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The famous G7: and then there was one—Trump!

Germany’s Angela Merkel has got something right, it’s France and Germany all the way now that Donald Trump refuses to play their game. The socialist Merkel’s bravado and her overt schmoozing with the socialist French President Emmanuel Macron is reminiscent of the old communist block in which Marxists lived like cloned amoebae in a petri dish—a microcosm of the real world. Europe may well stay left but the rest of the world won’t.

It might have been thanks to the beer, pretzels and Bavarian brass-band enlivening the crowd. But Mrs Merkel’s words were uncharacteristically passionate and unusually forthright. By all means keep friendly relations with Trump’s America and Brexit Britain, was the message – but we can’t rely on them. [Read more & Comments]

Time for Gillian Triggs to exit stage left and keep walking

Australian Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs again made her way to Canberra last week to face a Senate estim­ates committee. Sadly, we must suffer this serial pest for another two months before her term ends. Asked whether this would be her final appearance, the old crone croaked: “I sincerely hope so.” Maybe she at last knows what most Australians think of her. Her shocking performance as president of the AHRC might be forgotten over time but her string of nonsensical, controversial and misleading statements before several parliamentary committees we can only hope haunt her for evermore. [Read more & Comments]

Another embarrassment for our navy caused by morons at the helm

There is a new jolly boat at Garden Island used by the navy’s top brass and hardware procurement bureaucrats use to get from one barbecue to another on various harbour side beaches, it was recently commissioned HMAS STUPID.

Over the past weekend two French warships quietly slipped into Darwin harbour where they’ll soon show off their amphibious capability to the Australian Navy. Unfortunately Australia’s two main amphibious warships, HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide, remain docked in Sydney, where engineers are working frantically to discover what’s wrong with the their propulsion pods. [Read more & Comments]

Somehow I always knew it

This is a story resulting from a research study at Brunel University in London-“Physically Weak Men More Likely to Be Socialists.”
Dear, oh dear.
The study was reported in Evolution and Human Behaviour, the sort of mag socialists prefer. This publication has real street cred with the left. It is one of MM’s favourite magazines too, right up there with Planting by the Moon, Climate Armageddon Soon, and Budgerigar News Monthly. [Read more & Comments]

Donald Trump Is So Right to Wage War on Wind Farms…

The wind industry is little more than the most recent and elaborate effort to fleece gullible investors. In Australia, one of the wind industry’s BIG players – Pacific Hydro – managed to rack up an annual loss of $700 million, last year; in circumstances where the subsidy scheme – on which its profits depend – hadn’t changed at all. Also in Australia, so-called ‘community wind farm’ operators have taken thousands for dupes, with wild claims about whopping profits to be had – all while ‘saving the planet’, of course. At the heart of every great Ponzi scheme sits the “excuse”. Ploys, such as asking shareholders and creditors for “patience” – as the overblown, promised returns (surprise, surprise) fail to materialize. At every opportunity tell our leaders to stop the nonsense, if nothing else follow Donald Trump’s lead. [Read more & Comments]

“This is my new Treaty Signing ensemble—impressive, eh?”

Treaties: Tin-ear Turnbull’s understatement of the year

Australians are “conservative” about constitutional change.

Residents of Sydney’s elite Point Piper began calling police and radio stations wanting to know what was causing such a dreadful noise that sent noise pollution instruments off scale. The bangarang, estimated to be five times louder than 9.5  Qantas jet engines at takeoff was found to be emanating from a smoke-filled garden shed in the corner of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Point Piper Palace. When asked about the awful noise the PM said it was not noise it was the mellifluous tones of indigenous music. The PM had been practising on a didgeridoo he found laying in the parking lot at Uluru, said officer Pecksnurkus, and he would be playing it every day in parliamentary Question Time—a different tune for each of the many treaties. NSW Fire and Rescue said the thick smoke was from dead grass and eucalyptus leaves believed to be a ritual, rat-on-a-spit cooking fire. Under the new treaty rules such fires will ward off white invaders and must never be extinguished. They will feature daily in both senate and lower house dining rooms for the pleasure of the expected 700 new treaty holders. [Read more & Comments]

Who offered Aus-Post CEO Farhour his bewildering $5.6 million salary ?

Fahour: [He] “never held a gun to the head of the government or the Australia Post board’’ for his astounding $5.6 million salary.

In November 2012, the federal government appointed Telstra’s former finance chief John Stanhope as the new chairman of Australia Post.

“Mr Stanhope brings to the role extensive experience in finance, commercial strategy and communications technology,” said Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. A reference from Labor’s disgraceful Stephen Conroy—Ha!? [Read more & Comments]

Adani coal mine in doubt over Queensland Government refusal to facilitate federal loan

What a mess this has become.

The future of Australia’s biggest mining project in remote central Queensland is in doubt after the Queensland Government decided not to facilitate a potential $900 million federal loan. [Read more & Comments]

Margaret Court chides ABC’s pet twit Waleed Aly

Turnbull’s dinner date Aly has piggish manners on air.

It’s easy to press your personal views when you have the microphone and the switch in your hand. That’s what the obnoxious ABC twit Waleed Aly used to shut down Margaret Court who went public over Qantas CEO and shirt-lifter Alan Joyce using the public company to shove his not so private  bedroom delights down the throats of the general public. Aly virtually shut Ms Court down because she failed to idolise the egotistical brat’s opinion, opinions that his brain dead followers hunger for. A new government could put the ABC and people like Aly out of a job and off the taxpayers’ teat—if voters decided. Oh for that day! [Read more & Comments]