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The PC dream – a world without men or women.

There are two genders only, male and female, and no amount of wishing, pontificating, publishing, teaching or proffering otherwise can change that. Gender is not a social construct but a biological one. One lock of your hair can determine if you have an X or a Y chromosome.

However, it passes these days for the ultra-pc to pretend this is not the case, and etiquette writers now suggest that when introduced you should say something like, “G’day, my name is Clint and my preferred pronouns are he and him when referring to me. How’s it with you?”

The writers of this useful social engagement routine anticipate that anyone who is gender-fluid will respond, “Hi, my name is Harvest Cream Wirecut and my preferred pronouns when referring to me are ze and zim“. [More]

US Students Praise Trump’s Tax Plan!

With maturity and insight we eventually realise that the inferences we make are heavily influenced by our point of view and our assumptions. This insight enables us to be able to broaden the scope of our outlook, to see situations from more than one point of view, to become more open-minded.

All very logical to be sure, but students (and University lecturers) are still teenagers. They believe the inference they put on things; which gives an understanding why Donald Trump is so often attacked in academia. [More]

SSM euphoria claims Australian diplomat’s life in New York

Underscoring the mental quality of diplomats chosen to represent Australian issues abroad one such moron seized with the euphoria of the SSM victory in his homeland decided to perform a stupid, smart-arse game of “trust” plummeting seven floors to his death.

AN AUSTRALIAN diplomat in New York has been killed after falling to his death when a game of “trust” went horribly wrong. A GAME of “trust” took a deadly turn for an Australian diplomat, who plunged to his death from a Manhattan roof early on Wednesday during a night of boozing with friends and his wife, police sources said. [More]

The institution of marriage is indeed deep rooted

The NO voters may lament the postal survey result as they view the deep rootedness of marriage between man and woman now being discounted by the operative word, ‘rooted’. However, Troy Lennon, History editor at The Daily Telegraph offers an historical appraisal of wedded bliss throughout the ages.

ALTHOUGH a majority of voters in Australia voted “yes” to the same sex marriage survey, there still remains a significant minority who oppose it. However, what is obvious is the immense importance that we still place on marriage which has been central to society for centuries. It has constantly evolved throughout history and was often left completely undefined in ancient laws, only celebrated through prevailing customs. [More]

SSM: the embers of discontent still glow

As the smoke clears from the ‘camp’ fire and the hypnotic glow of warming embers soothes its audience a calm settles—all is at one as further victories  are contemplated. Suddenly, a chilly gust of wind fans the embers from red to flickering orange and yellow rising high sending sparks aloft. The calm turns to concern as spot fires ignite.

The constitutional debacle could interfere with legislation passed by those ineligible to sit in parliament. The utterly inept PM has many fires of Mal-content to extinguish—see how he performs. [More]

SSM: the tears, emotion and ‘gayety’

Let no man put asunder.

Are the 3.4 million eligible Australians that did not vote filled with regret this morning? The throngs of queers in serious emotive state shown on TV was akin to watching Easter movies where Jesus Christ rises from the dead and ascends into heaven. Believers casting themselves prostrate as an offering to the God of sodomites—an amazing spectacle by any means—and now what when the dust settles. The Dean Smith private member bill aided by Turnbull, supported by Chrissy Pyne et al. How will the polls respond to their embrace and railroading of the SSM circus costing more than $122 million? Will the now to fill dog fight over various protections be the trigger to unceremoniously dump Turnbull at last? The NO voters won’t forgive. Already claims of ABS irregularities are surfacing. It ain’t over yet you can bet. [More]

Clinton says you’re a “deplorable”

The Clinton Foundation under investigation

While the lefties rush about like frightened chooks scratching around for yet another revelation assuring Donald Trump’s imminent impeachment, the Don is impressing world leaders with straight talk especially about North Korea. We might recall during the election campaign his many references to throwing Hillary Clinton in jail over certain emails. The Clinton Foundation, the same one to which Australia contributed at least $88 million.

The US Department of Justice says it has asked prosecutors to scrutinise the Clintons’ charitable foundation and a uranium deal. In a letter, the agency said an inquiry could be launched into the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One sale.

News Corp October 31 2016: The Australian taxpayer shovelled at least $88 million into the Clinton Foundation and associated entities from 2006 to 2014, reaching a peak of $10.3 million in 2012-13, Gillard’s last year in office. On the Clinton Foundation website, AusAID and the Commonwealth of Australia score separate entries in the $10 million-plus group of donors, one rung up from American teacher unions. [More]

Orwell and the Church of England

The Church of England, as giddy as a junkie in a reefer factory, has laughingly cut the painter and sailed giggling into la-la land.

For years now they have embraced communism starting with the Red Dean of Canterbury,they have expressed doubts the existence of God, and generally have been on the cutting edge of political correctness. That means taking a leading role in the feminisation and freakification of young boys:

The C of E as they are known have nearly 5000 private schools in Britain, and now the hierarchy has pompously debated and agreed that boy should be able to wear tiaras at school without anyone taking the mick.

If any pupil does, the teachers are ordered to make an example of the scoundrel and re-educate him; mercifully without subjecting the kid to a gang-bang. [More]

‘Medical’ Marijuana Basically BS

Opponents of legalisation worry that fully allowing recreational marijuana use would make pot far too accessible and, as a result, expand its abuse.

The major concern is that letting for-profit businesses market and sell marijuana may lead them to market aggressively to heavy pot users, who already have a drug problem. This is similar to what happened in the alcohol and tobacco industries, where companies make much of their profits from users with serious addiction issues.

Statistics in the US are now demonstrating the truth of these concerns. Research found the top 30 percent heaviest pot users in Colorado made up 90 percent of demand for the drug. So much for alleviating pain. [More]

Germany: COP 23 at Bonn

Germany: COP 23 at Bonn

Has the fizz gone from the Paris Climate Accord? It’s over, it came and went with little to none fanfare in MSM compared with years past when great unity to save the world from the evil CO2 was trumpeted from on high. Nations rushed to sign up, celebrated victory, went home and did nothing when sanity returned. With his usual way, President Trump’s vow to use ‘clean coal’ agenda blew the green-filled heads to bits—they slipped into muted shock. From Climate Depot:. [More]