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There is something evil in the water in Canberra!

There is something evil in the water in Canberra!

You’re not kidding!  What ever got into the water in Canberra won’t kill, it simply sends one completely mad, an easy transition for the already stupid. Why can’t we be Australian and not try to be “Heinz 57 varieties”? Does it stupidly follow that the dictates of government will require a wardrobe stuffed with 150 national ensembles?

The Department of Foreign ­Affairs and Trade has been criticised for its foray into “fashion ­diplomacy” after sponsoring an Australian-made Islamic clothing exhibition targeting the burgeoning Southeast Asian “modest fashion” market.
Tony Abbott yesterday launched an attack on DFAT for backing the initiative, accusing bureaucrats of having a “very unfortunate readiness” to ignore mainstream Australian values.

Source: News Corp

Fashion diplomacy sparks cover-up uproar

The former prime minister said he was “flabbergasted” that DFAT had sponsored an exhibition of Australian-made “modest fashion” for women in Malaysia, a majority-Muslim country.
The exhibition, which has featured burkini swimsuit inventor Aheda Zanetti and academic Susan Carland, was taken to Mal­aysia by DFAT to capture the “booming” fashion market while promoting Australian diversity. The move comes as the federal government is increasingly working with governments in Southeast Asia to reduce radicalisation in the region.
In 2010, the Gillard government agreed to spend $500 million building 2000 schools in Indonesia to combat radicalism in the education system.
While Mr Abbott said DFAT should drop its taxpayer-funded support for the exhibition and “get with the mainstream”, Australian designers, including Ilham A. Ismail, welcomed the assistance. Ms Ismail, whose designs featured on the catwalks of the world’s first “modest-wear fashion shows” in Turin, Italy, and Dubai last year, saw her work honoured at the Malaysian exhibition Faith, Fashion, Fusion.
The young designer was positive about DFAT’s initiative.
“I think it’s great,” Ms Ismail said.
“Australia is the most ­multicultural country in the world and if we’re not promoting different parts of our society here, where would we?”
Themes of unity and acceptance in society are central to Ms Ismail’s work, whose first collection as a fashion student at the University of Technology Sydney, was based on “coexistence in Australia after Martin Place”.
Ms Zanetti said the DFAT-sponsored tour was promoting Australian products and opening up new markets. “This is a product that is made in Australia, providing jobs for Australians, and showcasing our products to other countries such as Malaysia,” Ms Zanetti said.
“I was quite honoured to be invited and excited the Australian government was supporting it.”
She said the Islamic clothing industry had “enormous untapped potential” for the burkini and other modest clothing.
“We are the original burkini swimsuit and we have exported and do export worldwide,” she said. “We are quiet achievers and totally, totally Australian-made. There are 1.5 billion Muslims around the world and more than half of them are women. We haven’t tapped into it enough.
“Companies such as Speedo are making similar suits too. It shows there is a massive market out there, and I was honoured they chose to showcase my work.”
Mr Abbott said he was “dismayed, to put it at its mildest, that DFAT should apparently be ­pandering to what can only be ­described as a very old-fashioned view on modesty.
“To the extent that DFAT is getting into this space, it should be comforting people’s right to defy stifling ­orthodoxy, not to be ­coerced by it.
“I am just quite frankly flabbergasted that an official Australian government agency should be pandering to what is, to put it at its kindest, an incredibly old-­fashioned view of modesty. Now I think this shows a very unfortunate readiness to sell out mainstream Australian values.”
Mr Abbott said people in ­Australia could dress very old-fashioned, or even “medieval”, if they wanted.
“But that is not our way,” he said. “We want Australians to be free and open, we want them to show their face and if they want to show a bit of their arms and their legs and wear a bikini, well, we ­celebrate that, we don’t apologise for it.”
DFAT expects spending on the “booming” Islamic modest fashion to increase by more than 7 per cent by 2021. A department spokeswoman said the fashion ­industry should support “all sorts of fashions”.
“Fashion diplomacy is about promoting Australian designers, manufacturers and textile producers around the world,” the spokeswoman said.
“The industry adds $12bn annually to Australia’s economy and employs 220,000 people.”
A spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said fashion diplomacy was about respecting diversity and making all cultures feel valued and equal.
The exhibition — Faith, Fashion, Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia — was developed by the NSW government’s Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in 2012 and has featured in Australia, including at the National ­Archives of Australia.
Its Malaysian launch was held in Kuala Lumpur in November with the support of DFAT, the Australia-ASEAN Council and corporate sponsor Lendlease ­Malaysia.

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  • Lorraine 30/01/2018, 7:38 am

    Long gone is the little yellow polka dotted bikini. so loved in the 50’sand 60’s , oh what a time we grew up in. there was the song we are coming to take you away ha ha and short people have no right to live. so incorrectly PC and all now. I am so glad my memories remember what was so much innocent fun back then, or was I so naïve that I missed the bitchy stuff ….No we lived a great youth

    • Albert 30/01/2018, 8:06 am

      To right, Lorraine.
      Us oldies have memories of a time when respect and discipline ensured us freedom, safety and good times at a time in history when you could have a joke without some retarded super-sensitive whinger being offended.
      I recall going to school and actually learning something useful without the sick rubbish such as Safe Schools and as a young adulthood without the SSM perversion or the sickness of the LGBTIQXYZ weirdos being shoved in our faces.
      A good time in history that is now gone forever.

