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Janet Albrechtsen on the SSM stuff up

Janet Albrechtsen on the SSM stuff up

Janet Albrechtsen’s forensic raking through the sordid mess foisted upon the Australian public.

People are just plain fed up with the political games being waged by the Coalition and Labor on the gay marriage nonsense. Now their ABC is mounting an attack for the “yes” team and will blitz the populace via its more than 50 stations across the land. ABC boss Michelle Guthrie in an unprecedented move came out and warned the ABC’s taxpayer-funded employees to cut out the Marxist bias in play. That won’t happen, of course. The old, “I’ll pretend to be angry and you’ll pretend to be sorry” routine.

Janet Albrechtsen:

This week Malcolm Turnbull laid out how same-sex marriage could become law by the end of the year. Now that a compulsory plebiscite has been knocked back a second time by the Senate, there will be a postal survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in September.

Source: News Corp

Same-sex marriage issue should have gone to the people long ago

 Ballots must be returned by November 7, a result declared on November 25, and a parliamentary vote held in the final fortnight of parliament for 2017 a few weeks later. All it requires is for principle to trump politics; in other words, a total reversal of the history of this issue in Australia. Fat chance.

Same-sex marriage has become the most tedious episode in Australian political history. As a New Yorker commented after flying from Canberra to Brisbane this week: “Let me get this right. I just flew on a domestic plane without showing any ID, a dirty bomb almost made it on board a plane here a few weeks ago, and you’re talking about a plebiscite and same-sex marriage.”

This sorry saga has unveiled an unholy alliance of judicial meddlers, political opportunists, intolerant activists, overreaching social engineers, corporate and medical grandstanders and hypocrites in conservative ranks, too. And in among the shrill voices spanning left and right are loving people in same-sex relationships who share the natural desire to be in a union that has the same standing as marriage. They have been let down by all and sundry across many institutions in this country.

Start with the judicial meddlers. If the High Court had stuck to constitutional principles, the Australian people would have their say via a referendum. That’s how the word “marriage” in the federal Constitution should be altered. Instead, in a 2013 decision striking down an ACT law to legalise same-sex marriage, a handful of High Court judges decided that “marriage” must be redefined by the federal parliament.

Never mind section 128 of the Constitution that says that our founding document may only be changed when a majority of voters in a majority of states agree to it by referendum. Never mind that the word “marriage” had a settled meaning at 1901 when the Constitution was written. Indeed, it’s hard to find a word in the Constitution with a meaning more settled than “marriage”, given that it has meant the union between one man and one woman for millennia. That 2013 decision, rejecting the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws, stripped Australians of their right to change the Constitution, turning same-sex marriage into the political barney it has become.

That said, even before that High Court decision, the then Labor government treated same-sex marriage as a capricious political circus. New prime minister Kevin Rudd in 2007 opposed same-sex marriage as did Julia Gillard in 2012 when she assured the Australian Christian Lobby her government remained committed to traditional marriage. To say that was weird coming from an unmarried atheist is an understatement. But politics being politics, Gillard needed to shore up her position with conservative voters. After Labor was given a conscience vote on the issue at the December 2011 national conference, it helped defeat another same-sex marriage bill. Angling to return to the top job, Rudd had a perfectly timed epiphany in May 2013, setting up a contest between the church-going Rudd who would deliver same-sex marriage and Gillard, the unmarried atheist who wouldn’t. Gillard now supports same-sex marriage.

Kudos to Bill Shorten, then, for being a consistent supporter of same-sex marriage even when his own party wasn’t. He also supported a plebiscite in 2013, which makes his current position all the more vulgar. By opposing a plebiscite, he obstructs the fastest track to legislate same-sex marriage law by Christmas. That’s not high principle. It’s base politics aimed at inciting division within the Turnbull government. To add insult to injury, Labor’s mischief-making Shorten has treated people who disagree with him with disdain, accusing opponents of same-sex marriage as “motivated by homophobia”, and his opposition to a plebiscite is premised on his belief that he doesn’t want to give “haters” a chance to “come out from under a rock”. Concerned about a disrespectful debate, Labor’s legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus said yesterday morning he didn’t see any lack of respect coming from the “yes” side of the debate, only from the “no” side.

