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Alan Jones talks with Andrew Bolt

Alan Jones talks with Andrew Bolt

This audio clip is about 14 minutes. The first six deals with Bill Shorten and certain “activities” that might have attracted jail time. The remainder involving Bolt covers the Trump/Turnbull phone call. Any conclusion other than Mr Turnbull is a clown is hard to avoid.

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  • Dorothy 12/08/2017, 7:16 am

    It shows just incredible how the press etc have let Turnbull off the hook with this “deal” with Trump, surely he should resign over this, its tantamount to treason
    Can you imagine if this had been Tony Abbott???

  • Tim Janes 12/08/2017, 8:48 am

    I dont know if people are blind or just dont want to say it, but to me it is obvious that there is a takeover of the world going on, it is actually in progress. Because America was the biggest obstacle to this takeover it had to be the main target; it could not happen unless it was effective in the USA. Obama was the last of a series of presidents to achieve this goal by the UN. Elections had been rigged to get Obama a double term to finnish the job. All over the Western or English speaking world politics was being threatened, intimidated, bribed and blackmailed.until the will of the New World Order (the Illuminati or Elite or Bilderbergs) was surrendered to. However the one universal hindrance was Chrisianity and the justice, liberty and equality before God that it endows. Such liberty could not exist under any totalitarian authority. This is what we are struggling now to maintain the life and liberty of freedom and free enterprise.

  • luk1955 12/08/2017, 9:25 am

    You are right, Tim. I have been stating this for a long time. Note how the top 100 corporations are at every G20 meeting. Why not the top 100 small businesses that only employ 1 or 2 people? The corps run the show, and the G20 nations implement the business agenda. After all, war is only a business model to these aliens. The massive fines campaigns and government “wars” on all things small and of no business to governments is a clue to what is going on. And before all this is over, the muslims will out populate us and take over and the elites will be gone also. In Australia the Reserve Bank is the head of the NWO. The bank is a private entity owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, but you won’t see their names anywhere. I wonder why? Why do you think the RB never gets audited, just like the Federal Reserve in the US?

    • Neville 13/08/2017, 3:02 am

      Not quite sure about that, Luk. Sure in the US, the “reserve bank” IS a collection of private banks. But IIRC, Australia’s Reserve Bank is essentially a combination of Treasury and other govt agencies, at least by their Board.

  • Margaret 12/08/2017, 9:45 am

    The plan was to make Trump look bad but it was Turnbull who said he would accept anybody…Turnbull looks like he is prepared to betray Australia’s interests in order to confirm a bad deal made with Obama.

    • Aktosplatz 12/08/2017, 6:49 pm

      That remark of Trumble’s -that suggestion of Australia taking “31”(?)interns from Gitmo is alarming, if it is true then Trumble has to be stopped,

      He has absolutely no right to import such undesirables here.

      • Joe Blogs 12/08/2017, 8:13 pm

        Wouldn’t it be nice if we had just one fair dinkum journo who’d press him on who they are, Akto?

        What A Prize We Have In Trumble (sung to the tune of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”).

  • Topsy 12/08/2017, 10:19 am

    Tim and luki1955 it seems to me are near correct with their assertion of “A New World Order”. Is this a takeover by the UN??
    I first heard about this when the Club of Rome was talked about many years ago. So incredible did this seem, that I found it unbelievable.
    But thinking about the UN, I began to think about the plethora of treaties signed by Australia among other Nations which interfere in the politics and running of this Nation, with little or no knowledge and certainly no approval, by the public.
    One that comes immediately to mind is the RAMSAR Treaty which dictates what we can and cannot do with our water, and works at all government levels, what we must do for birds, fishes etc. etc.
    I see some of the silly waste of money with regard to RAMSAR in my area and think what a perfect person Turnbull was when Howard appointed him as Water Minister way back when.
    Just think about the mess he made of water policy, the Murray/Darling, the number of small towns decimated, the number of farmers who lost their livelihood and continue to, to this day.
    Then this genius turned his attention to Labor’s NBN creating more mess, much of which is just coming to light. What a perfect person to be head of Australia if this process of takeover is, in fact, happening. Someone so inept and valueless that he is a pushover for manipulation. A little pandering to his ego, job done.
    The rush to sign us up to the Paris nonsense, his refusal to listen to the growing clamour of scientists beginning to question GW science, the evidence of temperature tampering by the CSIRO, his ignoring of the distress of ordinary people facing enormous and often unaffordable bills for energy and his ridiculous response to this by calling in power companies and accepting their banal rubbish. And none of that was to mention the exodus of jobs and companies to other climes.
    If he cares about anything, it would seem it is not about Australia or its citizens and included in this observation could be most of his Cabinet – certainly the most senior ministers.
    Now we see his headlong flight into making sure SSM gets legislated, which is an attack on the family, Christianity and how many other rights, pushed by a bullying minority, yet treated as if it was of crucial importance by the PM.
    I could go on, but these are things which have been worrying me for a long time, which were noticeable by their very absence in the media. So are the media part of this takeover too? Is this why the left in the US are maddened to such an extent by Trump as president?
    Is this why the remainder of the 54 who set Abbott up for knifing are refusing to do anything about the malign presence of the PM?
    I often reflect on the fact that this Australia is not the Australia I grew up in – the Australia of good norms, of strong work ethic, of refusal to take handouts if a way could be found to manage. In other words, a Nation proud of itself and where it might be going.
    The changes to our culture, weakening of values have not just been down to the process of change. No. It is much more sinister than that. If it is not sinister then we must assume that people in authority are brainless or so consumed by their rightness they cannot see straight.
    And if the hand of the UN is behind this, it is far from a benign hand. Consider the way it ignores the horrible deaths of millions of people by murderous regimes, but chastises Australia for not doing our part with refugees.
    If we had any sense we would boot the UN and all it stands for our of our Nation and hope it eventually founders somewhere it can do no further harm.

  • Topsy 12/08/2017, 10:37 am

    I intended to ask the question – how come so few people in Australia notice and question fact as opposed to something else? But Tim and luki set me on another path.

    To Jones and Bolt can be added, Latham and other so-called deplorables. I notice with the hotting up of the SSM “debate” that others are emerging from the woodwork. If this continues there might yet be hope of sanity prevailing

  • The Jeweller 12/08/2017, 10:00 pm

    New record for MM

    all articles bar one devoted to faggot issues

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