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Turnbull: Mr # 38—every Newspoll shows a loss

Turnbull: Mr # 38—every Newspoll shows a loss

For Australia’s sake do what must be done—or pay handsomely!

This might be the week for the Abbott backstabbing coterie to wake up and do the same to the man who would be king. Twist the numbers which ever way you choose and they spell a Turnbull loss for every week he has been PM. Newspoll did a weekly count on Abbott and Turnbull for 30 polls. When Turnbull reached the magic backstabbing 30, Newspoll stopped their weekly report to a mere eight since. Nobody is fooled by such a blatant deception by Newspoll. That alone has sullied their reputation for honest reportage.

In the 38th consecutive Newspoll in which the Coalition has trailed Labor on a two-party-­preferred vote, Mr Turnbull’s commanding lead over Labor leader Bill Shorten as the preferred prime minister has been slashed from 19 points to 12 points.

Source: News Corp

Newspoll: Turnbull’s popularity plunges in wake of Super Saturday

Malcolm Turnbull’s popularity has plunged, and the Coalition’s primary vote has softened, as the Prime Minister and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg prepare for a high-stakes showdown with rebel MPs tomorrow over the ­national energy guarantee.

The Australian has confirmed Mr Turnbull has asked Mr Frydenberg and Scott Morrison to “fast-track” a detailed plan for the energy subcommittee of cabinet within weeks that would give the green light for the gov­ernment to underwrite new-­generation power sources, including the potential for coal.

It is also understood that Australian Competition & Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims will brief the Nationals partyroom today on his recent report into ­energy pricing that recommends the use of government debt fin­ancing for new sources of power generation.

Amid moves to head off a growing rebellion on the ­Coalition backbench over the NEG by holding out the offer of a potential lifeline for coal generation, Mr Turnbull emerges from the parliamentary winter recess to face the partyroom in a weakened position of authority.

With Tony Abbott holding out the threat of crossing the floor over the NEG and several MPs privately confirming they may follow him, an exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows Mr Turnbull’s personal ­ratings falling sharply since the Coalition’s failed campaigns in the Braddon and Longman by-elections a fortnight ago.

In the 38th consecutive Newspoll in which the Coalition has trailed Labor on a two-party-­preferred vote, Mr Turnbull’s commanding lead over Labor leader Bill Shorten as the preferred prime minister has been slashed from 19 points to 12 points.

Satisfaction with Mr Turnbull’s performance has also nose­dived, dropping six points in two weeks leading to a negative net satisfaction rating of minus 19 and almost rivalling the Labor leader’s unpopularity.

The scandals surrounding Labor MP Emma Husar and the Opposition Leader’s handling of the affair has had little impact on Mr Shorten’s performance ­rating.

While the two-party-preferred vote has remained unchanged, with Labor still leading the ­Coalition 51-49, the Coalition suffered a two-point decline in popular support, with the primary vote dropping back to 37 per cent and One Nation’s support rising two points to 9 per cent.

The decline has coincided with growing rural anger fuelled by media criticism over the government’s response to the drought.

The Coalition’s failure to register a primary vote of more than 30 per cent in the Longman by-election has sparked fears among the Liberal National Party’s 21 MPs that the next federal election could be lost in Queensland.

Labor was not spared in the Newspoll, with its primary vote also falling a point to 35 per cent, reflecting continuing dissatisfaction with both major parties.

With energy set to dominate the political debate as parliament returns today, the Newspoll also shows the Coalition’s lead has evaporated on who is best at maintaining energy supply and keeping power prices lower.

The Coalition held a six-point lead on this question last month but now holds only a one-point ­advantage over Labor.

On Friday, the government sec­ured agreement from the states and territories at a Council of Australian Governments meeting for the NEG to be progressed to a draft exposure bill.

Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews has argued that there is little point signing up to the policy if it has not received support from the Coalition partyroom.

Mr Frydenberg yesterday maintained the policy had “strong support” in the partyroom.

“I am confident that come Tuesday, my colleagues will again move forward to the next stage of the ­national energy guarantee,” he said.

“I welcome (former) prime minister John Howard’s comments the other day supporting the national energy guarantee.

“My colleagues have been briefed by the miners, the manufacturers, the farmers, the industry groups who say this is the only game in town to reduce people’s power bills.

“My colleagues are focused on one thing, which is to reduce ­people’s power bills, and rightly so, and we have turned the corner.”