That’s extraordinary because the “yes” side has become a simple proposition: say yes, or be a bigot. Indeed, the party that pushed hardest for same-sex marriage has also played the dirtiest. When he became Greens leader, Richard Di Natale was dubbed by excitable sections of the media as Mr Mainstream, a middle-of-the-road chap who would move his party to a more sensible place. Instead, Di Natale has pursued social engineering that has harmed the cause of same-sex marriage, from the Greens’ full-throttle embrace of the misleadingly named Safe Schools program with its “heterosexist” complaints about calling students “boys” and “girls” and LGBTI role-playing for young students, to the Greens’ push to remove religious exemptions from the Sex Discrimination Act.

Consider Di Natale’s dangerous and despicable suggestion last year that a plebiscite would put young people in the LGBTI community at risk of harm. “We will most likely see young people take their lives if this plebiscite goes ahead,” he said. It seems the Greens leader exploited the tragic issue of youth suicide for his own political purposes to oppose a plebiscite, ignoring Ireland’s referendum a year earlier.

On Monday night, following the two-hour partyroom meeting of federal Liberals, Mathias Cormann, the acting Minister of State responsible for the plebiscite, said this to Emma Alberici on ABC TV’s Lateline: “Well, Emma, this is actually not about us. This is about the Australian people. We respect the fact that there is a diversity of sincerely held, strong views on both sides of the argument in the Australian community.”

Cormann is right. Good people can disagree on same-sex marriage and that should have been the starting point in this debate. Instead, there’s been breathtaking intolerance from those whose campaign is premised on expecting tolerance from others.

There is blanket campaigning on the national broadcaster from News Radio and Fran Kelly on Radio National to Alberici on Lateline, and Insiders on Sundays. So much so that the cost of the plebiscite has turned Keynes­ian ABC hosts into fiscal conservatives. It’s become so blatant that even ABC boss Michelle Guthrie warned the ABC’s taxpayer-funded employees to cut it out, which makes a mockery of her chairman’s wacky view that the ABC is a balanced organisation that meets it charter. Searching for one voice at the ABC that supports the traditional definition of marriage is like searching for the Kangaroo Island emu, last seen in 1805. Killed off by hunters.

In the 21st century, ideological hunters hound out opponents. Human rights activists have endeavoured to turn same-sex marriage into a human right when it is no such thing. Chief executives have tried to frame it as a workplace issue to justify their personal politics. And grandstanding doctors have tried to make it a health issue. In fact, their crude politics show it’s a political issue, pure and simple. The net effect of their censorious sanctimony may well be to turn otherwise apathetic supporters of same-sex marriage into determined opponents.

While Turnbull has paved the way for same-sex marriage, his own party has stumbled on the hurdle of hypocrisy too. It started with a highly principled stand from Tony Abbott prior to the 2013 election, when the then opposition leader made it clear that a conscience vote on same-sex marriage was a matter for the Liberal partyroom. It was principled precisely because Abbott is a known opponent of same-sex marriage.

But then Abbott played politics too, drawing together the Nationals and the Liberals in a partyroom meeting to plump up the numbers to settle on a plebiscite that would be non-binding. How does that respect the people’s say? From Eric Abetz and other conservatives refusing to honour a yes vote from the people to left-wing Liberal Christopher Pyne boasting that we’re going to secure marriage equality sooner than everyone thinks, the Liberals have no reason to crow about their record.

Polls suggest most Australians support same-sex marriage even if it’s a piffling issue for most. They also support a plebiscite. The dismal history of this issue across politics and institutions in this country proves why the Australian people should have a say, and should have had one from the get-go. They can’t possibly muck it up as badly as the band of politicking protagonists have to date.

