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Naked women and Trump Derangement Syndrome

Naked women and
Trump Derangement Syndrome

The US stock exchange is over twenty thousand, the California drought is over – and naked women are back in Playboy!

It’s only been four weeks and already Trump’s making America great again.

Well, not entirely. Playboy has gone back to showing beautiful young dolls in the nude but they have slathered prissy-speak over it.

They say they want to promote healthy chat about sex, get women to take ownership of their bodies, empower them – that’s why they are depicting sheilas in the buff.

Gottit? Sure!! So the Australian edition will have nude shots of Julie Bishop? Germany will have Mad Mother Merkel starkers? UK will show Theresa May saucily grinning behind a beach ball?
Hymm. Dow Jones recoveries, and blocking Muslims from immigration unless they are prepared to shape up, putting Europe in their box unless they stump up, telling the “Palestinians” the fun is over, is a great start but making America great again will never be achieved unless the Trump Derangement Syndrome is curbed.

Which it never will be, Wilby, if the Bush Derangement Syndrome is anything to go by.

Because the Bush Derangement Syndrome is still with us – eight years after he departed though be never said another word. The phrase “But Bush…” is part of the world’s vernacular and is like a cork in a bottle for discussing anything American. Users don’t have to finish the sentence – “But Bush…” is enough.

How did the Trump Derangement Syndrme start?

It began with conservatives – American conservatives, Republican conservatives.

And it began even whenTrump was a year off from winning the election – when he was just one of a dozen hopefuls.

The conservative elite were able to give the intellectual gloss to the corrupt media who had, until then, basically contented themselves with Trump-as-a-clown themes.

The Wall Street Journal to take one example wrote, “The best hope for what’s left of a serious conservative movement in America is the election in November of a Democratic president, held in check by a Republican Congress. Conservatives can survive liberal administrations….”

The best hope conservatives have is that they lose the election? And trust Congress to keep the fabulously corrupt Hillary Clinton in check?

Congress couldn’t even keep the destructive reign of Barack Obama in check. They even co-operated with the incompetent nincompoop in stacking the Supreme Court with the Supremely Unqualified, blowing the US budget to Mars, and handing nukes to Iran. To Iran! – a dump dominated by religious fanatics who have made no secret of their determination to destroy the US and Israel.

Keep Hillary Clinton in check? The serial liar who made millions doing deals while Secretary of State? Who sacrificed the world’s security to crackpot internationalist delusions? Who supported the overthrow of an American ally in Egypt and its replacement by the Muslim Brotherhood? Who colluded in the overthrow of an American ally in Libya turning it into a base for ISIS and al-Qaeda? Who was behind the gunrunning scheme to al-Qaeda rebels in Syria? Who allowed the murder of her own people in Benghazi and then pretended that it was just the local boys upset by an American video?

That was the elite of the conservative movement talking.

Today, the corrupt and slavish US media having been thus legitimised by those arch-conservatives are relentlessly running campaigns, organising “stars” of Hollywood and sport to denounce everything Trump does or says. Worse. Denouncing things he never said.

The media seriously publish trash like this;

“I am a psychotherapist — specifically, a trauma therapist — in New York City. And in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s win, patients and colleagues told me they felt less safe walking down the street. ‘I feel like I did after 9/11,’ one said. ‘People on the subways look like they are in mourning,’ said another.”

Seriously? You’re joking, right? No?

These people are deranged. They’ve so convinced themselves that the entire country is on a precipice that they have lost their connection with reality.

The fact that ANY Democrat could possibly lose to Donald Trump was beyond their conception. It still is. Therefore they suffered a psychotic break when reality failed to conform to their perception.

“For those surprised by how shaken they feel in the aftermath of Trump’s election; these feelings and experiences are valid. Now, as trauma survivors, we must hasten to stabilize ourselves and to create a sense of communal safety by coming together in solidarity,” one news source reported. “Only then can we take appropriate and mindful action to demonstrate our strength. We must demand that all of our elected officials, from our city council persons to Trump himself, make every effort to heal our American body politic. The first step should be for our leaders to make sure that every American — particularly those targeted and demonised during this campaign — feels safe and welcome.”

