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Bullying is the latest diversion

A good time in parliament with Banks and Sudmalis—the only ones laughing.

The people of Gilmore on the NSW South Coast might be well pleased that the sitting Member Ann Sudmalis who now claims to have suffered bullying has followed her politico mate Ms Banks, also bullied, will quit at the next election. It doubtfull that Sudmalis will be missed at all. Sudmalis in parliament frequently distinguishes herself as the village buffoon causing the speaker to tell her to shut up. Nobody viewing Question Time has any idea what she yells about. It’s very much like when dogs bark others are compelled to join in.

A war of words has erupted between two Liberal politicians over allegations of bullying and branch stacking, with one accusing the other of exaggerating claims of bullying just because she was upset about losing support of party members. [More]

Raise Newstart to make a billion?

If you give people on Newstart $75 more per week the economy would be much better off—the experts say. This creative accountancy seems to have forgotten that the $3 billion mentioned will be borrowed money. My abacus can’t figure this one.

“What our modelling shows is … if you give a bit over $3 billion to people who spend it, that flows through the economy, you get a bigger economy as a result. “The direct cost might be a bit over $3 billion a year, but the net cost once you allow for that is actually only $1 billion a year — you go to one third of the total cost.” [More]

Lefties’ motto: never give up!

It is more than curious that California professor Christine Blasey Ford has accused President Donald Trump’s US Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 38 years ago. Both people were students, drink involved, groping is alleged, no rape reported in the complaint. Me thinks the lady had better have a saintly passage through life because investigators will be digging. Russell Ford, her husband, told The Washington Post that his wife detailed the alleged assault during a couple’s therapy session in 2012. Hmmm. A midlife crisis perhaps?Christine Blasey was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17 at the time.

A woman who has accused President Donald Trump’s US Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexual misconduct decades ago is willing to publicly testify before a Senate panel set to vote this week on his nomination, her lawyer said on Monday. [More]

Google, Wikipedia and the Lügenpresse

Ever since I was a kid three principles were drummed into me. When you are told something ask three questions
Who says so?
How does he know?
Why is he telling me this?

It has been that way for generations I suppose, even Henry Lawson said, “The Bulletin’s mostly lies,” and they printed his stuff.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the press are not new. The expression Lügenpresse – the lying press is now well known, but the other trick they have – suppress – is now deep in the heart of such things as Wikipedia and Google. They blatantly lie by suppressing other points of view, and have no qualms about it. [More]

Space race

Are we Starting a Military Space Race?

One’s natural instinct is to blame military for the speed at which space equipment is accumulating around the world but one would be wrong. The military is a bureaucracy, it takes forever to develop things individuals can do almost overnight. Possibly all major war developments have occurred by an individual or small group of dedicated people creating a basis from which a weapon or system becomes a reality. Just with guns alone Jonathan Browning, Samuel Colt, Victor Kalashnikov, Richard Jordan Gatling, Gaston Glock, Wilhelm_Mauser, Oliver Winchester or a few that changed the way we kill each other. Lorenzo Ortega discusses a more modern way that the military relies on such individuals and groups to assist their killing effort. [More]

Driving miss Daisy?

Driving Miss Daisy?


Australia still believes in Paris Agreement—led by the nose

Our new Environment Minister Melissa Price is dedicated to the UN edicts that most Australians wish to avoid. Being under the marching orders UN global governance needs serious review, not blind acquiescence. Ms Price said this: “she was confident it was the right decision to give the money to the GBR Foundation.” That indicates concurrence with Turnbull’s gift of $444 million to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Game, set and match for Paris and huge loss for Australia under PM Morrison! The Coalition must learn that appeasing their left faction will see the entire party off at the ballot box!

The Coalition will refocus environment policies on the Abbott-era Direct Action plan, including a rebooted Green Army and a ­reverse auction scheme to ­improve land management and help communities, ­Environment Minister Melissa Price has ­declared. [More]

Pauline Hanson’s view on immigration and assimilation

There are simple basic things about bringing immigrants to Australia. They worked well a century ago and the basics have not changed. They are: the willingness and ability to work and willingness to integrate. Religious teachings of some reject the latter. Today’s policy is loading the nation with those not willing to do either. It is a form of government sponsored apartheid whereby “community leaders” and their groups receive taxpayers’ money to remain segregated—in ghettos like the black crime gangs  in Melbourne. Pauline Hanson writes in The Australian today.

In 2016-17 a total of 40,000 permanent visas were issued to people from sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East. We have issued 291,975 permanent visas to people from these regions in the past decade. [More]

The games politicians play—and collect payment

Have you noticed of late that advances by our political elite are all about personal issues rather than policy matters beneficial to good governance and prosperity to the nation? This week is about women in politics being bullied, presumably by men, if I have that right. Although, the on again, off again, allegations by the supposed aggrieved merely creates another time-wasting matter like that of the SSM debacle that tied up the nation’s business for much of a year by a handful of vocal queers with identity problems better suited to a doctor’s ministrations rather than a national vote costing more than $20 million. So, prepare now for another boring saga of similar crap!

Leaked messages from a Whats­App group chat among female Liberal MPs have revealed a ­damaging split over whether some colleagues should have publicly aired claims of bullying and intimidation in the wake of last month’s bitter leadership spill. [More]

Dave Sharma: not a sure thing for Wentworth

With the various combinations of deals, squeals, preferences and other means coursing the tainted landscape of Australian politics, new boy on the block Dave Sharma, according to his formidable CV, should win in a “canter” as ScoMo likes to say about everything these days. But, numbers man Graham Richardson thinks the latest candidate, Kerryn Phelps, could change the October 20 by-election outcome.

The big lesson from last week’s Liberal Party preselection for the seat of Wentworth is that the rank-and-file membership will not be used as pawns in factional plays or for a de facto quota for women candidates. The other lesson for us all is that to be a preselector in the Liberal Party, you need enormous amounts of patience and perseverance. [More]