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  • Lorraine 12/08/2017, 8:43 am

    There are no winners, and we the voters know we are the losers, we have in Government the 2 most useless leaders that our great Country has ever produced. Whitlam and Gillard in my memory along with McMahon and Fraser were terrible leaders but the Country only went into huge debt under Gillard, that debt and her Gonski and NDIS (whether you agree is fair,) were unfunded ,the NBN trickling to a nothing after billions have been wasted. We are in a big mess, but 2% of gays control the agenda, with the Oddballs in charge and the rainbow hijacked there is no pot of gold for us

  • Honeybadger 12/08/2017, 9:11 am

    Leigh Sales took no notice of Michelle Guthrie’s reminder on diversity. This week 7.30 had a segment on SSM where they interviewed 4 pro SSM including Justice Michael Kirby and 1 anti SSM, Lyle Shelton from the Christian Lobby Group. Some diversity and balance! All talk no action.

  • Albert 12/08/2017, 9:56 am

    Justice Michael Kirby is a disgrace. This twisted disgusting and perverted little gnome should pull his head in and shut his mouth along with politicians. Politicians of all shades have turned this SSM perversion into a political plaything and in doing so have treated the majority with utter contempt. Witnessing such infantile behaviour in order to preserve the votes of 2% of the population demonstrates that those who have corrupted parliament with such filth are not worthy of being part of any responsible decision making on behalf of the people of this country.

  • DB8tr 12/08/2017, 10:15 am

    Equality. Yet another word stolen from the english language by the Neo Marxists. Equality? 2-4% of the populace wanting to destroy the meaning of marriage and its 5000 year old meaning. Equality? 4% of people tormenting children by preventing them from having a mother and a father (borrowing sperm). Equality? An agenda controlling the media and telling us what is…equal? A noble person and a harmer of others are equal as human beings but their actions are not equal. Sadly we need another word to restore its rightful meaning.

  • Aktosplatz 12/08/2017, 10:36 am

    Looking to the future, I can visualise in my family:-

    1. Home schooling for the kids with a focus on the RRRs, and Modern History according to what actually happened in the world as a whole, especially that of the ANZACS, RAAF, and RAN.

    2. Biblical Principles including that on marriage, and ethics.

    3. Training on sound business principles. How to deliver a good service to customers.

    4. Training on security and how to stand on one’s own two feet.

    5. How to find a career in a better country.

    I’m not letting these mongrels brainwash my family.

    • Neville 12/08/2017, 10:56 am

      Nice summary, Asko. I even considered this approach for my own kids, but it turned out that it wasn’t really necessary, because the the gut-rotten “education” system hadn’t fully got up a head of steam back when they were making their way through school. Consequently, I was able to guide and explain the real facts to them along the way, and point out where the school was promulgating propaganda and bullshit, and then supplement their learning with additional stuff where needed. (“additional’, BTW, only in terms of where the school was deficient; it was in fact pretty much simply the totality of what WAS taught 30 years prior to then, like what we all got lumbered with way back then – and benefitted from a FULL education)

  • Margaret 12/08/2017, 10:40 am

    The memo to ABC staff to be impartial is an admission that they are biased. SSM debate could have unintended consequences. The end of public funding of public broadcasting would be great.

    This week Cory Bernardi is issuing his Australian Conservative party policy on the ABC/SBS. I hope he states there will no longer be public funding for the ABC/SBS. Funding should be by subscription and or advertising.

    • Bwana Neusi 12/08/2017, 12:50 pm

      The most irritating aspect of the ABC/SBS is that they care not a jot how many or how few people watch their umpteen channels. The money still rolls in.
      In the private sector, withdrawing support can and does exert some pressure, to which the companies usually respond (or go out of business).
      Will Quaintarse be made to feel the pinch – 96% of the flying population could make a major difference to its bottom line (no pun intended). I suspect Joyce, like the ABC couldn’t give a rodent’s rectum providing he gets his way and his bonus, and sacrificing an airline is just collateral damage.

  • Topsy 12/08/2017, 12:13 pm

    Janet’s article makes me think that Australia is in the grip of such mediocrity of leadership – be it political, business, media or whatever, as to be in danger of having our culture completely wrecked.
    We are succumbing to bullying in the streets by alphabet soup types, bullying from our courts, business people, politicians, the likes of Quantas Joyce and any other who wants to get in on the act.
    Time we out in the burbs became less apathetic and began to stand up for our Country and culture.

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