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racism2Confronting, or shirt-fronting?
Emile Zola

Whenever the ABC or SBS advertise one of their own documentaries as “confronting”, those of us with some experience of life know immediately that what they mean is another exercise in “whitefella bashing” and “white guilting”.

This week I sat through all three episodes of “First Contact”. I didn’t watch much of the “Insight” special as I’d had about as much “confronting” as I could handle for one week. I just watched the first bit where the five remaining contestants all fessed-up to their former galactic stupidity and Himalayan ignorance. Gee golly gosh, what a surprise! [Read more & Comments]

obama2Barack Obama’s diplomatic arrogance ain’t presidential


by Chaucer

In The Australian yesterday Greg Sheridan wrote about the diplomatic gaff handed down by US President Barack Obama when he so ill advisedly climbed into the Abbott government about its stand on climate change.

Sheridan wrote: Mr Obama’s repeated references to the climate change debate in Australia, his accusation that Australia was an inefficient user of energy and his repeated references to the Great Barrier Reef, which has figured heavily in the climate change debate, have led observers to conclude that the speech was a deliberate swipe at the Abbott government.

It would appear that Obama is losing favour in his country and his latest move to recognise 5 million illegal persons in the US is being met with stiff opposition. It is seen by many as a left wing foray to boost Obama’s sagging fortunes—vote buying in its pure form. On a smaller scale here in Australia with 50,000 asylum seekers the Rudd/Gillard government did the same thing, as did Labour in the UK and Obama at the last election playing to blacks and hispanics—he knows the dividends. [Read more & Comments]

sinking2Does anyone actually read The Fitz Files?

“Avast there!” The curious bandanna-headed pirate, Peter FitzSimons, seems to squawk louder than might the customary tattered parrot perched upon a single epaulette. Perhaps the much wiser parrot sniffs the weather predicting calm winds in the eye of foul budget cuts and extreme low tides among the wormed hulls of a thrashed leftist media fleet? [Read more & Comments]

lambieLambie to go it alone

To the tune of, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair”, Senator Jacqui Lambie has emerged like mole from her bush warren with a “new look” hairdo and resolve to go independent.

Lambie was reported to spend time with family and her constituents over the weekend and forge her future political career accordingly. It seems that the family get-together and a Tasmanian sweep of her electorate all happened in rather short order as the story broke at 1:58 on Saturday afternoon.  “The (senator) has gone to a log cabin in the woods with her mum and switched off her phone,” the spokesman said.

So, sitting around the bush roasting wallaby over a eucalypt fire with brethren, and conferring with her far-flung electorate in such a short time shows just how efficient the novice polly is—does it not? [Read more & Comments]

extra2Can’t read the Koran—you’re dead!

“Gunmen have seized a bus in north-eastern Kenya near the Somali border and executed 28 non-Muslim passengers, police say.”

Gunmen kill 28 non-Muslim bus passengers in north-east Kenya attack; Al Shabaab claims responsibility

[Read more & Comments]

ABCdemoDemonstration: it’s their ABC

The demonstration that had to happen.

“Thousands of people have gathered at Sydney’s Town Hall to protest against government funding cuts to Australia’s public broadcasters.”

Thousands of people ” they say! is that one thousand or would they wish for 50,000 or more? We all know that the ABC is dreadful at counting. The Daily Telegraph has a different report, Close to a thousand people rallied in Town Hall Square on George St, Sydney following the Abbott government’s decision to cut $254 million from the ABC’s budget.” (photo Sami Mandi) [Read more & Comments]

ukip3Sexual Freedom not wanted by Brits
Bret Harte

The battle for Rochester is over.

English elections, whatever else, if examined on a local level, are mighty interesting, and the candidates are interesting in themselves. Take the by-election in Rochester.

There’s Charlotte Rose; she campaigned on the issue of standing up for sexual freedom. It sounds like a real winner – who isn’t interested in sexual freedom apart from Trappist monks and a few castrati? But she got only 42 votes out of about 38,000 votes cast. This indicates to the MM Naughties Editor that Brits must prefer sexual slavery, or something. [Read more & Comments]

journo2Silly things some journalists’ write 


by Terri O’Cotta

At times I read an article in a newspaper that is so patently ill-conceived that you think, ”This must have been written by a cadet reporter”, and then you look at the by-line to discover they are penned a seasoned journalists—of the left persuasion, writing for leftist rags, often in the tone of a feminist storm-trooper to boot.  Such a thing happened to me yesterday and the article in question was written by Elizabeth Farrelly in the Sydney Morning Herald.

We are now well acquainted with the fact that the socialist scribblers such as Farrelly find Tony Abbott responsible for every imaginable hanging offence. Yesterday she began by telling the readers that she had received her first ”incitement-type hate mail”, which according to her she should have shown to the police, but didn’t. That makes me think that it possibly didn’t exist in the first place and was in fact dreamt up by Farrelly as the reason for an empty opinion piece. [Read more & Comments]