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North Korean soldiers defecting.

North Koreans defecting

June was an interesting month for North Korean defectors. The civilian exodus went on as before but the soldiers got into the act too.
Generally civilians slip into China and then go into hiding there.
But soldiers who defect get special treatment. They can go where they like once they have told all they know.
The last one was even more different – he had been selected to join a special security unit and assigned to guarding a luxury compound belonging to Kim himself. He is a prize.

Why are soldiers defecting?
Same reason as they others, they are starving.
Yep, even in North Korea the soldiers still complain about rations.
“Who called the cook a bastard?” North Koreans Sergeants call out angrily.
“Who called the bastard a cook?” The soldiers respond in an “organised moan”.
MM can reveal, to its readers only, that it has secured details of the Macca plan.
Basically a chain of Hungry Jacks, Maccas, and KFC’s will ring the North Korean borders with Russia and South Korea.
Behind these fast food outlets huge fans will blow day and night towards North Korea.
A chain of loudspeakers will offer free cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets to defectors.
The plan is known to the NK government who have dismissed it saying that North Koreans will never starve as long as there is grass to eat.
MM trusts its readers to keep this secret information to themselves for now.

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  • Spinbuster 08/07/2017, 8:46 am

    Ha Ha..luvit!! ..and the caption on the pic!!

  • Lorraine 08/07/2017, 8:51 am

    1 fat lamb with his flock of sheep big hats and guns, lots of guns, do they have bullets

  • Jack Richards 08/07/2017, 10:17 am

    They should build bar-b-q’s all along the border and just keep blowing the smell across the border; that and the smell of fresh bread baked on site.

    As I have said before, I wonder if the NK Army would even fight if the South and the USA invaded? I reckon they’d surrender in droves – after shooting their commissars and senior officers first.

    They’re all starving, cold and dressed in rags – and they know it. They’d welcome liberation.

    • Aktosplatz 08/07/2017, 10:56 am

      And brewed coffee Jack, smells great -and it travels.

    • Graham 08/07/2017, 11:06 am

      Definitely works Jack. I nearly invaded my neighbours garden the other day when he cranked up the barbie and started with the sausages.

      • Jack Richards 08/07/2017, 11:58 am

        Don’t forget to include plenty of onions with the snags and steaks.

      • Neville 08/07/2017, 11:44 pm

        Frying onions will do it every time!

  • Joe Blogs 08/07/2017, 12:20 pm

    The soldiers are defecting because Kimbo’s defective.

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