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When the Midas touch failed to rub off

When the Midas touch failed to rub off

A story about a bar of gold, a potato—both wishful thinking.

The pursuit of riches and vanity certainly clouds the mind. And so it did for Matthew Alexander Roussety in Perth who stuffed a one kilogram bar of gold into his undies and walked from the mint refinery. Although the scanner sounded an alarm he passed it off as a metal zipper in his pants. The crook must have thought he was merely “putting out the trash”, doing the mint a favour because the gold bar was a defective one and would have to be melted down again. What a considerate chap! Roussety and members of his family in the public gallery cried as he was sentenced to 15 months’ jail. He will have to serve half the term before he can be released. Poor bugger!

Mr Roussety brings to mind the weedy bloke on a beach wondering why a fellow with big muscles attracted so many lovely ladies. So he asked him. The muscle man looked down at the weed’s Speedos, sniggered and said to put a potato in his swimmers. And so he did. But the girls then avoided him like the plague. He asked Mr Atlas why. Atlas looked down again and said, “put the potato down the front, not the back, you bloody fool.”Source: ABC

Perth Mint worker who stole $50,000 gold bar by hiding it in his underpants jailed

A Perth Mint security guard who stole a $50,000 gold bar by hiding it in his underpants has been sentenced to 15 months’ jail.
The District Court was told Matthew Alexander Roussety, 27, had a “brain snap” when he decided to take the 1 kilogram bar while he was working at the mint’s refinery at Perth Airport in December 2016.
The bar was a reject one, and was going to be melted down, but Roussety decided to steal it by secreting it down the front of his pants.
It set off metal detectors when he was leaving the refinery, but he managed to explain it away by telling security officers the alarm had gone off because of the metal zip on his trousers.
Three months later, after he had left his job, Roussety took the bar to a second-hand gold dealership and after signing a declaration that he had paid for and owned the bar, he was paid $44,500.
Roussety then used some of the money to pay car and credit card debts.
His crime was uncovered when the gold dealership tried to sell the bar back to the Perth Mint, but it was told it already belonged to them.

Judge Bruce Goetze told Roussety he had been motivated by “greed and self-indulgence” and had acted “impulsively” to relieve himself of financial difficulties.
Judge Goetze said the theft had a negative impact on the Perth Mint, with customers querying its security arrangements and other staff coming under suspicion, causing low morale.
The court heard the theft had also led to the Mint considering a requirement that staff wear metal free clothing — something that had caused a problem with unions, because it may discriminate against women.
Judge Goetze described the offence as “very serious,” telling Roussety he had breached the trust that had been placed in him.
“The very thing you were employed to do, was the very thing you offended against,” Judge Goetze said.
Roussety and members of his family in the public gallery cried as he was sentenced to 15 months’ jail.
He will have to serve half the term before he can be released.
Roussety has already paid $25,000 to the gold dealership and the court heard he has agreed to pay them $400 per month to pay back the remaining amount.

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  • Lorraine 13/01/2018, 9:15 am

    people make bad choices with their lives every day. This uneducated moron tried to steal a gold bar no doubt with numbers on it ,the proof of ownership, the gold dealer was pretty dumb also.

  • Botswana O'Hooligan 13/01/2018, 9:49 am

    A long time ago a shipment of coins from the Perth mint was loaded on board a DC4 freighter but on arrival in the east the shipment was no longer there. They never solved that one but the most likely theory was one of –now you see it, now you don’t– and the loot was put on and taken off before the aeroplane left. The mint invites theft ’cause they have this bar of gold in a reinforced glass case and you can put your hands into the case and lift the bar (probably lead painted gold ’cause they can’t be that bloody stupid) That bar will not fit through any of the arm holes and God knows, I tried hard enough one day.

    • steve blackett 13/01/2018, 11:04 am

      Points for trying Bots.

  • Jack Richards 13/01/2018, 3:59 pm

    A few years back some bloke from a gold mining company asked me if they could drill test holes on my land to see if there was any gold worth mining (I live in an area where lots of gold was found in the 1860-90s). I asked what the deal was and they offered me $50 per hole but if they found any gold it was all theirs. I told them to come back with an offer of $500 per hole and a contract that, if they found any, I got 10%. They haven’t been back.

  • Zoltan 13/01/2018, 5:36 pm

    Some thirty odd years ago I bought a ring made of the stuff, it turned out to be a mistake, I think the metal must have had a toxic effect on the wearer.

    • Lorraine 13/01/2018, 5:47 pm

      takes 2 to tango, hardly can blame the gold ring. Gold is not a toxic substance, are you sure you paid for real gold, not that fake stuff…………you miser you

    • Neville 14/01/2018, 5:52 pm

      Me too, Zolly. Turns out that gold is actually magnetic – to toxic personalities that like to bankrupt suckers! ( /s )

  • Bh 13/01/2018, 6:45 pm

    How on earth is metal-free clothing discriminating against women?

  • Gregoryno6 14/01/2018, 1:20 pm

    I did some work as a casual labourer for the Perth Mint back in the early 90s. I am frankly gobsmacked at this story.
    Getting in to work was easy. Getting out, as you’d expect, was more hazardous. You pressed a button which activated a red or a green light. Random selection. If you got the red, you got searched. And the guards looked everywhere except up your fundamental.*
    Everything out of your bag. Empty your pockets. Metal detector from the soles of your shoes to the top of your head.
    They told a story about the treatment given to a long time staffer who was caught with some miniscule amount of gold leaf on his person. Several hours left alone in a room while the Gold Cops drove down from Kalgoorlie. When they got there, the interrogation was full on. Who were you working with? Who’s your buyer? The guy was a mess by the end of it. And then they turned his house over just to be sure he hadn’t smuggled anything else out.
    NO DAMN WAY would I have tried it! But Roussety mangaged to get away with the ‘it’s my zipper’ excuse. They must have had a fresh kid on the guard desk that day.

    *While I never heard of any cavity searches being done, the security desk always had a box of rubber gloves. Draw your own conclusions.

    • Neville 14/01/2018, 5:52 pm

      Is that a gold bar in your underpants, or are you just glad to work here?

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