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Poland ready to quit the EU

Cultural differences rule in Poland

Building on the fact that Poland has a Muslim population of less than .1%, and that there hasn’t been a Muslim terrorist attack there in recorded history, and that the Poles like it that way,; it is looking increasingly likely that Poland might soon follow Britain out of the European Union.
The massive Third World colonization of Europe promoted by the multiculti quislings running the EU is tearing the union apart.
If the EU collapses completely bits of Europe can still be saved, the French and the Swedes are goners.


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  • Tony W 20/06/2018, 6:47 am

    Should’ve listened to Mr Abbott
    Abbott and Molan where ahead of the maritime human logistics scammers here and in the EU, Mr Abbott warned the EU some time ago and suggested “stop the boats” and they jeered and they jeered, well, well Mr Abbott once again was on the money – and there’s our leadership team right there…doer’s not malicious ditherer’s.

    • DT 20/06/2018, 7:19 am

      Wise words of advice from Tony Abbott immediately criticised by Malcolm Turnbull who later adopted the advice as his own.

      Chairman Mal, where does he stand?

      Where would you like him to stand?

      • Pensioner Pete 20/06/2018, 7:26 am

        DT. Personally, I would like Mal to be standing head down in the outside privy.

      • Joe Blogs 20/06/2018, 10:29 am

        Why; so you can shoot him in the arse, a la Bluey Zarzoff?

      • TommyGun 20/06/2018, 2:47 pm

        Oh stop it, you two!


  • DT 20/06/2018, 7:20 am

    ALP leader gains asylum ground

    EXCLUSIVE | Labor is clawing back ­critical electoral ground lost under Rudd-Gillard’s failed asylum-seeker policies.

    Who is trying to kid whom?

  • Popular Front 20/06/2018, 8:01 am

    Poland is very very Catholic despite the years of commie oppression. They do things THEIR way and don’t give a zloty who doesn’t like it. I remember during the ‘Solidarity’ days and an interview with a Russian apologist about their helping repress the Polish people and he said that the USSR may have taken & occupied Warsaw but that Poland had TWICE occupied the Kremlin. They also have a proud record of smashing invading muslims, as at the Siege of Vienna 1683 and elsewhere.

    • Pensioner Pete 20/06/2018, 8:13 am

      PF: The first attack by the Moslems upon the US was on 11 October 1784, when Moroccan pirates seized the brigantine Betsey and held the crew for ransom. Thus, the carry on these days by the do gooders about US aggression causing the current Moslem attacks is not entirely accurate as the Moslems have a history of initiating attacks upon the West long before oil came into the equation.

      • Joe Blogs 20/06/2018, 10:32 am

        Yes – the old “tribute” game.

        Why are the US Marines still called “leathernecks”? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leatherneck

      • Popular Front 20/06/2018, 12:05 pm

        Yes PPete I remember that. The Barbary pirates who preyed on and enslaved anyone who came their way. “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli…” references the USA’s response.

  • Clarion Call 20/06/2018, 2:20 pm

    There will be an imminent Pole vault out of the corrupt and totalitarian EU. Ordinary peoples in Europe have woken up to the very false premise of a united Europe. Hordes of uneducated and culturally different people swamping communities everywhere with crime and social/religious intransigence have stirred the sleeping populations. Watch for more exiters in the years ahead. The EU bad dream is on course to totally deconstruct.

    • TommyGun 20/06/2018, 2:53 pm

      I hope so; I really do.

      But I’ve been disappointed before when Greece had the perfect excuse and chance to leave the EU to help it’s economic recovery. But the EU Banksters put their foot on Greece’s throat; got rid of the Greek leader who was making “exit” noises and installed their Pro-EU puppet.

      The same might happen to Poland. The Banksters like that disgusting French hag and Junkers will say “if you leave the EU we won’t trade with you; we will seal your borders and cut you off.” Poland will back down and accept muzlim scum.

    • Joe Blogs 20/06/2018, 4:16 pm

      A recent survey by the famous research company, Pole Poll (not to be confused with the former Cambodian one, Poll Pott), confirms that, CC.

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