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Morningmailers #15

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Australia is not the only one in China’s sights

Is this a new, passive kind of terrorism?

This charming little editorial in the Chinese government controlled Global Times poo-hoos the notion of interference in foreign government affairs. It has to do that or the editor would be sent off to re-eduction camp for about 20 years. But the information herein is nonetheless damning as it identifies what is going on but saying it isn’t. Mentioning Sam Dastyari’s name is no doubt payback for dragging his rich Chinese mate into the recent shit fight that has caused his senate departure—after he bleeds the taxpayer a touch more. Australia must get on top of this interference from China in a very public way. It would lead the way for other nations to join in with putting the little shits back in their box. You be the judge of this article! Communist control is not subtle or diplomatic—not one bit! [More]

Malcolm, what was that you said about electricity?

Well… it’s seems to be official. On a hot day, or night, using your air conditioner depends solely on a, “cool change” in the weather, “which arrived earlier than expected.” As it was reported with a straight face. This sounds like witch doctor, shaman bollocks where Turnbull and electricity providers dance around a fire slitting chicken’s necks and drinking the blood—they do that in Haiti where most don’t have electricity—proof that it doesn’t work. Turnbull has been sold another pup. Meanwhile, the waffler is in Bennelong, in fact, all over the place like never before. He is in mortal fear that Alexander might lose. To lose is to suffer the assassin’s message in the back for Turnbull—he created the style. The Libs have resorted to robot calls. Labor started that many days ago, several calls per day in fact, to the same people—enough to convince or peeve? Saturday will tell because voters are in turmoil from the input of Dastyari and the thought of Shorten placing his grimy foot in The Lodge and his profligate mitts in your pocket. And, the filthy scare mongering tactics used by Labor may fail. [More]

Did you call me Mrs?—I’m deeply offended!

The fastest growing industry on the planet at the present time is the ‘Politically Correct Offence Industry’. There are literally tens of thousands of PC fruit loops, fairies and snowflakes whose full time employment is being offended. They are offended by everything but their own hypocritical offensiveness. And I’m damned angry about it.

The infestation of those PC obsessed Offence Industry dingbats can now be found in the media, business, government institutions and even government itself. The most rabid outrage mongering pests are to be found in our government financed universities where we find well paid academics leading the push and encouraging students to follow in their footsteps. [More]

Just stay quiet and
you’ll be okay

Religious and national leaders tell us that Islam is a religion of peace and justice, yet they warn us not to provoke Muslims in any way. Huh? Contradictory, much?

When President Trump announced that the United States would move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Muslim world reacted with outrage and threats. But it wasn’t the ‘lone wolves’ – it was national leaders. [More]

Porn Star Will Run Against Putin, Wants Death Penalty for Sexual Harassment After Weinstein

Sadly no Australian porn star will run against Turnbull, sad because they would probably win. MM thinks offering Elena the chance of become a sporty person in Australia, the quickest way to become an Australian, would give some spice to Canberra politics. We’re sure Russia would get rid of her citizenship quick smart, so no dualcit problems. [More]

Dastyari: Australia might yet thank him

Imagine a large, bronze statue of Shanghai Sam in Canberra?

An angry open letter urging Chinese Australians to “take down the far-right Liberal Party ruling party” by voting against John Alexander in the Bennelong byelection has been shared on social media by a man who allegedly met the Chinese Communist Party’s department tasked with overseas influence activities.

Shanghai Sam might yet leave a legacy of good for the nation but not what he would have imagined. Dastyari’s love of the Chinese rich and powerful has unearthed a far deeper interference in Australian politics. The Bennelong by-election set to play out in three days has uncovered happenings that aught to have any government pondering the need for an ‘Un-Australian Activities Commission’. It also needs to have real teeth and be deaf to the complaints that will flood from Beijing as their dirty little plans to fashion Australia’s governance is exposed for all the world to see. Now that notion would be a sure vote getter, wouldn’t it? [More]

SSM: how to beat the one month ‘cooling off’ period

It looks like Australia’s first same-sex wedding will be held next week. Megan Stapleton and Stephanie Dyball will tie the knot next Thursday, but we’ve been telling you that the first same-sex weddings were expected to happen from January 9, 2018.

Why make a law such as the one month “cooling off” period for marriage if there are five or six reasons to negate the one month law? Anyway, great joy permeates within queer circles as the happy Melbourne pair will marry in seven days giving more than one reason why they can and will. In the old days of opposite sex marriages the urgency to wed was directly proportional to frustration generated to fever pitch because the bride to be was determined to obey her mother’s command to “save it for your wedding day dear.” Some people had many wedding days. Now, here’s another good reason surely, the couple are both virgins and waiting is causing severe mental and physical stress? [More]

Dastyari’s test for ethical redemption—Ha, ha, ha!

Even when called out, the nation’s pipsqueak double agent at his falling-on-sword speech was compelled to inform us of all the wonderful things he did for his beloved Australia. The Dastyari weasel said he would “not return to the senate in 2018”. Both houses return on February 5, 2018. That’s eight weeks away and his weekly take is $3,900 = $31,200. What will the little bastard do? Any bets?

Labor has moved to cauterise the damage done by Sam Dastyari’s ties with Chinese Communist Party-linked billionaire Huang ­Xiangmo ahead of the weekend by-election in Bennelong, with the NSW senator announcing his ­departure from politics. The resignation of Senator Dastyari, who held the No 1 position on the NSW Labor Senate ticket, will not take effect until his letter is ­received by the new president of the Senate, Scott Ryan. [More]

The one to watch: Bennelong by-election on Saturday

Confucius said many things: It takes many nails to build a crib, but only one screw to fill it!

Labor senator Sam Dastyari’s unprecedented resignation has thrown Chinese political influence into the heart of the crucial Bennelong byelection and could help put a brake on Beijing’s covert activities in Australian politics. Senator Dastyari on Tuesday became the first Australian MP ever to resign from Parliament because of questions about his links to a foreign power at the expense of Australia’s interests.

Morning Mail’s undercover agent went to Eastwood, camouflaged as a spring roll and eavesdropped on the local chatter. Unfortunately, it was all in Mandarin and not a word was understood. However, a few of words in English were often repeated and applying the art of cryptology, the words Turnbull, Alexander, Keneally, bullshit and go, form a credible message. It indicates that most would like to vote for Alexander but they might vote for Labor, although they hate Labor, hoping a Labor win would mean the political death of Malcolm Turnbull. They say the Chinese are inscrutable! [More]

Running out of letters

It is a new, unpronounceable, acronym for Canadian kinders – “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP” which means it is on its way to Australian schools.

MM, always foremost in the fight for acceptance and toleration and all that stuff, here provides a useful guide for readers. It must be understood that it will be out of date tomorrow, but it is a handy start.

L — Lesbian. (everyone knows what this is, right? Canberra is full of them.)

G — Gay. (MM believes there is no need to explain this to 40% of voters!)

G — Genderqueer. Now this one is new. So let’s make sure we all understand what this means. “Genderqueer; denoting or relating to a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders.” Basically, this is a person who has no idea who or what xey are. [More]