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Morning Mailers #27

MM’s forum for proud deplorables


Interview: Jones and Tehan
New education minister Dan Tehan struggles to answer questions posed by Alan Jones. We hope he learns the job—quickly!


A New PM, Same Old ABC

A New PM, Same Old ABC

Scott Morrison has yet to utter a peep about the national broadcaster and its need for sweeping reform. His silence is especially curious, given that he must surely grasp the warmist propagandists suckling on the taxpayer teat will be among the loudest defenders of current climate-policy madness

The BBC has a track record on global-warming reporting that combines ignorance, fanaticism and outright villainy. Last week it issued instructions to its editorial team aimed at further suppressing the sceptic case. By contrast, the  ABC has no guidelines specific to global-warming reporting, though management has certainly toyed with the idea. [More]

Barrier Reef: money moves faster than a barracuda

The $444 million taxpayers’ gift of borrowed money by Malcolm Turnbull to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is moving quicker than a barracuda with a voracious appetite to match. A little more than three months has seen $800,000 in administrative fees for six staff wash away on the outgoing tide and that tide will ebb with an annual fee of $7 million—$1.16 million per office worker?

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation has revealed it has spent $800,000 on “project management” since receiving a $440 million grant in June, and expects to spend more than $7 million on administration this financial year. [More]

Was it Stokes and Murdoch that killed Turnbull?

An ABC exclusive by political editor Andrew Probyn has pieced together a lot of “facts” to create his more than interesting account of the, MM’s words, “Mugging of Malcolm!” Regardless of who said what to whom and when the good part for Australia remains—Turnbull has gone, well… physically anyway. Readers will make of this article what they will. The comments should be just as enlightening.

Malcom Turnbull’s demise as Australia’s 29th prime minister was unusual for many reasons, and truly unique for one: his was the first known prime ministership to be the subject of a billionaires’ tug of war between the nation’s most powerful media moguls. [More]

Germany: Frau Merkel’s experiment gets worse

The world has watched Angela Merkel’s experiment in social suicide as more than a million Muslims were allowed to pour over the borders like a tidal wave of evil colonisation. Now has come the shock to those that stood at those borders with welcome mats of food, clothing, shelter and money. Merkel’s dream bubbles are popping all over Europe as the interlopers show their intentions.

BERLIN (AP) — German police called in more than 1,000 officers to prevent violence during a far-right protest Sunday in the eastern town of Koethen, where a man died a week ago following a dispute with two migrants. [More]

ScoMo cancels COAG meeting

The effluvium of Turnbull remains after the cremation.

Realising he has a lot on his plate at this moment, PM Morrison has postponed the Council of Australian Governments meeting. Again, this new government is riven by Malcolm Turnbull’s ability to destroy all he touches. Morrison does indeed have a poisoned chalice to deal with—never one more destructive.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has cancelled an upcoming meeting with the states and territories, as he deals with a growing chorus of complaints about bullying and intimidation within the Liberal Party as well as a significant rethink of government policy. [More]

Hitler sings

Well, I didn’t know that!

Recent footage has emerged, from the ruins of the basement of what once was the Reichskanzlei, which indicates that Hitler had some sort of fondness for Australia. [More]

Australia and China

It’s no laughing matter!

Paul Monk is the former head of the China desk at the Defence Intelligence Organisation and a guy who loves Aussie Rules.

He has labelled some of our elites in dealing with China as being generally as unsuccessful as Collingwood (his team) had been in the AFL. He is being facetious. Collingwood, though it is in a slump, is far better at Aussie Rules than our Canberra politicians are at looking after Australia’s security, by miles. Collingwood might get done, but they fight.

Monk in a speech that was watched by members of the Chinese media, said it was clear that the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been “deliberately and systematically extending its sway here”. [More]

Rotherham Grooming Trial: Court Hears Victim Raped by 100 ‘Asian’ Men by Age 16

There are significant issues with the attitudes of many Muslim men in England, as shown through out the trail of the Rotherham rapists. The certainly have an attitude to non-Muslim woman that should see them deported from the UK. However, that is unlikely. The British Government are more likely to rid themselves of Tommy Robinson for causing a fuss over the the grooming and rape of hundreds of girls than Muslim rapists. The courts may imprison the men involved, if they don’t blame the non-Muslim girls of course, but they would be out soon to carry on as normal. [More]

Senator Jim Molan warns about China

Senator Jim Molan AO, DSC is a Liberal senator for NSW. He was also a Major General in the ADF. His article in today’s Australian details China’s involvement in Australia’s critical infrastructure, a matter that should be of importance to all politicians. Of special note should be the Australian lobbyists that tout for the benefit of China, including financial arrangements if any.

In these uncertain times, Australia has done much to counter foreign influence or control, including the acquisition of critical infrastructure by foreign powers. The Critical Infrastructure Centre has been established to provide expert advice to government to safeguard the nation’s key assets. Last month, the government restricted the Chinese company Huawei from participation in Australia’s 5G network at a time of unprecedented foreign interference in our domestic affairs. [More]