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PC gone totally insane!

PC gone totally insane!

Janet Albrechtsen, the unerring matriarch of common sense at The Australian takes issue with the PC morons who decided the 74-year-old song, Baby, it’s Cold Outside, was an invitation to date rape to a musical score. No one could draw a longer bow than that, most of us once thought. It is of concern that the issue got any traction whatsoever—but it did, and that indicates that the good work from all PC busters is not yet done. These cretins need to be rooted out and named, put on a register and painted green or psychedelic pink so that sensible citizens can avoid their infestation wherever they be. Wishful thinking. Anyway, Ms Albrechtsen explains the wicked path taken by the PC screwballs and how they sandbagged those of us that never imagined such rubbish could drive the push for control over our every though, word and deed.

Serious media outlets are debating whether it is permissible to play a 74-year-old flirty song synonymous with Christmas. Baby, It’s Cold Outside has been struck from some radio stations, dissected in The New York Times and discussed on Fox News and CNN. [More]

Gatwick drones: Man and woman from Crawley held

A 47-year-old man and 54-year-old woman from Crawley are being questioned over multiple drone sightings that brought Gatwick Airport to a standstill.

Flights were grounded for more than 36 hours when drones were first spotted close to the runway on Wednesday night.

The airport has since reopened and flights were operating on schedule, but there were still long queues and some knock-on delays, a spokesman said. [More]

Politics: the noble profession—NOT!

Disgraced National’s MP Andrew Broad being caught out fiddling with naughty girls overseas while boasting of great importance to Australia’s political hierarchy has stirred the rats in Labor’s dirty tricks department. Innuendo and leaks on social media has prompted Queensland federal MP George Christensen to defend himself, why or about precisely what we are not sure. Until George sues the unnamed Labor mud-slingers the truth about his visits to questionable parts of Asia known for naughty things won’t be known. Who will be next on the yet to be launched, #ThemToo coterie of alternate lifestyle proponents as guilty sods cower under their beds?

Queensland federal MP George Christensen has identified himself as the politician at the centre of allegations about travel to South-East Asia, dismissing them as part of a vile hate campaign. News Corp Australia this week reported Australian Federal Police (AFP) launched inquiries into an MP because of trips he made to parts of Asia known for prostitution and drugs, and suggestions he sent money to bank accounts in the region. [More]

Warning of deaths over solar panel installations

The heavy lifter at The Australian, Simon Benson has addressed several safety problems with solar panels. It follows the ugly and incompetent path of Labor’s brain-fart, pink bats in more ways than one. The serious matter for all firefighters whether rural, town or state brigades are rooftop panel installations without reachable from the ground circuit breakers and other safety concerns mentioned by Mr Benson in his article. The lure of government money and greater profit by cutting corners, as it was with pink bats, creates a lethal environment, as it was with pink bats.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor has written to his state counterparts to warn that lives could be at risk from unsafe or sub-standard solar panel installations, with a national audit report finding up to one-quarter of all rooftop units ­inspected posed a severe or high risk. [More]

No merry Christmas in NT with Labor

One of a trio of dumped Northern Territory Labor Government members has said that there had been a “concerted effort” to drive them out of the party, with damaging email leaks manufactured by Government advisors.

Living in their own little thought bubbles, Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner and his band of cut-throat followers again demonstrate to Australian voters Labor’s rulebook of political behaviour. The rules are the same throughout all tiers of Labor administration. You could say it is a no prisoners taken ethos—slithering about on dark nights, back-stabbings, lies and deceit and a disconnect from reality, not to mention financial vandals. Hmm, strikingly similar to their counterpart, the Coalition!

Aboriginal Affairs and Primary Industry and Resources Minister Ken Vowles, Assistant Minister Jeff Collins and backbencher Scott McConnell were ejected from the Labor Caucus on Friday after a series of leaked emails earlier this week exposed dissent within the party regarding the NT’s ballooning debt and how the Government is handling it. [More]

The US Wall

The Wall

What is overlooked in the hoo-hah about the US border wall is that Trump can’t lose.

The reason is that this is an issue easily understood.

When the East Germans built their wall, European communism was doomed. You can see a wall, you can photograph yourself against the wall, it’s there, its solid.

When people risked their lives – and lost them – the wall was in all the photographs.

It is not like Obamacare, vague and watery and ill defined. It is not like an immigration policy with thousands of appeals to see what is meant and what was said and how it can be got around. [More]

Wanted: new conservative fighters

Well I hope Tony treads this article, we need him to have the balls to stand up for those that believe in conservative values. This belief values people that take personal responsibility for their actions, that integrates and has obligations to their community, want the individual to flourish in terms of pursuing goals and achieving fulfillment, want less control over the individual, don’t like fixed political doctrines and desires good social order and security along with freedom, rights and equality. Values that both Labor and Liberals seem to be losing, that is if they ever had them. Now more than ever we need a leader to articulate and drive these values in our country. Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.) argues the same: [More]

Deadly blast in Wisconsin


All about GetUp’s dictatorial structure

The lemming mentality used by GetUp!

Brad Norington in today’s Weekend Australian provide a very in-depth legal explanation of GetUp’s corporate structure. Also exposed is the tactics GetUp uses to sway voters to their cause. However, apart from explaining GetUp’s potential power as a group it never gets mentioned that the voter has the ultimate power to place their vote how they choose, not how GetUp chooses. Every voter should know by now that campaign advertising is bristling with bullshit, even absolute lies and deceptions and nothing can be done about it. The laws believe it is the voter’s responsibility to decide for themselves and it is. Therefore, the solution to GetUp’s reported power is to ignore every word they proffer—it really is as simple as that. Do your homework!

When the GetUp activist group mobilises its army of volunteer supporters in next year’s election campaign, the plan is to target the seats of high-profile Coalition MPs such as Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton. It will not be the first time ­Abbott and Dutton have faced an aggressive GetUp onslaught. They survived in 2016, but some of their conservative colleagues did not. [More]

Climate: when the sky turned green over Sydney

Sydney skies turned green during mother nature’s latest attack upon her spoilers.

There are lots of theories floating around the internet, but Dr Joshua Soderholm, a research scientist at Monash University, can clear up a little of the mystery. “There’s been a number of theories that have actually been slowly disproven by science over the years,” he said. “People originally started by thinking that it was the grass; somehow the green light coming off the grass was reflected through the storm back into people’s eyes.”

Morning Mail’s cloud dreaming division knows why the sky turned green frightening many into believing it was a Martian attack. MM’s reporter was alerted to peculiar behaviour at Bankstown regional airport at 11am on the day of the storm. What appeared to be the Greens leader Di Natale and that other idiot Sarah Hanson-Mungbean were observed filling huge weather monitoring balloons with a green powder and sent aloft. At the required altitude, air pressure would burst the balloons allowing the green powder to mix with the rain. A class action against the Greens by those caught in the weather is expected from those whose clothing turned green. [More]