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A nation in paralysis where hypotheticals dominate

At the mercy of a High Court decision.

There is plenty of news to write about and as the ABC has more than plenty of journos to cover all events this article is an untimely joust at the “wotif.” At least it is a reminder that Barnaby Joyce who was once thought to be “the man” has grovelled before Malcolm Turnbull throwing  his constituents under the bus. He must be voted out no matter what!

Quietly, the battle for a crucial federal seat is being war-gamed by political forces, preparing for a by-election that might never take place. The likelihood of a fresh poll in the north-western New South Wales seat of New England is heavily caveated. [More]

SSM: ‘equality’ Vs freedom

Another word hijacked and blurred by the LGBTIQ

Equality or freedom is the question asked by Jennifer Oriel in The Australian. She also writes that the answer is in the mail just like the proverbial “cheque”. This mess threatens to divide Australians and the process is fraught with complications. Not the least being recent reports of piles of survey notices laying in corners and blowing in the wind, not to mention various ways of fraud. The most effective of which may never be discovered until it is too late. Freedom now hangs in the balance.

The same-sex marriage debate has evolved into a battle of ideas. The battle is new, but the war is old. By excluding robust protections for freedom in the draft same-sex marriage bill, the Liberal Party surrendered its chance to lead the debate from the centre-right. [More]

Atheists who vote No.

In a desperate lurch for approval the Great Australian Waffler trumpeted that he believes in religious freedom.

It sounds like another desperate lie to placate the various religious groups who are voting No. If he had any credibility some people might just believe his claim.

But, once again, he has bungled it.

Because there are atheists who will vote “No”.

They have reasons; and they are not because of what St. Paul said, or Leviticus. [More]

No more boys or girls

No ‘Gender Stereotypes’ in this shop!

Children are born into a world of pink or blue. A walk down a department store toy aisle demonstrates a clear gender divide: It’s a simple one – men and women dress differently – and they do it on purpose.

Are toy manufacturers imposing “gender stereotypes” on children or are they just recognizing reality when they make dollies for little girls and trucks for little boys?

Tony Abbott is right when he said “Let boys be boys, let girls be girls”. It’s hard to believe anyone with sense would think differently.

ABC: Australia’s untouchable monolith

The beleaguered paymaster public has no right to know how the ABC spends it money. No right to know how much “importance” perceived or worth costs?
The ABC and SBS have taken legal advice about revealing the salaries of big-name stars such as Tony Jones and Leigh Sales to the public. The national broadcasters are asking lawyers whether such a disclosure would breach the Privacy Act, which regulates how personal information is handled. Both organisations declined to comment last night. [More]

Identity politics

Essential reading for the well informed

Greg Sheridan wrote this excellent article in Saturday’s Australian. In case you missed it we thought it was well worth a run as Greg surely has the measure of what is going on in the sorry state of Australian politics. [More]

When a comment should go front page

Morning Mail regulars are likely  well acquainted with Jack Richards whom always makes compelling comment. This one from last Saturday piqued one  reader’s interest enough to request permission to reprint it elsewhere. Both MM and Jack hope the reader does so. We encourage all our readers to widely broadcast anything we post—for the good of the conservative cause, of course! Given the agenda of MSM blogs like MM strive to serve people that know how to think rather than what to think. [More]

Remember 18C? here it is at work

SSM is the flavour of the month for the useless Coalition government—their little game of diversion, they imagined, that would wash away the evils of 18C. Read this and spew. Read this and don’t forget it at polling time. This article depicts madness in the extreme that vilification laws mostly are.

A Cambodian Australian whose complaint against The Australian for racial discrimination has been thrown out by the Australian Human Rights Commission is seeking $1.6 million in Federal Court damages. [More]

Australia needs a Reagan

Where are you
now that we need you?

Ronald Reagan speaks:

Those who would trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state have told us they have a utopian solution of ‘peace without victory’.

They call their policy “accommodation.” And they say if we’ll only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he’ll forget his evil ways and learn to love us. [More]