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Snout in trough: by what ever it takes!

Sick of working for a living?

Why not! The lure to filthy lucre is irresistible to the bludging inept. A lifetime of effortless largess courtesy of the public purse. Got your interest yet? Not one jot or tittle of experience required, or in most cases wanted—like Australia’s deputy PM. One skill set only—the ability to bullshit with sincerity, training given. That is what our political system has degenerated into—a disgusting coterie of the useless. Labor in this case—again!

WA Labor is facing criticism over the person it wants to replace disgraced former MP Barry Urban in State Parliament, with questions emerging about its candidate’s education history. According to screenshots obtained by the ABC, Labor Darling Range candidate Colleen Yates listed an “MBA” from the University of Western Australia on a now-deleted LinkedIn profile, even though she had not completed the qualification. [More]

Hastie MP exposes another Chinese rat among us

It’s amazing that the undesirable animals in the fantasy form of people are rats and weasels and both have a Chinese connection. The latest to come under the notice by the FBI, according to Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, is the developer Chau Chak Wing. Of course we all know the weasel as Sam Dastyari the stupid dope so up himself as to get compromised by the Chinese rats when they paid a few of his personal debts. And then dragged another rat into global gaze after warning the rat’s phone being bugged by ASIO. Australia seems to be the training ground for Chinese spies.

A China-born Australian billionaire and political donor has been named in federal parliament as a co-conspirator identified by the FBI in the bribery of a UN ­official and as having close links to the Chinese Communist Party. A China-born Australian billionaire and political donor has been named in federal parliament as a co-conspirator identified by the FBI in the bribery of a UN ­official and as having close links to the Chinese Communist Party. [More]

Suddenly, Trump turns on his pursuers

“When you draw your sword against the king, throw away your scabbard”
You ain’t gonna need that no more, no matter how it goes.
Trump made a mistake after winning. He thought that it would be a statesmanlike gesture to, in effect, pardon Hillary Clinton and say nothing about Obama.

He must have been mad.

There might have been an old miner in Montana who never heard of Hillary or President Bollocks; who came out of his hole to vote for Trump and thought Yeah! Let bygones be bygones. He would have been the only one in millions who thought that. [More]

Hanson: the thorn in Turnbull’s butt

At least John Howard stole One Nation’s policies realising their merits. Team Turnbull does not have that good sense—Tin-Ears are deaf. Listening to those that put snouts into the trough is irksome and should not be troubled with by the intellectually superior. Why place yourself in a position of trying to be truthful? Nah, stuff ’em!

Pauline Hanson has dealt what appears to be a fatal blow to the government’s company tax cuts by withdrawing support for the package and producing a list of near impossible demands, declaring that Malcolm Turnbull has failed to sell the reform’s benefits. The One Nation leader, who controls three Senate seats, cited her disappointment with the government’s strategy on debt ­reduction, warning the budget was built on “eggshells” and could “crash at any time” while calling out the Coalition’s failure to support coal-fired power to reduce soaring power bills. [More]

Academic dross from Macquarie University research fellow

The Nasty claws of Islamic mean spirit spews forth on Q&A

The British monarchy is “sick at its core” and has been “enriched by corruption, imperialism, racism and slavery”, an Australian academic has claimed, urging watchers of Saturday’s Royal Wedding to view the institution with a critical eye. Rana Abdel-Fattah, a successful author, Research Fellow at Macquarie University and devout Muslim, told the ABC’s Q&A program she did not believe the wedding between Prince Harry and American actor Meghan Markle — who became the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — would influence the views of Australians towards the monarchy.

It’s no wonder the ABC is bleeding customers when they insult people with the likes of Rana Abdel-Fattah, a person bereft of manners and a soul so filled with bile. Is this the best Macquarie University can produce? Is this where you would send your children to be educated? Is this where you want your taxes to end up? [More]

$346,250 for a useless new race commissioner!

Who would have dared to speak out about that social pest and divisive Race Discrimin­ation Commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, saying the soon to be vacant position fulfils, “no substantive function?” The excessively egotistical ‘Soup-for-the-insane’ proved that to be so. But, this Tin-Eared government will blunder ahead with another troublesome pest, oblivious to public opinion and loss of votes! A lesson not learned from the Gillian Triggs disaster.

The vacant position of a national race discrimination commissioner should not be filled ­because the role fulfils “no substantive function” and is required by law to promote “divisive” ideas based on race, government MPs will be told.
A parliamentary research brief from think tank Institute of Public Affairs will be sent to all federal MPs but already has the backing of some Coalition members, who think the job, which is being advertised and pays $346,250 a year, should remain empty. [More]

Deceived by the headline again

MM’s one and only Royal wedding coverage.

Prince Harry and Mergan Sparkle in “intimate” Royal wedding photos. Being such an avant duo so pleased to trounce long established protocol I imagined something special, a real departure from the usual regimented stale crusts—a right royal romp on the water bed, perhaps? No such luck, Jim lad. No swinging from chandeliers in a steamy boudoir with special effects by Mergan Treacle. Just a cold glare from Camilla peeking from under a pink veranda and a licentious leer from poor old Charles who yearned to be a tampax living inside the pants of his current missus. It’s a lovely photo anyway and we all wish them eternal happiness. Can you pick MM’s editor in the pic? Now, where’s my November 1964 issue of Playboy?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official wedding photographs have been released, with one UK tabloid hailing them as the “boldest and most intimate” Royal wedding portraits ever. The three images were taken by English-born photographer Alexi Lubomirski at Windsor Castle immediately following the carriage procession through the streets of Windsor on Saturday. [More]

A Labor’s Noreen Hay caught out at last but not caught

Add to Labor’s political scoundrels this old tart that roamed Wollongong always being one step away when the net of misdeed was sprung. And so it is with this story as a staffer takes the fall and, of course, the wily old tart was still that one step away. If Noreen Hay ever wrote a book about her time in politics and the scoundrels she worked with they would make a movie from it.

A former staffer of long-time Wollongong MP Noreen Hay has been found guilty of forging electoral roll documents ahead of Ms Hay’s successful re-election to the New South Wales Parliament in 2015. Susan Maree Greenhalgh was found guilty of five counts of using forged document for public official to accept as genuine. The offences detail five Wollongong electoral enrolments, including names and addresses, being falsely and dishonestly lodged. [More]

SHOCK! A sane move by the Victorian government

There would not be many Australians that thought Victoria’s Daniel Andrews was capable of even a single original thought. The following, however, is good government, so good he would do well to push further and clean out the black gang scumbags that terrorise good citizens with apparent impunity. On second thoughts, maybe Andrews is away and somebody else made a decision?

Any attack on Victoria’s emergency service workers will be treated the same as murder and rape by the courts under tough reforms to be imposed by the State Government. Cabinet agreed on Monday to have attacks on first responders and prison staff that resulted in injury classified as a category-one offence, which requires the court to impose a custodial sentence. [More]

Trump comes down heavy on Iran

Trump’s rabid detractors should stop being so surprised at what he does. What is surprising is a politician doing what he or she said they would do—not even a promise. People are not accustomed to that sort of thing. If only it was contagious.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a steep list of demands that he said should be included in a nuclear treaty with Iran to replace the Obama-era deal, threatening “the strongest sanctions in history” if Iran doesn’t change course. Following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the deal, the United States will ensure “Iran has no possible path to a nuclear weapon, ever,” Mr Pompeo said. [More]