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  • DT 31/07/2018, 10:01 am

    Two new Parts to the Stop Turnbull website covering The Chairman claytons leader …. and note the several John Howard quotes people who dwell on Howard endorsing The Chairman …. but this is a minor matter compared to what the website now contains;


  • Muphin 01/08/2018, 7:33 am
  • Rubyred 02/08/2018, 8:31 am

    You would be better to go to this web address to get the full story. It needs to be spread all around the Internet.

    • DT 02/08/2018, 10:40 am

      A very comprehensive timeline of his history from Sydney Grammar School days to present day.

      Don’t miss the additional items including three recently added additional to the main sections.

      My question ever since I found the website soon after it appeared is: How did the Liberals allow that globalist danger man to manipulate his way to the top?

      • Aktosplatz 14/08/2018, 4:39 pm

        I had to take a 2 hour (business) trip on a ferry today.

        So I downloaded the ‘StopTurnbull’ article to read.

        I’ve reached the part where Abbott is knifed. But what I have read so far had me aghast.

        How could such a lowlife (if the article is true) like Turnbull be allowed to ride rough shod over everyone the way he has done?

        How could he have been allowed to even join the Liberal Party anyway?

        How come John Howard sings his praises?

        The information is completely demoralising.

        I notice Scott Morrison has been a closet supporter from way back.

  • Xword 02/08/2018, 11:44 am

    Congratulations to the Telegraph for finally recognising Tommy Robinson in its story of his release today. That’s the London Tele of course; still no word from the imbeciles down in Sydney

  • DT 03/08/2018, 7:40 am

    President Trump told the United Nations to stop interfering in the affairs of member nations when he addressed the UN in New York last year ……..

    UN’s border farce operation
    Peter Dutton and the UN

    The UN’s sinister attempt to usurp our immigration policies shows a disdain for our democracy that verges on contempt.

    The Australian

  • flav1945 03/08/2018, 2:01 pm

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  • DT 06/08/2018, 9:06 am

    Australian Constitution

    We are protected by our Constitution, federation of states Commonwealth of Australia. The High Court of Australia has the final say. Separation of powers another safeguard?

    I have read many comments on various websites in more recent times describing how our politicians are ignoring the Constitution and states rights.

    When the United Nations was formed Australian Communist Labor Attorney General Evatt recommended that member nations be asked to sign as many treaties as deemed necessary to enable compliant national governments to get around the laws of the nation by permitting UN treaties to be imposed.

    I suspect that since the 1950s, probably since the Whitlam Labor Government 1970s was in office politicians have ignored the Australian Constitution time and time again, and a battle for control between federal and state governments has been taking place.

    For example: why have federal and state education departments. Surely federal grants to state governments are handled by treasury and finance in Canberra and state governments are responsible for education and public schools. Why have a federal department and related thousands of public servants? Or is it to do with a future plan of the State of Australia controlled by foreigners, like EU members are controlled but for Australia complete control?

    The UN Compact and the UN Paris Agreement are two most recent examples of loss of sovereignty about to be signed or signed and ratified by the Turnbull Government or the Shorten Union Labor next government probably.

    We desperately need Tony Abbott and his Group with reinforcements regardless of political backgrounds to save our nation.

  • DT 06/08/2018, 2:52 pm

    National Public Debt, what is the real gross debt total amount?

    The GBR grant debacle of over $400 million got me thinking about where the money is coming from given that tax revenue collection is down, it has to be borrowed money. And next, when I learnt that the over $400 million was a budget item for payment in instalments over 7-years I realised that no provision would have been made to pay for over $300 million of the grant in 2018/19 current financial year. And therefore no approval by the Parliament for the $300 million expenditure.

    Then I thought about the other hidden debts: NBNCo is a private company owned by the federal government and as such the debt is hidden off government budget. Private companies do not report publicly. NSW Labor used the electricity companies to hide debt that was paid to the government as extra dividends to make the budget bottom line appear to be stronger than they were. QLD Labor apparently also has hidden off budget debts so I assume other state governments also hide debt and related interest liability?

    And then grants to the UN and related organisations. I know at least some is accounted for via the foreign aid budget, but is that all? Was the over $400 million said to be for the GBR a Clinton Foundation accounting trick? Not reported condition attached for an amount to be remitted to UN account? After all, recently the UN reported a shortage of cash following the decision by President Trump not to honour Obama grants promised. Did our close associates help their UN socialist comrades out with cunning cash injection?

    What are the public service watchdogs doing to protect our monies from crafty politicians who do not represent their constituents and use our borrowed money for self centred purposes? What about the separation of powers and due diligence? Why do politicians get away with ignoring the Constitution, UN Treaties aside for the moment?

    We citizens need lots of noise from influential people in our community to hold the politicians to account for their actions and behaviour.

