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Can we ever live together?

There Can Be No Living Together

What is happening in France and Europe is happening here. We have been lucky, most people who want to hurt us are picked up by the security services before they can do anything of note. Curtis Cheng may not agree or those in Lindt cafe siege. However though many what could have been very nasty incidents have been stopped, rioting is taking place here and working its way up to levels seen in France a few years ago. No reason we won’t see riots escalating here to current French levels.

I don’t know about you, but I’m coming down with a nasty case of Riot Fatigue.

The latest example of roaming, drooling morons looting and smashing and burning in the name of some dim notion of “justice” comes from France, which I hear used to be a great country.

The riots began about two weeks ago and at last count had spread to about twenty locations throughout France. Centered in the largely dark-skinned and primarily Islamic banlieues north of Paris, the “protests” and “unrest” have also spilled into central Paris and as far afield as the small town in Normandy where a French priest had his throat slit by jihadists while saying Mass last summer.

The prolonged riots featured the by-now drearily familiar smashing of windows, torching of cars, looting of shops, and blocking of roads. Robbers hijacked and robbed a busload of presumably terrified Korean tourists, prompting the South Korean government to issue a travel warning regarding France. According to French police, 60 percent of the rioters were “children,” which appears to be coded French hate speech for what the press in America slyly refers to as “youths.”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m coming down with a nasty case of Riot Fatigue.”

Overwhelmed and apparently having lost the will to fight, police have been filmed running away from armed mobs:

Police have been targeted with Molotov cocktails, filmed being chased with cars, hit with steel poles, shot at, and even targeted using heavy metal balls from the French game Petanque.

Well, now, that doesn’t sound very respectful at all. At least not toward the police. It sounds tres respectful toward the rioters.

The flashpoint for this latest round of rabble-rousing is the alleged anal rape of a 22-year-old black man by French police. A “youth worker” named Theo Luhaka allegedly spent two weeks in the hospital with a four-inch gash in his rectum after he says one of four arresting officers took a telescopic baton and “kicked it into my buttocks.”

Police claim that the baton accidentally slipped into Theo’s rectum while an officer was “applying a truncheon blow horizontally across the buttocks with a truncheon” and Theo’s trousers “slipped down on their own.” On February 9, an “internal”—boy, these jokes just write themselves—police investigation ruled that the whole sorry saga was “an accident,” noting “the obviously non-intentional nature of the officer’s gesture.”

Friends and countrymen, I have no emotional investment into whether or not a white French police officer intentionally sodomized Theo Luhaka with a telescopic truncheon. Such things have happened before—after Brooklyn police anally raped Haitian-born Abner Louima with a broom handle in 1997, one cop got a 30-year prison sentence and the anally invaded Haitian took home nearly $6 million in a settlement.

The larger problem here is that there’s a certain “riotous” segment of the population that seems to think that smashing and burning everything within eyesight—and even beating innocent bystanders to death, as happened in the more prolonged and wide-ranging 2005 riots surrounding Paris, AKA the “French Intifida”—is not only justified, it will somehow force a “racist” and “xenophobic” native population to suddenly view these humble migrant populations more kindly…rather than thinking of them as, well, a bunch of savages with horrible body odor who are hell-bent on destroying what was once one of the mightiest nations on Earth.

Like Rodney King before him, Theo pled for calm. And like the LA rioters, the rioters in France ignored his plea and continued tearing the shit out of everything.

France’s socialist President Francois Hollande—who currently enjoys an approval rating “in the single digits”—rushed to Theo’s bedside at the hospital for a quick photo op. He praised the rectal recovery patient for his “lucidity” and “dignity.” Hollande urged the rioters to calm the heck down, adding that “There can be no living together if there is no respect.”

Oh, you got that right, mon frere.

