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Turkey: Erdogan’s arrogance and NZ’s impotence

Muslim arrogance Versus Christian appeasement?

Any Australians or New Zealanders who came to Turkey with anti-Muslim sentiments would be sent back in a coffin “like your grandfathers were” during the WWI Gallipoli campaign: Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan.

New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters went to Turkey last Friday to attend a meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation as an observer. PM Ardern told reporters in Christchurch that, “Our Deputy Prime Minister will be confronting those comments in Turkey.” He is setting the record straight, face-to-face, Ardern said. Winston Peters was supposed to tell Mr Erdogan to stop playing the attack video for his political gain and to watch his mouth about his threat to both New Zealanders and Australians. There was no mention that an apology to NZ and Australia which should have been demanded.

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan replayed graphic footage of New Zealand’s worst mass shooting at an election rally on Friday—just hours after that country’s foreign minister met him and said he believed the controversial showings had stopped. [continue reading…]

Who shall mourn for these souls?

All aboard the mourning craze

A reminder to the #MyGrief-is-greater  clan that most deaths do not become an extended carnival for the faux guilty to assume the opportunity to walk the international stage for mostly political gain! Except, of course, in Christchurch where show continues. But the wailing can’t be heard from the following victims in this potpourri colours, race and religion. [continue reading…]

Honoring Che at the UN

Serial Killer turned Politician

Why is the United Nations even tolerated? Why are its staff not put on the unemployment lines? What good does it do that can excuse its wastefulness, its corruptions?
It sits like a face cancer, praising Saudi Arabia for its care of women, protecting Iran in its plunge into nuclear war, bankrupting countries with useless energy schemes.

And now lauding the execrable Che Guevara, Cuba’s Himmler, and a murderer who personally fired the shot to the head by putting his face in a display at UN headquarters.

At a ceremony in Havana in July, 2013, UNESCO (the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) honored Guevara by enshrining his writings in its hallowed “Memory of the World Register.”
In his own words, as Castro’s chief executioner: [continue reading…]

Iran regime’s hardline policies will not prevail

Australia and the Islamic Republic of Iran held their second annual Human Rights Dialogue on 19 August 2018 in Tehran. The two sides continued frank and constructive discussions on a range of human rights issues, including on engagement with international human rights institutions, human rights achievements and challenges at the national and international levels, and areas of possible information sharing in the field of human rights. The Australian delegation also visited the High Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Correction and Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Juveniles.  [continue reading…]

Rudd lays blame for NZ shooting

Unable to forgo the NZ atrocity the ever crass Kevin Rudd just had to go international with his wisdom, the same sage-like crap that sent Australia broke.
Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd told National Public Radio (NPR) on Thursday morning that Breitbart was to blame for inciting last week’s terror attacks at two mosques in New Zealand, in which 50 people were murdered. [continue reading…]

Have the climate catastrophists won?

That is the question asked by Alan Moran’s article in the Spectator. Those that have been swept away in the great tidal surge of lies, fudged official figures and fraud by various bodies intent on perpetuating mostly myth are getting wiser. As soaring costs of renewables are being identified as ‘rescrewables’ a closer watch is upon the fool’s paradise such as the Paris Accord.

Alan  Moran—Evidence does not seem to matter in the debate on human-induced climate change. Hardly anyone is listening to reason. Minds have been made up. [continue reading…]

Waleed outwitted

PM Morrison Vs ABC’s Aly

Jason Galiardi in The Australian has reported an interview aired  on The Project between PM Morrison and the insufferable mouthpiece for Islam, Waleed Aly. The consensus is that Aly failed to lead or corner Morrison at all. Of course, the ABC children will applaud their pinup boy regardless of reality. It’s unlikely that this appraisal of the interview will be read or accepted by the Left but that’s normal. The ABC’s business model remains intransigent to unbiased conduct and will therefore become even more insignificant as a news provider. Reader’s comments say it all! Read MM’s previous coverage here. [continue reading…]

NSW votes today!

NSW votes today!

Today is your chance to reward or punish those who would and have lead us. The Liberals under Mike Baird lied in our faces about forced amalgamations. They wasted our time and money with meetings and surveys when they had no intention to uphold their promise. Why reward the Liberal Party with your tax money to keep their snouts in the trough and enrich their lifetime pensions—NO, not this time! They must learn!

Labor under the dope Dubious Daley would be unthinkable. Why would you reward deceit and abject incompetence with your money for life—NO BLOODY WAY!

You might be thinking to make a protest and vote Greens. To justify that unthinkable reward you must view the Bolt Report video at the bottom. It once and for all exposes what the Greens leader Di Natale creature and indeed the Greens are all about. They must be put down before they put us down!

That leaves independents, shooters and Fishers and One Nation. A good choice for many readers and commenters on this blog that have vowed not to vote for any major party! Having said that, it’s your vote to place where you choose. [continue reading…]

Just sayin’

Just sayin’

At the same time in their presidencies, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had approval ratings similar to Trump’s. In Clinton’s first midterm elections, Democrats lost 14 more House seats than Trump lost.
Democrats under Obama lost 23 more seats in his first midterms than Trump did.
Democrats lost eight Senate seats in 1994 during Clinton’s first term. They lost six Senate seats in 2010 during Obama’s first term. Trump actually picked up two Senate seats. [continue reading…]

Oh Oh Yes!
I’m the Great Reformer.

Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia (known as MBS; some say after his initials, some say MBS stands for Master of BullShit), projects an image of himself as a keen reformer and moderniser.
Yes, by golly, he is the guarantor of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, which aims to bring the country into the 21st century becoming less dependent on oil revenues. What he is is a moderniser of ways to make money. [continue reading…]