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Latham takes NSW Upper House seat

A seat in NSW Upper House requires above the 4.5% quota. Mark Latham scored an assuring 5.85%. That should have both Labor and the Coalition worried about One Nation’s performance in the federal elections expected in May, particularly in Queensland where they are making ground.

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham will make a return to politics as a One Nation MP in the NSW upper house, with a small possibility the party could win a second seat. One Nation had already received enough votes to secure Mr Latham an eight-year term in the NSW Legislative Council with counting expected to continue for more than a week. Psephologist Kevin Bonham said with half of all primary votes for the upper house counted, Mr Latham had received more than a quota.

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Labor’s Michael Daley must go

Given one of Labor’s worst showing in the NSW elections on Saturday the drums of war should begin to pound despite Dubious Daley’s announcement to continue as NSW Labor leader. Daley proved himself to be a cheap spruiker of rubbish almost every time he opened his mouth—a candidate way out of his depth and sinking rapidly. Labor would be really stupid to keep around. He is a political liability just as his predecessor Luke Foley was. Both have proven to be fibbers.

Michael Daley has vowed to remain as leader of the NSW Labor Party, amid the likelihood he will be challenged for the top job in the wake of Labor’s disastrous state election result.
It comes as Kogarah MP Chris Minns indicated he would challenge for the leadership if he held onto his seat, which was still on a knife’s edge as counting continued on Sunday. [continue reading…]

Government maths are no mystery
As previously revealed by The Australian, the unreleased MARIA modelling has found projections of the share of GDP Australia spends on the Age Pension is “consistent” with a fall of 2.7 per cent last year to 2.5 per cent in 2038 — significantly lower than previous estimates of the cost of providing the pension.
You wouldn’t trust Treasury with a child’s piggy bank. The economic geniuses are surprised by the falling cost of pensions. No doubt a subject thought just too risky with a federal election only weeks away is the vote losing matter of this government’s theft of pensioners’ and part pensioners’ money seized by moving the assets-test goal posts. $2.4 billion clawed back would lower pension costs you bloody fools. Roll on polling day, the baseballs are beside the doors of many.

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NZ: trouble ahead for Ardern’s gun laws

As the dust among the grief settles somewhat in NZ following the Christchurch Mosque shooting, gun owners are beginning to understand what their PM has in store with her new controls. Ardern’s leap to action over gun laws has won her world wide approbation but like all political knee-jerk reactions practicality is the stick in the mud. Ardern will soon find out that the old gun possession laws will make it virtually impossible to know who owns what and how many.

On the outskirts of Christchurch, the gates of the gun clubs are locked — closed until further notice.n”I don’t think we’re the most popular people in New Zealand right now,” one gun club president told me. Another president I spoke to was more blunt.

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130 Muslims killed in Mali

Not only white supremacists are attacking Muslims as reported in this article published by Reuters. However, it would be fair to say that this incident is not related to the NZ Mosque shooting. But it does highlight that yet another mass murder incident does involves Muslims, bearing in mind that ‘Islam is the religion of peace’.

A group of gunmen who disguised themselves as traditional hunters have surrounded a Mali village and killed at least 134 Fulani herders. It was the deadliest such attack of recent times in a region reeling from worsening ethnic and jihadist violence. The Fulani ethnic group are semi-nomadic, primarily Muslim and live in various West African nations. [continue reading…]

Sexual Orthodoxy
Under Politically Correct tyranny, truth is not merely discouraged, untruth is truth and you will acknowledge the untruth or else.
This particularly applies to sex.
A “transgender woman” is what we are expected to call a deranged man who presents himself as a woman. We are also expected to refer to such men with feminine pronouns so as to actively endorse the lie that they really are women despite the objective biological fact that they are not.
One way of doing this is to prosecute someone for a ‘hate’ crime for calling Arthur, Martha. [continue reading…]

Nuclear conflict and political scandal eclipse climate change as existential threat

Thank heaven the Brits invented cricket because if they had not then we might not be here. Let me explain.
At least 40 Indian paramilitary police have been killed in a bomb attack by militants on their convoy in Indian-administered Kashmir. The religion of peace Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e-Mohammad said it was behind the attack. [continue reading…]
Morrison Vs Aly: Same story different view

While shredding the pile of unsold copies of the SMH for the worm factory, Fairfax’s editor must have grabbed the fresh-faced Michael Koziol’s Marxist tail after he read about the PM Morrison and Waleed Aly’s interview on ABC’s The Project and said: You know what to do boy, get after ’em, dig up old stuff, reframe it like it was new, never stay with the facts, facts are only perceptions, we see things differently here in the Fairfax stables boy—do you get it? Read News Corp’s article here. As MM commenter Wallace said, “Dimwit outwits twit.”

Michael Koziol: There’s a particular posture Scott Morrison adopts when he’s pushing back in an interview. He leans back in his chair, clasps his hands together and crosses one leg over the other. Often his voice will pitch up in tone or he’ll adopt an air of incredulity, as if signalling the question is stupid or the answer obvious. Sometimes he’s probably right. I’ve seen this up close myself and the country saw it in full bloom during his 35-minute interview with Waleed Aly on The Project on Thursday night. [continue reading…]

NSW: Liberal Berejiklian prevails

Sheep wear tracks on mountainsides and paddocks on their way to places only a sheep knows. But the beleaguered voters in Australia also leave well worn tracks to the polling booths. The same faces are seen at the same booths doing the same thing with unfathomable ballot papers the size of a beach towel—names and parties completely unknown—all vying for a seat at the taxpayers’ smorgasbord of plenty. Local elections, state elections, federal elections, double dissolutions and who can remember how many damned by-elections caused by cooks, cheats, disloyal, etc that quit before term? Millions of dollars wasted. In a few weeks we will have another. Leave your tent still pitched at the polling booth. Your car knows the way!

Gladys Berejiklian is on the brink of retaining majority government as she makes history in becoming the first popularly-elected female NSW Premier but the collapse of the Nationals vote in several rural seats will renew pressure on federal Nationals leader Michael McCormack. [continue reading…]

They sway under the snake charmer’s flute

It’s as though the Leftie hand wringers are mesmerised by an Indian snake charmer’s mournful flute seemingly unable to escape. Maybe it is the hypnotic movement of the flute that attracts so many politicians, much the same as a hungry trout is to a shiny lure? It is a sort of ritual that funerals create, a venue for the accidental mourner that will traverse the globe to be there and be seen there. A gathering where perfect strangers huddle in search of unity. It is true that people do join funeral processions on route to the graveyard never knowing the departed. Maybe it’s for the free grog and sandwiches at the wake? But, as Gerard Henderson points out in The Australian a bandwagon is created.

Gerard Henderson:Without question, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has handled the aftermath of the Christchurch terrorist attack with exceptional empathy. This has led to a situation where, more than ever, she has been embraced by the left-of-centre media in Australia. Last Sunday, The Sydney Morning Herald’s Peter FitzSimons described Ardern as “one out of the box, a leader for her times”. [continue reading…]