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Last of the cape Horners

adamsMorning Mail’s link to remaining ‘Cape Horner’ sailor

The link being that Morning Mail’s resident scribbler, Chaucer,  painted this portrait of the artist Dennis Adams seated before his marvellous painting of “Outward bound” which, may have been the same voyage on which Don Garnham had been sketched by Adams. Note the fore-jib sail set, colour and tone used by Adams in the final image.

Dennis adams has more than 400 of his works in the Australian War memorial. But, they do not have an image of this great Australian painter.

Declaration: Chaucer paints by numbers.
The life of one of Australia’s last living links to early 20th century sailing has been celebrated in Hobart on his centenary.

Don Garnham turned 100 surrounded by friends, family and some much-loved memorabilia from his days sailing around the notoriously stormy Cape Horn in South America.The Hobart “Cape Horner” was one of the sailors who battled ice and dangerous seas, exploiting the strong winds through the Drake Passage, moving cargo to Europe on huge multi-masted ships and clippers in the 1930s. [Read more & Comments]

extra2China: financial shockwaves ripple

Numbers beyond comprehension.

China’s foreign currency reserves plunged by $99.5bn in January, the People’s Bank of China reported. China has been running down its vast foreign currency reserves in an attempt to boost the value of its own currency and stem a flow of funds overseas. At $3.23 trillion, China still has the world’s biggest reserve of foreign currency holdings. But that has declined by $420bn over six months and stands at the lowest level since May 2012. [Read more & Comments]

moneyABC: big earners in conflict?

ABC’s chosen few!

The Australian today tells a tale that may spark debate in legal circles about conflict of interest, if not a moral position on what is right and reasonable, or available opportunity.

Some of the ABC’s most respected journalists and stars are boosting their pay packets by as much $10,000 at a time by giving after-dinner speeches and hosting ­corporate events. [Read more & Comments]

trumpcardDonald always plays the Trump card

Americans pack auditoriums wherever Donald Trump speaks. Is it because they truly believe he will make a grand president? Or is it that attendance at a Trump talk guarantees a forcefulness that causes patriotic fervour in a feel good night—better than a John Wayne re-run of Rio Grande.

WASHINGTON: Seven years after the United States banned waterboarding as an interrogation tactic, two Republican presidential candidates say they would revive its use. One of them, billionaire businessman Donald Trump, would go even further. “I would bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” Trump said during Saturday night’s Republican debate on ABC, days before New Hampshire holds its primary for the November 8 election. [Read more & Comments]

The ethanol racket


The Ethanol Racket.

Bret Harte

Ethanol was an issue in the Iowa caucuses which had very little attention.

It was briefly in the news when a hostile Iowa farmer confronted Ted Cruz.

The farmer began with a string of angry don’t-tell-me’s but eventually settled to listen to Cruz. Cruz told him, yes, he was against subsidies for the ethanol makers, but he was equally against all other energy subsidies – including subsidies for solar panels, subsidies for oil exploration and so on. The farmer was impressed by the principles and said he would vote for Cruz. [Read more & Comments]

badgeMeanwhile, Allah marches on—as in centuries past

Question: what about all the smart ones who outsmart our customs officers? They seem only able to catch the really dumb ones stupid enough to carry jihadist reading material and wear a badge, “I’m a terrorist”. Must not offend anyone.

More than 300 possible jihadists were blocked from leaving Australia in the seven months to January — almost double the rate of the year before — amid a Government crackdown on Australians travelling to fight in Iraq or Syria. There were 312 people pulled off planes in the seven months to the end of January, compared to 336 in the almost 12-month period before that, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s office confirmed. [Read more & Comments]

No GST hike?

GSTNo GST hike—eh?

A GST rise—Yes or No. Not maybe, possibly, could, might, buggered if I know!

Federal Government ministers have told the ABC the Coalition has abandoned the idea of lifting the Goods and Services Tax (GST), but its tax plans may still contain some bold ideas.

Talk about having a bet each way in this ABC article: Federal Government ministers have told…  Mr Turnbull told Insiders. Ministers have told the ABC. Another MP, who has argued against an increase… [Read more & Comments]

harbour2Chaucer visits Sydney Town
by Chaucer
“Ere! shave my beard and whiskers off, I’ll be a man of mark,
I’ll go and do the Sydney toff up home in Ironbark.”

Infrequent visits to Sydney always remind me of Banjo’s, The Man From Ironbark—in reverse.

A visit to my kid Sister who recently became an old-age-pensioner while I wasn’t looking, presented a new and surreal view of Sydney, the city in which I was born—in the first half of the last century. Those of similar vintage would agree that aging heralds a particular dislike of change for change sake, although cities are in unavoidable and perpetual evolution. [Read more & Comments]