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Can Pauline survive this mess?

Can Pauline survive this mess?

So near, yet so far is the familiar story of the rise and fall of Pauline Hanson, and indeed One Nation. Always buggered by the moths that fly to the source of light only to smother it and ultimately themselves. In the dark shadows lurks Turnbull’s assassin, Mathias Cormann, happy in his work. Rotten politicians have made a shambles of our political system. A rotten government, an equally rotten opposition and nobody with enough support to fill the void. The option for voters is to vote both Labor and Liberals out by whatever means. Australia’s swamp must be drained!

A furious row inside One Nation will become a formal separation within days, as key Senator Brian Burston quits the party amid warnings over Pauline Hanson’s “dictatorship” over her colleagues.

Source: Fairfax

‘It should be called Gone Nation’: Brian Burston quits One Nation

Senator Burston will on Thursday announce his resignation after two weeks of angry attacks from Senator Hanson, leaving One Nation with only two members in Parliament ahead of crucial votes in the upper house next week.

The move marks another reconfiguration of the Senate crossbench as the Turnbull government tries to build the numbers for its cuts to company tax and personal income tax rates, while also trying to push through foreign interference laws in the next fortnight.

The political relationship between Brian Burston and Pauline Hanson has been destroyed.

Repudiating Senator Hanson’s demand that he give up his seat in Parliament for a replacement she could choose, Senator Burston will sit as an independent and vow to continue representing his home state of NSW.

Senator Burston told Fairfax Media that Senator Hanson’s unfettered control over the organisation and its elected members meant the party would fail unless it changed.

“I think it should be called Gone Nation instead of One Nation,” he said.

“There is no democracy in the party – every single decision made is made by Pauline Hanson, and if you don’t agree then you’re gone.”

Senator Burston will also use his resignation statement to call on his former colleague Peter Georgiou, the Western Australian senator who is Senator Hanson’s last remaining ally in the upper house, to consider switching his position on company tax cuts.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I am resigning from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party,” he says in a draft of the statement expected to be issued on Thursday.

“The best way forward for me to represent the best interest of the constituents of NSW with honour and integrity is for me to resign from PHON.”

Senator Hanson turned on Senator Burston two weeks ago when he declared he would honour an agreement with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann to vote for the company tax cuts, a position he restates in his resignation statement.

The One Nation leader wept in a live interview on Sky News as she claimed she was “stabbed in the back” by Senator Burston, saying she had been repeatedly betrayed by party members.

During an interview on Sky News, the One Nation founder is teary but defiant over being ‘stabbed in the back’ by her fellow One Nation Senator Brian Burston.

Senator Hanson wrote to her colleague on June 1 to tell him she had removed him as a party officer, but he insisted he would remain loyal to the party, would not resign and would keep place in Parliament.

While Senator Burston held out against the attempts to drive him out of the party, he changed his mind over the weekend after talks with colleagues.

In his resignation statement, he emphasises the need to legislate the company tax cuts put forward by Senator Cormann and backed by all One Nation senators last month, in an agreement later broken when Senator Hanson withdrew support.

“My father taught all us kids that once you shake hands with somebody – that’s it,” Senator Burston says.

“I was saddened to be asked by Senator Hanson to resign from the party and the Senate for sticking to my word.”

He also notes the offer from Senator Cormann to One Nation still stands and that his former colleagues should embrace it once again.

“I urge Senator Hanson and Senator Georgiou to honour the deal we all made with the government and pass the company tax cuts in full to help our Australian companies be internationally competitive,” he says in the statement.

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  • Pensioner Pete 14/06/2018, 5:58 am

    Quote: “I urge Senator Hanson and Senator Georgiou to honour the deal we all made with the government and pass the company tax cuts in full to help our Australian companies be internationally competitive,” he says in the statement. This is not really a true representation of the facts, Pauline Hanson withdrew support for the bill because Turdball reneged on a number of undertakings he made in return for One Nation support.

  • luk1955 14/06/2018, 6:33 am

    How can there be tax cuts for large companies? Most of them pay no tax anyway, in comparison to individuals. Judging from Michael West’s lists of ATO payments, I paid more tax last year than several large companies whose total tax paid was $0 on incomes of $50 billion.

    • Zoltan 14/06/2018, 6:54 am

      Exactly right, if they paid their fair whack we’d probably be able to afford a sub 10% rate for individuals, but that would smack of utopia and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

      • Muphin 14/06/2018, 7:14 am

        Le TURD is only looking after his mates in Goldman Sachs and the Ministers who have shares/deposits in Goldman Sachs and all other politicians who have their snouts glued to the trough of plenty.

    • Pensioner Pete 14/06/2018, 7:05 am

      luk: Come on now, we are supposed to not know about this…. refers: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-07/corporate-tax-data-released-by-ato/9236878

      • Muphin 14/06/2018, 7:20 am

        PP .. You must be the only one in 25,000,000 Australians who watch the ABC.

      • Pensioner Pete 14/06/2018, 7:40 am

        Murphin: I don’t watch the ABC or any other channel on free to air television, other than SBS at 08:10 hours for 25 minutes of Bandila, the Philippine news service to gain insights into the Philippine President. For entertainment viewing I stream everything via broadband and I only obtain my ‘news’ from the web, which makes it quite easy to filter out the MSM bullshit. I often Google for a particular matter, and in this case, the ABC link had the information I sought. Other than that, I am kept busy cleaning the 303.

