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They’ve even got to Oxford Uni

Oxford University extends exam time so women can get better grades

MM wonders if the loss of one of their academics has left British Universities mentally befuddled. One of Australia’s leading scientists has attacked attempts to “feminise’’ the high school physics curriculum by replacing maths formulas with essays, as a “disaster’’ which has left students unprepared for university. Renowned quantum physicist Michelle Simmons used an Australia Day address in Sydney  to warn against the dumbing down of high school ­science and urged authorities to “set the bar high’’ for students to encourage them to excel.

Professor Simmons obtained a physics PhD in her native Britain but chose to work in Australia in 1999 because it offered “a culture of academic freedom, openness to ideas, and an amazing willingness to pursue goals that are ambitious”.

Students at the Oxford University are enjoying extended exam times in math and computer science by 15 minutes in a bid to boost the grades of women entrants, it has emerged.

Undergraduates sitting examinations in summer 2017 were given 105 minutes to complete their papers rather than 90 following faculty claims that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”.

According to The Telegraph, the board of examiners recommended the department take action to improve women’s scores in 2016, after just seven women students achieved firsts compared to 45 men.

Insisting no changes were made to the length or difficulty to questions on the test, a spokesman defended the move by the university as having been “academically demanding and fair”, pointing out that while 39 per cent of female math undergraduates achieved first class degrees compared to 47 per cent of men, women’s scores have been rising year on year.

Antonia Siu, Undergraduate Representative of Oxford Women in Computer Science, said: “I am uneasy about schemes to favour one gender over another.

“But I am happy when people see gaps between groups of people who should not reasonably have such gaps – such as between genders, races or class – and take that as a starting point to think about the kinds of people they unintentionally are leaving behind.”

With around two-thirds of undergraduates female, the gender gulf among students is growing, and women dominating in the fields of medicine, law, and biology

While the latest figures showed white people in Britain to be far less likely than their peers to attend universities, Labour MP and former Mastermind contestant David Lammy said that the real problem with regards to university entrance and racial bias in Britain is the low number of black people in certain Oxbridge colleges.

Earlier this month, Breitbart London reported that Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner admitted that the white working class, in particular, are being disadvantaged in Britain by a focus on ethnic minorities and women.

“I think it’s because as we’ve tried to deal with some of the issues around race and women’s agendas, around tackling some of the discrimination that’s there, it has actually had a negative impact on the food chain [for] white working boys,” she told The Spectator.

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  • Graham Richards 31/01/2018, 7:25 am

    Would imagine that they provide African minorities with pre-prepared answers to examination papers!

    • Pensioner Pete 31/01/2018, 8:58 am

      And of course, Aboriginal/Torres Strait students doing specialised training are ‘assisted’ during examinations to ensure quota’s are met by the government funded private trainers. Never a fail, despite many being close to illiterate. Sort of how the Labor party volunteers ‘assist’ voters in remote Aboriginal/Torres Strait communities during an election in Cape York Peninsula.

  • Penguinite 31/01/2018, 7:43 am

    What happened to “equality”? How do the sisters put up with it?

  • Zoltan 31/01/2018, 9:11 am

    Benazir Bhutto, Theresa may and Margaret Thatcher didn’t do too shabbily there without the extra time….

  • Albert 31/01/2018, 9:18 am

    Is it any wonder that our schools and universities now specialise in churning out half baked dumbos who thirty years ago wouldn’t have passed a third grade arithmetic exam. the failure of our education system can be placed fairy at the feet of interfering addle brained academics.

    • Joe Blogs 31/01/2018, 11:06 am

      Agree, Albert. There have been some great female mathematicians and scientists over the years. This isn’t a matter of gender or anything other than third-rate primary, secondary and tertiary education systems.

      • Graham Richards 31/01/2018, 6:06 pm

        It’s also known as “dumbing down”. Not good to have a new generation that can think for itself. Makes it difficult to get the Socialists back into power!

      • Joe Blogs 31/01/2018, 7:38 pm

        Socialist mediocrity – reduce everyone to a low common denominator so that only the hopeless can fail.

    • Neville 01/02/2018, 3:22 am

      Researches have conclusively established that there’s both a functional and an operative difference between the brain structure (“wiring”?) of men and women. Each ‘excels’, or at least is way better than the other gender, in various skills and competencies. One of the competencies for men (generally speaking, of course) is mathematics, where high-level competency tend to be skewed towards men. This is NOT to say ‘women can’t do maths’; there’s hundreds of examples where women are excellent mathematicians, and millions of competent women mathematicians, as well as another vast number of poor female mathematicians. It’s just that the high-level skills tend towards men (the same as autism), in the same manner as there are a vast number of OTHER skills that tend towards women.

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