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sleuth2Another Fairfax non story?

Unleashed from the Fairfax arsenal of super sleuths emptied onto city streets for their daily detection of frivolous nonsense and silly conjecture is the following from investigators Anne Davies and Mark Kenny.

‘The federal government would gain new powers to set out what it expects from the ABC, raising fears of political interference in the national broadcaster, under a recommendation of the confidential Lewis review.
And some services now provided for free may attract a user charge as the government looks to rein in costs and clip the ABC’s wings. The Lewis review into the ABC and SBS has recommended the Minister for Communications issue each broadcaster with “a statement of the government’s expectations” relating to “financial management and transparency”.
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oil priceBlack gold
Jack London

When the demand for oil exceeds its supply, its price rises. And even Blind Freddy can see that when the price rises then extracting oil in wild country or offshore or the Arctic becomes economically viable.

That, of course, is a market that is not hindered by oil companies putting their heads together, or politics, or issues of national security and, unfortunately, that is the situation we have now. [Read more & Comments]

"Captain Clive, there's no wind, we're not moving!"

“Captain Clive, there’s no wind, we’re not moving! What will you do?”

Palmer’s PUPs: and so goes its implosion

 qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent. “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas” is said to have been penned by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of of the United States and as a skilled politician would know the pains Clive Palmers is experiencing at present.

The question Mr Franklin would ask Clive among many might be, “Mr Palmer, why on earth did you choose such unworthy candidates, such ill equipped embarrassments upon which to launch a new, third party challenge to the long established politics of Australia?

Furthermore Mr Palmer, I can assure you that those damned fleas will give you hives and a serious bout of apoplexy! And, while I’ve got you Mr Palmer, did you really screw the Chinese?”

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If you were a Christian in Pakistan, you would fear for your life every moment. Any Muslim could shout and point at you just as Nazi collaborators would during the Second World War. You inevitably would be beaten to death by your own countrymen.

Now imagine that you are a Christian – or indeed, any or no faith, living in Sydney. And a Muslim (perhaps one the many who have shot over to Syria to sign up with ISIS) has heard a rumour that you burned the Qur’an or made a joke about Mohammed. What would your life or health be worth? How about drive-by shooting?

Here is a couple, labourers, who were were burned to death this month, because of a false accusation of burning pages of a Qur’an. [Read more & Comments]

vale hughes2Vale Phillip Hughes

“The 22-year-old bowled the last delivery Hughes would face and was clearly distraught as he cared for his former team-mate before paramedics arrived.”

Attention must now be directed toward the healing of the bowler Sean Abbott as he will need it for some time to come!

Phillip Hughes: Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland ‘incredibly impressed’ by Sean Abbott

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Rescue Underway After Asylum Seeker Boat CapsizesStopping the boats is working

“Sri Lanka’s police arrested 37 nationals turned back by Australian authorities on the high seas after attempting to seek asylum, in the first such case in four months, an officer said.”

We can now expect the Greens to come out wailing about cruelty and injustice!

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Portrait photographer newcastleGreens lunacy, according to Matt Ridley

“Without the threat of coal, the IPCC could close up shop and the research program funding would drop to a small fraction of what is spent on research in weather forecasting.” Writes Mr Ridley, a man who has done his homework and knows his subject well.

As Viscount Ridley, he was elected to the House of Lords in February 2013. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and of the Academy of Medical Sciences, and a foreign honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He is married to the neuroscientist Professor Anya Hurlbert. They have two children and live at Blagdon near Newcastle upon Tyne in England.

Matt Ridley’s books have sold over a million copies, been translated into 30 languages, been short-listed for nine major literary prizes and won several awards. He writes for the UK Times and has a blog. Not many can lay such claims.

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sage2Waleed Aly: wisdom from a Fairfax sop?

“The hyperventilating about Abbott being a one-term Prime Minister has always struck me as the wishful thinking of those already implacably opposed to him, oblivious to the lessons of political history. Changes of government are rare and one-term governments almost mythical. But as I write this on the eve of an election that looks set to terminate a one-term government in Victoria, in which Victorian Liberals are describing Abbott’s influence as poison, it is clear that political history is changing.”

The groupie Aly sits well in the crowded  loges of spent leftist prognosticators like Tim Flannery.

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