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Morningmailers 12

How are we travelling?

While our numbers increase is there anything we can do better regarding article subject?

Your comments will be appreciated in Your Off Topic Forum below. [More]

NBN again: Oh My God! Say it ain’t true!

The NBN iceberg revealed. Good work Mal!

The NDIS and the NBN are Labor’s time bombs that could set Australia deep in debt like never before. Watch Turnbull slither out from all criticism. The costs of installation read like a calculator zapped by lightning.

The massive costs of Labor’s “gold-plated” National Broadband Network are now being realised, with a single internet connection to a Tasmanian house costing the taxpayer $91,196 — an outlay that would take 146 years to recoup through user fees. The Australian has obtained data for the most expensive connections delivered in each state under Labor’s all-fibre NBN policy, and they include $40,063 for a house in Mount Cotton, southeast of Brisbane, $86,533 for a Launceston bowling club and $41,304 for a business in Strathfield, in Sydney’s inner west. [More]

A headline the human headline Hinch wouldn’t like

Australia’s political circus has too many bozo the clowns competing for centre stage. Parliamentary Question Time has degraded the Office of the Crown and its two-bit performers in a shameful way—a way that few parents would tolerate from their children who don’t cost taxpayers about $2.2 million per representative. It is apparent that most, if not all, that enter the portals of parliament succumb to the powers of stupidity as it is well proven herein.

One of the most bitter feuds in federal politics has taken a bizarre turn, with One Nation hiring a woman who falsely accused fellow crossbencher Derryn Hinch of rape. [More]

NBN: Oh dear me!

NBN: Oh dear me!

How a monopoly is legally instituted.

Propaganda and a brave face does not ward off gross incompetence. This little nugget about the NBN is probably just the tip of the iceberg, quite a different matter to Malcolm Turnbull’s tirade against Labor in parliament last week when he boasted of the NBN’s amazing success under his government as opposed to under Labor. Oh well… just another absolute flop under the man who was minister of communications. What next?

The national broadband network is losing money on each suburb it connects and believes that unless it is protected from competition due to data delivered by ultrafast mobile networks it will never make a profit. The company’s concerns have been detailed by chief executive Bill Morrow in an exclusive interview ahead of a Four Corners report on Monday that it fears will suggest “the whole thing is a mess”. At present, the NBN is required to make a profit. [More]

The fat man is gone
but the show goes on

Neither Hollywood nor the mass media have made a documentary or a film about the fake hate crimes. The real crimes of queers or blacks painting swastikas on his or her home and screaming homophobia or racism are never depicted. In fact, when the smirking “clock boy” manoeuvered himself into being arrested for possessing what looked like, and was intended to look like, an IED it was the police and the school administration who were the baddies.

But making movies and docos and sit-drams and sit-coms is how Hollywood and the entertainment business make their money so when there aren’t nearly enough real hate crimes to exploit to push your enlightened left political agenda, they figure why not just insert them into the scripts of popular TV shows? [More]

Some people should be expelled from society

Living in a sick society where anything goes!

This despicable act of pure bastardry has been widely shown on TV. It sends shivers up one’s spine to watch a police officer being mowed down at high speed. What should society do about such mongrels—perhaps the same thing as with a sewer rat in your kitchen sink?

A man who allegedly drove his car into a police officer while speeding in Sydney’s south-west has been denied bail in court this morning. Police allege David Azzi, 22, was going more than 120 kilometres per hour when he struck the senior constable in Greenacre last month. [More]

Filthy white girls to blame for rape
says Muslim WIFE

It is well known that victim-blaming attitudes marginalise the victim and make it harder to come forward and report the abuse. If the survivor knows that society blames her for the abuse, she will not feel safe reporting it.

Victim-blaming attitudes reinforce what the abuser has been saying all along; that it is the victim’s fault. By engaging in victim-blaming attitudes, society allows the abuser to continue relationship abuse or sexual assault while avoiding accountability for his actions and thus get reduced punishment.

Muslim wives are also victims of sorts which makes it possible to understand why they blame their husbands’ victims – they have to live with the bastards. [More]

China on the move for control

The unnamed Darwin Port is a piece in China’s jigsaw of $$$ control

A controversial trillion-dollar push by China to dominate global trade is being resisted by senior national security figures who warn of serious “strategic” consequences if Australia formally signs up.

Given the extremely poor political and strategic policies of Team Turnbull many Australians are and should be concerned about the following:

Under the massive plan first unveiled in 2013, China wants to revive an ancient network of land and ocean silk trade routes and has already spent billions of dollars on new infrastructure projects for roads, railways, ports and maritime corridors. Now you can see where Darwin Port should be inserted! [More]

Donald Trump defied the polls, No vote can too, rally told

Donald Trump and Brexit are examples of why same-sex marriage supporters can’t be complacent about polls predicting a Yes win, a Greens senator says. As the postal vote survey campaign approaches its final fortnight, thousands at a marriage equality rally in Sydney have been urged to keep up their momentum. A Newspoll, published earlier this week, suggested three in five Australians who have already voted ticked ‘yes’. [More]

Are the poor in Brazil really eating pet food?

More than two decades ago a Canadian pet food manufacturer exported about 60% of its total production to South America. They did not specify which countries. Travellers to those countries, however, frequently remarked about the poverty and the number of stray dogs pawing through piles of garbage in the streets. Special squads culled them. Pet food exporters and importers give statistics on volumes and destinations but not a word about what or whom consumes their products. It appears they don’t want to mess up a good thing.

For example: Euromonitor International reported: The developing regions of the world are where the pet food growth is really happening, following a pattern we’ve seen for a while. Latin America especially shone, recording not only 13.6 percent growth but also hitting US$9.15 billion in sales. [More]