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Nick Cator: the NEG interventionists

In 2001: A Space Odyssey, mission commander Dave Bowman starts to panic when HAL the computer shows signs that it is not, after all, infallible.

“I know I’ve made some very poor decisions recently,” HAL says, “but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal.”

Half a century after the release of Stanley Kubrick’s movie, a similar anxiety is creeping in among the more thoughtful members of the political class as the frailties of computer modelling threaten to abort their mission to create a just, sustainable and peaceful society. [More]

The inevitable: Turnbull must GO!

For God’s sake get on with it!

At the 9am meeting: Stop dithering, show some political courage, the man is a complete flop, he has intentionally destroyed the Liberal Party and his time is up now—today, not tomorrow!

Malcolm Turnbull has lost the confidence of half of his Liberal Party cabinet colleagues as the Prime Minister’s backers admit they are bracing for a leadership challenge from Home Affairs Minister and leading Queensland conservative Peter Dutton. [More]

Were they born in Australia?

With Turnbull’s mega distractions commanding, the mad mullas have been toiling away behind huge iron gates building a lovely hideaway for ritual and spiritual guidance in the fashion of Islam. Even more wonderful is that these cretins have bestowed upon themselves legal dispensation. Yep! Australian law means Jack-Shit to Allaha’s disciples. Were these people born in Australia? If not, tomorrow would would be a good day for deportation. A new kind of nipping trouble in the bud—something our pollies never do!

Council workers visiting a rural property in Sydney’s north-west used by a religious group were told police needed the riot squad and a Polair helicopter when accompanying them due to safety concerns, a court has heard. [More]

Indonesia: great to have such neighbours so close!

If anything should have caused international outrage it has to be this story. It shows the depth of indoctrination of very young minds with that first step into the wide and wonderful world of Islam and all its horror. A name that has changed the world. A name that has no place to be if freedom and peace is to be enjoyed—as it once was!

A kindergarten in Indonesia’s East Java province has come under fire for dressing children in niqabs and having them carry fake assault rifles for a local Independence Day parade. [More]

Australia: taking its eye of the Chinese ball

You have to hand it to China, they are clever, relentless and determined. While Malcolm Turnbull’s trademark ‘faecal touch’ puts the nation into lockdown, as he did with SSM, China presses even harder for their ambitious Belt and Road project. China has already co-opted John Mansfield Brumby AO, the former Victorian Labor Party politician who was Premier of Victoria from 2007 to 2010. Mr Brumby is also the current national president of the Australia China Business Council and an independent director of Huawei Australia. The dictionary has a special descriptor for that!

Beijing: Veteran Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad lived up to his reputation for straight talk, calling for “fair trade” and warning against a new colonialism in a joint press conference with Chinese premier Li Keqiang. [More]

The dancing criminals of Iran

Take a good look at her – this is Maedeh Hojabri another of the dancing criminals of Iran.

She is in the can right now – the Muslims of Iran jugged her after the religious police knocked at her door.

She was doing her dance routines in her home then posting them on Instagram.

She was a hit among other criminals of Iran who like to see young women dancing and like to copy her.

If reports can be believed she has 600,000 followers and there may be more after the reaction of the Mad Mullahs. [More]

Saudi-Canadian Spat Highlights Western Hypocrisy

Getting to the Middle Ages is not about time machines, it’s a geographical issue.
You can have an authentic Middle Ages experience right now in Saudi Arabia who practice the Wahhabi version of Sunni Muslim – hot contender for the most extreme version of the Religion of Peace.

Good examples of their extreme nature would be the guardianship system over adult women, or the sponsorship system that’s not unlike a master/slave relationship over guest workers.

We bow and scrape to these retards from a previous time, forgiving their cruelty is beyond logic.

Rachel Marsden discusses one country’s dilemma in dealing with savages. [More]

Canada also has a lousy PM in Trudeau


Newspoll goes missing this Monday?

Labor takes 10 point lead!

The Fairfax Ipsos poll Steps in where Newspoll goes missing. “In its worst result since early last year, the Coalition now trails Labor by 45 to 55 per cent in two-party terms in a result that would cost the government more than 20 seats at a general election.”

Monday, however, is a specific day for Newspoll as it marked the Turnbull determined 30th consecutive Tony Abbott loss to Labor in 2015. That triggered a disgusting split in Coalition unity as Malcolm Turnbull plotted for his long time dream—the Prime Minister of Australia. In the coming days Tony Abbott sat on political death row waiting for his supporters to find a way to thwart the usurper. Under the thrall of Mr Turnbull that stay of hope did not come. But the executioner’s call did, via a cabal of traitorous backstabbers—a shiv in the back—driven between the shoulder blades, delivered under the cloak of darkness on Monday September 14th 2015. [More]

We assume Richo doesn’t like Mr Turnbull

“It is hard to remember a time when a government looked in such terminal decay.”

This was Rico’s column yesterday in The Australian in case you missed it. It pulls no punches and most would agree. One might even feel a bit sorry for Malcolm—until you review the true nature of the man via his past record.

The PM could not have been more effective in his task if his ­primary aim had been to destroy the Liberal Party from the grassroots to the top of the tree. Malcolm Turnbull is a dead man walking: the only question on his leadership is whether it will be taken out first by the electorate or the Liberal Party caucus. [More]