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Barnaby Joyce takes New England

Barnaby Joyce takes New England

There was good news and bad news in Tamworth last night. The good news was Barnaby Joyce’s win with a greater swing than the previous election. The bad news is that Malcolm Turnbull was there to claim the victory as his. Turnbull does see this win as affirmation that HIS government and more particularly HE is moving along swimmingly, all is tickety-boo. The swooning, however, is temporary. And so is his position in the party we can only hope.

The ABC’s election analyst says Barnaby Joyce has easily won the New England by-election. Counting is continuing, but Antony Green says it is clear the former deputy prime minister will be victorious. Mr Joyce is projected to win a primary vote of about 64 per cent, a big jump from his 52.3 per cent primary at the last federal election. Nationals president Larry Anthony and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull have hailed the size of the swing. “Barnaby Joyce has been elected with what appears to be a record in the history of by-elections in Australia,” Mr Turnbull said.

Source: ABC

Barnaby Joyce declares victory in New England with huge swing against low-profile opponents

But Mr Joyce was easily the most high-profile of the 17 candidates running, given that former member Tony Windsor chose not to contest.

The Nationals are crediting a low-profile, locally focused campaign for the successful result.

Some Nationals also feel that locals may have voted for Mr Joyce on principle or in sympathy because they felt the High Court citizenship ruling had been harsh.

Mr Joyce was joined by Mr Turnbull for a victory celebration at a pub in Tamworth, where he thanked his supporters.

“I say to the people of New England, that I never take anything for granted, and for every person who voted for us and voted for us for the first time. I just want to say how completely and utterly humbled I am,” he said.

The by-election was held because the High Court disqualified Mr Joyce from parliament for being a dual citizen.

The strong result is likely to mean a speedy return to parliament for Mr Joyce, who was away while some of his Nationals colleagues went rogue.

They agitated for a banking inquiry and criticised Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull for his leadership on same-sex marriage.

The campaign has been dirty at times.

Just this morning, a town hall in Armidale was covered with graffiti reading, “No Barnaby Joyce”.

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  • Muphin 03/12/2017, 5:49 am

    Malcolm Turnbull = Arr0gant egotistical TURD.

  • luk1955 03/12/2017, 7:10 am

    Humbled by the people who elected a virulent supporter of the religion of pieces that blows people up and celebrates their savagery, pedophilia and rape of infidels. The people have not learned.

  • TommyGun 03/12/2017, 8:06 am

    Joyce “humbled”?…Oh please, spare me the bullshit!

    The only reason he won was the sympathy vote.
    I can’t see that happening in Bennelong.
    It will be interesting to see what excuse the Turnip gives if Alexander loses.

  • Albert 03/12/2017, 8:12 am

    Turnbull is squawking like the demented cockatoo that he is but a close look at the felling expressed by voters in the electorate tells a different story. A reporter who was on the spot at polling booths throughout the electorate said that while locals were prepared to have Joyce back they were disillusioned, dismayed and disappointed with the state of the government with Turnbull at the helm and things had to change.

    Joyce’s win was not because of Turnbull but in spite of him.

    • Aktosplatz 03/12/2017, 10:04 am

      Well said Albert. “Joyce’s win was not because of Turnbull but in spite of him.”

      He’ll never be convinced though, and will take the credit for Joyce’s win. The Nationals should speak up about that, for once, and put Turnbull in his place.

  • Lorraine 03/12/2017, 8:43 am

    I was amazed that Turnbull would take credit for the Nationals win.
    He really has no political skills has he.

  • GTD 03/12/2017, 8:43 am

    Will the waffling jerk be saying the same when Bennelong is close …

    The win by Barnaby nothing to do with you turd.

    Halal Barnaby.

  • Ibbit 03/12/2017, 10:48 am

    Turnbull’s hide is as thick as a rhinoceros. He cannot be so dumb as to not be aware that polls show the majority of Australians despise him. Yet there he was gladhanding and beaming as if the win were all his own work, not Barnaby’s What Barnaby should now do is stop brownnosing and start kicking the PM for his lack of political nous, for surely Barnaby must have some nous as well as a goodly dose of charisma. He needs to remember the Coalition agreement can be torn up at a time of his choosing, that the Nats won the 2016 election for Trumble and that the majority of people in good old Aus want Trumble gone and a stern, competent, gutsy person with decent policies put in in his stead.

  • Jarrah 03/12/2017, 12:06 pm

    Looks like he should see a Doctor regarding his blood pressure, he has a tomato head like Barnaby. Whichever way you look, they are both morons and will destroy the government together. Barnaby’s team need to have a talk to him, I would actually like to see a new leader of both the Libs and the Nats. The way Turnbull has carried on you would think it was him that won New England, he is both a wanker and a moron.

  • Joe Blogs 03/12/2017, 12:59 pm

    “We’re getting the band back together.” So said Turmoil at Joyce’s turn – and he wasn’t even wearing the groovy vinyl jacket. Hope Alexander gets tipped out of the ragtag band on the 16th (1+6=7; is 7 a Chinese lucky number?).

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