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Gender assignment for pets

The March of the Gender Benders

Lefties progress, they claim.
In a manner of speaking, they do indeed.
No matter how insane their ideology, they always find a way to progress still further into lunacy — even when no normal person would think it could be possible.
Think, if you possibly can, of an infinitely deep well. Get a physicist to help you, they can imagine infinite anything.
Once you understand that there is no bottom to the Well of Lunacy, you can shrug adjust and adapt – and ignore.
Take the transgender issue.
Did you know that your pet has a gender? Lefties do.
Yes indeed, it is now a mark of the irredeemably sane to think that a pet is either male or female.
It is wrong, we are told, to imagine just because you observe something sticking out near the rear of a dog, that the dog imagines itself as male.

Pets cannot speak for themselves. They cannot tell you that they are being misgendered. It’s important not to make assumptions about what gender your animal is based off of its sex.

The worst is over – we read on and observe without being sucked into the Whirlpool of Gender Insanity

Sex and gender are separate things and are in no way intertwined. The sex of your pet is irrelevant. The only time you need to concern yourself with the sex of your pet is when you spay or neuter it (and this begs the question of whether or not we should perform operations on our pets without their consent). Animals can have diverse genders just like humans, and they can have diverse sexualities also.

Owners of pets, we are told unblinkingly, should give their pets gender-neutral names and use gender-neutral pronouns. You wouldn’t want to offend your pet, is the rationale – your pet might be a trans-pet.

Those who study grammar know of male, female, and neutral genders. And the world is full of neutral genders so neutral names and pronouns way way outnumber male and female names. For example you could call your dog “Carrot” or “Window” or “Bathtub” or “Napkin” or “Crutch”…

We are advised that doing so is good practice so that you do not inadvertently refer to a human “girl” as a “girl” and strike deep into her self-esteem and sense of worth, thus wounding her psyche, perhaps mortally.

This gender business is only one front on the War Against Reality. The war which began when people thought that communism made sense. It has produced leaders like Turnbull who have lost connection with reality. There is no ‘reality’ for people like him. It is a philosophical position – there is no reality.

Ah, but there is, the fact that it is impossible to define does not mean it does not exist. You find that when it bites you on the arse.

There once was a teacher off-keel.
Who preached “Although pain isn’t real,
“When I sit on a pin,
“And it goes all the way in,
“I dislike what I imagine I feel”

Maybe the masterminds like Obama and Turnbull, who guide the development of political correctness, have a secret plan to make us so disgusted with the society around us that we withdraw from it.

When we go inside our own lives, shut the door, lock it, and then hammer boards over it and do the same to the windows so that we don’t have to look at what the world is turning into out there, we put up less resistance to what they intend for us.

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  • Penguinte 17/07/2017, 8:13 am

    But what if I, specifically, want to choose a pet of a particular gender? How will breeders and sellers advertise to attract my business? In a similar vein how will males/females choose a member of the opposite sex for procreation? Yes, it’s all too silly.

  • Lorraine 17/07/2017, 9:02 am

    its really about control, Leftie thinks he can control the weather by charging $dollars to stop carbon. Leftie thinks he can control speech by shouting down those that disagree with him. Leftie thinks if he makes gender fluid people and animals he controls the minds of such stupid people that they would believe he has reason. Leftie is out of control and it is truly amazing that you would wish to debate their dumb issues. We shake our head in true disbelief that the left could be that stupid, but they are

  • Finn 17/07/2017, 9:05 am

    What can you, as reasonable thinking 5 year old, say? What?…. what ???

  • Bwana Neusi 17/07/2017, 11:00 am

    Mais! les pauvres francais.
    They only have male and female nouns. Imagine the insult to a chair or table if you inadvertently use the wrong gender. And as for la pauvre moustache?

    • Ian 17/07/2017, 2:37 pm

      Same in German and Norwegian and Swedish.
      It’s about time that all the words declared their choices. Quickly, before I abuse a ruler, a chair, or a bicycle.

      • Joe Blogs 17/07/2017, 8:30 pm

        Ian, we had a ruler just a few years ago who’s now a chair and has always been a town bicycle.

      • Neville 17/07/2017, 11:32 pm

        Nice one again, JB! I keep on wondering where you get them.

      • Joe Blogs 18/07/2017, 1:38 am

        That makes three of us, Neville: you, me, and the long-suffering, head-shaking Mrs Blogs.

  • Graham 17/07/2017, 1:58 pm

    Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water these cretins think up something more stupid than the last effort.

    Is this what it means to be a ‘progressive’, you sit in a circle and see who can come up with the daftest idea.

    • Joe Blogs 17/07/2017, 8:31 pm

      Pretty much.

    • Neville 17/07/2017, 11:33 pm

      And they do it publicly! Still, it could be worse; they could all sit in a circle and do another thing, publicly.

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