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Muslim activist: self importance makes silly people say silly things

Have perks will travel

Muslim activist: self importance makes silly people say silly things

Your money paid for this jaunt and DFAT refuses to reveal the cost.

Taxpayers paid for this emotional loudmouth to tour the Middle East and Africa to flog her book about being a Sudanese-­Egyptian-Australian Muslim woman who wears the hijab. The idiot who signed off on this attack on the public purse should be named and sacked today. A group of 49 Muslim scholars are now demanding an apology from the ABC for not silencing Senator Lambie, saying the prog­ram host, Tony Jones, failed to provide a “safe environment” for Ms Abdel-Magied to speak. She is also employed by the ABC as a host of a travel program.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied triggered a debate over Islam and feminism after a fiery exchange with senator Jacqui Lambie on the effects of sharia during ­Monday’s Q&A on ABC TV. The Muslim activist who said on national television that Islam was “the most feminist religion” has been criticised by former prime minister Tony Abbott for being “blindfolded” during a taxpayer-funded speaking tour of the ­Middle East and Africa.

Source: News Corp

Activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied ‘blind’ to Islam’s treatment of women

“If she’s right that ‘Islam is a feminist religion’, how come such terrible things are done to women in its name?” Mr Abbott said.

The Australian revealed ­yesterday that the federal government paid for Ms Abdel-Magied to tour some of the world’s most repressive Islamic regimes last November, promoting her book about being a Sudanese-­Egyptian-Australian Muslim woman who wears the hijab.

Mr Abbott said Ms Abdel-­Magied was “entitled to her view” but “she must have been wearing a blindfold on her taxpayer-­funded tour”.

Her views of Islam as a feminist religion also appear to be at odds with her co-member of the Australian government-funded Council for Arab Australian Relations, Joumanah El Matrah.

In a 2015 submission to Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence, Ms El Matrah, who is also chief executive of the Australian Muslim Women’s Human Rights Centre, said there were “significant problems” in how Islam was interpreted, which caused violence against women.

Ms El Matrah has previously declared that Muslim women and children would be “extremely ­disadvantaged” by any form of sharia court. “Among Muslims, the interpretations and application of ­Islamic doctrine in relation to women varies considerably and, given the diversity of Muslims globally, there is a lack of consensus as to the status of women, and this has a direct impact on their treatment in Islam,” she said. “Orthodox interpretative frameworks allocate women an inferior status to men and this directly affects marital and family relationships, rendering women vulnerable to violence and abuse.”

She said there were “significant problems of interpretation of Islamic doctrine relating to the status of women, how they are to be treated in the home and the level of control permissible by a husband over his wife”.

The Australian’s coverage of Ms Abdel-Magied’s speaking tour was raised in parliament ­yesterday during a debate about section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, on the same day parliament also debated a bill proposed by Senator Lambie to restrict the wearing of the burqa.

Greens senator Nick McKim launched an attack on this newspaper yesterday for publishing details of Ms Abdel-Magied’s tour of the Middle East and North Africa. “It’s a straight, simple character assassination by The Australian, as they always do … when someone dares raise their head above the parapet and make comments with which they disagree,” Senator McKim said. “It is a disgusting, race-baiting rag.”

Liberal backbencher Eric Abetz described Senator McKim’s statements as “outlandish”. “It is a statement of fact that in many of the parts of the Middle East where Ms Abdel-Magied visited, women would be stoned to death for seeking an education and people even suspected of being gay are thrown off buildings,” Senator Abetz said.

Mr Abbott commended The Australian for bringing “common sense to this discussion”.

Senator Lambie said yesterday Muslim women had been “emboldened” by her call to ban the face-covering burqa. “I’ve been told by this person who came to visit me and I trust and respect very much that these Muslim women have been emboldened and given hope by my public comments and the provisions within this bill,” she said during a speech in favour of her bill to ban the burqa yesterday.

The ban is linked to the nat­ional terrorism threat level, kicking in when the threat reaches “probable”. The threat level is currently at “probable”.

Commenting on the debate about feminism and Islam, Australian Muslim Women’s Human Rights Centre chairwoman Tasmeen Chopra said anti-women issues in relation to Islam were “not text-based”.

“To be honest, in Australian Muslims’ lives right now the argument about feminism is not front and centre,” she said.