    • CameronH 14/06/2018, 9:46 am

      Can we stop all of this “companies pay no tax” BS. As and example, when the mining tax was being discussed the estimated tax burden on mining companies was about 46%. Also most businesses in Australia are in the small to medium range and they are being crippled by the current tax and regulatory burden.

      You should also realise that ALL taxes paid in Australia come directly or indirectly from business and commercial activity. Yes, that includes personal taxes which come from wages that are paid from company revenues. Without companies and businesses there would be no taxes at all going to the government.

      I would also like to point out that most government services are actually there for the use of individual citizens and not companies. The schools, the medical services, pensions and welfare and much more are no benefit to companies. It is only fair that individuals, therefore, pay the taxes for these services.

      The only thing that companies, as entities get, are subsidies paid to them by government as part of the crony capitalist network. The biggest at the moment is the renewable energy scam which is costing Australians about $4 billion a year extra in their electricity bills.

      To make the economy and all citizens prosper we need to get rid of all subsidies and to cut company tax rates down to less than 20%. This is where they are is really successful economies such as Switzerland and Singapore and has resulted in the US economy now exceeding 4% annual growth rates.

  • TL46 14/06/2018, 8:32 am

    P.P. You won’t be able to get enough 303 ammo to do the job that’s necessary.

    • Pensioner Pete 14/06/2018, 8:36 am

      TL: Am workin’ on it.

  • Lorraine 14/06/2018, 8:55 am

    all the blame is thrown at Pauline Hanson over this issue, no mention that the Government reneged on the big handshake (the Burston and his Dad remember) The Government forgot to put into the budget the 1000 apprentices that Pauline requested for the support… Get it the Government reneged, MSM just for got this important factor , did they not, under reporting is the same as lying.

  • Honeybadger 14/06/2018, 9:27 am

    Generally, there are two reasons why corporate companies pay no tax in Australia.
    The first is that some companies are not making any profit. The companies included in the ATO report, relates to revenue – not profit.
    So, a company can have revenue of more than A$200 million, but that doesn’t automatically mean it has made a profit. Its losses or outgoings may outweigh its income. Only companies making a profit have to pay taxes.
    The second reason could be tax avoidance or profit shifting. This is when companies take advantage of the international tax system to reduce the amount of tax to be paid. This is not necessarily illegal and is closely monitored by the ATO.

    • Jack Richards 14/06/2018, 10:29 am

      So very true. The ABC and other extreme left organisations love to talk about how much a company made i.e. the turnover – which is an entirely different thing from the profit it made. It’s only profits that are taxable and it’s quite possible for a company, or any business, to turn over many millions of dollars and yet make nothing.

      This is true of businesses of all sizes. My uncle and aunt once bought a string of hair-dressing salons – about 5 from memory – and it seemed like a really good deal. The turnover was in the millions – but they made nothing after they’d paid rent on the shops in the shopping plazas, on-costs, utilities, consumables, overdraft interest, theft, and the biggest cost of all, salaries and benefits for the hairdressers, office staff, and legal/accountant fees. Their share at the end of the financial year was actually less than their lowest paid apprentice hair-dresser and yet they had all the responsibility and risk.

      They sold the lot after about 2 years and actually lost money.

      The likes of Emma Alberici at the ABC would have reported that their business made $x million and paid no tax.

  • Jack Richards 14/06/2018, 10:17 am

    If the plethora of conservative groups in this country could ever get together, and work out a suite of policies they could all live, then they’d probably pull somewhere between 30% and 40% of the national vote. But that’s the problem and it’s always been the problem – they’re fragmented and riven by factionalism mostly due to personality clashes and trivial doctrinal issues. We have One Nation, Australian Conservatives, Australian Liberty Alliance, Family First that all have fairly similar policies and ideas about how Australia should be run. But it seems that everyone wants to be the chief and no-one is happy to be the brave. There’s no discipline and, when someone like Pauline tries to impose it, the sheep jump the fence and wander off to oblivion.

    Surely Burston and Anning et al must realise that the only reason they are collecting there $300,000 in salary and benefits for being in the Senate is because they rode there on Pauline’s apron strings. Without her they’d be nothings now just like they were nothings before they snagged pre-selection.

    They should be learning from the collective left where party discipline is as tight as a fish’s. They have their factions and personality clashes but it’s a very rare thing for anyone to desert to the enemy.

    The time for airing disagreement is at the annual or bi-annual party conference; but once a policy is accepted after debate amongst the faithful, then they should all support it and close ranks. There are just too many Little Napoleons but they just keep making mistakes Napoleon would never make i.e. separating their forces, insubordination, and desertion to the enemy.

  • clarion call 14/06/2018, 10:56 am

    It’s apparent these interlopers are using One Nation as a springboard to grab a seat in the Big House. As independent candidates they stood no chance of getting the support or votes from the local constituents to win a seat. Better to get HON to do the hard work then cash in as a party member before giving Pauline the boot. Mongrels!

    • Lorraine 14/06/2018, 5:29 pm

      that act has to be changed , if you are elected as a party member, you resign your seat if you wish to leave the party. the musical chairs is just a farce

  • Maryanne 14/06/2018, 9:25 pm

    I admire Pauline for her courage but she’s a dill and has no political acumen. So sad.

    • Paul 15/06/2018, 8:08 am

      So true. And what’s worse at a time when Australia needs someone with her courage. When she got back into Parliament, I was hoping this time around we were looking at an older and wiser Pauline Hanson who’d learned from her mistakes and up to a point she has, but not far enough not to make a hash of it again.

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