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Islamic Sharia law by stealth

Islamic Sharia law by stealth

Back in 2014 the Bendigo Advertiser featured an article in which concern was expressed about the building of an Islamic mosque in Bendigo. Many residents called for compassion and tolerance between Christians and Muslims. It was stated that while the sentiments expressed where very Christian, it needed to be understood that compassion and tolerance are not part of the Islamic ideology. Such sentiments are non-existent when it comes Muslims dealing with infidels.

It was argued that in Australia and other Western countries Islam is largely conducting Sharia by stealth and by the building of the Islamic mosque then the residents of Bendigo would surely feel the effects of creeping Sharia.

In April 2017 it was revealed that the Labor Party was seeking to extend the reach of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to cover religion. It was reported that the Labor Party Shadow Attorney General Mark Dreyfus confirmed Labor’s support for such changes.

Not surprisingly, the proposal came from Dr. Ann Aly, a Muslim Labor MP. Not only was it proposed to expand the anti-discrimination law to religion, but would simultaneously impose significant further restrictions on freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Ann Ally raised the spectre of the proposal opening the door to an Islamic blasphemy law when she said that the racism debate had extended to religion, as there had been a distinct increase in anti-Islamic rhetoric.

A former Human Rights commissioner Tim Wilson labelled the proposal, a mad, ideological drive of the Labor Party to use laws to shut people up. He went on to say It would turn Australia into another Saudi Arabia, where it was an offence to criticise Islam. In addition James Spigelman QC had previously stated that this sort of proposal could see the reintroduction of blasphemy as a crime into Australian law.

From law professor Rex Tauati Ahdar we heard that such laws would unreasonably compromise freedom of political communication, which is the basic freedom derived from our system of democratic government and implied in the Australian Constitution.

Sources: Bendigo Advertiser, Spectator

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  • Penguinite 12/02/2018, 6:23 am

    Seems to me Islam creep has won!

  • TommyGun 12/02/2018, 8:21 am

    This izlamic infiltration of our land has Labor’s dirty fingerprints all over it, in lockstep with their leftard partners, the Greens.

  • Lorraine 12/02/2018, 9:33 am

    playing the poor me ,I am a victim , and then held up by the Labor Party and the Greens to obtain the vote. who is surprised by this ,at the same time the Labor party will make it a criminal offence to open your mouth against Muslims or Aborigine’s. The Greens can talk bile and hate to their hearts content and Bill Shorten blinks. Jim Molan is the latest victim , but he will not be the last. Jim has proved he is stronger than Bill Leak

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