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It’s now official: we elect the incompetent to rule

To the chagrin of one reader on this blog MM will again report incompetence of government policy without fear or favour. Traditionally, Labor blows the money and gets booted out. Liberals pay down the debt, increase personal wealth and then get booted out—and so repeats the age-old cycle—the dilatory effects of a two-party monopoly on a growing nation. But that mould is now broken with the Coalition clearly unable to solve Labor’s profligacy under Rudd/Gillard and the growing mess. Robbing pensioners is indicative of a primary failure. Both Labor and Liberal parties are stale, way past their use-by-date and bereft of solutions in a modern economy. The following article explains.

Government-led costs are squeezing household budgets much more than the private sector, with prices of essential ser­vices such as health and education far outstripping near-­record low inflation. Outlays on childcare have doubled in the past six years, while primary and secondary education costs for the typical household are up 50 per cent, detailed household budget figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show. [More]

The Left adopt failed ideologies

It amuses that rabid lefties promote themselves as intellectually advanced. They accept nothing but what they were taught in corrupted learning institutions. They were taught exactly what to think rather than how to think. It naturally follows that the socialist tenets and communism were and remain as failed ideologies. But somehow, probably the effectiveness of brainwashing, they seem to believe that such regimes are new and the only path to a just and progressive society. And, just like the beginning of such regimes are eager to pursue them via bullying and violence. Similar in a milder way to the recent postal survey.

Gerard Henderson writes well about the intolerance of Donald Trump.

The intolerance of the contemporary left in Western democracies appears to know no bounds. These days it’s all but impossible for a political conservative to be heard at many leading universities in Australia, Britain and the US — despite the fact that the academy is supposed to be a bastion for free expression. And now the left is moving to silence those with whom it disagrees by what lawyer and former Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz has termed the tactic of pathologising or psychiatrising political opponents. [More]

Arrogance of the new SSM bravado in action

Tolerance is one thing, acceptance is another matter.

It didn’t take long. But this LGBTIQ stand-over rubbish comes from the noted queer Billie Jean King in America who says she would not play at a tennis court named after Australia’s Margaret Court because of Ms Courts stand against SSM. Fair minded Australians would be justified in letting Ms King know that we respect our great champions and her personal opinion about SSM and won’t be bullied by a foreigner that lacks all respect.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King has thrown her support behind a push to rename Margaret Court Arena, declaring that she would refuse to play there if she was still on the tour because of the former Australian champion’s views on homosexuality. King, who was twice crowned as Australian Open champion, said on the eve of this year’s tournament that she had recently changed her mind about whether the controversial Court should continue to have an arena named in her honour. [More]

Tasmania: Hodgman stands against Greens—bravo

Tasmanian Premier Hodgman has refused to take part in a debate that included the Greens Leader Cassy O’Conner. At last somebody has taken a stand against wasting time and money on Greens. With Greens senators like Hanson-Young, Nick McKim and Di Natale as leader who wants Australia Day renamed, Australians have realised that choosing such fools from a tainted pool of social misfits is no way for intelligent progress. O’Conner has called Hodgman a coward—typical!

Tasmania’s Premier has been labelled a “fraidy cat” by the leader of the Greens after he refused to face her in a pre-election political debate.Tasmania’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) wanted to include Greens leader Cassy O’Connor in this year’s scheduled event, but was told Premier Will Hodgman would not take part if she did.
The TCCI is standing firm and the debate has since been cancelled. [More]

Union Crooks

Easy for unions to rip off workers

The 2015 Royal Commission into trade union governance and corruption certainly indicated the breadth of Union Corruption in Australia, especially in the big unions like the  CFMEU. High profile cases such as those for Michael Williamson and Kathy Jackson of the Health Services Union of Australia (HSU) expenses scandal as well as those of earlier BLF and Ship Painters and Dockers added to this. Many today believe that Australian unions, supported by some powerful politicians, are controlled by organised crime, especially since they took control of the trillions of dollars of industry Superfunds. Some law has been passed to stop the corruption, but more is necessary. But we are not alone, seeing our workers ripped of by their unions. [More]

Morningmailers # 18

Our break ends January 30.
Skeleton staff attending.

Your any topic forum [More]

Paris to Lyon by canal


by Chaucer: Chapter one.

Adventure to some might be battling the Boxing Day sales mob for an item worth less than you are willing pay for it. Others go for those “extreme adventure” stunts that can only be described as a death wish. Adventures of the un-ordinary kind, however, are often hatched during enthusiastic exchanges fuelled by the romantic powers of the wine carton. This sojourn in itself was tame enough, once the respected Atlantic Ocean had been crossed and the yacht then comfortably moored in the Canal St Martin in Paris. Quite close to the Bastille, which can be seen in the picture.

Although the Wanderlust II crossed the Atlantic in 1984, this logbook chapter of mine deals with its passage through the canals in France en route to the Mediterranean. However, a brief history will familiarise the reader with how the yacht came to be in Paris. [More]

Their ABC: massive reform required—but who will do it?

Chris Kenny writing in the Weekend Australian has his finger on the pulse of what the majority of Australians believe about the self serving monolith the ABC has become. But who in Australia has the guts or the will to exorcise the evil sectors of this rampant beast?

For all the millions of conversations and communications happening every minute of every day, there are two distinct national conversations occurring. They are totally divergent in source and substance and both lay claim to truth. Yet only one can be true; only one can be rooted in reality. They are opposites — like Seinfeld’s Bizarro Jerry. On Sydney radio 2GB this week, host Mark Levy was commenting on the hype about Oprah Winfrey running for president. “Despite all the doom and gloom around the Trump presidency, what’s he done wrong so far?” asked Levy. It was an unremarkable reflection that generated no contention and was not intended to do so. For that audience it was a statement of the obvious. [More]

DFAT Smartraveller warnings are a joke

Norway passes off DFAT’s polar bear attacks fantasy as humour.

Those who make decisions in DFAT’s Smartraveller warnings department should be tested for an IQ greater than 0.01. What is supposed to be a department providing worthy information about personal danger in foreign lands has been degraded to a kindergarten of idiots as Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has discovered. For goodness sake, just how deep is the swamp of political dysfunction in this country? Now the idiots in our high paid employ are scrambling for justification of Polar bear attacks. To illustrate its point, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry posted this picture of a stuffed polar bear.

Official Australian travel advice warning of “polar bear attacks” in Norway has been mocked by the Scandinavian country’s Foreign Ministry in online posts. Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs took to Twitter to poke fun at a Smartraveller update which suggested Aussie tourists could be hurt by the animals. “Thank you Australia for your concern. We can assure you that in mainland Norway all polar bears are stuffed and poses only limited risk,” the Norwegian Foreign Ministry tweeted. [More]

Trump hating ex Marine resigns ambassador post

Having the courage of his own convictions.

The US ambassador to Panama has resigned, saying he no longer felt able to serve President Donald Trump.
John Feeley, a career diplomat and former Marine Corps pilot, communicated his departure to State Department officials in late December. It was not a response to Mr Trump’s alleged use of the word “shithole” to describe Haiti and African countries, US officials said. Mr Trump denies using the term.

The resignation of John Feeley is the honourable thing to do. Trump can do without a detractor like Feeley as a representative of his government. One must wonder if his extreme dislike of the president is caused by a mental imbalance like PTSD or too much free booze, or something else such as being stood down as useless? [More]