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What is PNG’s PM O’Neill up to?

As reported this week in The Guardian the PNG prime minister O’Neill is quite a businessman and seems to get by with a little bit of help from his friends—when things go sour. It might take a while for the APEC party dies down and the spoils divided amongst the greedy and unimportant before the cameras turn on domestic problems in PNG. There will be a lot of questions asked about the huge amounts of money splurged in waste and who got their grubby mitts on it.

An exclusive report in the Guardian says PNG’s Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s firm may have violated anti-corruption guidelines. A company owned by Papua New Guinea’s prime minister, Peter O’Neill, won a $32m government contract to build bridges in the country via a process with “serious procurement irregularities” that may have violated anti-corruption guidelines. [More]

APEC: what did China really expect?

Today will mark the last day of the APEC carnival for the largest and wealthiest countries except for Putin’s Russia who must be having a good laugh at the way things are going. If you listen to the speeches, China’s especially, they are long waffles about mutual respect, working together, and all the rubbish that none of them believe in. On centre stage is China and the US. China has been blindsided by the US vice president who did not attend to be ‘touchy-feely’ or conciliatory about Xi Jinping’s sneaky moves for control in the Pacific and Mike Pence let him know that. Striking was that Xi was boringly repetitive in his embrace of fairness and benevolence toward the less fortunate—and the audience clapped excitedly. Nobody mentioned the million people he has in detention camps, or the harvesting of human organs from prisoners, nor did anyone mention China’s naval ship charging at a US war ship in the South China Seas—aggressive gunboat diplomacy. The final ambush for Xi was the union of PNG, the US and Australia to open a large naval base on Manus Island. The game is afoot in the Pacific.

Countries which embrace protectionism are “doomed to failure”, China’s Xi Jinping has warned in a veiled swipe at the US’s America First policy. Mr Xi was speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit, where US-Chinese tensions are likely to be centre stage. US Vice-President Mike Pence later said he was prepared to “more than double” the tariffs imposed on Chinese goods. [More]


So they want the lil’ rascal?

Looks like the Yanks want to extradite Julian Assange, after all.

During proceedings in a totally unrelated case, a U.S. lawyer inadvertently revealed to a judge that a sealed arrest warrant had been filed against the Wikileaks founder.

There’s no indication of what they’re specifically thinking of charging him with, but it clearly shows that Assange wasn’t just paranoid over all these years when he was saying that we were coming after him.
This is going to complicate Assange’s position.

Considerably. [More]

The man who wants the courts to make him 20 years younger

Do people seem dumber lately? Is your best mate a little slow on the uptake? Are your friends having a hard time doing things they’d normally accomplish?

There could be a simple reason, maybe it’s because summer is around the corner and according to Harvard scientists: When it’s hot people are simply becoming stupid.It’s not just a joke.

The scientists released a scientific study that suggests that all other things being equal, smart people become dumber when the temperature soars. About 13 percent dumber, if we want to quickly put a number on it. That percentage stupidity seems to run across all the politically correct people.

Michael Brown discusses one inane case, which if were smart, we would all follow suit.

You knew it had to happen sooner or later. [More]

Who are you really? by Grace Collier

Those of us not adopted probably never gave much, if any thought, to the trials of an adopted person. However, I have experienced on a couple of occasions friends that in adulthood were compelled to track down their biological parents. Sadly for them it failed and only caused further confusion. This article by the excellent journalist in the News Corp stables, Grace Collier will have surprised many as she takes us through the legalities establish long ago when the world was different and what you may not have known about adoption. We wish her the very best of luck.

This topic is complicated and awkward and, for a person who values her privacy, difficult to discuss. Nevertheless, the privilege of appearing in these pages does mean that such a huge change should be dealt with publicly. You are owed the truth, so I am just going to lay it bare. You are reading the last column Grace Collier will ever write. No, this is not a public resignation. The issue is simply that Collier no longer exists; a judge has officially consigned that person to the dustbin of history. [More]

“Equality” is a lie for the queer mob

The gay marriage debacle shoved down the throats of all Australians last year, aided and abetted by Malcolm Turnbull and wife Lucy—used as weapon by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to punish—and used by queer advocates to blackmail corporations to ‘get on board’ is now showing how ‘equality’ really works. A small minority of the population unable, suffering guilt and any other number of psychological maladjustments felt the need to bring the bedrooms of the nation into the open so the majority could take their twisted journey of atonement with them—whether they wanted to or not! Joe Kelly writing in The Weekend Australian exposes what nasty bastards will do for total approbation for their sexual perversions. The genie is now out of the bottle and a backlash is likely as once sympathisers realise that ‘equality’ was a con, it is a nasty one-way street for them causing a ‘them and us’ attitude.