Sheik Shady Alsuleiman, who attended Malcolm Turnbull’s Iftar dinner last year with Ms Abdel-Magied and has made comments in a lecture saying gay people spread diseases, said last year that Allah gave “authority for men over women” but this meant that they must be “dutiful”.

Sociologist and feminist Eva Cox said there were good and bad parts of Islam and any other religion but that a “farrago of popular nonsense” was responsible for hijacking the debate about the protection of women as a means to impugn all Muslims.

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  • Joe Blogs 17/02/2017, 7:23 am

    Travel program, eh? Well travel, you FW. Don’t report, just travel … and don’t come back – you’re not a welcome presence in Oz.

  • Rubyred 17/02/2017, 8:07 am

    Senator Brandis defended this travel tour in the Senate yesterday so I think he needs to do a lot more reading about the way Muslim and children are treated in such a
    “feminist organization” such as Islam as depicted by Ms Abdel Magied. The quran says it is quite alright to lie to “infidels” – i.e. non Muslims.

    • Pensioner Pete 17/02/2017, 9:08 am

      I watched the live senate broadcast whilst Brandis gave his response to Senator Roberts questions about this. Fair dinkum, a primary school child could debate better than Brandis, his slipping and sliding around the question so he actually did not fully answer was disgraceful, and in my opinion, in contempt of the Senate and the people.

    • Albert 17/02/2017, 2:20 pm

      Brandis’ defence of Magied’s so-called tour is simply more proof that the bloke is a fool of monumental proportions.

  • Penguinte 17/02/2017, 8:18 am

    I woulder how much she is being paid, by us via the ABC, to parade around Australia dressed as a Muslim? I’m just glad she’s not a postman!

  • Spinbuster 17/02/2017, 8:51 am
  • Topsy 17/02/2017, 9:07 am

    This loudmouth reminds me of the old saying – There is none so blind as he who will not see. Fits Yassmin to a T. Not even a good education help this unthinkingly blind, prejudiced woman admit to brutality where it exists, let alone why it exists.

  • Ivan Ackeroff 17/02/2017, 9:43 am

    She’s the inevitable genetic result of cousin copulation.

  • JohnE 17/02/2017, 11:29 am

    To call herself a Sudanese-Egyption-Australian is a bit of a misnomer. She came to Australia as a 2 year old toddler and that being the case she would have grown up in a virtually exclusive Australian culture.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 17/02/2017, 3:41 pm

    Sudanese-­Egyptian-Australian Muslim woman who wears the hijab.

    What nonsense, she is either an Australian or she is not and if her allegiance lies elsewhere then she should follow that path right back to Sudan or Egypt, but then of course those taxpayers wouldn’t support her as we do thru the despicable ABC.

    • Neville 18/02/2017, 11:39 am

      I agree, BOH. I find this (lefty-inspired) trend of the past 20-odd years to be very disturbing. This whole ‘dual nationality’ thing appears to me to be another little factor in the whole ‘we-are-all-one-on-the-planet-and-there-should-be-no-borders’ push. Someone is either an Australian citizen, or they’re not. End of story. Why SHOULD a person be able to come here as a “refugee” or an immigrant, get dual citizenship, then almost straightaway bugger off back the the shithole they were so “anxious” to leave while USING THE AUSTRALIAN PASSPORT!!???

  • Bushwanker 17/02/2017, 6:29 pm

    A pig with lipstick.

  • geoffrey 17/02/2017, 9:29 pm

    was brandis pontificating on the govt’s right to send who they feel to represent australia’s democratic way of life by letting a islamist go to Saudi arabia et al to show them how much freedom women have here compared to Islamic countries and thereby shaming them to give their women more freedom? Or was it just a publicity stunt to ingratiate the lcp with upper echelon muslims?

  • Lorraine 17/02/2017, 9:32 pm

    having watched her a couple of times on TV she is a person in love with her own voice, she is convinced she is right all things Islam. pity the Muslim whom she may marry

    • Pensioner Pete 18/02/2017, 4:24 am

      I believe, once she marries a Moslem, she will very quickly made to behave as a married Moslem woman should, and will just as quickly commence wearing a Nijab to cover the bruises and body damage thus inflicted by her Moslem husband.

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