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SE Queensland:

water, water everywhere and not a drop was saved

When will we ever learn?

Yes, a disastrous continuum at the hands of those bloody Greens to halt the prosperity of this nation. And that damned fool Tim Flannery and his expensive and erroneous predictions.

“The people are out of the cars that is the main priority.”Another two people had to be rescued from floodwaters at Maleny, while a woman were rescued from their car after it was swept away by floodwaters at Kobble Creek north-west of Brisbane. In Brisbane, cars have been stranded in low-lying areas, where drivers continued to ignore safety warnings. Mt Gravatt had the most rainfall with 112 millimetres over Thursday night into Friday.

The Conversation October 27 2014: The agricultural green paper released last week proposes 27 new water and irrigation projects, which the government claims will be necessary for Australia’s agricultural expansion. The emphasis is firmly on dams, with federal agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce arguing that “water is wealth and stored water is a bank”. Joyce also implied that dam-building has hit a slump, blaming the environmental movement’s hostility to dams. [More]


Read The Australian, Fairfax, Daily Telegraph, watch the ABC news and commentary, ditto for Channels 1-99, and it will be discovered that Theresa May is the most hopeless British leader since Ethelred the Unready, or Percy the Plonker – at least on matters concerning Brexit.

Her critics get the chorus right, they just can’t agree on the words of the verses.

At Prime Minister’s Questions time, Tulip Siddiq (Socialist) was in no doubt. Mrs May, she howled, was “in hot pursuit of a hard Brexit”. [More]

Pickering: Turnbull—the rat with a gold tooth

The breaking of a sexual complaint against Barnaby Joyce ended his vow to go nowhere. The fight was over and he did go somewhere—the backbench, thus ending yet another stench in Australian politics at the hands of the apprentice alchemist Malcolm Turnbull. Malcolm lurches from blunder to blunder. His successes are few although notable for their marksmanship in treachery. The slimy backstabbing of Tony Abbott and the political destruction of Barnaby Joyce, the latter achieved while swanning about half the world away. There will be many conservatives relieved that the Barnaby mess is more or less settled. What is also settled is that many conservative fence-sitters will never vote Liberal while the name Turnbull is uttered. Revenge will be exacted no matter the cost. Larry Pickering wrote this article before Mr Joyce’s resignation yesterday. It will make sense to many who have watched politics become the cesspool it is and offer a wry smile at the thought of poetic justice.

The next NATs’ Party meeting could set Australia back on track by deciding to reverse what Turnbull tried to do to them. Turnbull made no secret of the fact he was trying to get the NATs to sack Barnaby. Well, that’s heresy and guess what, as I have been saying from day one, Barnaby is going nowhere, it’s Turnbull who should be worried. [More]

Clintons’ Final Con?

Following the Clintons’ final con

For years, I have been saying that the Clintons lie when they do not have to, and that they tell a gigantic whopper when a little white lie would be perfectly adequate. This time-honored observation explains many of their past run-ins with the law.

Now, in the lurid aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s surprising defeat by Donald Trump, we see a variation of my observation playing itself out. Eventually, it will probably land some of Clinton’s associates in jail; it will possibly snag even her. In 2016, despite being well ahead in the polls, the Clintons committed various misdemeanors when they did not have to, and they and their associates committed obvious felonies when simple misdemeanors would have been perfectly adequate. [More]

Miranda Devine must drink Turnbull Kool-Aid?

