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russiaRussia refuels off shore for Syria

There is no escaping the obvious. The world is in war driven turmoil, either by incursion by military forces or terrorists wreaking havoc in all parts of the world among the innocent. The inescapable is that almost all of it is at the hands of those who practice the religion of love and peace. Maybe Russia does hold the answer and the will to execute the cure.

A group of warships including Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, is reportedly refuelling at sea off  North Africa en route to Syria. Plans for some of the ships to dock at a Spanish port were cancelled after Nato allies voiced concern. Nato is concerned planes from the carrier could be used to attack civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo. President Vladimir Putin also hinted that an aerial bombardment of rebel-held east Aleppo could resume. [Read more & Comments]

calaisRefugees: France to repeat failed immigration policy

Gratitude: it’s only just begun.

Of all Western nations grappling with the influx of refugees from war torn Middle East France, with perhaps the worst result of Muslim disruption that began decades ago from Algeria, appears to be setting the stage for much worse. The so-called Calais “Jungle” was a disaster not nipped in the bud and spreading that around the country is to spread the problem not solve it. Regardless, The UK will have to remain on alert as the destination for many is there, not France.

Rumours have been circulating within the alleys of the camp, since the dismantling of the Jungle began and the relocation program was announced in late September, that minors would get a fast pass to the United Kingdom — the goal for almost all the migrants here, regardless of their age. [Read more & Comments]

extra2Doing the nations business—kindergarten style

News Flash: Turnbull and Abbott at war—like we didn’t know!

LEAKED government talking points suggest Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his predecessor Tony Abbott are at “war”, despite supposedly “working in the same direction” on reforming the NSW Liberal Party. Sky News has obtained an unnamed Coalition MP’s talking points, which are titled “Abbott-Turnbull war”. The document shows contradictory messages about the relationship between the Prime Minister and Mr Abbott, who is the Member for Warringah. [Read more & Comments]

feynmanAnother bucket of rancid theorising.

Well, the CSIRO and the BOM have brought out their “review”
That’s a review after adjusting the actual records.

Get a hold of this line, Last year was the warmest on record for the globe since reliable surface air temperature records began in 1880.

Aye, “reliable.”

According to the BOM, all those records that show hottest days and hottest months in days gone by were unreliable. So they were adjusted. [Read more & Comments]

Barnaby Joyce: why do they call him “tomato head”?

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has denied altering the official record of Parliament and sacking the Agriculture Departmental secretary over a breakdown in their working relationship. The Nationals leader has faced criticism from Labor this week after the release of a letter from former secretary Paul Grimes that raised questions about Mr Joyce’s conduct and “integrity”. The Deputy PM admits the relationship between him for former Agriculture head Paul Grimes broke down in a high pressure environment. [Read more & Comments]

truthThe transition of Triggs: from national reflux to national haemorrhoid

Triggs to lecture on Truth Telling? Have we all gone insane?

Tasmanian Liberal powerbroker Eric Abetz has launched a scathing attack on Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs, arguing she is in no position to give a lecture on telling the truth at a conference next month. Professor Triggs is due to give a speech at the ACOSS national conference called Truth Telling — Speaking with Conviction, Living with the Consequences.

How much longer can the nation suffer this lying old pain the arse? This annoying woman needs to be removed immediately from the political stage upon which she has caused more strife than good. Oh what depths of uselessness we have plumbed when the dominating issues confronting the country is Gillian bloody Triggs, that other equally disruptive and destructive commissioner pest Soupymouthpain, gay marriage and indigenous nonsense. Who can save Australia? [Read more & Comments]

loose-cannonPhilippines: from the muzzle of a loose cannon

Who will be the next nation to pass the tissue box to Duterte?

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte commands a nation of nearly 100 million. On this blog we have more or less congratulated him as a politician who does what he promises. And that was to kill all the criminals in his patch which he seems to doing with great alacrity. Some may think he has a cunning plan in telling the US to get stuffed and getting on board with the Chinese by not engaging in the multinational naval exercises in the South China seas. Off he went to be wined and dined and conned by the commos in Beijing. That was only several days ago and seems to have given the Chinese the flick and has found a new benefactor—Japan. Perhaps his sudden international notoriety has sent this loose cannon more than whacko.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has said his country could join naval exercises with Japan, but repeated there would be no more war games with long-time ally the United States and again gave vent to his anger against Washington. Mr Duterte also said he had explained to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in talks on Wednesday why he resented the United States, reiterating that Washington treated the Philippines like “dogs on a leash” while continuing to lecture about human rights in connection with his domestic campaign against drugs. [Read more & Comments]

robberyThe Abbott introduced pension grab—BIG mistake—MASSIVE vote loser for Turnbull

Labor can’t believe its luck!

The government has gift wrapped the greatest Christmas present for Bill Shorten and his gang of ne’re-do-wells in the history of Australian politics. MM first alerted its readers in April 2016, read here. The following article by Robert Gottliebsen in The Australian explains just how ill conceived the plan is. Pensioners need to read this and start lobbying your member today—savagely!

In mid-December, some 313,000 middle class Australian savers will be told that their government pensions are to be savaged and that they will have to adopt a completely new financial plan. [Read more & Comments]

thugsCFMEU: Who can or will fix this shame—$89m war chest

The cavalier scofflaw attitude by the CFMEU is an impediment to the nation’s commercial prosperity. Imposts placed on construction firms that substantially raise costs and the unions cash flow has to be stopped one way or another. Or, are they above the law as appears to be the case with their, “we will do what we want because we have the money to pay the fine.”

Financial penalties imposed on the construction union and its officials for breaking the law have barely made a dent in its ­assets and cash base of almost $90 million. Analysis of Construction ­Forestry Mining and Energy Union’s financial reports by The Australian shows its construction division branches had cash totalling $31.5m at the end of last year. [Read more & Comments]