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Governments: orchestrating their own demise

Governments: orchestrating their own demise

The SA Government has accused Labor of concealing plans to sell off the state’s Motor Vehicle Registry during its time in office, but says it is now duty-bound to consider exactly the same move.

Years ago some bright spark came up with a great idea to save the arses of incompetent, and profligate politicians. They needed more money and less responsibility. It was simple and easy. Sell off income generating utilities to the highest bidder. That, in turn removes any obligation when there is a blackout or the phone hasn’t worked for a week. It’s not their business anymore—call the new owner. That is the example Australians live every day. Oh yes, senate inquiries are as popular as union barbeques and result in the same old, same old—the meat was burnt. The SA government seeks to sell off their Motor Vehicle Registry. Very soon there will be everything of real value, even sewer treating, will be gone, nothing left to sell that an entrepreneur would want. The best thing of all is to sell off the government to the highest bidder—what, no bidders like sewer treatment? Retired volunteers with loads of experience could be voted to a board and voted off if need be. After all, volunteers now do most what government used to do! Simples!

Source: ABC

SA Government ‘contractually bound’ to consider Motor Vehicle Registry privatisation

The Liberals said the deal was struck during a previous privatisation, when the former Labor government left the Lands Titles Office in the hands of commercial consortium Land Services SA.
Treasurer Rob Lucas said, as part of that deal, Land Services SA paid another $80 million for an “exclusive right” to negotiate for further sell-offs, including the Motor Vehicle Registry.
He said if the Government opts against the privatisation, it would have to repay the $80 million with interest of 10 per cent per year, or extend the consortium’s control of lands titles services.
“If the repayment doesn’t occur until 2020 then the repayment could be as much as $104 million,” he said.
Mr Lucas said, as part of the “secret deal”, the new Government was “contractually bound” to carry out a scoping study into the privatisation of the agency.
“I’ve taken legal advice that we’re now in this position,” he said.
“I can’t rule out anything out because we haven’t done the scoping study.
“If I was to rule something out at this stage, there may well be the opening for legal action against the Government on the basis that we’ve not gone into, as the contract requires us to do, reasonable endeavours to negotiate this particular deal.”
During its time in office, Labor also privatised the Motor Accident Commission and Mr Lucas said Labor had deliberately kept the latest deal secret in the lead-up to the election.
Asked whether it was potentially a gift in disguise, he said the move had not been part of the Liberal agenda during the election campaign.
But Labor said it would “probably” not have gone through with the sale of the registry if it had been re-elected.
“The consortium asked that we keep it confidential. We took advice and we agreed with them,” government spokesman Tom Koutsantonis said.
“Mr Lucas knows full well he doesn’t have to go through with the deal. He can pocket the $80 million and just add seven years to the contract of the Lands Titles Office.”

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  • luk1955 17/05/2018, 7:29 am

    The 1914 federal Crimes Act states that government entities cannot function or act like, or as private corporations. So no lawyer knows this? Just what do these liars for hire know? If that sale takes place, the populace are under no obligation to pay vehicle registration. If everyone stops paying, the corporation can’t take everyone to court. Whoever put their name on this sell off can be jailed for fraud, extortion, and a plethora of other crimes. But I won’t hold my hope that South Australians are smart enough to take the necessary corrective action, seeing how musky built a battery in that state, not out of his pocket but the pockets of SA workers.

    • Zoltan 17/05/2018, 7:59 am

      And if sold to a private firm how would the cops be responsible for catching defaulters? (unless they sell them off too)

  • Philip 17/05/2018, 9:08 am

    Let’s face it, Governments at all levels in Australia are stoney broke. Not because they haven’t raised enough money over the years but because they have all spent far more than they raised and commited the people to huge amounts of debt.
    History shows that when servants of the public have their backs against the wall they will throw their masters to the wolves before they give up their own cushy positions. Get ready people for rough times ahead.
    Our democratic system really gives no power to the people it just allows us to choose the colour of the next bunch to pillage the public coffers. Change unfortunately only seems to come when the people physically revolt.
    This 2 party system (outlawed in the original Oz constitution) is a major part of the problem. All political candidates should be independents. Maybe then we could stop the rot.

    • Rubyred 17/05/2018, 9:25 am

      That is what I have always said. Independents with proven business experience and no criminal record. How about being appointed and not elected by dills?
      They come to an election booth and have no knowledge of who or what they are voting for and they don’t care.

  • Lorraine 17/05/2018, 9:50 am

    Governments of both Parties have lost our trust, they wish to have all of the perks but pass all problems back to the Private sector to deal with.
    Why do we need Governments if the private sector does it better, would we be better off under administrations by say firms of accountants. Yuck I have never trusted an accountants……needed in business, costly, but they do know the ATO rules

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