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Morning Mailers # 28

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Telling immigrants where to live is  truly laughable!

This brain-fart by PM Morrison to flood rural areas with more or less refugees, mostly unskilled, so they won’t add to the overstocked city areas is exactly that, a brain-fart and it stinks. Anyone that lives in rural Australia would be astounded that any politician, let alone the prime minister, would are utter such an asinine statement. The administrative machinery to control such a matter would be expensive and useless. The only control mechanism might be Centrelink and that would soon be scammed. Judith Sloan writing in today’s Australian should be forced reading to a government so bereft of original thought. Morrison can’t be serious!

One evening last week, I was chatting with a taxi driver and he told me he didn’t know his way around Melbourne because he had only been driving two weeks. He had come from India to Perth initially, but decided there were more opportunities in Melbourne, where he was living with relatives. [More]

Pauline’s “It’s OK to be white” bill defeated

Pauline Hanson’s ‘It’s OK to be white” bill was defeated by three votes in the senate, a matter that seems to have flown under the Australian MSM’s radar. This report comes from the BBC.

Critics say the motion by Pauline Hanson was a publicity stunt. Australia’s Senate has narrowly defeated a motion condemning “anti-white racism”, by just three votes. Pauline Hanson, the leader of Australia’s far-right One Nation party, wanted backing for her motion which stated “it is OK to be white”. It also spoke of the “deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation”. Critics have dismissed it as another stunt by Ms Hanson, who last year hit the headlines for wearing a burka. Yet a number of ruling party politicians backed the motion. [More]

Queensland: Glencore to sack 430 workers

Glencore ​says Australia is an important part of their global business. “We’ve operated here for nearly 20 years and hold significant interests in a range of commodity industries across all mainland states and the Northern Territory,” they say. Their headquarters are in Sydney and, “We are a major Australian employer, with about 16,300 people working across industries that include coal, copper, cotton, grain and oilseeds, nickel, oil and zinc,” they boast. But they are a foreign company and Glencore is the largest mining company in the world by revenue—209.2 billion US dollars. It must be comforting for the those to be sacked to have an industry spokesperson like Adrienne Rourke from the Resource Industry Network who made the understatement of the year with this: “This might create some uncertainty for the people that lose their jobs but at the moment it’s such a positive market here in our region.” Dawson MP George Christensen welcomed the appointment of Ms Rourke in April. Now read more spin.

More than 400 workers at Glencore’s Hail Creek coal mine in the Bowen Basin south-west of Mackay will lose their jobs under a restructure. The global resources giant held meetings with workers at the Mackay showgrounds on Monday and made the announcement soon afterwards. In a statement, the company said under its “reconfiguration” of the mine, the two-dragline operation would become a truck-and-shovel mine with a seven-day-on, seven-day-off roster. [More]

Today’s dose of UN intervention for your dyspepsia

Good morning to the do-gooders who use the fake powers but plenty of noise of the UN mongrel, and the bloody Greens, and time-wasters like Hanson-Young, and that perennial pest Gillian Triggs to interfere with Australian policy. The government which has nothing else to do these days is being hauled off by a group of 17 families to the UN. Amidst lots of legal chatter asserting that the Australian government is an uncaring beast, not a single word about those families paying people smugglers to gatecrash our borders, uninvited, unskilled and unwanted. Also not mentioned is who will be paying for that “team of barristers” mounting the case? When will a politician stand up for Australia against the UN—like Donald Trump does for his country?

Pressure is building on the Federal Government to resolve the position of asylum seekers in offshore detention, with the largest case yet against the Commonwealth to be mounted in the United Nations, claiming a policy of deliberately and permanently separating families is illegal under international law. The Human Rights Law Centre (HLRC), which prepared the case in conjunction with a team of barristers, submitted it to the UN last week. [More]

‘Pocahontas’ calls Trump’s bluff

Donald Trump being what Donald Trump is mocked US Senator Elizabeth Warren’s oft repeated claims about having native Indian ancestry. Trump said it was a political ploy to get votes for her political aspirations. The president went even further with an offer of $1 million to Warrren’s choice of charity if her claim was true as proven by a DNA test. Well … Warren has called Trump’s bluff!  Note the word “suggests” in the finding. One writer said, The credulous reporter who wrote the Warren DNA piece didn’t do the math correctly (and this is before getting into why the particular test, which didn’t even use American Indian DNA to compare, was garbage). Six generations removed is 1/64. Ten removed is 1/1024 (0.098%). Perhaps this idea could be used in Australia to sort out any impostors with their fists in the taxpayers’ pocket?