    • Joe Blogs 30/01/2018, 3:09 pm

      You’re the ginchiest, Lorraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gDT2Xk5-Oo

  • bushwanker 30/01/2018, 8:03 am

    The influence of the unelected UN, dominated by Muslim countries is behind this attack on traditional Australian values. As usual our UN compliant politicians fall into line in zombie fashion. Another good reason to vote PHON.

    • Albert 30/01/2018, 8:09 am

      Bushwanker, the UN is being ably assisted in Australia by that seditious piece of work Julie Bishop. The quicker we get rid of this dangerous government and tell the UN to stuff off and shove their globalisation garbage the safer we will all be.

      • Eliza 30/01/2018, 8:33 am

        You are too right Albert about the stick insect. Folks Michael Smith has some very interesting articles on both the gizzard and the insect on how they have spent our monies. (I have no respect whatsoever for these two women and thus make no apology to calling them their universal disrespectful names.)

      • Biking Voter 30/01/2018, 9:04 am

        No government will tell the UN to shove off, it’s too big a gig for them and they all hope one day to be part of it.

    • Pensioner Pete 30/01/2018, 8:58 am

      Spot on Eliza, I read Michael Smith every day, and every day I am sickened at the corruption he exposes.

    • DB8tr 30/01/2018, 11:05 am

      Yep – the honest truth is that today politicians ‘serve’ in their ‘jobs’ for themselves. It’s not a ‘public service’ any longer. They want to climb the corporate ladder; become more known; internationally recognised and get the better jobs. They remind me of the council workers leaning on their shovels; 7 people to watch one person dig a small hole. Inevitably they have to find something to do to busy their time – so they constantly invent new projects – with yours and my…money.

  • Jarrah 30/01/2018, 8:48 am

    I wish someone would take the chequebook off the scrag posing as the Foreign Minister, she spends our money with gay abandon, directed by her masters at the UN. There is no end to this madness of appeasing the minority at the expense of the majority. Australia is stuffed at the hands of these self-absorbed fools in Canberra.

  • Lorraine 30/01/2018, 10:32 am

    Note to Viking Voter ,,,,Donald Trump has told the UN , get your act together and if they don’t he will tell them get out of America…..good man is our Trump

    • Graham Richards 30/01/2018, 12:02 pm

      The UN has it’s act well & truly together. It has no plans to do the bidding of the USA. De-funding will make little or no difference. Trump should give them the shortest possible notice to pack up & move elsewhere, like Brussels or one of the manure holes of Africa. They’ll fit in well with the EU & AU (African Union). Sounds like a Union made in heaven!
      The EU, minus the contributions from an independent U.K., having to fund themselves & the UN, plus their EU Armed forces will really be up that creek. Their other problem of course will be those “paddles” rowing in the opposite direction to get out of their unholy mess!

  • Crankykoala 30/01/2018, 10:35 am

    “Australia is the most ­multicultural country in the world”. Every time I hear this I nearly vomit, do they think if they keep saying it the majority of Australians will believe it. This multiculturalism garbage will be the downfall of this country – all the tribes and minorities practicing their particular beliefs with no intention of integrating with true Australians and their way of life. I’ve said it a few times before but I believe Australia is stuffed. If there is to be any hope of survival then a new crop of politicians will have to be discovered who are prepared to put Australia first (a Trump!) and get rid of multiculturalism. Australia, like a few European countries, is rapidly losing it’s identity.

  • nev 30/01/2018, 11:39 am

    May be this is off topic but I hope most will think not. I don’t, here’s why.
    Every day we at MM have great selection of subjects to get our analytical or political teeth into often with the hope of changing just one mind. Quite often the topic is so ingrained so fait accompli we can do nothing but joke about it and the humour here can in a flash, come concise and terse with a sting.
    So often we must wonder “what’s the point”. It seems one side can lie, do and say what they want and the other, if they can get a platform at all will be discredited and ridiculed. It seems the Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Leg, backing anything but our National Good and we wonder how can they get away with it, who can stop it……Nobody!
    Listen to this guy Greenfield put it into perspective.

  • Graham 30/01/2018, 12:45 pm

    Has the $500m given away by the ranga and the cocktail stick done any good?

    DFAT getting involved in fashion defies belief. What next, are we supposed to dress as a red indian when we go to North America?

  • nev 30/01/2018, 6:11 pm

    Blogsy I’m not a conspiracy man, but if I were and Dr Non was reliant on the FBI to save him from the Clintons he would have no chance.

    2nd clip, Quite sure that’s what Obama had in mind or something similar, you can see the contortions Comey went through and that’s why Dr Non had no chance.

    • Joe Blogs 30/01/2018, 8:04 pm

      Who’s Dr Non?

      • nev 30/01/2018, 10:39 pm

        Hi JB, Sorry but I have bee having several discussions with others related to this. Dr Non appears a little way in.

        Regards Nev

      • Joe Blogs 30/01/2018, 11:40 pm

        Ahh. Dr Anon(ymous). Yes, mate, I’d be keeping a low profile too. I wonder if Dr Anon is the 43rd person connected to the Clintons to meet an untimely death.

      • Joe Blogs 30/01/2018, 11:43 pm

        And where’s bluddy Reuben?! He’s only two degrees separation from Hillary.

  • Neville 31/01/2018, 1:22 am

    “A spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said fashion diplomacy was about respecting diversity and making all cultures feel valued and equal.”
    But .. since all cultures are objectively, blindingly obviously, in-your-face reality, NOT “equal”, then this just shows again WHY the stick insect (supporter of backstabbing and other nefarious actions) needs to GO!

    • Joe Blogs 31/01/2018, 1:52 am

      Agree, Neville.

      Stupid bish.

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