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Slash Migrant Benefits

Austrian Populist Parties Agree to Slash Migrant Benefits in Coalition Talks

In many countries migrants are entitled to benefits as soon as the arrive. In Australia Refugees—that is, people who have been granted a Protection visa—receive same benefits than other social security recipients. A single refugee receiving Newstart Allowance and sharing rented accommodation would currently receive $573.27 per fortnight (comprised of Newstart Allowance of $492.60 and Rent Assistance of $80.67). This is precisely the same amount that would be received by any other permanent resident of Australia receiving Newstart Allowance. Similarly, any refugees receiving other Australian Government payments such as Disability Support Pension or Age Pension receive such payments at precisely the same rate as is paid to all other permanent residents. The newly arrived resident’s waiting period and qualifying residence requirements are not applied in the case of refugees or humanitarian visa holders.

Other Countries suffer more than we do from the cost of such welfare and are doing something about it. [More]

QLD election: changes in the Palaceduck’s nest

The Liberal National Party’s new leader has thrown out a challenge to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, saying it is “game on”. The party room overwhelmingly declared Deb Frecklington on Tuesday afternoon as the LNP’s best chance of leading its 39 MPs and taking the fight to Labor. Ms Frecklington, the Member for Nanango, won the leadership ballot fighting off a challenge for the top job by former leader John-Paul Langbroek and grassroots campaigner Mark Robinson. [More]

A lesson for the US Army deserter

A US soldier who deserted to North Korea more than half a century ago, has died in Japan aged 77. Charles Robert Jenkins, from the tiny town of Rich Square in North Carolina, was eventually allowed to leave the secretive state in 2004.

This silly bugger would have qualified for medical discharge for being too stupid for words—deserting into North Korea and maybe Russia—Siberia? Yep, the fool made that decision after drinking 10 beers. The beer issue in those days was Budweiser. Best steer clear of that stuff. Had it been Fosters he would have been on his back in his own bed!

In 1965, Mr Jenkins, then a 24-year-old army sergeant nicknamed ‘Scooter’, disappeared one January night while on patrol near the demilitarised zone between the two Koreas. Later, at a court martial in Japan in 2004, he explained his reasons for deserting, saying he wanted to avoid hazardous duty in South Korea and escape combat in Vietnam. [More]

Energy prices: another Turnbull waffle-flop

Malcolm Turnbull recently put a gun to the gas producers’ heads—it was a toy gun and they knew it!

Australia’s domestic gas supplies are increasing, but prices are still too expensive. Those are the key findings of the latest report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into the nation’s gas market.

In September Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, his deputy Barnaby Joyce, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and Treasurer Scott Morrison met with gas giants Origin, Santos and Shell, after warnings about an expected  gas shortage in 2018. He got assurances, he said, for enough electricity to power 100 regional cities for a year. “As a government, we are effective in dealing with the issues before us. We have movement. We are getting further movement and further meetings will happen on Tuesday. This shows what competent Government looks like. If you want to know what a disaster looks like, it looks like South Australia with electricity.” Turnbull’s only “movements” appear restricted to the dunny! Instead of a toy gun more backbone and less ego would be the ticket. [More]

Dastyari quits senate

The Dastyari weasel quits senate but retains his ALP membership [More]

Good news for Huntington’s disease sufferers

While Australia has been paralysed with SSM and the dreaded Dual/Cit psychosis, over in good old Blighty the research team at University College London have been doing something really important for mankind rather than placating a handful of shrill poofs that can now lawfully demand our approbation. The team have made a breakthrough in the controlling Huntington’s disease, a horrible condition that some have described as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and motor neurone disease rolled into one. [More]

And Australia’s Bozo the Clown for 2017 is…

If you’re not sure which of the images is the undisputed Australian clown for 2017 the following article decides.

It’s not surprising, in FitzSimons’ case, that hatred for all but his political ilk, blinds him to reality. His silly bandana must have got soaked in his bile, shrunk and with it his brain. It is, however, a leftist’s want wont to spin the facts for personal satisfaction and there is no greater exponent of that than Pirate Pete. His article below epitomises that in spades, especially with a hated so skewed long before the fat lady sings—a prediction, no less. The QEC confirms the Pirate’s abhorrence that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation won only a single seat. The tale of the tape, however, tells of his beloved Labor Party’s lousy performance and loss of votes, also the amazing success of One Nation. In the 2015 QLD elections Labor totalled 1,084, 060 votes-41.32%. One Nation 24,111 votes-0.92%. The 2017 QLD election found Labor with 957,890 votes-35.43%. One Nation took 371,193 votes-13.73%. Between both elections the QLD enrolment increased from 2,981,145 to 3,229,536-an increase of 248,391. Impressive figures in Marybrough – ON 30.36%. Hervey Bay –  ON 25.23%, GRN – 5.07%. Gympie – ON 29.73%, ALP – 22.38%. Lockyer – ALP 22.90%, ON 34.38%. And Surfers Paradise – LNP 63.23%, ALP – 22.41%. Source: QEC. [More]

Christina Keneally: the captain’s pick he never made

As Saturday draws near and a Liberal win in Bennelong uncertain, Malcolm Turnbull must be wishing his former brain-fart to send Christina Keneally off to the Vatican had occurred instead of big-noting about his importance. Funny thing about political captain’s picks, like the captains doing the picking, both the captains and picks are duds!

Malcolm Turnbull sounded out Kristina Keneally about the ­ambassadorship to the Vatican in a private conversation in 2015, ­according to sources close to the Bennelong candidate. The Prime Minister declined to comment last night, with a spokesman saying: “The Prime Minister doesn’t comment on private ­conversations.” [More]

Dastyari: … stuck his nose in a Chinese bumn and said what a good weasel am I

Round and round the mulberry bush Labor chased the weasel, the weasel stopped to pocket some cash and “pop” went the weasel!

Former Labor leader Kim Beazley has joined a growing chorus of senior opposition figures telling the embattled Sam Dastyari he needs to consider resigning from the Senate in the wake of mounting revelations about his relationship with China. Mr Beazley, a noted defence and foreign policy specialist who also served as Australia’s ambassador to Washington, was speaking after Fairfax Media revealed Senator Dastyari had tried in 2015 to urge then shadow foreign affairs spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek to abandon a meeting with a pro-democracy activist in Hong Kong. [More]

A Simple Koran

The Koran – from the beginning

The Koran is arranged in order of length from longer to shorter chapters, so if you think that you can follow it by starting at the beginning, you can forget it.

Cardinal Pell began that way and reported that after he found fifty invocations to violence he gave up. He had possibly jumped into the bits written when Mohammed had left Mecca, was now in Medina, and was busy taking Allah’s instructions as to division of booty from caravan raids and massacres and wars.

A new book A Simple Koran, rearranges the Koran into chronological order over the twenty-three years in which Mohamed revealed what the archangel Gabriel told him what Allah had asked him to pass on. This approach offers a good introduction to how Islam evolved during Muhammad’s life. Put it this way there were “Mecca Muslims” and “Medina Muslims.” to use Aayan Hirsi Ali’s division.

The early sections of the Koran, written in Mecca, stem from Mohamed’s conversion to one God, Allah, from the hundreds of religions prevailing around the Kaaba in Mecca.