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ABC: more fake news by omission

The cabal of Marxists infesting the halls of taxpayer funded ABC must be put on track. Pauline Hanson has promised to do just that and no other party has dared to raise the issue in an abuse of media power orchestrated by an overtly biased management.

The Sunshine Coast Facebook post went viral with more than 2000 shares but was not reported by the ABC website. The story about a well-known Muslim’s support of senator Pauline Hanson’s plans for a burka ban was so counterintuitive to make it a hit on social media. But more than 2000 shares on Facebook was not enough to see the story picked up by the ABC’s online news site. [More]

Good boy fido, good dog!

Good boy fido, good dog!

Many dog owners do their best to train their pets to stop digging holes in the backyard. But for one mischievous golden retriever, the naughty habit helped take more than $100,000 worth of black tar heroin off the streets. [More]

Who is the real enemy, China or North Korea?

China claims it is doing all it can to rein in its neighbour and traditional ally North Korea. It has backed the toughest United Nations sanctions, but on the North Korea-China border it is a different story.

Fathead Jong-un screaming around his withering kingdom with a box of nuclear bombs threatening to toast the world and powerful China pretending to apply harsh sanctions on NK. Maybe China is eying North Korea after choking it a little? China likes to grab other people’s land. Next time we see the animated chairman Mal schmoozing with a Chinese politburo boffin he might ask about that? Or, for a better answer ask Comrade Sam Dastyari. [More]

The kids

They lost the same-sex marriage battle in the US because they got a few critical things wrong.

First, they thought that studies, logic and tradition would be enough.

The reality is that none of that holds a candle to the persuasive power of story.

Gays won the day because they humanised their arguments, while marriage traditionalists responded with factual information and statistics.

A “poor me” story about the insufferable agony of a man who can’t get a marriage certificate like other men needs to be met with another story – a real story.

Because, to the public, you can’t fight anecdotes with hospital charts and figures; and gays have made anecdotes the weapon of choice in this duel. [More]

The killer in the chemist shop

Pain killers might as well be called people killers.

In a rapid response society, prescription medication has become the ultimate quick fix, from stressed out students cramming for exams, to ambitious professionals looking for an edge, to recovering soldiers returning from battle.
And despite the death toll and the recurring headlines of Hollywood stars getting themselves into trouble, the rates of prescription drug abuse and addiction continue to grow.

The biggest area of worry is in the misconceptions about the safety of prescription drugs.

Many people don’t know the danger in handing over prescribed medication to someone who is not the intended patient. One report noted that “55.7 percent of those 12 and older, who misused pain relievers, said they received their medications from a friend or family member.” [More]

Inconvenient Truths for a Gore Groupie

The literary editor of The Australian’s weekend Review section is a gifted journalist, but it seems he couldn’t grasp a single key element about Al Gore and climate profiteers if a polar bear fell on him. In an effort to foil an otherwise decent newspaper’s promotion of piffle, here’s a remedial primer

Wollongong University senior lecturer in journalism Dr David Blackall lamented in a recent journal article  about the ignorance and bias of  journalists reporting on the global warming scare. The Australian is the country’s most rigorous newspaper by far when it comes to climate reporting, its environment reporter, Graham Lloyd, doing a masterful job in covering even-handedly  the controversies. [More]

Turnbull’s national strategy to avoid terrorism attacks 

Good old Tin-Ear Turnbull strikes a chord with immunity from terrorism.

From architects to bar staff, Australians involved in managing crowds will be urged to plug security into their everyday thinking to prevent terror attacks under a national strategy that will embed long-term changes into the country’s public spaces.

As people are being mowed down in the streets by insane terrorists and being stabbed to death in public areas, Malcolm the magnificent, our very own Wentworth Waffler has solved the problem with a simple solution—clothing. It will be expensive but completely offset by the elimination of all present anti-terrorist programs. Fashionistas laud Mal’s leadership and good taste with sartorially elegant “Blues” for Summer and “Blacks” for Winter. And, says wife Lucy, “the nano fibre means one size fits all and they’ll last a lifetime, and they’re free.” [More]

Marching against free speech?

Free speech is free, if the far left agrees.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Boston to protest against hate speech a week after a woman was killed at a white supremacist demonstration in Virginia, and their shouts have drowned out the “Free Speech” rally that sparked their march.

When you look at the crowd teeming through a Boston street screaming all the buzzwords of racism, hate speech, shame, Nazi, white supremacist and more, it is a “stop the world I want to get off” moment.

“These signs and the message so far this morning is all about love and peace,” the very dimwitted Boston Mayor Mr Walsh told reporters. [More]

A reversal in the once penal colony—ignore the law

Being a Pom, influential crossbench senator Nick Xenophon has announced he will refer his election to the High Court after discovering he has a form of British citizenship. Such a revelation means he will sit in parliament and chain himself to the seat. “The law is an ass,” he told MM.

Funny how things change. This place began with people who broke the law—sent to the colonies as punishment. After watching the tedious parliamentary dual citizenship circus it seems obvious that those sworn by oath to protect the laws of the land  are not—they have become scofflaws—and some of them, like  Nick Xenophon are lawyers too! Nick Xenophon, Deputy Prime Minister Blarnaby Joyce and indeed the solicitor Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, all of whom have decided what the High court of Australia will decide. And that is the Constitution, section 44 at least, is simply not with it and therefore to be ignored. Well… as of Sunday, August 20 2017 this author will take lead from our illustrious leaders and follow suit. First call is to stop paying any and all taxes. I will then drive around at any speed that suits my fancy and park anywhere I choose. I will also refuse to pay for my next trolley load of lobster tails and filet mignons at Woolworths, and Coles. And when the coppers come for me in my Ned Kelly get up I shall tell them very politely to piss off because I have referred myself to the High Court of Australia which I know will say I have no case to answer. So there! I had no idea how lucky this country is. [More]