Responding to years of derision from US President Donald Trump, senator Elizabeth Warren has released a DNA test that shows “strong evidence” she has Native-American heritage. Mr Trump has repeatedly dismissed Senator Warren’s claim to Native-American ancestry, mocking his potential 2020 presidential election challenger by calling her “Pocahontas”. He has previously offered to make a $US1 million donation to a charity of Senator Warren’s choice if she took a DNA test proving her claims. [More]

Oscar Romero

“Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. said GK Chesterton in his book “Orthodoxy”

In another book he gave it as his opinion, “There is not really any courage at all in attacking hoary or antiquated things, any more than in offering to fight one’s grandmother. The really courageous man is he who defies tyrannies young as the morning and superstitions fresh as the first flowers.”

Archbishop Óscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez was recognised officially as a saint a day or two ago.

He was basically a scholarly type. When made archbishop, Romero said apologetically in his opening sermon, “I come from a world of books.” [More]

So, what are the rules anyway?

This editor had a conversation with ex-public servants in Canberra over the weekend hence the article below. It’s hard to believe a group of mature, intelligent people could have such rigid ideas on how one should express oneself. Even though there were several males in the group there was only one old fascist white man. He was the one who requested they justify their insistence the Great Barrier Reef was about to disappear, that we would need to take all the islanders as refugees when the water rose due to melting ice mass. The were quite offended by the concept that aboriginals were like, you know, Australians. They had no concept that woman did not need a lift up, they were just as smart as men. A fun evening with people who don’t apply logic or perspective to their thinking. Kurt Schlichter seems to have similar problems. [More]

Seriously mentally ill

Seriously mentally ill

The US is often a reflection of us. If we wander the streets of any of our cities we will find homeless people, many, if not nearly all suffer a mental illness. Alcohol and or drugs will have played a significant roll in their situation. With the exception of a few charities working hard to feed and cloth these poor sods their is little being done overcome their mental derangement. We leave them on the streets, which seems less cruel than having them in institutions for the insane. John Stossel discusses the situation in the US, most MM readers will recognise what he says as applying here in Oz. [More]

Newspoll: Turnbull’s benchmark—another loss 53-47 to Labor!

Every which way says ‘poo’ for the burning rubble of the once great Liberal Party—merci, Mr Turnbull!

National Affairs Editor for The Australian Simon Benson again balances a monotony of figures that in the wash-up says although we like Mr Morrison more than Mr Shorten this Newspoll standard that Turnbull used to knock off then PM Tony Abbott shows the 42nd consecutive loss for the Coalition and a likely loss at the next election. The Fairfax-Ipsos poll in Fairfax Media also today, Davis Crowe writes: This is a damning poll for Liberals who thought the way to lift their political fortunes was to change their leader. Two months after the leadership spill that installed Scott Morrison as Prime Minister, the government has the same struggle on its hands. The Coalition was lagging behind Labor by 45 per cent to 55 per cent before the spill and is suffering exactly the same result now. If this is the honeymoon, imagine the divorce.There is no sign voters are warming to the government under its new leader, or more inclined to keep the Liberals and Nationals in power at the federal election due by May. [More]

Australia losing sovereignty at a pace

There has been much ado lately on Morning Mail about UN control and its meddling in Australia’s affairs as little by little our nation’s sovereignty is ceded to the faceless, unelected UN masters. A reasonable MM search of DFAT’s agreements of one kind or another using different names for similar or same things  between Australia and the UN. From January 1, 1990 we discovered 2042 files under the names, “Ratified”, “Bi Lateral Treaties”, “Multi Lateral Treaties Signed”, “Treaties Acceded To”, and “Treaties Entered Into Force”. The following article by Graham Williamson published in 2013 is a good p[lace to start. It will ease the reader into the maze of government business as they merrily hand over Australia’s sovereignty to the UN. It is enough to have voters swearing an oath to never vote for any Australian politician who fails to swear an oath in writing to end UN control of Australian affairs. There are eight pages to digest, click the advance arrow at bottom. [More]