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ANU rejects Western Civilisation

The always controversial Mark Latham has come in from the Labor cold. He knows his subject, uses common sense and is fearless in his political opinion. ANU’s whoosh to the left should be seen as a very dangerous movement that has corrupted our universities that are supposed to entertain higher learning, not the hackneyed failure of Marxism presented as a new and exciting social template.

Mark Latham writes:

What was Paul Ramsay thinking? In dedicating part of his estate’s $3 billion endowment to course work at an Australian university, the healthcare mogul should have known the sort of academic disciplines certain to excite the higher education sector. [More]

Trump’s 500 days

Trump’s 500 days of achievements

Of course the US Trump hating media has trashed any sound of a Trump goal being kicked. This communiqué from the White House, however, has not included everything. Perhaps an update is in the works. Trump’s accomplishments are substantial despite his fierce opponents. We note reader Joe Blogs has made link to it. Ta, Joe!

Our families will thrive. Our people will prosper. And our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.

President Donald J. Trump [More]

Perving has  officially been upgraded to  ‘upskirting’

No doubt we, as a civilised and supposedly educated society, have lost the plot when British parliament entertains the folly of making upskirting (taking a photo up a woman’s skirt) a criminal offence. That some poor bastard is driven to do that is rather sad. Maybe his missus cut him off because he didn’t mow the lawn. Furthermore, I don’t really know, but I think nearly all ladies would be wearing nickers which would equal the same exposure as a brief swimsuit seen in the thousands on any beach. Ha, the aggrieved lady, Gina Martin, was wearing slacks anyway. I plan to dump my shares in Nikon just in case!

When the 26-year-old approached authorities with proof of what had happened, she was told the image was “not graphic” enough for officers to do anything because “upskirting” was not a crime. [More]

Parliament: a novice snout in the trough inhales deeply

“This was an administrative error involving misunderstanding of travel rules,” Senator Gichuhi tweeted on Sunday.  What an idiotic thing to say!

Senator Lucy Gichuhi has only been in parliament since last year. That, however, should not excuse her for thinking and obviously believing she had carte blanche to fly her relatives around the country at taxpayers’ expense. Unfortunately, that attitude of entitlement from a novice politician speaks much about what she expects to take from the taxpayer rather than what she can give to the nation as a senator. We now have another swimmer in the swamp.

A new Liberal senator recruit will fork up thousands of dollars to pay back Australian taxpayers for the misuse of public funds. [More]

Blasphemy and Hate Speech

The Irish Misgovernment, intoxicated by having succeeded with same sex marriage, and abortion on demand, have hunted around for something else to show their laid-back-liberal credentials.

And they have fastened on blasphemy laws. Part of the we-are-so-hip attitude of modern Irish politics.

Blasphemy used to be a big legal topic – now if it exists at all in the west it is a dead-letter law. Hardly anyone gets prosecuted, though it is mighty big in Muslim countries.

The question of enforcement has always been dicey. it comes up against the concept of free speech.

Andres Serrano dunked a crucifix in urine and called it Piss Christ – there are allegations it was just apple juice but the title Apple Juice Christ is not as shocking as might have been desired. The then Archbishop of Melbourne, considered it over the fence and sued. He lost. [More]

When complaining becomes defamation?

When Anthony Woolley and Janet Kencian were unhappy with how a top Queensland school had responded to allegations that their daughter was being bullied and ­racially abused, they wrote to the state’s top education bureaucrat.

What they had hoped for was an investigation into alleged bullying at Cairns’s Trinity Ang­lican School. They also wanted an apology for their adopted daughter Gowri, who had survived on the streets of India’s Bangalore and moved to Cairns for a better life. Instead, they were hit with a claim for defamation that has taken 5½ years to resolve and cost them about $850,000 in legal fees. [More]

Racism liberals don’t recognize — their own

A friend, greenie and very left wing, said we have a moral duty to look after the aboriginals. He didn’t say we have a moral duty to look after the underprivileged, disabled, and those who are incapable of caring for themselves. No it was aboriginals, regardless of how educated, rich, capable, percent aboriginal or even if the nearest someone is to being aboriginal is to claim identity. What an insult, suggesting all aboriginals are totally incapable of being our equal, looking after themselves, holding down good jobs, not drunken useless layabouts that need OUR help to survive. [More]

Bad tempered animals

aaaaaaSome animals are like people—bad temperedaaaaaa


The AMA should refrain from Constitutional change meddling

What you don’t know about a death certificate.

by Chaucer

Nowhere is it included in the Hippocratic oath that doctors should crusade to make amendments to the national Constitutional. Even the philosopher Hippocrates, the author of the Hippocratic Oath knew that the business of healing fellow man was a lifetime of learning almost exclusive to all other matters—particularly those of politics and its inherent powers just or unjust.

Current AMA President Dr Tony Bartone must have plenty of free time on his hands apart from his duties with the AMA, and we presume his medical practice, to further employ himself with Constitutional law, more so the contentious matter of enshrined Aboriginal treaties etc. That domain is a very specialised legal field often exclusive to all others. But that doesn’t curb the good doctor’s compulsion to be a political crusader. [More]

GetUp! will try to unseat Peter Dutton

It’s your vote to give, not the GetUp! bastards!

Activist group GetUp! is launching an election campaign to try to unseat Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton in his marginal Brisbane electorate of Dickson.

Are Australian voters really that damned stupid? With the importance MSM gives power to the Soros funded Marxist GetUp! rabble you might believe those idiots can put something in the water that makes you vomit at the sight or sound of Dutton. Just like the shrinks did years ago when they tried to cure poofs with electric shock therapy. GetUp! views Dutton as “extreme right”. If talking sense is extreme right let’s have heaps more of it. We are not getting anything but a constant left shove from Malcolm Turnbull, that’s for certain. [More]