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Refugees: Labor’s welcome mat

If this was in France bigger riots on the streets would happen!

This chilling tale by Simon Benson in The Australian today should have all but the bloody Greens choking on their breakfasts. Clearly, lessons from the European experiment with refugees are being ignored by a two-bit Labor hack whose only goal in life is to sit his bum on the parliamentary throne—nothing to with the nation’s welfare and prosperity. Are voters really that stupid??

The pledge to end Labor’s boat arrivals hangover by offering the remaining asylum-seekers permanent residency through the abolition of the government’s temporary protection visa system came as The Australian established that the cost of managing the ongoing caseload of applicants had reached more than $2 billion.

It will please all those pensioners that the Coalition stripped when they moved the assets test goalposts. And, to watch the bloody hypocrite Josh Frydenberg yelling across Parliament at Labor for wanting to further rob pensioners makes one sick—sick of those damned liars. Good morning! [More]

Roger has died—did you know him?

Condolences are pouring into The Kangaroo Sanctuary at Alice Springs after it announced the 12-year-old’s death on Facebook over the weekend. Poor Roger was a bloody big kangaroo with a physique like Arnold Schwarzsenneger whose reputation went viral after crushing a metal drum. Roger’s death has made the front page of the BBC and other international publications. It seems he had quite a fan club. Sandra wallace, a resident of “The Alice” had a poster of Roger in her bedroom, she said his muscled body was human-like. MM thinks Roger might have been a Moslem because he had about 12 wives?

On the famous bucket photo, Barnes explained: “I was feeding Roger and put down the bucket to get some water.

“He maybe saw his reflection, and before I knew it he had gone crazy and bear hugged it — crushing it in a second. A big kangaroo is renowned for crushing dogs trying to kill them. They don’t mess.” [More]

UN Green Climate Fund needs more money from Australia


In her day Julia Gillard ‘fast tracked’ millions to the UN Green Climate Fund.

Obedient servant to the UN, Australia has been asked to change its mind about withdrawing support for a multi-billion-dollar UN Green Climate Fund, as a shortage of finance has emerged as a key stumbling block to progress in talks in Poland on implementing the Paris Agreement. Environment Minister Melis­sa Price was due to arrive in ­Poland today for the final week of negotiations to finalise a rulebook to make the Paris Agreement operat­ional. According to Graham Lloyd, Environment Editor for The Australian. [More]

QLD train doomed from the start

Oh dear, not the sort of thing Queenslanders want to hear considering opposition to the present Labor government is not exactly flavour of the month. This New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) came to pass in 2008, signed off in 2013 and the first train delivered in 2017 at a cost of $4.4 billion to the happy taxpayers.

A multi-billion-dollar contract to build new trains for Queensland was flawed from the start, leaving all 75 new trains not complying with disability access laws, an inquiry has found. Retired District Court judge Michael Forde conducted the inquiry into the procurement of the 75 trains, and their failure to comply. Mr Forde found the initial design, signed off by the Newman Government in 2013, broke the law, but was still approved for construction. [More]

Bastards Incorporated

The realisation with us common folk is growing that bankers are an trustless pack of monopolistic bastards, that politicians are the same but additionally that many are intellectually negligible slogan-driven bastards, and that journalists are the same but with peculiar Marxist prismatic views.
What has not penetrated so deeply into consciousness is that they all share a common trait. They are the products of their education and it is the degree of exposure to university academics that indicates the size of their blinkers.
The myth that soft topic academics – philosophy, women’s rights, social justice – are chin pulling thoughtful well-meaning and tolerant intellectuals will be I hope the last of the myths to fall and they will join the bankers and politicians. [More]

Will Corporate and Government green-washing save earth from inflated or phony eco scares?

Idiot Climate scientist, Will Steffen, said it was entirely possible for local councils to make a real difference in reducing carbon emissions.
“The global estimate is — and I think this is true for Australia — that about 70 per cent of the total emissions can be tracked back to cities and towns,” Professor Steffen said. “That’s where the action occurs in terms of economic activity, energy use, and so on.” [Glory, this is so insightful! I never notice before that Boggabilla, Berry, and Black Stump had hardly any railways, traffic.. [More]

A dog’s loyalty knows no end


China’s threats over Huawei arrest

As to be expected from China’s President Xi Jinping’s established bullying tactics against any and all of those that dare to oppose his views and wishes has warned of, “serious consequences” if Ottawa does not immediately release Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei chief financial officer who was arrested last week for US law violations. If extradited to the US, Meng would face charges of conspiracy to defraud numerous financial institutions, a Canadian court heard on Friday. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years.

Beijing has adopted a harsh new tone against Canada, summoning the country’s ambassador to China and threatening “serious consequences” if Ottawa does not immediately release Meng Wanzhou, the Huawei chief financial officer. The warning issued by the Chinese foreign ministry late Saturday marks a shift in response from China. Initially China faulted both Canada and the U.S. for the arrest of Ms. Meng, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, a former army engineer who built his company into China’s largest private enterprise. Now it appears China is setting its sights on Canada, specifically. [More]

It should mean Labor’s death knell

When ever you hear the name Ged Kearney, former ACTU president and now Labor MP, you can guarantee a dose of Marxist disaster masquerading as policy. If this article by Troy Bramston in today’s Australian does not sound the death knell for Labor nothing else will! We can only hope that enough on Labor’s centre right has the power to thwart this madness infecting their left faction. Maybe it could destroy the party to the same extent of the Turnbull effect on the Coalition. Now that would be a very Merry Christmas indeed?

Labor’s Left faction has unveiled a radical economic, social and foreig­n policy agenda — including on refugees — ahead of the party’s national conference this weekend that could place ­faction bosses on a collision course with the leadership. Senior faction leaders Paul ­Erickson, the party’s assistant ­national secretary, and Rose Jackson, the NSW assistant secret­ary, have urged delegates to support the “most progressive platform Labor has offered in generations” and go further with even bolder policies. [More]

Newspoll: no Christmas pressie for ScoMo

Simon Benson at The Australian must experience a state of déjà vu every time he has to crunch the numbers handed down by Newspoll regarding the government. PM Scott Morrison, a man of strong religious faith, must wonder why he deserves that immovable anchor around his neck weighted so heavily by his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull. This year’s religious observance of Christmas and ‘peace among all mankind’ might well allow the caveat—except that mongrel waffler! Nevertheless, it does beggar belief that given Labor’s dedication to plunge a dagger into the heart of the nation via its advertised policies that Labor rates in double digits at all! Maybe it’s hypnosis of the masses?

Scott Morrison will head to the Christmas break with the titanic task of turning around a damaged government before the May election, with the Coalition ending 2018 in the grip of a poll slump. An exclusive Newspoll conducted for The Australian shows the Coalition now battling the same electoral crisis Malcolm Turnbull was faced with at the end of last year, with popular support remaining historically low. [More]