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Academia. Where emotions overcome intelligence

Where emotions overcome academia intelligence

Money pours into the academia industry by the $billions upon $billions, not only from students and their parents, but from taxpayers, who are bled on behalf of academia through extravagant subsidies both direct and indirect.

The wimpy prats of academia lecturing in Arts and Journalism are then feted, in Fairfax and the ABC particularly, by the very journalists who the academics drilled into. An inexhaustible supply of cultural Marxism then floods into our homes.

In the US there is even a University that finances student projects focused on social justice activism.

Yes, indeedy, Students at Virginia Commonwealth University are handed $2,500 awards from a Social Justice Fund to indulge their Camelotian dreams of a just diverse society, or something.

To quote from the application form, “Proposals must demonstrate how the innovative solution will address and tackle structural, political, economic or social injustice through the lens of diversity, including race, age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, national origin, disability status, political affiliation, veteran status and/or socio-economic background.”

MM smelt a rat when reading the application; kindly forwarded to us by our US correspondent, Clint Eastwood Pilgarlic.

The smell arose from what is missing from the proposal – why is there nothing on climate change, why nothing on immigration injustice, why nothing on free condoms?

But no, it is true all right, C.E. Pilgarlic forwarded us the link for all to read.

The traditional university has outlived its usefulness. Academia is Public Enemy Number 2. We need to withdraw its funding and let it universities die of their own greed, lunacy, and uselessness as we develop more efficient alternatives to prepare our citizens for useful lives in medicine, science, agriculture, engineering and other pursuits beneficial to the common good.

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  • SebastianF 21/04/2017, 7:28 am

    The cartoon says it all. Brilliant!

  • Lorraine 21/04/2017, 9:07 am

    The left has form, the left causes mess, the left is really useless with money, withdraw the free cash, and the left will crawl back to their Union base. Snowflakes that live in Lala land with the knowledge they are superior ,the same teachings that are coming up short on the world stage.The sad reality is they know not what they really are, an empty shell

  • aadje 21/04/2017, 1:11 pm

    I watched ‘Hot Seat’ last night and one contestant told Eddie that he had just graduated with some vague Arts degree he was unable to define clearly. When Eddie asked the twenty three year old what his degree qualified him for, he said that he would like to maybe write like science fiction or something like, uhm, that. He looked a mess with hair all over, which he proudly claimed had not been cut for ten years! It’s almost certain that dolt will never do a day’s hard work in his life and as a result never repays the cost of his ‘education!’ Wonderful, isn’t it? And to cheer you up there are thousands more like him costing the nation a fortune in grants, Hecs fees and future Centrelink payments. But at least they will vote Greens or Labor and they really, truly know Trump is a monster and assure each other he will soon disappear from the political scene. Shorten will love this guy, he has all the marks of what he would like us all to become, stupid, ignorant, envy ridden morons getting our sexual jollies anyway but the normal way.

    • Lorraine 21/04/2017, 3:49 pm

      no doubt the dolt knew nothing and was sent packing…….please tell me yes

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