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Space Kadet Elon Musk says sorry about “pedo” slur

It seems like wunderkind Elon Musk has a very nasty streak in him probably caused by an over inflated ego. It was about the rejection of his mini submarine offered to the group rescuing the boys trapped in the Thai caves. It wouldn’t suit the conditions and they told him so. They saw it as just another Musk PR stunt. Musk retorted by calling a British rescuer a “pedo”. Musk is sorry now, not that the Brit may sue, but likely more so for his stock market holdings dropping three percent in trading.

Elon Musk has issued an apology for his remarks about a UK diver involved in the rescue of the Thai soccer team and their coach after he called Vern Unsworth a “pedo” on social media. [More]

I’m a democrat.

This is interesting..

A mother says to her baby ; “Look, baby, I’m a snowflake,” and the baby reacts in a way which suggests that baby knows exactly what she is on about! [More]

Journos bleat-fest against Trump

As Trump and Putin arrived in Helsinki for their joint summit, they were greeted by nearly 300 billboards across Finland’s capital city, criticising them in both English and Russian for attacks on the press.

As though there was some moral equivalence between Russia and the US.

“Mr. President, welcome to the land of free press,” one billboard read. “Trump calls media enemy of the people,” read another. “Trump attacks New York Times on Twitter,” reported another billboard. “Fact checkers find numerous mistakes in Trump speech.” Oh, the horrors! My god, fact checkers find numerous mistakes in speeches? [More]

Blind to real problems

Blind to real problems

Blaming others for holding people back from achieving their potential is stupid. It gives non-achievers a comforting excuse that makes matters worse.
Walter E. Williams* writes below about the problems in the US black population, but in some ways he could be writing about minorities everywhere, even in Australia. The ABC and Fairfax, by pushing the “poor me I’m black- or Muslim” and ‘suppressed-by-racists’ arguments, are doing disservice to those they should be encouraging. And they ignore family breakdown as a reason for lack of achievement.

morning mailers # 25

aaaaaaaaaaaMorning Mail’s off topic forumaaaaa

We note with concern reader ‘Lorraine’ has gone missing. Anyone have news? [More]

Janet Albrechtsen will opt out of digital medical records

An apparent veil of secrecy by government is exposed via Ms Albrechtsen. Her article raises many questions while exampling why politicians are on the nose to most voters—another breach of faith—if there was any left to breach?

Last Thursday I learned that the Turnbull government will collect all my heath data and form a digital health record about me, accessible by any doctor, hospital or medical professional across the system. This will happen by the end of the year unless I opt out. The opt-out period started on Monday and runs three months. [More]

Trump won’t like this smear—a Russian agent?

At a time when US President Trump is trying to hose down the furore caused by his perceived letting Russia’s Putin off the election tampering hook, The new York Times, whose raison d’être is dumping on Trump publishes this article virtue signalling Trump as a Russian agent?

WASHINGTON — A Russian woman who tried to broker a secret meeting between Donald J. Trump and the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, during the 2016 presidential campaign was charged Monday and accused of working with Americans to carry out a secret Russian effort to influence American politics. [More]

Turnbull’s Tin-Ear goes ‘clung’ again

Breaking news: The word “would” should have been “wouldn’t” is explained by Trump at a press meeting minutes ago concerning the election tampering by Russia.

Many regard Donald Trump as totally undiplomatic—he agrees with that. He says the most outrageous and un-presidential things to people and and about people—that’s his modus operandi—it befuddles his adversaries. So far, Trump is getting away with it because he is Commander in Chief of the most powerful nation on earth who doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual. On the other hand, Malcolm Turnbull, an educated scholar, a lawyer with a greater vocabulary and debating skills—a man who knows well the meaning of words and their effect on people—one might think. Old Tin-Ear said this about President Trump:

Malcolm Turnbull says he doesn’t trust Russian President Vladimir Putin and has contradicted US president Donald Trump on the question of Russian meddling in the US election, declaring the evidence of US intelligence agencies is “very compelling”.  Shortly after jumping into the poo he croaked that, “Trump was a true patriot!” Ha, ha, ha! [More]

Polls: it depends on which number you choose

About one third of Australians support Trump’s methods. They are mostly One Nation supporters. What if one third were vote One Nation? That is not really canvassed herein.

The poll shows that just 32 per cent of Australians are happy with how Mr Trump is doing his job — a result on par with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s own satisfaction rating, which is also languishing on 32 per cent.

This article says more than the two major parties would want to know. It does suggest that a groundswell of dissatisfaction with political arrogance is about to be felt. That shat-upon dog known as voters cowering in the corner where it was chased is coming out and it means business too! [More]

What other vermin thrives in our political swamp?

Every day it becomes more clear that Chinese influence has been floating  around our political cesspool for some time. Lurking like a crocodile with just its snout and eyes above the slime, a sign on its back exhorting, “climb aboard for the ride to riches!”  To staunch the flow of hatred brewing in the populace for the political class Maguire must go. The NSW premier has options and must act swiftly—Maguire’s ruse to save the state money is further self-interest crap from a disgraced cretin.

Beijing: Disgraced Wagga Wagga MP Daryl Maguire hosted a press conference inside NSW Parliament with a key United Front official from China to promote propaganda on Tibet. [More]