It is understood Nationals leader and Deputy Prime Minister ­Michael McCormack has backed the plan for underwriting new-­generation power as contained in the ACCC’s recommendation.

Treasury, the Department of Environment and Energy, the ­Energy Security Board, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Infrastructure and Projects Fin­ancing Agency will advise on issues yet to be resolved, such as identifying potential investors and what the underwritten wholesale price should be set at.

The rationale is that such a mechanism would give confidence for investors and large industrial and commercial users to build low-cost generation that could potentially include coal or gas.

The “big three” — AGL, Origin and Energy Australia — would be excluded.

One senior Liberal Party source said while the policy might survive the Coalition partyroom, it might not survive parliament even with the “add on” component of a government guarantee on new-generation investment.

The senior Liberal MP said it would be wrong to assume those threatening to cross the floor were limited to Mr Abbott, Barnaby Joyce and a couple of disgruntled LNP marginal-seat MPs.

It is also uncertain whether the government could rely on crossbench support in the lower house to pass the NEG, which has set an emissions reduction target of 26 per cent of 2005 levels.

Federal Labor is calling for a 45 per cent target.

Mr Frydenberg continued his attacks on the Victorian government, which with Queensland has threatened to torpedo the NEG, which requires mirror state legislation, claiming there was a genuine threat of blackouts in Victoria if the NEG was not passed.

“Last September, the Aus­tralian Energy Market Operator said there was a 43 per cent chance of load shedding in Victoria. That’s a euphemism for blackouts,” he said.

“Victoria not only has the ­second-highest prices in Australia but it also, following the closure of Hazelwood, which took 25 per cent of the supply out of the market, has gone from being an exporter of power at times to now being an importer of power.”

An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian reveals the Coalition’s primary vote slipping from 39 to 37 per cent, with One Nation increasing from 7 to 9 per cent.

With MPs returning to Canberra following the winter break, Newspoll shows Mr Turnbull’s lead over Bill Shorten as preferred Prime Minister has been slashed from 19 points to 12 points.

In the 38th consecutive Newspoll in which the Coalition has trailed Labor on a two-party preferred vote, the government remains behind at 49/51.

Labor also experienced a decrease in its primary vote, falling back one point to 35 per cent.

The Newspoll, which was conducted between August 9 and August 12 based on 1607 interviews among voters, showed satisfaction with Mr Turnbull’s performance has nosedived, dropping six points in two weeks leading to a negative net satisfaction rating of minus 19, almost rivalling Mr Shorten’s unpopularity.

The latest Newspoll comes a fortnight after the Super Saturday by-elections where the Liberal National Party secured only 29.6 per cent of the primary vote in Longman, shedding votes to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

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  • Pensioner Pete 13/08/2018, 5:23 am

    If Turnbull is not rolled as leader this week, then the LNP will not be regaining the reins of power post next federal election, simple as that really.

    • Popular Front 13/08/2018, 6:36 am

      Nutshell PPete.

      • Muphin 13/08/2018, 7:30 am

        PP .. Agree with you. BUT, who is game enough to challenge? The gene pool of the EX Liberal Party is bare.

        Who?? Dutton, Morrison, Bishop (Stick), Pine (Poodle), Friedenberg – all of them have sold their loyalty to Turnbull.

        There is NOT one single person, with the exception of Abbott that has the credentials to lead the party to victory at the next election.

      • Bwana Neusi 13/08/2018, 12:25 pm

        flav45. I wouldn’t include SCOMO in that group.
        Read http://stopturnbull.com/ to see just how duplicitous Morrison has been in the past.

    • Pensioner Pete 13/08/2018, 7:43 am

      Muphin: I reckon it is do or die time for Abbott.

      • Muphin 13/08/2018, 7:53 am

        PP .. Abbott has declared he will not challenge. He stated that the only way he would take the job is “If I was drafted”. The same way he was “drafted” in 2009 against Turnbull.

    • Pensioner Pete 13/08/2018, 8:05 am

      Muphin: Quote: “Abbott has declared he will not challenge”. Mate, he is a politician, how many times have we heard this quote from politicians before, just before they rolled the leader? Thus, I have hope this week will be a good week.

      • Aktosplatz 13/08/2018, 9:41 am

        Agreed, Abbott is a seasoned politician, which is why he won’t accept a Poisoned Chalice from the Liberals – until after they lose the next election.

