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racism falsePatriotism = Racism
Bret Harte

It is only a theory but speculation is growing that Osama bin Laden had stocked the storage holds of the planes of 9/11 with a tasteless, ordourless invisible crazy gas that affected the US and caused lunatic behaviour.

Who, in New York that day, could have predicted that before long America would elect a pro-Muslim president, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, who had a communist father, and who snorted coke? [Read more & Comments]

Obama ISISObama as military strategist
Jack London

On Sunday, the Toad-eating Times of New York Times revealed that Obama made a variety of bizarre assertions in private meetings on what passes for his strategy on ISIS.

Obama was quoted mocking his political opponents who regard him as “professorial” and expressing his frustrations with foreign allies and adversaries alike. Friends or foes made no difference to him.
[Read more & Comments]

cowSelling Australia out!

In a move that should shock and anger most Australians, China’s YoYou Dairy has our government’s permission to make an assault upon Australia’s already struggling Dairy industry that endeavours to survive despite being hammered toward bankruptcy by the powerful major supermarkets.

Today’s story in The Australian reveals such back room deals by Minister Barnaby Joyce who should be contacted here and told in strong language what you think about his plans. First read the article as it is almost unbelievable.

“As local workers are hard to come by and expensive, Mr Zhang is keen to bring some of his 2000 employees from China to Aust­ralia to milk cows and help lift farm production levels to Chinese standards.” [Read more & Comments]

Working toward Constitutional recognition

False claim: The children’s mother, father, aunt and grandmother all said they woke up to police in their homes, with guns pointed at them. [Read more & Comments]

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 7.38.55 PMReferendum: destined to doom

The pub poll suggests that the referendum for Indigenous recognition is perhaps the least important matter on people’s minds. In fact, they are sick and tired of whinging and whining from the Aboriginal industry leaders like like the apparently self-serving Adam Goodes and more lately the silly Senator Lambie.

If the government entertains the notion of parliamentary seats bestowed without election based skin colour it will learn a lesson that sour the national sentiment against the indigenous for a very long time.

As the the indigenous are 3% of the population and the Muslim population is 3% will the same free kicks into parliament apply to them? If not why not! [Read more & Comments]

bill shortShorten the sub builder—if facts are buoyant, his navy will sink!


by B J O’Reilly

“Tis safe, from the uncertainty of Tides…”

So wrote John Wilkins. The Bishop of Chester in 1648 in his “Mathematical Magick” about submarines, adding, “Tis private, a man may go to any coast in the world invisibly, without discovery or prevented in his journey.”

This esteemed theologian, author, academic and man of God wouldn’t have written his praiseworthy observations had he been a contemporary observer of the sad saga of Australia’s Collins class submarines. In fact, he would have wisely kept his mouth shut and his pen un-inked.

Six of these allegedly cutting-edge, state-of-the-art submarines were built in Adelaide between 1990 and 2003 by the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) and their history has been, to say the least, unhappy. [Read more & Comments]

antarcticBaby, it’s cold out there!

“Record expansion sees Antarctic sea ice confound climate scientists.”

So reads the headline in the Australian yesterday.

Actually, it’s the explanations that the ‘climate scientists’ give that does the confounding.

Ice melting? Global warming. Ice growing? Global warming.

Anything at all? Global warming. [Read more & Comments]

war wordsWhen is a Muslim not a Muslim?
Bret Harte

Let me make it positively clear, says the Theologian in Chief taking a quick suck of his hookah, ISIS is not Islamic. Furthermore, says the Commander in Chief, it is not a ‘war’.

To say that ISIS is not Islamic is not just playing with words – it is a despicable lie. And Obama and all the rest of the bed-wetters that lead the West at this time are only saying so because they want to appease such Muslims as they are not currently actively fighting.

To say that it is not ‘war’ to bomb the britches off ISIS is to come up with a new definition of war. Such a claim is made to placate the peace-niks of the media. War – bad. Rescue – good. Justice – good. Security – good. Appeasement – good. [Read more & Comments]