Make every American feel safe and welcome? They are a bloody sight safer now that Mexican hoodlums and murders are being rounded up as we speak.

MM’s own psychotherapist, Professor emeritus Dr. Chauncey Pilgarlic, gave as his opinion that current psychiatric theory and plain common sense dictates that one doesn’t treat a mental illness by coddling the illusion which caused it. The media is striving to create, and has created, a community of mentally sick and deluded individuals who believe that Trump’s election is worse than the worst terror attack in American history.

When Barack Obama won the presidency nobody ran off to get therapy. Conservatives sucked it up and accepted that Obama would be president. In 2012, when Mitt Romney lost to Obama, they just went back to work and didn’t call for safe spaces.

Nobody compared Obama’s win to PTSD or 9/11, or attributed every phobia to his re-election.

Professor Pilgarlic opined that the best way to deal with delusional mental illness is to start integrating the patient back into reality.

It is also his opinion that the left needs and deserves to have a President Trump. He is their therapist, and their therapy, all wrapped up in one package. Lefty talking heads, deluded journalists, Democrat voters have treated the world as their personal reality show for far too long. They’ve mocked, ignored, and persecuted everyone and anyone who disagrees with their opinions of how the world should work and who should be running it.And not just in the US, most certainly here in Australia from Chris Pyne and his ilk in Canberra to the McGeough’s in Fairfax.

The air has become has become so toxic that the word “Nazi” is NewSpeak for anyone who disagrees with you on Facebook. “Fascist” is NewSpeak for businessman. The generation gap just got miles wider.

Trump is tough love and a reality check for all these safe-space mental cases who think they need a therapist to tell them they’ve survived a trauma.

Professor Pilgarlic believes that these china-doll fragile psych cases should consider switching to decaf, and taking a double-dose of Prozac (or Lexapro, or Zoloft, patient’s choice) with a Valium sandwich until the twitching and weeping stops. After that, the Trump Derangement Syndrome,though still characterised by a feeling of meaninglessness, trauma, depression, and physical symptoms stemming from the cognitive dissonance experienced by their worldview collapsing may be treated.

But it is a big call to rid the US of TDS – when even the shrinks have it – and need counselling from other shrinks.

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  • The Jeweller 18/02/2017, 8:21 am

    Often wondered about the endless remedies of the the looney left (not MY labor party by the way) which always commence with the words

    We must
    We have got to
    We should

    And lately, as in this article,

    We must demand …. (Or force or etc etc)

    Rights I guess … Let em have em

  • Lorraine 18/02/2017, 8:24 am

    PC is so ingrained in the life of the people , they are so brain washed into the Obama ,we can do , or we can say ,we can do. feels good ,so be it. Hard to give up a King that speaks and thinks for you……Choices I do not like to make choices, I need to be guided……..Trump has a harder task than just creating jobs

  • DB8tr 18/02/2017, 10:28 am

    You only have to watch any one of the hundreds of videos of anti-trump protests (post election) to see the seething, dribbling, hatred filled, yelling/screaming/squealing, punching, kicking, swearing, flag burning ‘peaceful’ protesters’ to understand who needs psychiatry. Oh – and they’re commonly during the day, where the deplorables are working.

  • Graham 18/02/2017, 11:34 am

    Got to the end of the article but couldn’t get the thought of a nude Julie Bishop out of my mind. Is it true that when she went swimming once someone said…..who threw those braces in?

    • Joe Blogs 18/02/2017, 1:30 pm

      Bishop wouldn’t jump in the briney for fear that someone’s retriever would retrieve ‘er.

  • geoffrey 18/02/2017, 11:54 am

    I reckon Malcolm and Julie would be candidates for the afore mentioned syndrome!

  • Deano 18/02/2017, 3:19 pm

    I’m waiting to see where all those ‘celebrities’ who promised to leave the U.S. if Trump won are now living. The socialist paradise that is North Korea is surely high on their list as they have a similar attitude to democracy and free speech. And I don’t think North Korean Playboy has and nudies in it.

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