    • Pensioner Pete 07/08/2018, 5:17 am

      DT: You are spot on about the hidden debt incurred by governments both federal and state. Qld is a prime example on how to do the deed. In my opinion, both tiers of government are nothing less than criminal Cabals, whilst the major political parties are members of the Cabal, not unlike the criminal Cabals we hear about from time to time in the media, for why else would these criminals protect their ‘patch’ (government) so vigorously, and when someone comes onto the scene to present honesty in government they are obliterated – Pauline Hanson comes immediately to mind.

      • DT 07/08/2018, 7:39 am

        And Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey PP, Chairman Mal and his Black Hand did a hatchet job on the first LNP Government Budget 2014/15 when many or most informed observers were praising the initiatives that included a plan to return to surplus over forward estimate years.

        But as Christopher Monckton observed and warned about Abbott was the target of globalist forces because he would not support their climate change hoax agenda and other agendas.

  • Phil 07/08/2018, 9:09 am

    First, check out what the leftist media is saying about the Sky interview with Blair Cottrell.
    To read this he is the spawn of Satan, he is a neo-Nazi and his ideas spread hate and intolerance.
    Then watch the interview.
    Blair argues that immigrants to our country should be skilled and from cultural backgrounds not dissimilar to our own. How radical and far right is that?
    God help Australia if sensible commentary like this is to be shouted down and silenced.

    • DT 07/08/2018, 10:30 am

      Any person right of centre is now the far right, according the leftists.

      • Joe Blogs 08/08/2018, 9:36 am

        Yes; but we’re still erudite and they’re still useful idiots – and we’ll all go our graves thus.

  • DT 09/08/2018, 3:21 pm

    From The Australian;

    Chairman Mal’s pal says and then another says …

    The chair of the Energy Security Board Kerry Schott warns that the NEG could be “off the table’’ for good.

    Reef $444m grant ‘unthinkable’
    Michael Myer, founding director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation says it can’t cope with the government’s huge grant.

  • Graham Richards 10/08/2018, 10:18 am

    Huge news announced by Paul Murray on his PM Live show.
    From September Skynews with Paul Murray, PetaCredlin, Alan Jones, Poss Cameron, Rowan Dean & others will be available on Free To Air service. About time (provided their policies on the narrative doesn’t weaken & change) Hopefully it’ll provide a huge change to the current weak, biased BS from ABC, # 7, # 9, SBS & the usual lefty suspects.
    I guess ABC has been caught off guard as the weeping & wailing has not yet started!

  • OPA 10/08/2018, 4:22 pm

    Lastnight on Hot Seat Mcquire made an appeal to raise $1000,000 for children with cancer. Oh how wonderful! A whole one million dollars! Maybe those nurds that want to mess around with the GBR could donate it from the 440 million Turnbull just gave them? And while they’re at it another 20 million to the farmers, so they can, if they’re game to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops, get 24,000 dollars each. But what was the big hurry with those farmers? This drought is only seven years long. Rushing it a bit, Turnbull. Different from the GBR though. They don’t have any problems to solve yet but got the money anyway. Never mind that they didn’t even asked for it, they’re Turnbull’s old pals from his banking days. and it’s not a grant either, it’s a donation, so they don’t have to give any account of how they spent the money. And the chairman of the foundation lives in Switzerland, you can do some nice shopping there. Hey, Liberals? Why in Heavens name is that idiot still Prime Minister, are you all castrated, or what?

  • DT 11/08/2018, 3:50 pm

    Australian icon company BHP Limited is going to build a steel manufacturing blast furnace in Indonesia I read recently.

    No doubt it will use Iron Ore and Coal from Australia.

    Just after Gillard Labor introduced the Carbon Tax and Renewable Energy Surcharge (plus GST) to our electricity bills a very reliable grape vine told me that in Queensland BHP had developed leading edge technology new blast furnace technology. Exciting advancement.

    The bad news was that it was highly unlikely that the first full scale furnace would be located in Australia.

    And that before the energy crisis was fully exposed and panic bandaid solutions being crafted to deceive the gullible voters and consumers.

    Meanwhile manufacturing businesses around the world’s largest interconnected power grid are being paid not to operate when electricity generation is not adequate.

    Australia’s greatest of all liability: Politicians.

  • Aktosplatz 12/08/2018, 6:04 am

    My topic is Jacinda Adhern The New Zealand PM.

    She’s complaining about our Peter Dutton deporting many violent Kiwis back to NZ.

    And that’s it.

    She has no idea as to what we are supposed to do with them. Doesn’t she realise these crims are KIWIS?

    By the way, it’s the first thing she has said apart from feeding the baby, and flashing her teeth.

    So in fact, what does Ms Adhern actually do to earn her substantial PM’s pay?

    She doesn’t seem to do anything.

    • DT 12/08/2018, 8:33 am

      What did she do before becoming an MP?

      University student socialist, staffer for PM socialist Helen Clarke and then moved to the UK to be a staffer for christian socialist PM Tony Blair.

      Winston Peters is a fool.

  • Zoltan 15/08/2018, 9:43 pm

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