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Come on Abbott, put 'em up!

Come on Abbott, put ’em up!

Turnbull or turncoat?


by Chaucer

Turnbull: a fine track record

A prime example of a political misfit must be Malcolm Turnbull’s membership in the Liberal Party. Why Tony Abbott tolerates Turnbull’s perpetual undermining is puzzling to many and may prove to be the character flaw that loses his leadership.

While Turnbull’s parliamentary performances and oratory skills leave Abbott as a stuttering and repetitive lightweight, Malcolm’s political track record seems to indicate his adherence to the disgraced Labor member Richardson’s telling quote of, “what ever it takes.”

Recall how the busy Malcolm tried for years to replace the Aussie flag and was appointed by the Keating government to lead the Republican Advisory Committee. The campaign flopped in the 1999 referendum and thus went Malcolm’s dream of becoming a big fish in a small pond. King Malcolm of the Antipodes. We see that fire still burns today.

To the casual observer it appears that Turnbull, a very clever fellow, views Abbott as a political clod bouncing off the ropes in a daze before a superior street brawler. Remember, Turnbull once stood on the threshold of being prime minister when Abbott gave him a haymaker with a single, right vote to the chin.

However, look carefully to a young Malcolm’s fledgling days as a legal nobody, albeit an apprentice with a determined mind. How well would Turnbull be travelling today had Kerry Packer not given him a helping hand? Malcolm, ever the-most-loyal, did Packer in the eye over a business deal in 1991—Kerry was livid. Turnbull later told Sydney newspapers that, “He [Packer] did threaten to kill me. And I said to him: ‘Well, you’d better make sure that your assassin gets me first because if he misses, you better know I won’t miss you.’

“He could be a complete pig, you know. He could charm the birds out of the tree, but he could be a brute.” Malcolm has prior form and the “coincidental” rendezvous for Chop Suey and chicken gizzards with “Big” Clive Palmer might well be just a “getting-to know-you” my parliamentary colleague and we won’t talk shop. Would you believe Andrew Bolt’s hypothesis or Turnbull’s suggestion that Bolt is “demented” and “unhinged”?

Furthermore, in 2011 Turnbull, the accidental tourist found his way to England and was lauded at the The London School of Economics. “While politicians in the West argue about whether or not climate change is real, in China, the world’s largest emitter, billions are being invested in wind, solar and electric vehicles,” the pontificator said without pause or inclination to reality as he again railed contrary to Liberal Party policy.

Malcolm, like Bob Brown and many others at the time needed to lecture readily and emphasise China’s Herculean efforts to curb carbon pollution by closing coal-fired generators every other day, and that part is true. However, while China feigned great concern about their mass polluting and signalled unachievable remedial action, both agenda and actions have since indicated otherwise as their eye was fixed on other matters.

Basking in warm approbation, Malcolm did not tell his audience that China is cashing in big time as the world’s largest maker of renewable energy gadgets like solar panels, etc for those well hooked on the Global Warming hypothesis.

Also not disclosed by Mr. Turnbull to his absorbing adulators was that while China was shutting down hundreds of its old, coal-fired generators, two new plants come on line for every closure and their investment in the coal industry had escalated 30 to 50 per cent each of the three previous years. According to The International Energy Agency 80 per cent of China’s energy would come from coal and oil. The Chinese Official Industry Science and Technology Ministries predicted coal would provide about 65 per cent of China’s fuel needs in 2030.

There is nothing like an adoring audience to buoy a willing spruiker and Malcolm didn’t disappoint by offering China’s revolutionary leader Mao Zedong’s quote, “the Chinese people have stood up.” Is that Turnbull’s knowledge of history?

Of course, the acquiescing toadies at The London School of Leninomics didn’t remind him about Mao Zedong’s contribution to mankind. Mao ruled from 1949 to 1975 and began his handiwork with affluent landlords who were liquidated and their assets claimed by the state.

20th Century mass murderers like Pol Pot who only killed about 1.7 million was a mere trifler compared to Mao who holds the body count record with around 70 million—nearly three times Australia’s population.

Mao also supported the genocidal regime of the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot who popularised “the killing fields,” with storehouses of human skulls. Let’s not forget Mao’s foray into Tibet where 1.2 million were slaughtered; their land and resources stolen; their religion and traditions outlawed and their language usurped.

Another of Mao’s and then Deng Xiao Ping’s social programs was the “one child” rule that controlled the population through forced abortion, infanticide, forced sterilisation, abandonment of children and deliberate killing of orphans through neglect. This abrogation of human rights was enforced by penalties of extortionate fines, destruction of property, imprisonment and torture.

Did Malcolm forget China’s human organ trade, where body parts were harvested from prisoners, political and otherwise? The time of execution was determined by the urgency of the organ required.

Also, in his affirmation of China’s great environmental promises, not broached were irksome subjects that have directly affected Australians like milk contaminated with melamine, seafood laden with enough heavy metals to activate airport scanners and textiles sodden with enough formaldehyde to embalm the wearer. And, how many Chinese children’s toys have been removed from Australian shelves for various reasons? But, their air is a model for purity, isn’t it?

Turnbull is not the first Australian politician to placate China. Upon Mao’s death in 1976, Malcolm Fraser breasted the parliamentary dispatch box and honoured him for policies that “secured the basic necessities of life to China’s people.” Fraser said Mao had “achieved peace internally” for China. Sydney’s Chinese restaurant clique rewards such political sycophants with hero status. The old windbag Fraser was often “guest of honour” and saluted as Comrade Fraser.

Other supporters were Doug Anthony (National Party) and senior Labor MPs Whitlam, Tom Uren, Mick Young and Bill Hayden. Only Liberal backbencher Bill Wentworth had the guts to speak against. MPs from both sides walked from the House of Reps before the vote. Democracy in all its Chinese finest came later in Tiananmen Square, its 25th anniversary today. And, Australian businessman Stern Hu copped a ten-year sentence for doing what is normal business practice in China—bribery. None of that stuff mentioned by Malcolm.

The Liberal Party has a big problem with Turnbull; they have seriously underestimated the man that Packer thought to kill. Abbott’s worthy opponents are now Turnbull and Palmer and other rats in the party.

We, the voters are now at a terrible place with politics. Can any of them be trusted?

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  • Jack Richards 03/06/2014, 10:42 am

    Didn’t someone on Q&A last night say that Turnbull should be immediately elevated to the leadership … of the Labor Party? That sort of speculation has been around for a while. Malcolm has undisguised leadership ambitions, is very capable, and the ALP sorely needs someone who can lead.

    Also, Malcolm has all the right credentials to lead the party of the down-trodden battler: grew up in Vaucluse; educated at exclusive Sydney Grammar; lawyer; studied law at Sydney Uni; Rhodes scholar at Oxford; former merchant banker who made a motza clear-felling old growth forest in the Solomon Islands; and is the second richest man in Parliament. He even claimed $175/night accommodation allowance that he paid to his Canberra landlord i.e. Lucy Turnbull.

    Yep, he’s a Labor man through and though!

    • Albert 03/06/2014, 7:04 pm

      You have pretty much put it the way it is, Jack. I wonder just how long it will take the Coalition to come to terms with the fact that Turnbull is the enemy within.

  • Biking Voter 03/06/2014, 10:21 pm

    Gawd help the gummint if turdbull jumps ship and goes to bat for the opposition. Tony should have him shot now before that can happen.

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