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On behalf of Morning Mail we invite Beijing to get stuffed!

On behalf of Morning Mail we invite Beijing to get stuffed!

Trump would might say, “get back in your box you arrogant little shits!”

China’s expansionist regime is global. We don’t really know which is worse, the Islamic caliphate and its obligatory Sharia law, or buckling down under the well known human rights atrocities, re-education camps and having your bodily organs removed to finance the village commo regime boss? Well, if you had to chose I suppose spring rolls are better than boiled camel feet?

China has reacted furiously to proposed foreign interference laws, accusing the Australian Government of making “irresponsible” comments which have hurt “political mutual trust”.

Source: ABC

China blasts Australia over Turnbull Government’s foreign interference laws

The Turnbull Government on Tuesday unveiled the biggest overhaul of espionage and intelligence laws in decades amid growing concerns over international interference in Australia’s democracy.

In a terse statement issued on Wednesday, the Chinese embassy in Canberra declared Beijing, “has no intention to interfere in Australia’s internal affairs or exert influence on its political process through political donations”.

“Some Australian politicians and government officials also made irresponsible remarks to the detriment of political mutual trust between China and Australia,” an embassy spokesman said.

“We categorically reject these allegations.”

The embassy has also attacked what it described as “fabricated news stories” in recent media reporting of “so-called Chinese influence and infiltration in Australia”.

“Those reports, which were made up out of thin air and filled with Cold War mentality and ideological bias, reflected a typical anti-China hysteria and paranoid,” the spokesman said.

Has China shifted up a gear?

Representatives of the Chinese diaspora have responded to the consulate’s soft power plays.

“The relevant reports not only made unjustifiable accusations against the Chinese Government, but also unscrupulously vilified the Chinese students as well as the Chinese community in Australia with racial prejudice, which in turn has tarnished Australia’s reputation as a multicultural society.”

Earlier, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing, Geng Shuang, gave a more mild response to the Turnbull Government’s announcement.

“China always follows the principle of mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs when it comes to developing friendly cooperation with other countries, and this principle holds true for developing bilateral ties with Australia,” Mr Geng said.

US welcomes Turnbull Government crackdown

American officials have been increasingly concerned at the level of Chinese influence in Australia, and the acting United States ambassador has cautiously welcomed the Turnbull Government’s announcement.

“I won’t comment on the Australian draft legislation, as that is for the Australian Government to decide,” Charge d’affaires James Carouso told the ABC.

“But our democracy is facing similar concerns with foreign interference and our FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) is helpful in finding ways to deal with the problem,” Mr Carouso added.

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  • Lorraine 07/12/2017, 6:57 am

    listening to Alan Jones on Jones & Co, China has brought all the large cattle stations , all the best dairy farms and have now just purchased prime land for growing vegetables. We have no manufacturing in Australia thanks to Gillard’s Carbon Tax and we will have nothing to add on value , as the beef milk and vegetables leave our shores direct for the tables in China

    • Peter Sandery 07/12/2017, 7:56 am

      Lorraine, whilst you should be commended for your patriotism, ,your comments reflect a shallow understanding of the situation which is that the biggest Australian cashed up funds organisations in Australia, together with Australian banks have been less than eager to fund both small and large scale agricultural activities in rural and regional Australia – Vestys come to mind as one lot that earlier filled the gap that blinkered Australian financiers would not. The situation has not changed in 100 years only it appears that Vestys has been taken over by Asian conglomerates now because of the same blinkered vision of Australian investors.
      I posit the following to you – if you had a profitable rural property and none of your family wanted to take it over, would you sell it to an Australian bidder for 40 million or an overseas one for 100 million?

      • Lorraine 07/12/2017, 2:33 pm

        I have in the past made exactly what you refer, next generation does not want to farm, farm up for sale best price please , and thankyou china ,has the best price. I see where the farmer is and I see where Australia will sit. I see what Alan Jones is telling us, there is no protection for the Farmer no subsidy for the Farmer to stay on the land, if sold to china and with the money, build a wind Farm the subsidies will flow to you then

      • Lorraine 07/12/2017, 2:41 pm

        Peter I will look to my shallow understanding of all things rural and all things financial and look to you to educate me in future , my total lack is no doubt on show

  • TommyGun 07/12/2017, 7:06 am

    Lorraine is spot on.
    I can never forgive the short-sighted stupidity of our politicians in allowing sales of land to China. Most of us do not have the “connection” to the land that Aboriginals have, which is a great pity.

    The Russians recently leased 100,000 hectares in the Far East to China for agricultural purposes. They know, when the lease runs out the land will be absolutely barren and flogged…incapable of growing anything more.

    • Peter Sandery 07/12/2017, 7:59 am

      And the yanks bought the whole of Alaska from the Russians for 10 million USD, TG

      • Joe Blogs 07/12/2017, 11:41 am

        The Panama Canal Zone and Hawaii also spring to mind. The Yanks (by different means) “stole them fair and square.”

        The Chows are picking the eyes out of our ag land for long-term usage.

  • luk1955 07/12/2017, 7:18 am

    And the yanks are concerned about our kowtowing to china when the US is doing exactly the same? Tell those yanks to bugger out of our business. And Australia needs to bring all its overseas troops home and let these countries sort out their own business. We are contributing to China’s hostility by sticking our nose in other people’s business, and then telling China to butt out of the same areas we are sticking our noses in. No wonder the chinks are lecturing us.

  • Albert 07/12/2017, 9:12 am

    We can all gibber on about the ins and outs that we have no real knowledge of but the cold hard fact is that China is buying up Australia at an alarming rate and that is a threat to our sovereignty, our freedom and the general well being of the nation. Using money as an excuse or justification to allow this to happen is detestably irresponsible on all levels.

    Naive thinking you say? Think about it from all angles.

    • Joe Blogs 07/12/2017, 4:15 pm

      We’re becoming not only the “white trash of Asia”, but the “white trash of Australia.”

  • finn 07/12/2017, 10:55 am

    Hitler was wrong. Political power does not grow out of the barrel of a gun.

    The Chinese, like the Germans may conquer. But they could never hold.

    It may take a long time. But ordinary people will ultimately prevail.

    selling* land to the Chinese government (actually read Chinese Communist Party) was a bad mistake. but it cannot affect sovereignty of Australia or it’s people.

    I take no comfort in noting but conquests are inevitably, 100% of the undone because it takes so long to do it. As Dryden accurately noted

    …. Even victors are by victories undone

    but the time in between is miserable. Just ask the Russian peasants, Chinese peasants, Jewish peoples, et cetera et cetera

    *monster lease, same as .

    • Joe Blogs 07/12/2017, 11:44 am

      Mao said, “Political power …” in the 1920s. Ask the Tibetans.

  • Peter Sandery 08/12/2017, 8:39 am

    One last hint, Lorraine -don’t believe everything shock jocks say – your Alan Jones has gone to great lengths to denigrate fracking and the coal seam gas industry vis a vis farming; he also says that he has read Ian Plimer’s latest book, “Climate change delusion and the great electricity rip off”, where-in, between pages 56 and 61 Pliner explains clearly the fracking process and how it does not affect aquifers when properly regulated. Jones has not mentioned this information in any of his broadcasts

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