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16.09.19.  Australia’s retention of the Ashes has ended anti-climactically, with a resounding 135-run loss to England at the Oval, to tie the series at 2-2. Having surrendered the Urn for the second straight series in the fourth Test at Old Trafford, England put on its best performance in the final Test at The Oval, bowling Australia out for 263 on day four, well short of the 399-run target. More

16.09.19.  It’s probably the limelight and ego that steers a politician away from their principles. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister ascended to that apex prematurely from timely ambition—although a surprise to most observers it could be said. Ardern is a pure Marxist, Labour animal. The DNA is embossed by the machine, as are its rules. Leftwing parties pay lip service to their female members—it is longstanding window-dressing in the main. A “look over there” successful ploy.
While they claim ‘equality’ the strong male factions believe quite the opposite. Complaints about Leftwing male politicos with loose hands and unwanted advances, including sexual assaults are legendary as a cursory internet search will educate.
Ardern’s hypocrisy in the ‘equality’ sphere is stunning, although predictable if she wants to remain as a show pony and champion of all that ails mankind—Mother Jacinda on the world stage!  The popularity of a rock star is quickly dismantled when gossamer-thin character is exposed. Beneath glossy paintwork blemishes appear and the NZ PM will now have to answer hard questions—her honeymoon is over and the character will be tested.
New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s credentials at home and abroad as a new kind of leader all hang on her next move. It’s just shy of a year ago that Jacinda Ardern stood in the UN general assembly and spoke in support of the #MeToo movement. There was spontaneous applause from the floor for that small part of a much longer speech – it felt like a significant moment. More

16.09.19.  Ready and able to deal with Houthi rebels assures Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) in a call from US President Trump. But what a damned mess it all is as expected from anything happening in the Middle East.
The US blames Iran, who it seems that Trump wants to pick a fight with, Iran cries foul—not us! Iraq is involved with aiding the Houthi’s drone launch and the Houthi have claimed the deed—simple.
However, “There is no evidence the attacks came from Yemen,” Pompeo said on Twitter, referring to the Houthis’ claim of responsibility. He did not provide any evidence to support his claim. The Aramco oil fields produce five per cent of the global oil production. Watch the price hike even though the US said it would make up any loss to supply. More

16.09.19 It is hard to believe that the United Kingdom, the originator of our Western democratic system, can be in such a parliamentary mess. It makes our Parliament look particularly sophisticated and stable. What is clear is that much of the problem surrounds Britain’s version of Trump, the robust Boris Johnson. Not that he is doing bad things, it is just that he is hated by the British swamp who don’t want Brexit. They will do and have done anything to stop the separation from Europe. Imagine not jumping at an election and a chance get rid of their nemesis, the ex-mayor of London. But there are ways forward as Nicholas Waddy suggests “Think outside the box, Boris!”: More

16.09.19 There is a strong relationship between the United Kingdom and Australia, however nothing stronger than the connection between the BBC and the ABC. Both are made up of over paid lefties with social agenda to change and weaken their countries. All the arguments we use to put a halter on the publicly funded ABC apply equally to the Licence funded BBC. So it’s not surprising that the licence paying Celia Walden asks the question “How dare the BBC teach children that there are ‘100 genders”? We, the tax payers, should probably ask similar questions of our ABC.
“What are the different gender identities?” Ask a little boy in one of the nine new BBC Teach films put out to support the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum in schools – to which his head teacher replies: More


15.09.19.  To make sense of this tomfoolery, take these six words from the article for openers,”It [Byron Bay] has a vibrant Greens council!”
You bloody beauty, the residents and visitors must be chanting at the prospect of council switching off the street lights to save money and, of course, the planet. How rich will be the pickings of creepy thugs as they bail up the elderly for their purses for what’s left after the government has had their fill? Not to mention the rise in jiggery-pokery of scantily clad nymphs as they stumble in and out of the shadows dogged by lustful perverts and more. This is Australia, the lucky country 2019. Well done lads—let’s all vote Green forever, Rah, Rah!
Byron Bay, postcode 2481. A place that boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. A world-renowned lighthouse sits at the nation’s most easterly point. The entire Byron Shire, in the picturesque NSW Northern Rivers region, just south of the Queensland border, has a popul­a­tion of about 32,000 but more than two million tourists a year. More

15.09.19.  This article by Judith Sloan also ‘discovers’ a renewables via solar installation that few punters know about—unless you subscribe to industry publications. Furthermore, Ms Sloan puts greater sense into the other electricity conundrum also on this blog today under, “Electricity: negative pricing because of renewables?”
Judith Sloan:
I was channel surfing the other night and briefly turned on the ABC nightly news (which, by the way, contains a lot of non-news). I caught a story about a newly installed large-scale solar development in western Victoria that has the capacity to power 46,000 homes. More

15.09.19.  As Australia combats huge price hikes in electricity, drought caused hikes in meat, vegetables, private health and bugger-all interest returned on bank deposits, the braindead sand fleas in the Middle East have blown up two of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil supplies reducing output by about five million barrels per day. You can bet fuel prices will go up, maybe today, even though the supply is enroute at previous prices.
Saudi Arabia’s oil production has been severely disrupted by drone attacks on two major oil facilities run by state-owned company Aramco, reports say. Sources quoted by Reuters and WSJ said the strikes had reduced production by five million barrels a day – nearly half the kingdom’s output. The fires are now under control at both facilities, Saudi state media say. More

15.09.19.  Good-old Clive usually has pretty good legal advice but now that the legal bulldog ASIC is chomping on his copious buttocks the outcome might be different in that Clive may have bitten off more than he can chew—a diet in the wind, perhaps?
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is in “discussions” with other government agencies about the “appropriate way forward” for a potential criminal case against Clive Palmer. Mr Palmer, who earlier this year failed in his bid to win a Senate seat at the federal election, is under investigation by the ASIC over the collapse of his Queensland Nickel company, which went into liquidation in 2016. More