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Morning Mailers #26

MM’s forum for proud deplorables 


Turnbull Vs Dutton

Turnbull Vs Dutton

Who voted for whom for your fridge door!

With the support of just seven more Liberal MPs, Peter Dutton would have toppled Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday and become the 30th prime minister of Australia. [More]

Turnbull the consummate bungler!

The clown has already been sent in! Imagine refusing to accept resignations—Ha, Ha!

This fool for a prime minister could not minister to anything more than a frog pond—that is now proof positive. His political nous is minus zip. It beggars belief that any administrator could bugger everything up so magnificently. Yesterday, his sneaky surprise for an open ballot backfired spectacularly, just as his re-arrangement of the senate did which only got worse. Malcolm might have caught Dutton off guard but that seems to be temporary—very temporary indeed. Turnbull spat the dummy and quit politics last time he got dumped by Abbott. Will he quit this time before he gets dumped? Any bets?

The Liberal leadership ballot has solved nothing for Malcolm Turnbull and his government. Another challenge seems certain — within days or weeks — and the momentum is moving away from the embattled Prime Minister despite his win. [More]

Rats abandon Malcolm’s sinking ship

Turnbull’s goodship Australia lays beached on its side, holed like Cook’s Endeavour by a clump of coral. Perhaps the $444 million questionable donation to the GBRF was a harbinger of foul weather ahead for the waffling admiral. Meanwhile, a rudderless nation returns to perpetual navel gazing as it did with the SSM rubbish. Still want to vote for such dangerous flotsam?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been put on notice to expect a second challenge from conservative rival Peter Dutton within days as a number of ministers have quit or offered their resignations in a crisis over the government’s leadership and direction. [More]

Does your wife’s cooking taste like crap?

Turnbull would have a bad taste in his mouth today?

You would have to be mad to say so. Well … The cooking might be fine but your tastebuds are not up to scratch. This helpful article guides you step-by-step through a self test to see if you have all the right stuff to taste properly. There might be a bit apologising to do after the test.

You might think something like broccoli can’t vary too much in taste from person to person, but no one piece of food tastes the same to everyone. Why? Because we all have a different level of taste — and one in four of us are super tasters. [More]

Measles vaccine ban in Indonesia

Indonesia’s peak Islamic body has issued a religious decree — or fatwa — declaring the Rubella-Measles vaccine to be “haram” or religiously forbidden.

Oh dear, a solution presents itself that could prove final. No gas chambers, no concentration or labour camps, no lethal injections but in this case, no injection at all—if a Muslim in Indonesia contracts measles—the vaccine is Haram and strictly forbidden. However, the gracious Allah says it okay until a replacement is invented—from what nobody knows. The tenets of Islam is flexible when required but severing heads of innocent infidels is mandatory. Now if that ethos was applied to paying taxes …? [More]

Emanuel Exports loses live sheep licence

It was a shocking expose of cruelty by any means proving that anywhere money is concerned decency goes wanting. This article by an unnamed sloppy ABC scribbler mentions the Department of Agriculture and Water but no minister. The title is the Department of Agriculture and Water and Resources Minister David Littleproud.

Australia’s largest live sheep exporter and the company at the heart of the live export scandal, Emanuel Exports, has lost its licence, the Department of Agriculture and Water has confirmed. [More]

Morlino and the queers.

Queer talk!

At last!

One Catholic Bishop, Morlino, has put what everyone knew, but were too PC to say.

Almost without exception the priests involved in child abuse were poofs.

Lovely guys and all that – but homosexuals. And the upper hierarchy woke up to this about twenty years ago and made admission to seminaries so difficult since that it’s a wonder anyone gets through to ordination now.

But they kept schtumm about it. And inquiries and royal commissions did not dare to go there for fear of the rainbow mafia – who can’t do a bloody thing but squawk. [More]

The war on traditional gender identity

Soon a Lesbian, Gay, Gender Neutral, Gender Queer, Bisexual, Bigender, Transgender, Transvestite, Transsexual, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Androgynous and/or Asexual etc person is coming to a screen near you. Needless to say the classification will be a “G” so kids can be influenced to believe that being unnatural is desirable.

Brent Bozell and Tim Graham discuss what you’ll be GLAAD to read. [More]

aaaaaaTurnbull holds 48-35, Dutton quits front bench [More]

With Turnbull, history does repeat itself


Stephen Spleenberg

This was published May 24 2015 when Malcolm spat the dummy to quit politics after Tony Abbott rolled him as leader. Turnbull has just repeated that dummy spit about quitting politics and then changed his mind a day later. We now that know what a political dope Turnbull really is. It’s too bad he changed his mind. This old article will recall a few matters about his carbon push. [More]