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18.10.19. 06:30 AEDT: US Vice-President Mike Pence has announced the United States and Turkey have agreed to a five-day ceasefire in Syria. Mr Pence says there will be “a pause in military operations for 120 hours” to allow the US-allied Syrian Kurds to withdraw. The agreement essentially gives the Turks what they had sought to achieve with their military operation in the first place — the removal of the Kurdish forces from the so-called safe zone. More

18.10.19. Smart people don’t avoid the obvious but that doesn’t hold true for the Labor Party who courted political disaster in their selection of Kristina Keneally as a Labor senator. Even the simplest of fools can read, although in this case not comprehend, Ms Keneally’s appalling political track record. Her record is exemplary in a single area—a very loud mouth driven by a disconnected but spiteful thought process—so typical of the extreme Left. Labor is only now beginning to see what a political liability they, metaphorically, have so eagerly jumped into bed with—a female version of Bill Shorten!
Internal Labor rumblings are emerging over Kristina Keneally’s handling of the home affairs portfolio after the senator was accused of unilat­erally breaking bipartisan conventions on national security. Senator Keneally blindsided her colleagues on Monday night when she dumped an agreement the government claims to have had over a Coalition bill to expand police powers at ­airports. More

18.10.19. Oh Lord why do you make us suffer such idiots among us? Is it a reprisal for not eating our spinach and crusts as ordered while children? Perhaps with divine wisdom you sprinkle the populace with dopes that others may shine? Well,… there’s more than one or two in this story that probably don’t shine in the order of excellence but they do stand out glaringly, if one is to be sympathetic toward half-wits!
Well that was some revelation. According to social commentator, columnist, and feminist Jane Caro AM, climate change is responsible for starting wars. Speaking on 3AW last week in support of Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg’s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, she told an incredulous Neil Mitchell: More

18.10.19. One thing is for sure, if you fervently pray for rain, or anything else for that matter, the essential ingredient is faith—the prime motivator, the steadfast glue of religion! People of moderate ‘faith’ resort to prayer when they are afraid of something that’s about to overtake them. “Why come begging to me now”? God must think? There are the Atheists that don’t believe at all. Scott Morrison used the religiosity of the Hillsong Church to offer up his plea for rain to the almighty—that has fallen on deaf ears. Maybe the blessed rain-maker viewed it as a cheap shot from a spruiking salesman? Maybe the rain-maker has a report card on people and ScoMo’s didn’t tally up enough points for a regal grant? On the other hand, were rain to be granted a Messiah would be born, can’t have that! But on the other hand, maybe the rain-maker only tabulates deeds and is weary of torrents of parched words—pissed-off, just like the voters are? The drought is back in your court rain-maker, maybe someone more deserving will contact you—like all the suffering farmers and the dying animals! Do spare us a drop mate!
In a speech in Albury last month, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told his audience that he was praying for rain in drought-affected areas. “I pray for that rain everywhere else around the country,” he continued. “And I do pray for that rain. And I’d encourage others who believe in the power of prayer to pray for that rain and to pray for our farmers. Please do that.” More

18.10.19. The Norwegian Nobel Committee has come under intense criticism after betraying one of its core values: handing the award out to someone who haven’t actually done anything to work toward world peace.
After the prize was awarded to Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, many cried foul.
“Yes, he’s signed peace accords and ended terrible killing and violence between two states, but has he vowed to drone-strike thousands of people across the whole world?” asked one Twitter user when the winner was announced. “I’m just not sure we should be giving this award out to just anyone who labors to prevent violence and bring peace on earth.” More

18.10.19. There is a new bill working its way through the Victorian Parliament.
Basically it require drivers to listen to a Greta Thunberg lecture before purchasing petrol.
In more detail, they are required to watch a 20-minute lecture by the 16-year-old climate activist before they purchase gallons and gallons of harmful fossil fuels.
“We want to make sure drivers are informed,” said Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, who says he will sign the bill into law, hopefully by Christmas holidays. More

18.10.19 Labour and the Greens are the real Australian liberals with a few in the Liberal and National party suffering that ‘Liberalism’ mental ailment. Watch them on TV, they want to display their kindness and care for their fellows whilst controlling us to ensure their own benefit. We all must sacrifice and suffer to benefit their cause, yet as John C. Goodman explains in his excellent description of American liberals, they don’t actually care about the results of their inane stupidity. More

18.10.19  There has been much written about how the claims of climate guru’s are affecting the minds of our young. The other day, David Attenborough has highlighted Australia as an “extraordinary” example of a country where people in power remained climate change deniers despite the country facing some of the worst effects of global heating. “I am sorry that there are people who are in power … notably, of course, [in] the United States but also in Australia who are climate change deniers, which is extraordinary because Australia is already facing having to deal with some of the most extreme manifestations of climate change. Attenborough said radical action was needed to tackle the climate emergency – “we cannot be radical enough”, this from a person who should be responsible with his comments. Thomas Tripp discusses this nonsense further: More

17.10.19. The pox be upon our leaders! It has taken a close shave with the possibility of a civil insurrection for government to take notice of what’s happening in the bush—a place far from the plush boardrooms and city coffee houses—where water to waste runs freely.
We will never know, and God forbid, what torment can or will twist a farmer’s mind, totally bereft of hope, stripped of pride and worth, after the shooting his last cow to cause his last act to be the settling upon a politician who failed to protect.
At last the bloody Greens and their ever controlling ecological dreams and fantasies will be shelved in favour of common sense and just urgency. Now let’s all see it actually happen rather than another review while our country dies.
Sweeping emergency powers will be used to keep towns hit by severe drought from running out of water, including abandoning environmental ­approvals for some projects and placing residents ahead of the health of rivers. The Australian can reveal some of the new measures allow the NSW government to temporarily stop allocating water for the environment in favour of getting it to towns. More