      • flav1945 13/08/2018, 11:38 am

        No-one here on MM seems to realise that there is one fabulous Coalition leader
        staring them in the face … CHRISTIAN PORTER. A true centralist with a great
        track record in the economic sphere … and definitely not Labor-Lite.
        I believe he could unseat MT and would then reform a truly strong ministry
        with the likes of Abbott, Dutton, Lewis, Molan, Hastie, Seselja, Sukkar, Taylor,
        Cormann, Tudge, Tehan, Joyce and Littleproud. Fingers x’d, he’d retire people like Pyne, Bishop and Payne to the back benches. I also think that he’d support
        Morrison to continue as Treasurer.
        Am I living a dream ? Could CP gain the party room support to make this happen?

  • Hnry 13/08/2018, 7:37 am

    I wonder how much Reefgate dented his preferred prime minister figures? I can’t think it would have helped.

    • Albert 13/08/2018, 9:42 am

      I see Fraudenberg is out telling all and sundry what a wonderful thing it was and how the Save The Reef From Nothing In Particular mob deserved to have all that money thrown at them even if they don’t know how they are going to spent it.

  • Ian 13/08/2018, 7:40 am

    TA should challenge. I don’t care if he gets 1 vote, or all the votes. He needs to put his mouth where his heart is and stand up.
    Split from the libs and cross the floor and cause an election if necessary to stop MT from destroying any more of our lifestyle. He is laborlite and fast becoming green.
    I cannot for the life of me understand why someone who is meant to be for the liberal team, (business and working taxpayers), who has done absolutely nothing to promote a right wing venture and nothing to close down the left wing rorts. NDIS should have had it’s wings clipped. The ACTU now see the NDIS as the supporter for 1 in 5 of all Australians. On that basis, at least 2 out of 5 will have to be providing services to it. So the other 2 of 5 will be funding it through taxation. Sucks to be them….. There is NO silver lining in the NDIS it’s a left wing rort waiting to cripple the country and industry. Where is the cost benefits analysis on it? Was one even prepared?

    • Pensioner Pete 13/08/2018, 7:45 am

      Ian: NDIS is now too far down the track to be stopped.

  • Lorraine 13/08/2018, 8:27 am

    Malcolm the blind man that thought he would win 2 by elections, he spent many hours telling one and all that the Liberals would win Braddon and Longman. The media was fooled they reported it was to close to call, especially as Pauline was over seas jaunting about in her free time. Downer was a crown applicant and will contest the next election in Mayo .SA. Every commentator on all TV said she must get into Government, she is that good, of course those commenters were ex Liberals . The mob do not like Malcolm plain and simple he cut down an elected PM in Tony Abbott, only the elites will vote for him and they should be in the Labor camp anyway

    • Bushkid 13/08/2018, 9:33 am

      Yes, he cut down Abbott, then proceeded to cut up the Libs! He’s taken them in a 180 degree course change to green/left – and left the rest of us behind.

      And isn’t it funny how the “elites” always seem to end up on the winning side, regardless which that is. It seems the entitled ones will always be entitled, they just change colours to blend in and keep on doing OK while the rest of us go under.

  • DT 13/08/2018, 8:30 am

    Polls were important when Chairman Mal used them against Nelson and then Abbott, but now they are meaningless he says.

    Kick him out.

  • Aktosplatz 13/08/2018, 9:38 am

    Barnaby Joyce had the perfect opportunity to keep Turnbull in line after the 2016 election. He didn’t do so, and he let himself, and all of us down.

    There’s nothing Tony Abbott can do. He has not only the Backstabbers against hin but also John Howard and the likes of Michael Kroger, etc.

    He may challenge after the Liberals lose the next election.

    • Bwana Neusi 13/08/2018, 12:31 pm

      Abbott won’t need to challenge.
      The Turd will likely lose his seat in the election, and if that doesn’t happen then because the Coalition has lost the election, he will spit the dummy and resign “to spend more time with his family” whilst he jockeys for his position at the UN.

  • Jarrah 13/08/2018, 9:51 am

    I wish the village that has lost it’s idiot would go to the PM’s office and take him home,he is an arrogant pest with destruction on his mind. Repulsive is not enough to describe the moron.

  • Clarion Call 13/08/2018, 12:12 pm

    This Clayton’s Newspoll probably sounded the deaf knell for Malcolm the Magnificent. His tin ears will not accept any incorrect audio or virtue signals which may have unwelcome connotations for his Royal-like ‘upperyerself’ visage. The Big Top circus is missing one of its clowns. Send a quick message, somebody!

  • angry 13/08/2018, 3:04 pm




    … trust me

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