Taking a far less delicate approach, National Front leader and current presidential candidate Marine Le Pen referred to the recent mayhem as “a shame for France” and called the rioters “scum”:

The forces of order are targeted by bands of scoundrels. The government is silent. A silence that reflects both its cowardice and its impotence….This government has remained unresponsive for years to scoundrels who make their laws in certain districts and do not hesitate to unleash their violence as soon as a demonstration gives them the opportunity….Security forces have been the target of gangs of scum that nothing seems to be able to stop anymore, and certainly not the courts in a overall context of decadence…..Support for Theo is an excuse to attack the cops.

Le Pen says that Hollande’s flaccid pleas for peace “will leave France at risk of a real civil war.” She is also currently leading all other presidential candidates in every major French poll.

Le Pen is, but of course, being accused of “hate speech” and of “throwing oil on a fire” by those who would prefer to view all this violence as the tortured chirping of caged birds who yearn to sing, of troubled and underprivileged teens who beat in bystanders’ brains because that is truly the voice of the unheard, of noble migrants who are repressed and squashed and made to feel unwelcome in a France that is still largely French, which makes you wonder why they just don’t return to Somalia and Algeria and put an end to their suffering.

When London police shot and killed a black gangster in 2011, the city burned for days. But when white British soldier Lee Rigby was hacked to death by black Islamists live and on video in 2013, no one even bothered to light a matchstick.

And despite the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the Bataclan massacre, and the Nice bus attack—all Islamist attacks in France which killed a combined 236 people—the native French couldn’t be troubled to even patch together a half-assed half-riot.

But here we have a solitary dusky youth worker whom police allegedly anally prong with a baton, and large swaths of the country burn. It appears that one side already has lost the will, while the other side has only started fighting. Either way, there is no respect, and so there can be no living together.

Where is Charles Martel when you need him?

Jim Goad

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  • Penguinte 07/03/2017, 6:49 am

    Can we live together? Maybe but not safely, those days are long gone.

  • luk1955 07/03/2017, 7:51 am

    islam is not a religion, it is a political system disguised as a religion. It encompasses jihad and self hatred, and was designed to eliminate the human race from the planet. This is why the greenies love the muslims so much. They both have the same goal.

  • Bill 07/03/2017, 8:22 am

    Australian security agencies have been victims of their own success. 99% of Australians shrug and brush off reports of a serious terrorist attack averted. Many actually believe these reports are false, created by the ‘fascist’ authorities to give themselves more power.

    Until a major attack succeeds here and MANY are killed, the vast majority will continue to ignore this threat.

  • Zoltan 07/03/2017, 8:48 am

    Yet 50 years ago the French knew how to quell uprisings from their own. Come down hard.
    (Funny how “left wing” gets a mention it wouldn’t now)

  • Bill 07/03/2017, 9:06 am

    Yes, Zoltan, I was in Paris not long after the ’68 riots, and the evidence of them was still very evident, both physical and among the young people of Paris. Many who had been there spoke openly about how ‘unrestrained’ the gendarmes were in ‘dissuading’ the students from protesting. I can’t even begin to imagine how today’s media luvvies would be able to contain their outrage long enough to draw breath to report on such ‘barbarity’.

  • Albert 07/03/2017, 9:41 am

    We are facing the same lethargic response here. It is as if a good chunk of our population find it easier to let the radicals and their leftist promoters take over than to resist.

  • Biking Voter 07/03/2017, 11:45 am

    Time to remove the police from the streets and put the counter terrorism units in place.

    • Bwana Neusi 07/03/2017, 12:16 pm

      A simple solution.
      Disconnect all electrical, water and sewage services (including welfare payments) to these self proclaimed exclusion zones. do not allow any person or provisions in or out of the enclave and then sit out the siege (medieval style).

      Oh! and if any recalcitrant elects to throw a molotov cocktail or other incendiary device, drop them with a sniper bullet.

      • Zoltan 07/03/2017, 3:13 pm

        That’s barbaric BN and the bleeding hearts would never let it happen. It smacks of the sort of thing that would happen were it necessary, in backward countries like Japan and Singapore.
        I love it.
        Fit in or eff off

      • Joe Blogs 07/03/2017, 10:51 pm

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