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Our French submarines?

Our French submarines are now in doubt?

The government’s ‘faecal’ touch now extends to Australia’s $50, say it quickly, BILLION deal with France which is now in doubt about the propulsion system. The subs were designed with nuclear power. Our procurement idiots, no doubt influenced by bloody Greens insisted on diesel engines. All very good except the entire design is around nuclear driven pump-jet propulsion. The frogs, loath to lose the contract, are scratching around trying to cobble together a mish-mash of of bits that will be fraught with failures. About 50 years ago Popular Mechanics gave plans for a submarine propelled by silent, twisted rubber bands like the ones used by Australia Post—they worked well in the bath.

The Navy’s new stealth submarines might not be so stealthy after all. A top executive at the company building the subs has thrown doubt on whether cutting-edge pump-jet propulsion technology will be used as planned. The ultra-quiet technology was a key selling point for the French design that won the Government’s competitive evaluation process to build the new submarines at a cost of $50 billion. [More]

Bathhurst solar farm

Turnbull’s renewables gather momentum

Despite Turnbull’s announcements about energy subsidies the pace quickens!

Just outside Bathurst, NSW, Photon Energy Australia Pty Ltd, a Dutch company has its teeth latched firmly into the taxpayers’ rump via the very lucrative subsidies rort our government promotes—very expensive electricity.

BATHURST is the ideal location for a new solar power plant, the owners of the prospective facility say. The 190 hectare solar farm could be constructed just seven kilometres south-east of Bathurst at Brewongle if plans are approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Within the next fortnight Photon Energy Australia Pty Ltd will lodge plans to build a 129 MWp capacity solar power plant.

This article in the Western Advocate failed to mention the basic cost of this project of about $130 million for construction alone. Add to that silly things like maintenance, administration and other financial juggling of costs to be subtracted from profit and we get screwed once more, but not the company! [More]

Refugee rule book: Beg. Demand. Self-harm Riot!

Authorities are attempting to ward off a potentially violent crisis as the Manus Island detention centre closes, warning refugees their food, water and power will be cut on October 31. Hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers under Australia’s care have refused to leave the centre, whose closure has loomed since the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled the men’s ongoing detention illegal.

The arrogance displayed by so many refugees and their readiness to riot, thus destroying property paid for by cash-strapped Aussies, is the warning precursor to societal mayhem. Uninvited and unwanted they demand and threaten—ever the model immigrant seeing their eternal union with Centrelink seeping into the squalid circumstances they created. Meanwhile, the suffering pensioners who built this nation by the sweat on their back are swept into hardship by a profligate government that cares not. [More]

Weinstein, the story
behind the story

Harvey Weinstein’s company rolled out movies that pushed left social and political agendas as no other company in history did.
So the left gave him the same “rape pass” that Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and other top lefties received.

His brutalising sex was immaterial to the left, Weinstein wasn’t really in the movie business or sexual victimisation business. He was in the culture business. Specifically the Hollywood culture business. More specifically, the Left Wing of the Democrat Party culture. [More]

Extremist Speakers

Muslim extremist speakers – the big trend

It is not only Australians who criticise our Universities when they invite radical Islamic speakers local Muslims do it too. Not that it stops our arrogant know-nothing academics from going their own ways.
An outspoken Islamic Sheikh, Mohammad Tawhidi, has slammed Sydney University for hosting a Hizb ut-Tahrir extremist who supports killing ex-Muslims.
‘When Australian universities begin to tolerate and promote Islamic extremists who advocate for Sharia Law and executions, we know that our educational system has been infested by individuals and organisations who don’t see the safety of Australians as the number one priority.’
“Instead of having this organisation [Hizb ut-Tahrir] banned, we have let them into our universities and provided them with a professional platform to spread their barbaric backward ideology.’ [More]

MP Wilkie challenges Crown Casino

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

WHISTLEBLOWERS have alleged Crown Casino deliberately tampered with pokie machines to increase gambling losses for users and overlooked illegal drug use and domestic violence. Independent MP Andrew Wilkie tabled the allegations of criminal misconduct in federal Parliament yesterday.

MM August 2014: Tasmanian MP, Andrew Wilkie, is either stark raving mad, a brave man, or knows what nobody else does about Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). In a demented rant this week he said that John Howard was, “… lucky that he hasn’t been charged with conspiracy to commit mass murder.” Wilkie, you may recall, was an analyst at the Office of National Assessments (ONA) when he decided to resign over the matter of Iraq’s alleged build up of WMD. Doubt about Wilkie’s knowledge on the matter was brought into question when Director General of ONA Kim Jones said of Wilkie, “The officer concerned was a member of our transnational issues branch. He normally worked on illegal immigration issues. The transnational issues branch does not deal with issues related to Iraq. Read full article here. [More]

Australia’s diplomatic expediency is laughable

North Korea has taken the unprecedented step of writing to the Australian Parliament in a blistering letter that demonises US President Donald Trump and which offers Australia “assurances of its highest consideration”.

Scenario. New York. The Eastern side of Australia has been decimated by a nuclear rocket fired by North Korea’s ‘rocket-man’ Kim Jong-un early yesterday. First reports claim deaths will be in the millions as help is despatched from various nations in the South Pacific region. News agency Morning Mail reports that North Korea had sent a diplomatic message to an Australian Embassy warning of Fat Kim’s plan. However, the warning took a week before someone read it, four days too late.

The letter was written by the powerful Foreign Affairs Committee of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly and sent via North Korea’s embassy in Jakarta to Australia’s Indonesian embassy on September 28. From there, it made its way to Ms Bishop a week later. [More]

VC winner Ben Roberts-Smith speaks out

MM’s Editor won’t comment on this story and let Ben Roberts-Smith explain in his own words except to say,  you had to be there!

Ben Roberts-Smith thought impossible phone calls to special ­forces wives were a thing of his past. But Australia’s most decorated soldier had to phone Leigh Locke-Thomas this week and tell it to her straight: the 10th anniversary of the death of her husband, Sergeant Matthew Locke, on Oct­ober 25 will coincide with the release day of a Defence-facilitated history of our special forces in ­Afghanistan that Roberts-Smith considers damaging to “the legacy of an Australian hero killed in action”, his dear mate Matthew Locke. And again, Leigh Locke-Thomas was drawn back to the Chora Valley. [More]

Cambodia: what in hell is Australia doing?

Australia gives over $90 million to Cambodia to spend on infrastructure, health and clearing landmines.

Australia will begin holding regular high-level talks with senior members of the Cambodian Government, despite other countries rethinking their engagement with the increasingly authoritarian kingdom.The agreement was signed on October 18 and the first talks will be in Cambodia “in the coming months”.

This rushed move toward the dictatorship of the country reeks of another Team Turnbull faecal touch. Perhaps Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop believes in rewarding despot regimes that jail and worse its opposition, shuts down the press and stifles civil liberties with australian taxpayers’ money will return positive results? We must ask how much of Australia’s aid money goes into the pocket of the dictators?—no, they won’t tell us that! A little background can enjoyed here. [More]