Christians are being run out of business, hounded by boycotts and bullied by activists, for adhering to their faith a year after the celebrated same-sex-marriage vote. In a sign Australia faces a “crisis of freedom”, The Weekend Australian can ­reveal a successful international wedding magazine that chose not to feature gay couples will today announce its decision to shut down after becoming the target of an intimidation campaign. [More]

China’s totalitarian intentions are showcased in PNG

On this blog we have frequently referred to the Beijing bullies as ‘little shits’! Yesterday at the APEC extravaganza, Chinese President Xi Jinping exposed a regime governed totally undemocratic little shits as they sought to control all media. Xi Jinping talks from both sides of his mouth as he tries to lull the world into believing his buzzwords about mutual cooperation, investment and all the other rubbish about his One Belt Road and missions of mercy. Not buying China’s fake sincerity was US Vice-President Mike Pence who says “… the South China Sea does not belong to any one nation and the United States will continue to sail and fly wherever international law allows.” That might have been what pressed XI into bullying the media as he did knowing his plans to control the strategic sea route would be a talking point that he didn’t want to have. China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan, all have claims in the South China Sea, through which about $4.12 trillion of shipborne trade passes each year. The following exposes more of China’s agenda. [More]

Metadata misuse

Metadata: the addictive sugar on the table!

Thanks to Pensioner Pete’s sharp eye, the Brisbane Times ran this article about metadata collection and how it can be used to violate privacy—your privacy. It does seem that the watchdog, in this case, the horse has bolted. The addiction for authorities to control is all important to them.

Brisbane City Council has joined the growing ranks of public agencies across Australia requesting consumers’ metadata from telecoms companies, prompting calls of “Big Brother” from the council’s Labor opposition. According to the telecoms industry, Australia’s biggest local authority is among more than 100 bodies making thousands of requests for details of numbers called by phone users, their location, the length of calls, email addresses and other information telcos are obliged to keep for two years under national security laws passed in 2015. [More]

The ABC has a death wish

The ABC has a definite death wish

It is perhaps delicious irony to witness a gaggle Lefties, Greenies and Laborites slither from the dank catacombs of the ABC bunker into the daylight to enjoy the ACTU’s black widow McManus spinning her deadly web. They supported the union’s move for radical changes to Australia’s industrial relations. Only under the power of a snake charmer’s hypnotic rhythm would the victim welcome self-sacrifice and they did. The timing alone underscores the desperation of employees so estranged from reality. A writhing monolith, ‘beautiful in its ugliness’, imploding as it regurgitates a pathetic administrative nerve centre for public view seems oblivious to them. Public disgust permeates Aunty’s environment as remaining supporters flee a repetitive menu of inbred nepotism on which  the soup du jour is always bias broth—cold, greasy and insipid! only a radical overhaul of the monster could restore hope for a genuine national broadcaster. Time for an alternate political party to claim that mantle!

ABC journalists have backed the union movement’s push for radical changes to Australia’s industrial relations system, dividing the broadcaster’s reporters and prompting outrage from ABC critics. Journalists and non-editorial staff voted in favour of a motion declaring their commitment to the Australian Council of Trade Unions’ Change the Rules campaign, following a speech by the union’s secretary Sally McManus on Wednesday. [More]


Just keep your counsel!

A few years back there was quite a to-do about a super-mosque being built in Bendigo.

That is all in the past now and almost forgotten.

But it marked an historic point – the Bendigo Bank de-platformed to the best of their ability the citizens of Bendigo by cancelling their bank account because they did not like their attitude.

One could oppose a school being built, a factory being built, a football field – the list is endless of buildings or events which people can oppose in a free society. But you could not oppose a mosque being built. [More]