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Morningmailers #32

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Xmas 2018

MM will take a break from December 24 to February 4.

We thank you so much for your support. Have a happy Christmas and a safe and healthy start to 2019. The MM gang!


News items of interest during holiday break

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No cancer radiation treatment in PNG

The grand APEC bash is over in PNG and all the delegates from many nations that attended to live the high life have gone home to gear up for further such extravaganzas in other starving countries. Meanwhile, the poor bastards living in PNG have NO cancer radiation machines in operation. Papua New Guinea currently has no radiotherapy available for people who have cancer. Full Article.  MM covered the recent APEC splurge and can be read here.


Kelly O’Dwyer to quit politics

Kelly O’Dwyer was way out of her depth and won’t be missed. Her ever increasing bumbling came to view every time she breasted the Parliamentary Despatch Box to issue unconvincing babble. The Coalition now has one more fight to wage with their quota of females rather than best person for the job. A wide field of candidates will compete to replace Jobs Minister Kelly O’Dwyer in the blue-ribbon Liberal seat of Higgins. Jane Hume has already put her hand up. Ms O’Dwyer, who is also the Minister for Women made it clear when she announced her shock resignation from federal politics yesterday afternoon that she expected a woman to replace her as the Liberal candidate. Full Article.


China’s ‘Great Wall’ of debt looms

There are as many reports as there are financial experts dispensing gloom about China’s financial future. The ABC is recycling old news more than ever lately and this article is indicative of the corporation’s increasing decline in credible reasearch. Despite harvesting old and unattributed data China’s financial health remains something of a state secret. Read the full ABC article.


Climate change is ‘no laughing matter’, Fiji’s PM Frank Bainimarama tells Australia during Scott Morrison’s Pacific trip

That is Fiji PM’s code for: if you want us to get into bed with Australia rather than China, show us the money! Who else will join the conga line? Full Article.


Steve Price interviews Richard (Dickhead) Di Natale on Australia Day and pill testing

Re pill testing:  Di Natale displayed zero knowledge of pharmacology and its limitless molecule changes. So much for being a doctor. If people are really stupid enough to take the latest creation of drugs yet to be identified knowing they could die, we should question their obligation and worth to society?


US dogs China in Suva

People’s Republic of China’s satellite tracking ship Yuan Wang 5 has been at the Suva Port yesterday to refuel and replenish her supplies. This was confirmed yesterday by the Fiji Peoples Republic of China embassy third secretary, Chen.  “During its stay Yuan Wang 5 is scheduled to focus on material replenishment,” Ms Chen said.“The vessel will be at the Suva Wharf  for five days in port rest and replenishment,” she said. Full Article.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mellon will arrive in Suva next Tuesday. The US Embassy Fiji confirmed that upon its arrival, the Commanding Officer will hold a press conference regarding the visit at Kings Wharf. The crew of the USCG Mellon will take part in two community service activities while in port next week. Full Article.

Fake news expected to ramp up for elections

Don’t you wonder, or perhaps wish that Australia’s conservative leaders would boycott fake news generators like the ABC, SBS and Fairfax Media in the same manner that Donald Trump has with his lot in the US?  Reporter Mark Schliebs writing in The Australian today sounds the fake news warning bell about what Australians will have to deal with in the lead up to the general elections early next year. Given that Labor, according to the polls, is expected to sail into a whitewashed victory, the fake news lure has been cast for some time and the gullible have rushed the bait.

Fears of a spike in activity in ­Australian politics on fringe website­s notorious for organising dis­inform­ation campaigns are starting to be realised only months before the first federal election in the era of “fake news”. About 5500 posts relating to Australian politics were made on the platforms in the past month alone (nearly a third mentioned immigration), according to Story­ful, a social media intelligence and news agency owned by News Corp, the ultimate publisher of The Australian, which has been monitoring the sites. [More]

Boxing Day cricket: Australia Vs India

Rarely does Morning Mail cover sports. However, when sport overtakes interest in lousy politicians and their mismanagement of the nation’s business we sally to the ramparts under the banner of patriotism. Having become a recent, but novice fan of test cricket when played in Australia, by Australia, this editor adopts the life of a dole bludger by camping in front of the TV for weeks. It’s like watching grass grow, but he athleticism on the field is extraordinary. And, I’m sure my TV is bugged because every time I have nick off to the toilet I hear the crowd roar as another wicket falls. Three times in a row that happened. A TV in the dunny is the only answer. The score is one all as they begin play in Melbourne on Boxing Day, in competition with the Hobart yacht race. I shall be glued to the cricket praying that the obnoxious, cackling little squirt Virat Kohli, probably the best and richest cricketer on earth, gets comprehensively trounced. Should India win I vow to give up curried mongoose on a stick forever!

With Boxing Day fast approaching and Australia locked at 1-1 with India in a riveting series, attention has turned to the MCG pitch with questions as to whether it will produce a surface worthy of the tightly fought contests so far this series. [More]

Trump: above the ‘white noise’ of Leftist doom…

Minutes after former US defence secret­ary, Jim Mattis resigned last week citing differences with the President, the Trump hating media pressed the button to print a burst of stories already hanging in draft. Mattis believed that the President did not attach enough ­importance to key alliances. And thusly they hammered that point. Meanwhile, Trump’s people were prepared with communiques to selected parties—Australia being one.

The letter, addressed to Aust­ralia’s ambassador in Washington, Joe Hockey, said “we share many Australians’ concerns about Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis’ recent announcement that he will step down from the position in February 2019”.

“We write to you to reaffirm our commitment to the enduring alliance between the United States and Australia,” it said. [More]

Tasmania: frittering the taxpayers’ purse

The Nationals senator Steve Martin is under fire for the refurbishment of an office in the state’s north-west, which cost taxpayers over half a million dollars, but he says he will not apologise as “Canberra money” went into the pockets of local small business and local pay packets. Here we go again. The arrogant Martin comes to office with the belief that “Canberra money”, as he so blithely describes it, is his to squander. Martin chose to set up his parliamentary office in Devonport’s Rooke Street, refusing to use former senator Jacqui Lambie’s office in Burnie, about 46 kilometres to the west which was refurbished in 2014, and remains vacant.

Senator Martin, a former mayor of Devonport before he was confirmed by the High Court as Ms Lambie’s duly elected replacement, told the ABC he requested to have his office located in Devonport to ensure “efficiency” and “practicality”. “Being the only Nationals senator for Tasmania, I have to cover the whole of the state,” he said. [More]

Mattis and Trump

Mattis and Trump

Republican and Democrat war hawks who are upset about Trump wanting to give up the job as the world’s copper on the beat are now allying with anti-war demonstrators who would normally be against foreign wars, if only it wasn’t Trump who wanted to pull out.

“Does the USA want to be the Policeman of the Middle East, getting NOTHING but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who, in almost all cases, do not appreciate what we are doing?” Trump tweeted. “Do we want to be there forever? Time for others to finally fight.” [More]

France reaps decades of socialism and open borders

This editor has spent much time in the French countryside, There the population is still Gallic and the people want it to stay that way with one exception. The people designated as Arabs or having Arab origins are mainly descendants of people from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon. Around 4 millions people have origins from these countries, among the over 67 million French.

Those folk identify as French, speak the language and are very much assimilated into society. However, those that have come in as refugees in recent years are not welcome. [More]

jihad bells

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