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voting Saturday NSW

elec2015NSW votes today—but before you do…

The following is the “ABC  Fact Check” results on a couple of issues important to NSW voters today. Morning Mail wishes to remind readers that although, and perhaps surprisingly, Liberal Mike Baird seems to fair a little better than Labor’s Luke Foley. But Foley is a rightwing Catholic and that might not concur with the ABC’s trenchant, socialist ideology—would it?

“In the lead-up to the New South Wales election both major parties have been making claims in key policy battlegrounds. Labor’s Luke Foley has campaigned against electricity privatisation, while announcing new spending in areas like health. For Premier Mike Baird, the focus has been on Labor’s record when last in government, on issues like transport infrastructure and crime prevention. But how much of what the leaders claim checks out? ABC Fact Check investigates” [Read more & Comments]

elec2015Beware the “No Land Tax Party”

“Peter Jones, the lead candidate for the No Land Tax Party, has been peppering political rivals, including the Police Minister Stuart Ayres and state Liberal Party boss Tony Nutt, with obscene text messages that have exposed a row over preference deals for Saturday’s election. No Land Tax has the crucial “donkey vote” position on the ballot paper, which could deliver Mr Jones a seat in Parliament and potentially the balance of power in the upper house. But the party is straining amid internal fighting and the erratic behaviour of Mr Jones, a self-confessed “colourful” former trade unionist.”

[Read more & Comments]

elec2015No Land Tax Party Candidate a mystery

Very strange happenings have surrounded the “No Land Tax Party” with the AEC having their say regarding prompted by what must be an avalanche of inquiries about the validity of the No Land Tax Party. It seems quite clear that some people have out-foxed the AEC, but their response will have voters asking what in hell do they do for their healthy salaries? The message from the AEC sounds like an admission that shonks and frauds can become candidates for government office. You can argue that, but not until long after the election—what bloody good is that?

As reported by the Bega District News last week, Clyde Robert Archard of the No Land Tax party is yet to respond to any of our queries – via email and phone to a general party inquiries contact. A spokesperson for the NSW Electoral Commission confirmed this week that to approve potential candidates, all the body is required to do is check they exist on an electoral roll in the state. However, it is not the role of the NSWEC to investigate further should that person be alleged as non-existent or fraudulent. [Read more & Comments]


When is a baby not a baby?

Bret Harte

[Way back when, David Frost came to Australia and presented a forum on abortion. The argument was that abortion was OK so long as it was done within three months. A member of the audience asked what was so magical about three months. Once a right to life becomes conditional the time is only a discretionary matter. You could just as easily make it ten minutes before birth. He also pointed out that Francis Crick, who got the Nobel Prize as co-discoverer of the DNA molecule, argued the baby becomes ‘human’ three days after birth and had floated the idea that a person should show cause (to continue living) once he reaches 70. Ed] [Read more & Comments]

triggsEncore for Gillian Triggs—again

“THE head of the nation’s human rights watchdog has defended a decision that recommended a West Papuan refugee who killed his pregnant de facto wife be paid $350,000 in compensation.”

Like a persistent blowfly bashing into the dunny walls, this tedious pest of a woman refuses to go away. Instead, she doggedly careens down the cliff-face of self destruction trying to defend the indefensible. many will be pleased with that, but not at taxpayer’s expense. Pass the Mortein-plus, please! PSSSST! [Read more & Comments]

Testing Joko Widodo

JokoPutting Indonesia’s Widodo to the test of honour

“Papua New Guinean prime minister Peter O’Neill has called on Indonesia to fulfil the promise of its former president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to reduce troops stationed in West Papua. Mr O’Neill told Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program that Mr Yudhoyono had discussed this intention with him during a bilateral meeting when the PNG prime minister was in Indonesia for a state visit. He said he hoped current president Joko Widodo would keep the former leader’s promise.”

This will be an indicator of the Joko’s concept of honour. PNG’s Mr O’Neill is pushing hard for Indonesia to honour former president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s promise to withdraw its troops.  Will it happen? Stick this one on the fridge door! [Read more & Comments]

palmer2“bullshit baffles brains,”does it clive?

“Clive Palmer’s business empire is feeling the pinch with a drop in iron ore prices and this week’s $3 billion writedown of his prized asset, the Sino Iron project in Western Australia.”

Clive Palmer when speaking on Sydney radio this week was asked if the quitting of Senators Lambie and Lazarus harmed his Party and the blowhard shot back with “increased membership around Australia is going through the roof.”

What a disappointing flop Palmer has been, especially at a time when many Australians saw him as a potentially viable third party that could stop the entrenched rubbish now quagmiring the nation. [Read more & Comments]

ballotA word to the wise for NSW voters

“THE only way NSW voters can ensure they do not contribute to the paralysis of their state and the nation tomorrow is by totally ignoring the mushrooming micro-parties that infest the tablecloth upper house ballot sheet.”

So writes Piers Akerman in today’s Daily Telegraph. But not canvassed by Mr Akerman is the the No Land Tax Party, particularly Candidate Peter Jones who may be sued for alleged defamation by former ministers Gallacher and Harcher.

Add to that allegations that some candidates don’t exist and the fact that some candidates live hundreds of kilometres  from the ridings they are contesting. Mr Jones said he had not met many of the candidates, who were recruited online. Govern yourself accordingly! [Read more & Comments]