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Morningmailers # 19

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Let’s solve the “indigenous” crap once and for all!

We begin with the dictionary.

indigenous |inˈdijənəs|
originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native : the indigenous peoples of Siberia | coriander is indigenous to southern Europe.

A dispute over what constitutes indigenous identity has embroiled Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten’s offices, with echoes of bumbling suburban lawyer Dennis Denuto’s declaration in The Castle about the Constitution, Mabo, justice and “the vibe”.
At stake is a new post of indigenous productivity commissioner, announced by the Prime Minister a year ago but still not filled.

Yet another useless distraction to good governance in Australia. For too long the idiots at the helm have been dicking around on the matter of indigenous, $30 million each year indicates that depth of farce. So farcical that proof of Aboriginal decent can be scientifically established by a slab of beer, a carton of plonk and a grateful nod of an elder’s head—and you’re in, never to be disputed, not even by the government. [More]

The Turnbulls go to Washington

You could say this piece is pure Turnbull bashing and not funny. However, our disdain for the Waffler is legendary but so is our reach to treat matters of importance with ridicule and humour as we see it. In a scene reminiscent of the once popular Beverly Hillbillies, we put Malcolm playing Jed Clampett with ‘life partner’ Lucy (we are frequently reminded of that) portraying Granny. President Trump extolled the Waffler and Missus’ virtues at a Washington meet. Old Jed and Granny were as stiff as a couple of Madam Tussaud waxed rentals with fixed, cheesy grins, which, for Granny might have been caused by gas pains. Granny didn’t let her ‘life partner’ down when she surprised the eager press corp by letting go an audible fart that blasted her off the seat a tad, her plastic grin unchanged—his too, as later reported by the Khartoum Bedouin who cut the flatulence sound so as not to offend the Prophet. [More]

Experts? expert in the art of being a moron

Only in America, they say. We think not! Jarrett Stepman is an editor for The Daily Signal and gives an account of a poll conducted by, “170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section.” It would have made an hilarious Monty Python skit, not so much for its humour but for its off the wall absurdity for the impossible—it just couldn’t happen in reality—well…it did!

Over Presidents Day weekend, what more appropriately should be a celebration of George Washington’s birthday, The New York Times published the results of a survey of “politics experts” who ranked American presidents from greatest to worst. The poll relied on “170 members of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section.” Their list puts President Donald Trump, who has been in office for only about a year, in dead last place. Barack Obama sits at eighth place, with Abraham Lincoln atop the standings. [More]

100% renewable energy is achievable!
Right before your very eyes!

Climbing Mt. Everest is simple compared with climbing Mt. Incredible with its lies and spin concerning ‘renewable’ energy.
But the truth is that 100% renewable energy IS possible with the windfarms and solar panels. It has only one drawback – a drawback politicians accept with a comforting air.
It is doable with the drawback that it must be understood that it is unreliable, and is unaffordable, and is of no use to industry or commerce, leaving only low-power domestic usage. One picture ends a million debates. [More]

Joyce’s accuser: why wait seven years? This stinks of pooey fingers?

It’s hard to see this sexual misconduct claim against Barnaby Joyce in any other way that peculiar. Commentator Peta Credlin suggests the incident allegedly occurring in 2011 has been sitting in the now Team Turnbull dirt bag for some time. Is it coincidence that the claimant Catherine Marriott is affected by the timely news of Vikki Campion’s pregnancy? Maybe that urged Ms Marriott “to speak up against inappropriate behaviour.”?. At last reporting the alleged incident has yet to be reported to the police? Nevertheless, Turnbull appears to know much more than he wants us to believe. The faecal touch leaves fingerprints.

The woman who filed a sexual harassment complaint against outgoing Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says she did it to speak up against inappropriate behaviour. Catherine Marriott said she made the complaint because she wanted Mr Joyce to be accountable. [More]

Tasmania to the polls next Saturday

Two recent polls are at odds with each other down in Tassie. The Labor driven ABC touts a Labor win while the ReachTel poll says Liberal. The unknown factor that might trickle across Bass Straight this week could be the Turnbull faecal touch. Mr Turnbull will come home to survey his deft assassination of Barnaby Joyce and as more people become aware of the treachery many questions may be asked. Saturday will be interesting if only to see how the bastard Greens perform. Surely Tasmanians have got their measure by now?

The Tasmanian Labor party has brushed aside a new poll and speculation it has dropped the ball on the election campaign trail, instead claiming it has strong internal polling pointing to a Rebecca White-led win next Saturday.
A week out from the election, the ReachTel poll in NewsCorp’s weekend papers has predicted the Liberal Government of Premier Will Hodgman will take more than 46 per cent of the primary vote, winning the 13 seats needed to form a majority government.
By comparison, the poll found Labor would claim 31.1 per cent of the primary vote. [More]

The war that never ends

In October 2016, ACOSS released a new report revealing that poverty is growing in Australia, with an estimated 2.9 million people or 13.3% of all people living below the internationally accepted poverty line. “The overall picture from the last decade is one of persistent and entrenched poverty across the community with an increase in child poverty.
It is a national shame that after 25 years of economic growth, we have not done better at changing this trajectory and ensuring our most precious national resource, our children, are given the best possible start in life. However in the end poverty is a people not a government problem, all the government does is pay people to be in poverty, only the people concerned can get themselves out of it. [More]

The ABC: if government won’t act —change government!

The ABC’s Marxist agenda rolls on ignoring complaints of content bias, throwing a few crumbs of hope with announcements of new and exciting advancement, arrogantly believing that the tax funding peasants will grateful to ‘eat cake.’ With predictable frequency the name Turnbull is prevalent where failure is exposed and so it is with their ABC. Gerard Henderson exposes endemic arrogance toward the hand that feeds them.

When he was communications minister in Tony Abbott’s government, Malcolm Turnbull was relaxed about the ABC. His view was, since most journalists were on the left, it was to be expected the ABC would promote left-wing causes that reflected the political and social views of its staff. Hence Turnbull’s reluctance to endorse Abbott’s criticism of the lack of balance at the public broadcaster. [More]

The Treasurer:

Team Turnbull’s motormouth Morrison is a dud

It had to happen after Team Turnbull’s lickspittle Treasurer Scott Morrison told us that slowing immigration would cause a $4-5 billion hit to our economy. While Morning Mail readers fell off their chairs astonished that Morrison would be fool enough to utter such stupidity, Judith Sloan, a scholar of economics at The Australian, has dutifully put Morrison under the microscope to find most of Morrison does not add up—two plus two does not make minus 4-5 billion.

Most of you will have figured out by now that Scott Morrison doesn’t know the first thing about economics. He was more than happy to impose a higher company tax on the big banks (the major bank levy) while arguing the case for lower tax rates for companies, big and small. [More]

Meet your brand new Senator Jim Molan

After you read what is a bio on Jim Molan compare him with the despicable Greens weasel Adam Bandt who publicly called the senator a coward.

Want to know what sort of senator Jim Molan will make? Just ask him about asylum seekers, Aboriginal accountability and Iraq.

On the night of July 16, 2012, 14 months out from the 2013 federal election, a small group of Liberal ­politicians calling themselves “the Deadheads” gathered for a meal in a private dining room at ­Parliament House. They were the fortunate few, conservatives newly elected in 2007 when John Howard’s government was butchered by Kevin Rudd; in the reckoning that followed, Senator Bill Heffernan’s blunt appraisal was that the Liberal disaster was due to “the f..king deadhead candidates we ran”. [More]