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UK – suicide bombers strike.

Not what one might think.

This is ‘striking’ in the industrial sense. Suicide bombers are refusing to suicide over a pay and conditions disagreement.

Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike on Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife. Emergency talks with Al Qaeda have so far failed to produce an agreement. ISIS have sent an observer to the talks but no announcement has yet been made. [Read more & Comments]

syriaWar in Syria: two different opinions—opinion 1

Two stories here today give differing assessment of the Syrian war. Opinion 1 by the ABC offers a rather chummy tale about one of our own, Brigadier Roger Noble. The second story by the BBC presents an alternative that to this observer might be more realistic, keeping in mind that our military leaders serving in Afghanistan told us we had beaten the Taliban.

Brigadier Roger Noble is second-in-command in the international fight against Islamic State in Iraq. Spearheading the Coalition supporting the Iraqi Army, he is confident the war is being won. Not many Australians would be aware that a fellow countryman is second-in-charge of the Coalition forces spearheading the fight against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. Brigadier Roger Noble is the Deputy Commander of the Land Force in Iraq. [Read more & Comments]

syriaWar in Syria: two different opinions—opinion 2

Australian Brigadier Roger Noble is second-in-command in the international fight against Islamic State in Iraq. He is confident the war is being won.

The US ambassador to the UN has accused Russia of “barbarism” over the bombing of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, Samantha Power said Russia had told the council outright lies about its conduct in Syria. The UN accuses Russia of “barbarism”. Russia says that peace in Syria is an, “almost an impossible task now.

With such differing opinions on the state of war in Syria, the chances of conquest against Islamic State and an enduring peace, one is left guessing. What’s yours? [Read more & Comments]

elomarReturning Jihadists: Napolionic law required—guility until proven innocent

Australians could be forgiven in thinking our laws are designed to protect terrorists from the good citizen. The government must ignore the bleating from Labor, Muslim community leaders and other Australia haters, take off the kid-gloves and reverse the burden of proof when suspected terrorists return from the Middle East. Oh, the cries from the UN.

Dozens of returning Islamic State terrorists will never see the inside of a courtroom, with the country’s top counter-terrorism cop, the Australian Federal Police’s Mike Phelan, acknowledging that the difficulties in obtaining evidence overseas will force police to use other methods to control suspect­ed jihadists. With the Islamic State’s self-styled caliphate in Iraq and Syria inching towards collapse, Mr ­Phelan has warned that Australia is facing a new wave in the terror threat, one that could see dozens of returning foreign fighters back in their communities. [Read more & Comments]

duttonLabor whinges while Immigration Minister Dutton does job

If Labor’s Richard Marles complains that Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is being influenced by a recent poll indicating that 49% of Australians favour a ban on Muslim immigration, it means Mr Dutton is on the right track.

Labor frontbencher Richard Marles has linked a recent poll showing blooming support for a ban on Muslim immigration with the conduct of Immigration Minister Peter Dutton, who this year said refugees “would be taking Australian jobs” and “languish in unemployment queues”. The Essential poll, released last Wednesday, found 49 per cent of respondents backed a ban on Muslims moving to Australia, with concerns about integration into society listed as the major reason, followed by fears of terrorism and divergent values. [Read more & Comments]

nbnNBN: wasn’t this under Turnbull’s care?

Perhaps it’s time to sack all politicians and all bureaucrats—they are a cancer in the gut of the nation’s prosperity!

We remember Mr Turnbull’s vaudevillian performances in parliament as shadow minister for communications. Humorous, were his ridicule of Labor’s Stephen Conroy in charge of NBN at the time with references to the, “state of Conrovia” and other glib quips that , in retrospect, set the false impression that Turnbull was sharp, could cut through the crap, run rings around Labor’s dopes, a wonderful orator—how wrong we were! A pig-in-a-poke as it turned out. Who left the biggest mess at NBN, Conroy or Turnbull?

A senior executive at the NBN Co took home $1.8 million for six months work after securing a seven-figure termination bonus from the job he began in 2013.  NBN Co’s annual report released last week, showed NBN Co’s chief executive Bill Morrow took home $3.6 million last financial year, including a $1.2 million bonus. This made Mr Morrow one of the highest paid public sector employees in Australia alongside Australia Post chief executive Ahmed Fahour, who earns about $4 million annually. [Read more & Comments]

Terrorism funding


Who is paying the terrorist’s wages?

In one night, August 6th, 2014, one hundred and fifty thousand people — Christians – Christians still living in Iraq, were driven from their homes, and all their possessions stolen.

They had nowhere to flee except nearby Kurdistan.

In Mosul, Christian men were simply murdered, and women and children were raped and enslaved by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS.

For five and a half years now, the sectarian war in Syria has raged. The devastation in this country is beyond all description, beyond human comprehension. [Read more & Comments]

Islam: kill all the Christians—insanity prevails

A Jordanian Christian writer has been shot dead outside the court where he was to stand trial for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, the Jordanian state news agency Petra has reported. Nahed Hattar, a Christian and a anti-Islamist activist who was a supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was arrested on August 13 on charges of contempt of religion and inciting sectarian strife, after he shared a caricature that depicted a bearded man in heaven smoking in bed with women, asking God to bring him wine and cashews. Authorities said he violated the law by widely sharing the caricature. [Read more & Comments]

Left-Brained Science

Thomas 1Left-Brained Science

The Australian Academy of Science has a new chief executive, veteran Federal Labor Party adviser and activist Anna-Maria Arabia. It seems unlikely that she will do anything to arrest the Academy’s decade-long slide into green/Left hokum.

Arabia, whose role starts on October 24, has been director of policy/principal adviser to Bill Shorten for the past three years, earlier spending half a decade as adviser to Kim Beazley and Anthony Albanese. Pre-Shorten, she was  CEO of Science & Technology Australia (STA).[1] On June 20, 2011, she led a war party of 200 STA members on an anti-science crusade to parliamentarians, her  message being that “political leaders must put a stop to the misinformation campaign” by skeptics of the catastrophic global warming hypothesis, whom she bizarrely labelled “climate deniers”. Maybe she mistook federal parliament for the Reichstag. [Read more & Comments]