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Trump’s wall: more ways to skin a rat

It remains to be seen how this will work out. US Congress is loath to give Trump the money. A GoFundMe cause to build the controversial border wall is only a few days old and has already collected more than $US12 million. The wall was one of Trump’s campaign promises and Donald Trump is one of the very few politicians on earth that keeps a promise, as we have seen. Clearly, the Democrats are pulling every trick possible to bring Trump down and this crowd funding, if it brings a staggering amount will show public support. That would be harmful to the Democrats and helpful to Trump. It could fizzle out, the coming days will determine that.

If neither Mexico nor Congress is going to fund President Trump’s border wall, then Brian Kolfage has a more expedient plan: GoFundMe. In just four days, the military veteran’s crowdsourced campaign for construction of the border wall has raked in more than $12 million in donations from nearly 200,000 people, with donations surging after his Thursday-night appearance on Fox News with host Laura Ingraham. [More]

Labor’s spending addiction

Blind Freddie could see what lay in waiting when the Northern Territory voters rushed to embrace a gaggle of Labor wastrels, each proving infinitely worse than the previous. What is happening in Labor held states and the NT and the ACT is the signature of Labor’s contract with the people—a guarantee of profligacy. The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd era of unprecedented debt should have been a lesson to avoid Labor for decades—apparently not given Labor under Shorten’s preposterous policy madness now being spruiked and according to the polls, swallowed with glee.

Ken Vowles reckons he’s seen more spin in the Territory Government than Shane Warne’s ever put on a cricket ball. The Member for Johnston was axed today from the Labor caucus, along with assistant minister Jeff Collins and backbencher Scott McConnell, and promptly let rip on his former colleagues. During a spectacular press conference, the former Australian youth cricketer told reporters the Territory Labor party had little regard for due process, was preoccupied with political ambition and was controlled by a drove of faceless puppet-masters. [More]

Bureaucrat  perks to make you puke?

That headline is a bit of a stretch as we shouldn’t expect our bureaucrats to ride a bicycle to meetings. But, as we have been taught all too often, the rorts and liberties taken with the taxpayers’ purse can be numbing. In this case of travel expenses the cash register’s ‘caching’ rings up a $607 million ticket. The following article is from The Herald Sun.

High-flying Aussie bureaucrats have racked up a travel bill of more than $600 million for the first time, including living it up with $121 million in business class flights at taxpayer expense. And the Department of Defence were our biggest spenders. It’s a blow out of more than $100 million since the Coalition came to power in 2013 despite efforts to reign in the growing public service travel bill. [More]

Fake news

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the lies you can invent.

That’s William Blake in his poem ‘Auguries of Innocence’.
He had latched on to fake news 150 years before the fake news became the news.
Our ABC is right in the forefront of it.If the ABC told me there were stars in the sky, I would go and look.
It is one thing to describe fake news, it is another to see how it can play out.

Alan Dershowitz is Emeritus Professor of Law at Harvard and a respected commentator on all things legal. Here is what he had to say about fake news, (slightly cut):- [More]

misinformation is a word

When ‘misinformation’ is named the word of the year

“When Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media combined their assets, there were concerns about the outlook for the independent, public-interest journalism (lies) at the Age &SMH. Sadly the concern is misplaced. In the days after the merger bid was announced, the Nine board, unbidden, also endorsed the charter [of editorial independence]. They said undermining the credibility of the mastheads would evidently be a value-destroying move. We will retain the bond with our readers by focusing on the news that matters to them (more lies). [More]

The US and UK accuse China of hacking

The US and UK have accused China of violating an agreement concerning commercial espionage. It should be more than clear that China can’t be trusted on any agreement that counters their agenda for global supremacy. Violations of one kind or another, be they theft of intellectual property or the usurping of territory, or the infiltrating of foreign political parties, are now everyday events. The Chinese president for life Xi Jingping is a one man law who will not be deterred. Add to that , the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at his annual news conference who said nuclear tensions “could lead to the destruction of civilisation as a whole.” We are in a new era for global dominance.

The US justice department has indicted two Chinese men accused of hacking into the computer networks of companies and government agencies in Western countries. The pair are allegedly part of a “hacking group” known as Advanced Persistent Threat 10, affiliated with China’s main intelligence service. [More]

As the wind turbine spins

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has a creative way of promoting a renewables ‘spin’. When you see an estimated savings to a consumers’ electricity bill of 2.1 percent you know they are pedalling bullshit—it’s the .1 percent on the end that does it. Read on for more corporate ‘spin’ of the turbine.

A flood of new renewable energy projects is likely to drive down household electricity bills, according to new analysis by government policy adviser the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). On a national basis, household bills are set to fall by 2.1 per cent — but price falls in the eastern states and South Australia are offset by increases in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT. [More]

Trump’s punch in the face for Christmas

It won’t surprise too many that this article, virtually on the eve of Christmas, was published in the Trump hating New York Times and gleefully repeated in The Sydney Morning Herald. Apart from generating old news, its author, Charles M. Blow, is one strange bird that appears to be somewhat unhinged in his Leftist appraisal of words and their meaning. His lead paragraph says this, note MM’s emphasis: I will be going on leave soon – today is my last column for a while because of the holiday schedule – to write what I believe to be the most important thing that I’ve ever written. No, it’s not about US President Donald Trump, just in case you were wondering.

And then the silly bugger launches into a compendium of Trump activities ad infinitum. Charles M. Blow is going on holiday and we wonder if it will be peaceful for him? We wonder if he will be in the company of both his psychiatrist and lawyer? His shrink to assuage deeply held feelings of disdain for another human and his outing himself as bi-sexual in 2014. His lawyer in tow may be handy to counter what may follow from Trump’s lawyers? A plea of insanity might save Blow’s arse for a while. Or a claim that the whole thing was a light hearted artistic parody, a comedic appraisal of global events to bring laughter and joy to the masses during the festive season—very charitable indeed. Prepare to laugh as Mr Blow continues.

But since I have written almost exclusively about Trump for more than two years, please allow me this parting assessment: it is so much worse than I thought. [More]

The calibre of our political elite

Whether true or not this story exposes yet another glimpse into the workings of our political elite. It comes at a time for the Liberal Party when voters thought things could not get any worse in Victoria—they just did.

Two former Victorian Liberal premiers have called for a pair of prominent party figures to quit following allegations they used racist and homophobic comments including referring to Indians as “curries”. On Thursday The Age newspaper reported leaked text and Facebook messages allegedly from administrative committee members Paul Mitchell and Marcus Bastiaan, who are accused of using bigoted language, including referring to a group of “fag Catholics”. [More]

Nationals will go it alone in NSW

There appears to be a fundamental change coming to Australian politics. Firstly is that Labor is reckoned to take control of the nation at the next election. Given their proposed policies people must be crazy. And, the Coalition is beginning to fall apart—too may opposing factions and too many stupid performers. As it is said, we live in interesting times, as this article in The Daily Telegraph might indicate.

The NSW Nationals will run their own election campaign and have distinct policies that set them apart — and even at odds — with their Liberal Coalition partners in a tactical move by Leader John Barilaro. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, the Deputy Premier said the Nationals remained in a “united coalition” with Premier Gladys Berejiklian but needed to bolster their own identity if they were to ward off the threat of minor parties eating into their rural voter base. [More]