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Morning mailers # 17

Our Year End Break—Dec. 22 to January 30.

Unlike many blog operators, we enjoy and appreciate having such well informed, articulate and courteous commenters on Morning Mail. Therefore, so you don’t slip into withdrawal without your daily dose of MM in the coming weeks we propose the following:

Beginning Sunday, join Chaucer travelling the canals of France.

Use this forum to post and discuss your choice of topics. We trust you will bear in mind the laws of defamation, etc and save us from jail. We also appreciate how diligently you round up on trolls—like a kelpie rounding geese.

For readability it’s easier for all if you keep your penmanship to pieces shorter than War and Peace.

We suggest a subject heading, a short paragraph on both the story and your comment on same, just like we do—then a link to the original story if applicable. That will reduce the “scroll down” space.

Editor Chaucer will from time-to-time post thrilling accounts of past experiences either true or false.

In closing this year we sincerely thank you for your addiction to our efforts to bring you news of interest with a spoonful of sugary humour and or the requisite ridicule so deserving of political fools of the day.

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  • Margaret 29/12/2017, 6:35 pm

    If the USA sneezes then Australia catches a cold. Well the USA has caught a cold. The consequences for Australia are unknown…

  • Xword 30/12/2017, 7:36 am

    Some old fella rabbiting on in the Daily Telegraph letters col yesterday claiming road toll exacerbated by cars being made of plastic compared to the good old days of chrome and steel. In 1970 in NSW there were some 29 road fatalities per 100,000 population, stats that if applied to today would result in about 2000 extra deaths annually. An average these days of one fatality a day is nothing to be proud of, but let’s not allow nostalgia take the rasp off the “good old days”.
    Safe holiday driving to all and if possible let the passenger take care of adjusting centre console devices such as air con knobs.

  • Gregoryno6 30/12/2017, 2:33 pm

    Found after 103 years.
    ‘AE1 has several historical distinctions: it was Australia’s first submarine, and it was the country’s first submarine to be lost in war – and it was also the first Allied submarine lost in the war.’

  • TommyGun 31/12/2017, 8:36 am

    I loved the front-page coverage the Weekend Australian gave to the extremely serious problem of the anarchy and crime caused by Africans in Victoria.
    Who let these pieces of sh*t into this country?
    The importers should be jailed.
    The disgusting things should be collectively deported.

    Meanwhile, the milksop Marxist, Andrews, does nothing.

    • Ozisceptic 12/01/2018, 1:48 pm

      Not only Victoria, and not only Sudanese.
      I remember Anna Bligh in Qld admonoshing her police superintendent for saying there was an issue with African crime in some country towns.
      In Coffs Harbour on some days half the court appearances are Africans
      And my son was bashed and robbed by an African when walking at night in ( of all places ) Armidale.

  • Margaret 31/12/2017, 3:26 pm
  • Margaret 31/12/2017, 6:02 pm

    What has President Trump achieved in his first year of office?

  • Lorraine 01/01/2018, 9:02 am

    Happy New Year everyone, regards and best wishes for 2018 , we must ask for a good year. we deserve it

  • Margaret 02/01/2018, 10:18 am

    Happy New Year everyone.

    2018 is going to be the year of awakening…taking the red pill. It is hard to swallow.

    There is so much information to be revealed we will have plenty of reading matter. I started by reading on Q Anon on October 31st, on 4chan about the calm before the storm. Then I followed the breadcrumbs to try to make sense of it all. I went down the rabbit hole but not too far. The world of pedophiles is too gross.

    The the storm was upon us and the operation to round up the evil people in the world began on Christmas day. Some people have already arrived in Guantanamo Bay.

    I haven’t seen any more Q posts since Christmas Day.

    For anyone interested the qanon twitter page has discussion/comments.

    The Book of Q is on this link


  • Lorraine 08/01/2018, 6:40 pm

    Golden Globes and don’t you love all the old birds worth millions calling out sexual harassment……Oh well they have finished with the couch for now, and it is all of a sudden PC and Me Too, ok to say what they have been aware of for years. The left is able to resist , all in the name of Hollywood.

  • Margaret 09/01/2018, 10:38 am

    This is just one of many posts from Q. Does anyone know the answers to the questions?

    Q !UW.yye1fxo 01.06.18 (Sat) 16.03.28 ID: c9daa0 N0.8093

    How much did AUS donate to CF?
    How much did SA donate to CF?
    Why is this relevant?
    What phone call between POTUS and X/AUS leaked?
    List the leadership in AUS
    IDEN leadership during Hussein term
    IDEN leadership during POTUS’ term
    Who controls AUS?
    Who really controls AUS?
    Why is this relevant?
    #QAnon #CBTS #TheStorm #Godspeed #TheGreatAwakening

    AUS=Australia, SA= Saudi Arabia

  • Gregoryno6 11/01/2018, 12:30 pm

    From The American thinker: Why Liberals (ie Leftwits) Need to Look Down on Conservatives.
    “I don’t claim that every single leftist derives his self-esteem from the notion that he’s part of a superior group called “liberals,” nor does this phenomenon completely explain leftist resistance to reason. But it is common among devoted liberals, and it’s part of why, as a group, they can’t give traditionalist views a fair hearing. Doing so doesn’t just threaten their ideology; it threatens who they are, their entire self-image.”

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