Ms Devine seems to be off course again with her cloying praise of Mr Turnbull at a time when few find little reason for that, especially given the dreadful mess in which both Turnbull and Joyce have placed themselves and the affairs of parliament. To begin with, Turnbull’s sex code on parliamentarians is absurd. What next, a ministerial edict on the correct way to use toilet paper? It’s as stupid as that! Are we to assume that politicians have no decent breeding? No manners, no understanding of decency? No concept of right and wrong. Marriage vows respected while expedient? OK the questions are rhetorical. If a Turnbull sex code is required, then they are an amoral, ill-bred bunch of opportunistic adventurers pioneering a life at our expense. Which appears to be more the truth. [More]

Another one: Unicef’s boss Justin Forsyth resigns

Ex-Save the Children chief executive Justin Forsyth has resigned from Unicef as he says he does not want coverage of his past to “damage” the charities. Mr Forsyth faced three complaints of inappropriate behaviour towards female staff before leaving Save the Children, the BBC reported this week. He was accused of sending inappropriate texts and commenting on what young female staff were wearing. [More]

Are we watching the rise of  Tony Abbott?

Abbott makes good sense where Turnbull fails.

We know Tony Abbott is a political fighter and many have wondered why he hasn’t fought harder against his nemesis Malcolm Turnbull? Tony has been rather busy this week with excellent articles that punch away at his spineless detractors that prefer midnight gatherings and white ant dinners. Perhaps Mr Abbott sniffs the wind of serious party disarray under the faecal touch of Turnbull who can proudly take the responsibility for the loss of millions of conservative voters and millions of dollars in donations—not to mention party workers that left in anger. Like a rusty old car full of plastic bogg that shakes free with every bump in the road Turnbull is being exposed for what he is—as Richo says, the mob have worked him out.

Tony Abbott has launched a broadside at senior Turnbull cabinet ministers, telling them he “knows more about winning elections than anyone in the parliament”. The former prime minister hit back at Coalition colleagues after coming under attack following a speech he delivered this week calling on Malcolm Turnbull to halve Australia’s immigration program, returning to Howard-era targets. [More]

Barnaby’s copping it again—so don’t blame us!

This is God punishing Barny for not releasing the Halal report—should have done it mate!

The sharks are circling for Barnaby while the orchestra leader is away—how very convenient!

Whether this latest accusation against Barnaby is found to be true really doesn’t matter. It appears the knife is in and this new complaint will be used to push the poor bugger of the edge, despite his vows of going nowhere. All it needs for the party gallows platform to drop is another one or more complainants to surface. Andrew Broad smells blood in the water and so would the invisible McCormack who can’t be bothered replying to letters from constituents. Maybe Barnaby still has a few powerful friends and can pull this one off—it won’t be easy because many of them have been well trained by the boss in the disgraceful art of backstabbing!

Barnaby Joyce has come under renewed pressure after Nationals federal president Larry ­Anthony yesterday confirmed the party’s executive was assessing a sexual harassment complaint lodged against him.
Mr Anthony said the complaint, made by a West Australian woman, was being “taken seriously” and treated with “strict confidentiality”. [More]

Banning sex has consequences

Well, well… look whose name turnips up here!

Just when you thought the Harvey Weinstein flash, grab and grope mania had lost the media’s keen interest, NSW politics must have felt left out, especially given Barnaby Joyce’s new disaster, so along comes Matt Kean who seems to be excessively keen to be the next player to be eviscerated by MSM. MM expects more to come in this game and has therefore begun a political sex files department and will soon deploy suitable perverts correspondents to sneak around for headlines. No more privacy folks—good-old-Mal!

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matt Kean has been caught out by his girlfriend — who works for Malcolm Turnbull — sending explicit text messages asking a fellow state Liberal MP for sex. Mr Kean last night told The Daily Telegraph that his two-year relationship­ with Caitlin Keage, a senior prime ministerial adviser, had ended suddenly in “spectacular” fashion. [More]

Trump and the prostitutes

The big question that has got all the media excited is whether Trump worked with the Russians to influence the election. Well, it never had legs to begin with. The Russians were as bad as everyone else at analysing the likely vote and were just as astonished as Hillary Clinton was at the result.
But there was a suggestion of photographs in existence showing him with prostitutes, laughing it up, provided by the Russians, and this appears to be true.
One must judge the seriousness for oneself of course, but the photos are there, and regretfully must speak for themselves. [More]