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SA: Jay Weatherill’s secret—much to hide?

SA: Jay Weatherill’s secret—$400 million to hide?

Premier Jay Weatherill’s self importance has bloated his brain to where he believes the term public servant is something that only exists in history books. Royalty is above explanation of how taxpayers’ money is spent. Maybe he has become coy since his battery farm escapade with Elon Musk—it must be nearly completed by now so why nine diesel generators? That seems like a vote of non confidence? Diesel pollution will thrill the greenies.

The Government announced on Monday that nine diesel generators have been installed and tested at Elizabeth and Lonsdale and are ready to provide up to 276 megawatts of power if there was a shortfall over summer.

Source: ABC

South Australian Government says cost of new power generators is confidential

The South Australian Government is refusing to say how much its new power generators will cost, dodging questions in Parliament about whether the final price tag is more than $400 million.

It plans to eventually bring the generators together at a single site, creating a gas-fired power plant.

At a press conference launching the generators, the Premier and the Energy Minister refused to say how much they cost, only saying they were part of a $550 million power plan.

Premier Jay Weatherill told Parliament that was because of a commercial-in-confidence agreement with the generator’s operators APR Energy.

“Straight after the media conference, where we were pressed to disaggregate the various elements of the energy plan, the representatives from APR came up to both the Minister for Energy and myself and thanked us and expressed their gratitude for not revealing the commercial-in-confidence nature of that material,” Mr Weatherill said.

When the Government first announced that plan, it said the gas power plant would come in under $360 million.

Since then, it has combined plans for back-up generation and its long-term gas-fired power plant.

At a budget and finance committee in October, the head of the Department of Treasury and Finance, David Reynolds, said the cost of the short-term generation was around $108 million, while buying the generators was likely to cost around $300 million.

Opposition Leader Steven Marshall told Parliament that taxpayers deserved to know the final figure.

“Given that the Treasurer has been unable to provide the detail that’s required, can he at least confirm that in fact the under treasurer [David Reynolds], who reports directly to the Treasurer here in South Australia has belled the cat?” he said.

The generators are on a two-year lease and the Opposition has urged the Government not to commit to buying them before the March election.

Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis told Parliament that was a sign the Liberals planned to sell them if they won government.

“They want to privatise the generators, Mr Speaker. You can see the panic in their eyes,” Mr Koutsantonis said.

“You can see the panic. The costings, Mr Speaker, the costings they’re worried about because they have a secret plan to privatise generators before we’ve even bought them.”

The Opposition would not say what a future Liberal government would do if the Labor government buys the generators.

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  • Cliff 15/11/2017, 7:02 am

    Next we’ll hear that they’re powering them by burning bank notes – for they might as well be when you consider what the diesel oil is going to cost. As for all that exhaust gas. The poor Environment. The Greenies will have to stage a day of mourning at all that CARBON being pushed into poor Gaia’s pristine South Australian air.

  • Lorraine 15/11/2017, 9:00 am

    the answer is every house has a generator, we will not need the grid, that sounds good to me that the power companies that have been flooded with Gold could lose out.

  • fred 15/11/2017, 12:04 pm

    how much do we get out of the green energy. No ROYALTIES to go to State Governments, just paying out to scams

  • Bill 15/11/2017, 3:00 pm

    I installed a generator a week or so ago, rigged to power only the basic (or essential) circuits – the fridge, freezer, HWS and lights in the kitchen/family room. I sincerely hope it turns out to be a total white elephant, but, given that we’ve already had one power failure since I put the system in, I fear it will not be. Having seen my set up in action, two of my near neighbours have already called the same electrician in to set their places up as well.

    It’s mute testimony of what little trust we have in our government to provide what was once deemed an essential service that three households in a block of five have opted to incur this expense rather than trust that the government will provide.

  • Graham 15/11/2017, 4:26 pm

    Another example of the SA government not knowing or understanding what they are doing. Why diesel/gas generators if you are so confident in renewables?

  • Neville 16/11/2017, 12:10 am

    Yes, Graham. They’re SO fabulously confident about their oh-so-ephemeral ‘renewable’ (translation: ‘unreliable’) energy sources, and SO disgustingly lefty-greeny gleeful about blowing up RELIABLE energy sources, that they find it necessary to pay an eye-watering motza to install actual reliable energy sources – you know, the ones that emit a shitload of that horror gas CO2, the PLANT FOOD.

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