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Street dumpers: who are they?

Street dumpers: who are those filthy pigs?

Some decades ago, authorities in New York City noticed a telling connection. In areas where broken windows were left unrepaired, citizens were more often faced with criminality.

Sidestepping sputum, maggot-ridden rotting food and disgusting furniture  used to be the norm in the city streets of Third World countries. It is now a curse in the expensive suburbs of Sydney and no doubt a growing matter in other Australian cities. This article, however, probably in fear of “offending” someone, fails to identify the type of pigs that cause most street dumping—you can guess why.

Source: Daily Telegraph

Street dumping in Sydney

According to what became known as “Broken Window Theory”, careless maintenance and run-down housing actually encourage civil disorder. Those busted windows are not just a consequence of criminality, but also a cause. After all, if nobody cares enough about their own neighbourhoods to keep things neat, why should others care about making such neighbourhoods even worse?

Sydney better hope that there is no such thing as Discarded Couch Theory, because if there is, we’re in for a big summer crime wave. Illegal street dumping, particularly of discarded furniture and other unwanted household items, is currently on the increase throughout our city — to such an excessive extent that the problem is now costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars a year.

All told, the state government will spend an incredible $65 million tackling the street dumping issue over the next four years, including special grants to councils finding their streets and lanes swamped by refuse. Additionally, there is also a $9 million bill for special regional illegal dumping hit squads that try to catch street-soiling perpetrators.

“Illegal dumping is wrong and can be a health risk or damage the environment,” NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton told The Daily Telegraph, after viewing images of old mattresses and full garbage bags simply left in the street.

“Councils are left to clean up the mess caused by someone breaking the law. People who can’t be bothered to dispose of their waste properly should face the full force of the law.”

Perpetrators may think that their street dumping is a victimless crime, but anyone who has ever walked past garbage bags containing food scraps and other organic matter on a hot day will know otherwise.

There is a very sound health reason for following correct garbage disposal protocols.

If garbage scofflaws won’t listen to reason or simply behave within acceptable limits, perhaps they will respond to financial imperatives. Last financial year, the Sydney Regional Dumping Squad issued 60 infringements to offenders, yielding a massive $93,500 in fines.

That would buy an awful lot of garbage bags.

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  • Peter Sandery 25/09/2017, 6:39 am

    Possibly a function of councils losing sight of their real purpose in their collective rush to become progressive social warriors.

    • GTD 25/09/2017, 6:49 am

      Love your thinking..
      Rates, rubbish, roads.

      Stay out of politics

  • Cliff 25/09/2017, 6:40 am

    …. and the worst offending suburbs are ….?

    …. Anyone?

  • Cliff 25/09/2017, 6:41 am

    Point taken, Peter.

  • bushwanker 25/09/2017, 7:24 am

    Wherever the lunatic Greens have control of councils you will have progressive social engineering and less money spent on rubbish & roads. Shoalhaven Council comes to mind. In the Shoalhaven the former faux Liberal mayor, Joanna Gash has become the fawning handmaiden of the Green mayor, Amanda Findley. What witches brew & spells could bring such an unholy & unnatural alliance.

    • Joe Blogs 25/09/2017, 8:38 am

      Doesn’t Joanns Gash have a split ring?

  • Lorraine 25/09/2017, 8:24 am

    Tip fees in our council have risen and it costs to take your large rubbish , green rubbish use to be free but it is now $10.00 and upwards . old Tyres the tip will charge you $50.00 , if councils made the fees less those dumping may be more likely to follow the law

    • Zoltan 25/09/2017, 8:37 am

      Using the tip should be free, part of what the rates pay for, we all pay rates….

    • Albert 25/09/2017, 9:49 am

      Too right, Lorraine. The list of fees at our local tip would frighten a millionaire. Unfortunately, I don’t think that removing the fees would end street dumping. Those that street dump don’t have the means of taking it to the dump or are just too lazy and couldn’t care less about the eyesore they create.

  • Greg 25/09/2017, 8:59 am

    This is largely another downside of multiculturalism. Minority groups are very prominent in dumping anything of no value on the streets. If it’s “culturally ok” in the old country then it’s an offence in this country to even mention it.

    • Joe Blogs 25/09/2017, 9:29 am

      Still waiting for the upside of multiculti to happen, Greg.

      • Zoltan 25/09/2017, 10:19 am

        Jb, please tell us you’re not holding your breath!

      • Greg 25/09/2017, 11:43 am

        JB, the upside is when the policy is finally abandoned and we start looking at people for who they are and not what they are. The problem is that the politicians see the policy as vote-making – or vote-protecting – so they will continue to act in the interests of the minorities at the expense of the majority.

  • Biking Voter 25/09/2017, 9:55 am

    When at a glance I read the headline and looked at the picture I thought this was going to be a story about East Nowra, that wonderful Housing Commission slum.

    Who was the idiot that came up with the term “victimless crime”? Probably some prancing nancy boy judge that hasn’t realised that if there is a crime then it follows there must equally be a victim.

  • Margaret 25/09/2017, 11:02 am

    There should be a larger number of furnished units/apartments. The fridge, washing machine, dryer, dining table and chairs, sofa and bed base…people can provide their own mattress.

  • Graham 25/09/2017, 11:36 am

    A good reason why councils should stick to what they’re paid to do rather than worrying about changing Australian Day

  • Graham Richards 25/09/2017, 4:34 pm

    Guarantee you can safely lay litter/filth situation at the door of the imports!
    Just trying to recreate what they left behind.

    • Geoff Unicomb 26/09/2017, 2:12 pm

      That was my first thought, Graham.

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