiah? Many have thought Greta’s parents have been exploiting their daughter who has medical issues. Nevertheless, while preaching the virtues of “action” to save our dying planet it seems apparent that “house keeping” is a matter missing in the Thunberg’s method of raising Greta. Most kids, even those like Greta have heard the words straight from the “Parent’s Guide to Raising Petulant Kids!”—”You must clean up your room before you go out missy!” That lesson should also apply to one’s car—one would think? More

14.12.19.  The brave SA policeman Wombat killer Waylon Johncock has offered an apology to what he calls,”his Community.” This dope was clearly showing off and being so bloody stupid allowed an incident of gross animal cruelty to go viral for which he was no doubt proud of at the time and the video substantiated that! See here!As he supports his “cultural” method of hunting food in such a way there is no place in the SA police force which is supposed to lawfully maintain the other “culture’s” community expectations and laws, animal cruelty being one, and should do the honourable thing and resign today. Mr Johncock could then return to “his” community and live by the methods he so ardently embraces—then all will be happy! Of course, the bloody hypocrite is unlikely to do that. The SA police have been made a fool of and so has justice. Shame!
An off-duty Aboriginal police officer who was filmed stoning a wombat to death in South Australia has issued an apology letter to his community for the video but said he stands by the traditional hunting practices of his people. The video, posted on the Wombat Awareness Organisation Facebook page in early October, shows Yalata-based Senior Community Constable Waylon Johncock chasing a wombat along a dirt road in the Gawler Ranges and throwing rocks at it. More


13.12.19. In about three hours the UK polls will close. Soon thereafter the world will likely know which way the Brits have gone. The latest reports submitted during polling seem widely mixed and stridently determined depending on where they were asked. As the headline says: “God save the UK from Jeremy Corbyn!” Greg Sheridan writing in The Australian exposes exactly what Corbyn is about.
Here it is, finally; the day Britain changes forever.
If the UK’s 46 million voters confirm Boris Johnson as Prime Minister with a parliamentary majority for the Conservative Party, Britain leaves the EU, irrevocably, by the end of January. It will be a seismic moment in British history, a devastating blow to the EU itself and the culmination of a long, tortuous struggle in British politics. More

13.12.19. As the swarm of Trump haters salivate at the very thought of their president being ‘stewed peaches’ as the Democrats go for the jugular of a bad man, a new poll says nine in ten Orthodox Jews say that they support President Donald Trump. The poll was released Wednesday by AmiMagazine. Moreover, that support appears to have risen dramatically since Election Day in 2016. As it turns out, given the Democrat’s stands for impeachment, Barack Obama should have been impeached.
“Barack Obama should have been impeached,” according to the Democrats’ impeachment standard of “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress, determined Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) in an interview on Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak. Brooks highlighted the evolution of Democrats’ accusations of misconduct against Presidential Donald Trump in the context of their public musings of impeachment. More

13.12.19. In case you don’t get it, Sky News host Chris Kenny says a Climate Change Performance Index that ranked Australia as 56th in the world for emissions reduction “is not about emissions” and “all about politics”. Mr Kenny said on Thursday the mainstream media – especially the government-funded media – “is full of exaggeration, misinformation and downright fake news when it comes to climate change”. He said the index is put together by “climate activist think tanks in Europe” and it is “clearly more about climate politics and grandstanding” than it is about real facts and carbon emissions. More