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Hell hath no fury like a poofter scorned

From the Qantas equality manual: “Hunting down the Heterosexuals.”

Yeah, OK, I stole a well known adage and swapped “woman” for “poofter”. But not having an original thought in his head, “Nigel Owens, the referee who handled the 2015 World Cup final, in which Folau figured, paraphrased Martin Luther King Jr in urging the star Wallaby to “judge me and other gay people on the content on their character, not on their sexuality”.

The LGBTIQ hounds have jumped the fence and race yapping and lisping across the land sniffing out their mortal enemy—the dreaded heterosexuals. Root them out and convert them is the cry. [More]

Fire is a mystery for academics?

Tasmania’s Aboriginal community is working with a Midlands farmer on a research project using ancient fire methods as an alternative to modern fuel reduction burns.

As a firefighter this Editor has always been intrigued about how the Aborigines used controlled burns. I’m sure I have a lot to learn. But the uni boffins must never have played with matches when they were kids. I can tell them that playing with tiny patches of grass on a calm day doesn’t cut it. There is also some confusion about properties of fire. Well … it can be hot, bloody hot, it burns anything in its path including you, can chase you at 100kms per hour for kilometers and is easily identified as it leaves a nasty smell and the conclusive evidence is black, everything is black. I hope that helps. Oh, I forgot one important element—water, truckload after truckload of water. Now, what was I going to say about all that choking smoke that burns your eyes out and scalds your throat? [More]

Syria: the Monty Python of wars

It depends on how you look at this story. Dropping poisoned gas on poor people in the streets kills them. But in the offices and boardrooms of those involved in the Syrian war they are testing a new kind of gas. It’s called “insanity Gas”! It painlessly turns brain matter into porridge. You will agree when you read this amazing account.

Chemical weapons inspectors are in Syria to begin their fact-finding mission at the site of the alleged chemical attack at Douma 10 days ago. But don’t expect any definitive finding that points the finger at Syrian government forces, or any other group. [More]

Albrechtsen: Labor’s beasts lurk in the jungle

The future prosperity of Australia has never looked so grim. While our PM is taking selfies overseas his absolute idiot for a deputy PM, Michael McCormack’s pea-sized brain suffered a serious and would appear, permanent melt down. It seems everybody knew what a goose the man is but that was the best the Nationals had. Turnbull thought he had a good yes man—not a prize drongo. And on the other side is Shorten and the union snake McMannus. We are in trouble.

Janet Albrechtsen:

ACTU boss Sally McManus said on the ABC’s Insiders last Sunday: “It is actually the law of the jungle, and the tigers are winning.” [More]

Boycotts that work.

Some Boycotts Work.

A few weeks ago, the Democratic Party apparatchiks at Media Matters – a selective nitpicking conspiracy of outraged virtue signallers who comb the media for something to be outraged about – organised a boycott against all those companies who advertised on conservative commentator Laura Ingraham’s TV program.

You only have to sigh or pull a face when interviewing a lefty on TV and Media Matters is ready with a list of advertisers to boycott. It’s who they are and it’s what they do. They basically have no other function in life. [More]

It’s Not Fine to Be Fat. Celebrating Obesity Is Irresponsible.

Amazingly, a column in the Guardian (of all papers) this week argues that the fat acceptance movement is wrong to celebrate obesity. It must be a first for the Guardian to go against a politically correct view, the possibility that its argument is true makes it even more amazing. There are many of us that spend our lives trying to remove fat because we instinctively know it’s not healthy to be overweight, yet there are those, normally extremely overweight, who want to encourage others to join them, good to see Lizzie Cernik arguing against such nonsense. [More]

Big money blows away when the wind don’t blow!

Someone wrote: “The wind whispered secrets in its own incomprehensible language.”

MM’s philosophy and linguistic professor, Dunger Turnbuckle, has figured out the ‘language’ spoken by the spivs and wind farm illusionists. It’s something akin to the language probably used by Ned Kelly, “I’m here to rob all youse dopes what don’t know nuthin—stand and deliver!” Yes, it’s exactly the same as taking candy from kids. Note the following encouragement for manufacturers—to go offshore!

Unfavourable winds appear to have clipped the wings of the wind farms in the national electricity market, with their actual power production coming in about 11 per cent below their claimed production capacity in the year to July 2017. Only four wind farms connected to the NEM that services Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia exceeded their claimed capacity in 2016-17. [More]

Still believe in the bank manager’s advice and honesty?

When John O’Grady wrote his best selling book, “They’re a Weird Mob” with its character “Nino Culotta” he could never have guessed just how weird his society would become. In the sixties when Nino Culotta amused us, bank mangers held high position in society. Official documents included official witness. A crooked cop like Roger Rogerson could sign approval for a handgun to a citizen he deemed eligible. A character reference from a bank manager, or a priest, or a crooked doctor, an alcoholic JP, even a politician was gold—a get you out of jail free—literally! But today, you wouldn’t trust any of them as this article establishes. They are the last mob to be trusted!

Investors yesterday delivered a vote of no confidence in the Australian financial system’s fifth pillar, AMP, carving 4.4 per cent from its share price in a selling frenzy that erupted as details of its shoddy corporate governance and poor risk culture spilled out into a Melbourne courtroom. About $600 million was slashed from AMP’s market capitalisation yesterday as the head of its financial advice division, Jack Regan, gave evidence to the banking royal commission that included admitting the company misled the regulator at least 20 times over just one issue. [More]

Anzac Day, an opportunity for academia to spew their bile.

With Anzac day only a few days away we must prepare ourselves for the onslaught of sneering academics and the media invertebrates that feed upon their offensive anti-Anzac bile.

Each year at this time we are confronted with the hateful screeching from left wing academic elites, journalists and other assorted haters. They are incapable of understanding that their foul diatribe branding our veterans murderers, rapists and gutless white imperialists is so offensive. [More]

Israel Folau:

don’t dare upset the poof brigade’s agenda

So much power in the hands of about 3%

See how the PC dedicated hypocrites scramble to be holier than thou over footballer Israel Folau’s firmly held beliefs on homosexuality. All those pea-brained poor sods that allowed principle and good judgement to swept up in the SSM hysterical tide of queers orchestrated bullying should hang their heads in shame. The warnings were ignored and now look at the social disruption. Opinions and expressions are acceptable only if they suit the LGBTIQ bullies—and Alan Joyce! Boycott those sponsors named in this article. Hit the bastards in their hip pocket and email your displeasure. Funny how to agree is wonderful, not to agree is punishable!

Rugby Australia’s decision not to sanction Israel Folau yesterday has failed to convince a number of its sponsors, with one key corporate partner last night revealing it would pull its support from the code and others reviewing their position. However, other Wallabies partners have recommitted in the wake of the Folau controversy, saying that rugby should be inclusive of all views, including religious freedoms. [More]