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Morningmailers #24

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Missing underwear

aaaaaHave Have your knickers been nicked?aaaaaaaa [More]

Prone for another shafting!

The great plastic bag ripoff

Will Woolworths tell us how many items will be returned to the shelves after angry shoppers have to buy a plastic bag or leave 20 items at the checkout and walk out?

It’s bend over time for another shafting. Instead of being the chosen ones living in the lucky country we have become the shafted ones living in a country fast going down the dunny. It’s usually the damned government shafting its faithful voters with yet another way to get their hands on your money. The renewables green bullshit has worked like a dream for the political elite and a curse for the public. Green levies on too many thing to list have skyrocketed prices—electricity for one. The word “green” has become a key to our wallets. Woolworths today joins the scam with no plastic bags. Oh, they still have plenty of them, more than ever—if you pay. Rita Panahi exposes the rort in the Herald Sun.

SUPERMARKETS have really hit the jackpot with self-checkout and plastic bag bans sure to boost their profitability. [More]

Palmer and Burston—God help Australian voters

You couldn’t write a script as silly as this story—really!

Perhaps one or more disgruntled Aborigines have pointed the bone at Australia—put a curse on the place. A wicked curse upon the political system is the only thing that could cause a blight upon the land like an alliance between Clive Palmer and Brian Burston. Graham Richardson says it all in that the misfit duo must be relying on mass amnesia by the Australian public about Clive Palmer. What does come to most people’s mind is corpulent Clive rolling up to parliament in an old Rolls Royce and then rolling out of it’s seat to announce to the battery of cameras that it had just broken down. And so set Palmer’s short political career—a litany of breakdowns—emulating the used car shonk that sold him the Rolls. As for Burston, Hanson must be delighted. I do remember Clive’s arrival when many thought he was going to do good things—like shake up the major parties—MM supported that. And then we twigged him. A bozo! [More]

Tassie premier:

another lying politician

Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman is mad, stupid, a liar or all three. It was the old, you didn’t see what you thought you saw me doing while I was doing it. Hodgman’s BS was quickly made into a trap by Labor and the dopey premier jumped right in—snap went the trap. He then recanted with another very silly mistake saying it was an, “inadvertent error” meaning he really doesn’t know where he was. What a clown!

The Tasmanian Premier has corrected the official record after telling Parliament he was not present for a national Liberal Party vote on privatising the ABC, after images emerged of him in the room. [More]

Target criminal behavior, not guns

One man caused Australians to lose the right to own a gun. Why, because that man, a nutter, killed people at Port Arthur. Yet nearly every year over 200 people are killed by guns. Certainly the number of people is a lot less than before the guns were removed, but most guns used in crime are illegal. Like the US those that use guns in crimal activity are known to the police either by their individual actions are actions by their group. Middle east crime gangs and Bikies are two groups that spring to mind. Sheriff David Clarke (Ret.) discusses the situation in the US, giving some lessons that we could use here. [More]

Comey comedy

Comey Comedy

No wonder Comey found nothing wrong with Clinton using her private email account for government business.

He was doing the same!

He probably figured that she was going to get in as president anyway, and if anyone found out that he was using his personal account – though there was little chance of that – he would be able to use the fact that the new President Clinton had done a lot of it.

According to a bombshell buried in a 500-page Inspector General report released on Friday FBI director investigating Hillary Clinton for her private email server himself used a private email address to conduct government business. [More]

Cultural differences rule in Poland

Building on the fact that Poland has a Muslim population of less than .1%, and that there hasn’t been a Muslim terrorist attack there in recorded history, and that the Poles like it that way,; it is looking increasingly likely that Poland might soon follow Britain out of the European Union.
The massive Third World colonization of Europe promoted by the multiculti quislings running the EU is tearing the union apart.
If the EU collapses completely bits of Europe can still be saved, the French and the Swedes are goners. [More]

Big Rocket Man Trump

Big Rocket Man

Has anyone noticed that when you see Superman you don’t see Trump? And when you see Trump you don’t see Superman? Think about it.

Trump has vowed to maintain U.S. dominance in space as China, Russia, and other countries make advances in the race to explore the Moon, Mars, and other planets.

“America will always be the first in space,” Trump said in a speech at the White House two days ago accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence and the National Space Council advisory body he created last year. [More]

How not to use a toaster

aaaaaaHow to remove an idiot from the gene poolaaaa [More]

Newspoll says yes to ANU Western Civilisation degree

The Ramsay Centre’s bid to establish dedicated courses in Western civilisation at some of the nation’s top universities has been bolstered by Newspoll results that show a majority of voters across all political groups support the proposal. [More]