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halal extortionCall it extortion and be done with it!
Bret Harte

Wherever Muslim armies conquered, they imposed a tax – the jizya – on the subdued people. It was paid by the conquered people to the Muslim administration for permission to live.

It is so ordered in the Quran, (9:29).

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day… until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

What happens when Muslims have not conquered a nation?

They impose halal.

“Halal” means permitted. A secondary meaning is increasingly recognised as “extortion”. Just as the jizya was plain extortion.

Under the masquerade of certifying that animals have been slaughtered a Muslim permitted way, the jizya has re-emerged, is reborn, as ‘halal’.

And it is an enormous world-wide billion dollar pay-off to Muslims.

It has become no different to the Mafia’s “insurance” scam. It is no different to the ways that Northern Ireland taxi drivers had to pay a tax to the IRA or the UDF – or be killed.
Except that halal certification is completely open, completely legal, completely proper, even justifiable.

Gold mine.

Muslims make no bones about it. Halal certification is a gold mine. They use this very phrase – a gold mine – in the Indonesian Jakarta Post

Say an Australian beef producer wants to sell his product in Indonesia.

He pays a halal tax or the product is rejected.

Who sets the amount for halal certification?

The Indonesian Council of Ulama. That is who.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama is the supreme Islamic body which orders religious rulings.

They expel any certifiers of halal meat who do not charge the amount they set. There is to be no competition among these bullshit certifiers.

Well, that is our export meat to Indonesia.

What about locally?

Three quarters of 75% of poultry suppliers pay it – actually, Australians do. Half the abattoirs do it.

And all the major dairy companies do.

What the hell has milking a cow got to do with slitting a sheep’s throat while facing Mecca?


It is to certify that the machinery doesn’t contain any pig fat – as if it did!

On it goes, Australians pay to have water certified, chocolate certified, ice cream, chemicals!!!, you name it, they can certify it. It is just blackmail.

It is paying a tribute to Muslims living here.

And that tribute can rise as they please. They can make it a percentage of gross sales. Whatever. There is no law covering it, but Muslim agreements.

And it rises all the time. Fish is OK, but what if the Muslims think a particular species is being over-fished> Why, for a price, they will certify that it is halal if it is not over-fished in their brilliant opinion. The ring of extortion just grows wider.There is no limit. If they choose they could move in on the ‘organic’ vegetables and fruit and certify it as halal because it is ‘sustainable’ or some other green meaningless catchword.

Where does the money go?

It should go to charity according to the Indonesian Council of Ulama. Dr Shaberah says “They should contribute for mosques, Islamic schools, the Islamic community and other social activities.”

Wonder where the Mosques are getting their money?

From Australians who give their kids halal certified milk to drink.

What is to be done?

Make it an offence to ask for money on the claim of certifying a product as halal.

It is easily done.

Amend the law so that anyone approaching a company and offering to certify its product as halal will be committing an offence. Any company who then pays the halal tax is committing an offence.

Nothing is lost. Australian producers can do their own certification if they like. They can still put their own sticker on the product to claim it complies with halal requirements. If they falsely claim that it is halal when it is not, well, that is misrepresentation and there will be a severe penalty for that.

Stop faffing around the edges with boycotts, and letters to the editor.

Anyone can write to the Commonwealth Attorney General; it is still a free country.

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  • Albert 10/05/2014, 11:12 am

    I’ve had nothing but contempt for Indonesia since the days of my involvement in the Malaysian Confrontation and I have felt the same way about Muslims and their Islamic b**ls**t since I resided in Malaysia shortly after the Confrontation.

    Abbott and Morrison are the only politicians who have had the intestinals to more or less tell Indonesia to pull their heads in. What they need to do now is to ban this Halal con. We have the ICAC investigating all and sundry for corruption while the governments, both federal and state, allow this fraud to continue unabated as the Australian public pay for it by way of price increases to cover the cost. Halal payments to Muslims should be outlawed and those perpetrating it should be deported without a right of appeal.

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