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Politically Correct Piety

At a time when Swedish police abandon stations because they are too dangerous to operate in Muslim communities; at a time when Sweden claims the title of the rape capital of the world; at a time when Swedish major parties oudo one another in truckling to Muslims who despise them, at at time when girls dye their hair black in the hope that a Muslim gang won’t abduct and rape them, it helps to know what stretches the minds of Swedes.

Know firstly that the hot number opposite is Bishop Eva Brunne who since 2001 has been in a registered partnership with Gunilla Lindén. Gunilla is aslo an ordained priest of the Church of Sweden. The couple’s relationship has been blessed by the Church of Sweden and the two have a son, born circa 2006. You have to write circa 2006 because no one knows when or how the lesbian couple got that son. [Read more & Comments]

Chief scientist Finkel is rather green—just like Turnbull

Alan Finkel was a Big Mal selection and we should not forget it was Melvin Trumble who brought us those wretched light bulbs that were so awful in cost, luminosity and “shortgevity” that sent many off for new glasses thinking they were slowly going blind—it was the damned bulbs. So, it’s not surprising that old tine-ear Turnbull chose a likeminded new-wave greenie to steer the nation down the gurgler in true Turnbull style. Alan Finkel has tried many things, a green lifestyle magazine is just one of them. [Read more & Comments]

The new “Queer Power”

This is a festering sore that Turnbull must lance!

Two Liberal MPs have been secretly working on a plan to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia as soon as August, with a draft copy of the laws well advanced and consultation with advocates underway.

We can’t discriminate on a person’s sexuality. But we can discriminate on abuse of power. And that’s exactly what is going on in our parliament, which, at every election adds more homosexuals to the chamber. The mostly single issue queers ignore democracy even though they gobble down the riches of hard working taxpayers to push their gay marriage barrow. They won’t accept the Turnbull promised plebiscite. They intend to subvert democracy for their own selfish sexual perversion which should be nobody’s business but their own. Before voting in the future we must know what we are getting—ask the damned question! [Read more & Comments]

BOM outfoxed by a fox

BOM outfoxed by a fox

Smile for the camera, Brer Fox!

Outfits like the Bureau of Meteorology are a suspicious lot according to climate deniers. Remember that Clive Hamilton bloke, that dopey academic in Victoria who thought the scoffers of global warming should have “deniers” tattooed on their foreheads? Probably so they could be beaten up in the streets for their murderous beliefs. In this case of misinformation about rainfall the BOM was not to blame at all.

A West Australian farmer who collects rainfall data for the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) suspects his precipitation is not just falling from the sky, with a fox making regular contributions to his rain gauge. [Read more & Comments]

Discovery: 97% scientists say communism causes dementia

The Greens party room is considering expelling New South Wales senator Lee Rhiannon because she has already been censured twice for breaking party rules. The federal party’s nine other senators and MPs are furious with Senator Rhiannon for what they argue was deceptive conduct over the Government’s school funding legislation. [Read more & Comments]

The Pause in Global Warming Is Real, Admits Climategate Scientist

Seven or eight years ago it was obvious to most people that global warming had stopped warming, if it ever had been. The world wasn’t getting hotter and the whole thing was really a scam. We now find years later that scientists who push the global warming theory are now coming to the same conclusion. I guess that when your grant relies on a theory, it makes sense that you take so long to observe the facts. [Read more & Comments]

Andrew Bolt exposes a morally bankrupt Team Turnbull

That reprehensible mincing poodle Christopher Pyne has dropped a clanger about his parties intentions for same sex marriage. The jig is up for Turnbull as his woes mount. The Left has control and it will fail.

Bolt: CHRISTOPHER Pyne has let slip what seems Malcolm Turnbull’s final explosive plan for the Liberal Party he’s turned into Labor-lite.
The Defence Industry Minister last Friday tipped the Turnbull Government would deliver same-sex marriage, and grinned: “It might even be sooner than everyone thinks.” [Read more & Comments]

Greg Sheridan tolls the death knell for Team Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull has destroyed the Liberal Party and voters are fleeing his sinking ship. The recent Liberal Party meeting showed a deluded bunch believing their own bullshit stories of accomplishment—totally unbelievable . Today’s Newspoll reports:

Malcolm Turnbull has suffered a backlash in South Australia while losing more ground in the key state of Queensland, according to a new analysis showing voter support for the Coalition has tumbled 6 per cent nationwide since last year’s federal election. Voters in South Australia have turned against the federal government more savagely than in any other state over the past six months, putting Labor ahead 56 to 44 per cent in two-party terms after months of political argument over energy security. [Read more & Comments]

[Read more & Comments]