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Aussie politics again: give the kid a chance

Yes! A fair go—in ten years.

Coming to a mayoralty near you—Mayor Baby?

The young man whose experience in youth detention helped spark a royal commission has announced he will seek a seat on the Alice Springs Town Council when elections are held next month.

This week two Greens senators are dumped and they want to rocket the party’s collective IQ into double digits with the wisdom of a 22-year-old. Now, a 19-year-old for Alice Spring’s Town Council? He might know something about rotten manners of detention inmates but what about all other administrative issues. What would he do with the unspent $12 million in the total budget of around $35 million. Cheap drugs, perhaps? [More]

BOM to strike for three weeks—so what?

Staff at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) are going on strike for three weeks, after being locked in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions for three years.

The question on the lips of most people interested in what the weather is doing—except getting hotter, is will the forecasters  be mist missed? Zillions of dollars in equipment and they still have to look out the window to see if it’s raining. Tossing a coin gives a 50/50 chance. Morning Mail’s weather person, Indigo Gale, has issued a comprehensive weather outlook for the next 21 days and for 96 seconds into the 22nd day. “Mornings will become brighter as the sun reaches its zenith around midday with afternoons slowly descending into darkness until morning. There will be steady hot winds, mostly from the Southern parliamentary dining room with intermittent gusts. The weather is perfect in Costa del Sol where workers will discuss the matter. [More]

China has toured “secret” ADF facility

(Picture) A worthy “secret” ADF intelligence centre.

A top-ranking Chinese general from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has toured a secretive military facility outside Canberra as part of a low-key “goodwill” visit to meet senior Australian Defence figures.

China, the makers of chop suey and other cheap shit that floods the markets of the West has been busy checking out the underpants drawer of Australia’s “secret” defence. The secrets of which they probably already know all about. They have many good friends like Sam Dastyari and creeps like Andrew Robb ever ready for few pieces of Chinese silver—most likely diecast aluminium fakes, similar to our defence people. [More]

The Lies of Trump’s Critics

Snopes is always a good source to discover if what we read on the internet is factual or rubbish.
Like other media it occasionally displays bias against Trump but for on this occasion it has hit the mark with a solid review of the vicious untruths spread by the lefty press.
It is surprising that under such a constant waterfall of hatred and lies that so many American people still see through the rubbish and still support their President.

Peter Dutton tough cop on the beat for new Home Affairs

Good for Peter Dutton but did Turnbull suck him in as a new supporter. Has Dutton joined the gang of 54?

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s promotion to the new super-portfolio of Home Affairs could see the government’s leading conservative reprising a familiar role to one he played 20 years ago as a Queensland police detective — ­albeit on a grander scale. [More]

Janet Albrechtsen on Donald Trump

It is too bad that US media like NY Times and The Washington Post, rabid haters of president Trump, would never reprint this article by Janet Albrechtsen. It is totally contrary to their agenda of bile and smear. Quiet thinkers who bother to sift the grounds from the coffee are growing more confident as despite the constant smear Trump is kicking goals. The cream is rising to the top, it seems.


John Howard wrapped up a conversation about Donald Trump with The Australian’s Paul Kelly last week rather neatly. He rolled his eyes to high heaven when chairman of the left-leaning US Studies Centre Mark Baillie encouraged the audience to look out for a new paper by the centre’s chief executive, Simon Chapman. It’s called Impeachment 101 and Trump. [More]

Dr. Who??

The world is agape and agog and even in rapture – if you can believe the media, and who doesn’t – at the news that the new Dr. Who is a woman.
Dr Who is a BBC Time Lord, and since the program first appeared, has always been a man. There are plenty of men around – I mean grown men, men now in their fifties and sixties who kept watching “with the kids” because many of Dr Who’s assistants were stupendously sexy. That is Leela in the image by the way.
This creates a problem that nobody at the BBC thought about. The new Dr. Who, being a woman, will need a sexy looking young man as an assistant – and who on earth would want that in their CV? [More]

Politicians: dual citizenship not so cute anymore—see how they run

The new, ” Spot the Aussie-born politician” game in Canberra!

Foreign-born Australian politicians have rushed to reaffirm their right to sit in federal parliament after an unprecedented political fiasco saw Larissa Waters become the latest Greens co-deputy leader forced to resign for failing to ­observe a basic requirement in the Constitution.

This adherence to Section 44 (i) of the Constitution has been a bone of contention if not an avoidance for years. I has been used to rid the political system of threats to the major parties all the while protecting those within their parties. The dead-end dust bin sort of thing. [More]

Greens senate choice: just what Australia needs—a 22-year-old

Disability rights advocate Craig Wallace is urging 22-year-old Greens member Jordon Steele-John to accept the West Australian Senate seat left vacant after Scott Ludlam’s shock resignation. Mr Steele-John has mild cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and is a disability advocate.

This has nothing to do whatsoever with Jordon Steele-John’s disability. It has everything to do with age, with maturity, with life’s experiences to help make sensible and informed decisions with which to pilot the nation’s course to prosperity via judicious hand. We had that other child prodigy Wyatt Roy—didn’t we? [More]