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Trump star ascending

Two can play at that game.

Two can play at that game.

Two weeks ago man dressed as a construction worker took a pickaxe from a guitar case to Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame smashed the sidewalk symbol and attempted to remove it.
That star was placed there in 2005 in recognition of Trump’s huge following in the ‘Apprentice’ reality TV show – it had nothing to do with politics.

It wasn’t the first time Trump’s star has been defaced. Earlier this month, a pathetic comedian, George Lopez, pretended to urinate on Trump’s star using a bottle of water. The mystery here was why use a bottle of water – in Sanfranfreakshow you can piss anywhere you like.

Early in 2016 the star had previously been spray-painted with a swastika and a mute icon.

And in July that year, around the time of the Republican National Convention, a street artist known as Plastic Jesus built a miniature wall around Trump’s star in sympathy with Mexicans and Palestinians, or the pope, or something.

Days before he defeated Hillary Clinton at the ballot box in 2016, Trump’s star was damaged by a man wielding a sledgehammer.

Of course, as events showed, it was Trump who took a sledgehammer to Clinton.

These incidents give a clue about the terrifying, mentally incapacitating, disease known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, a distressing feature of which is inability to control bowel and bladder movements as well as sobbing incoherently. There is no known cure though doctors report that self-medicating with Jamaican Gold in a crystal bong or sniffing a line of coke through rolled $100 bills helps create soothing fantasies that ameliorates the worst of the symptoms.

What passes for a local Council, the West Hollywood City Council, decided a few weeks ago that it would remove anything to do with Trump from street signs as well. Because he mistreated women, or something. Bill Cosby’s star can remain because he has the preferred pigment in his skin.

Well, after that a counter-resistance squad struck back, placing 30 vinyl replicas of Trump’s star on blank squares of the sidewalk!

The anonymous artists, who work under the name “The Faction,” issued a tweet vowing that if Trump’s star continues to be vandalized, “we will further spread Trump Derangement Syndrome by installing a never ending stream of stars.”

In a statement, they described themselves as a “rogue right-wing street outfit” that is “100% pro-individualism and meritocracy and 100% anti-identity politics.”

The warned “resistors,” keep it up and “we will ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond.”

The artist and his cohorts, who call themselves “The Faction” and are allies of a prolific conservative artist, Sabo, spent $1,000 on the stars, which they printed on sheets of floor vinyl with adhesive backing, and their mission was partially financed by “a young and anonymous entrepreneur.”

The crew laminated the vinyl stars and placed them on blank squares on the Walk of Fame, though kept them covered until all were secured into place so that onlookers would not know exactly what was happening.

“I didn’t want to get hit over the head from behind. We thought Trump Derangement Syndrome was a joke, but I’m pretty sure it’s real,” the artist said. “If no one peels these off, they could last there for 10 years.”

But those stars were peeled off. One Ripley’s Believe It or Not! jerk employee said the stars began to be peeled off because “we didn’t want to have what happened to the old star here. Not only would the star be destroyed, but it would damage our property.” Damage their property? Such easy lying is confirmation of his affliction with TDS.

A member of the cleaning service that deals with daily graffiti and vandalism on the Walk of Fame said, “We started at 5 o’clock in the morning and we’ve found about 50 stars.

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  • Popular Front 13/08/2018, 6:55 am

    I’m sure President Trump was fairly ‘DILLIGAF’ when he heard his star had been vandalised. Let the loony leftoids continue their childish & churlish behaviour because it just shows Mr & Mrs America what they’ve managed to avoid and swings more citizens daily behind the President.

  • Bushkid 13/08/2018, 9:09 am

    Go, you good things! Brilliant!

  • angry 13/08/2018, 10:33 am

    Leftist treasonous hollywood celebrities should have their stars smashed and removed !

  • Steve 13/08/2018, 10:42 am

    I’ve just finished reading The Art of The Deal by DT and for what he did for for the country back then he deserves more than a star on the ground. The employment he created is massive alone not to mention building one of the biggest skating rinks in America for nothing just so families could have some enjoyment with their kids. Sure he’s a business man but a bloody good one at that and way too smart for Pelosi and her band of morons.

  • Jack Richards 13/08/2018, 11:27 am

    I love it when the Bolsheviks do this sort of shit. All they do is drive more and more into the Trump camp.

    This whole thing is indicative of socialism and conservatism. The socialists destroy while the conservatives create.

  • Clarion Call 13/08/2018, 12:32 pm

    Socialism is the ideology of hate, greed, envy and a valueless society. Yet, many people (brain-dead) believe it to be the way of the future. That is until they get to sample the joys of this evil scourge. Usually when they grow up. You have to wonder how they get idiots to vote for and support Marxists governments. Oh, I forgot….perpetual welfare, maybe that could be a clue?

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