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Morning Mailers # 28

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Change everything? You bet

Naomi Klein from Canada oversees courses for tens of thousands of Australian high school students. She’s an anarcho-environmentalist mobilising grass-roots mobs like Occupy to overturn capitalism. She never finished her bachelor’s degree but made a hit with her 2014 book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate. As a New York Times reviewer hyper-ventilated: ‘[It’s] a book of such ambition and consequence that it is almost unreviewable.’ Klein cites a 2012 author of a paper, Is the Earth f–ked? who  tells her, ‘Yeah, pretty much!’ Klein has collaborated with tax-free charity Cool Australia to provide no fewer than ten discrete lessons based on This Changes Everything for our Year 9-10 kids. Each lesson certifies, ‘Produced in partnership with This Changes Everything’. Other lessons are co-partnered with lobbyists WWF. [More]

Let NZ have the Nauru and Manus refugees—forevermore!

Peter Dutton often said that the refused refugees on Manus and Nauru would never set foot in Australia. Seeking Greenie fame, NZ’s socialist PM and new mum Jacinda Ardern told the world she would love to take 150 of those refugees (and build another room on the house for them—just kidding) to show what a cruel nation Australia is. We have a solution and getting it into law will be a test for the Morrison government. And the proposal should be extended to all refused refugees no matter where ever they may end up—another loophole closed!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is inclined to take up New Zealand’s long-standing offer to accept 150 refugees from Nauru and Manus Island on the condition the Parliament passes a stalled bill that would ban any of those people ever coming to Australia. It marks a turning point in Australia’s opposition to New Zealand’s offer, with the government having previously said the proposal could only be considered once the United States resettlement deal had been completed. [More]

“How to Self-Destruct”, by Senator E Warren

First get a sharp stick, poke it in a hornet’s nest and then stick it in your eye!

Oh dear me! The US Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren, Trump hater extraordinaire, has created her very own train wreck with the potential to ruin her chances and right to run in a presidential campaign because of her questionable character. Worse, is that Indian Nation leaders around North America have lashed out at Warren in the worst way. The Cherokee Nation issued a statement Monday declaring Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) DNA test results “inappropriate” and a “mockery.”  Perhaps this event clearly driven by the senator’s incapacitating bile is indicative of the unhinged patterns so frequently displayed by the rabid left to achieve their goals. A clear form of madness overpowering common-sense. You can hear Mr Trump laughing from here.

On Monday, Warren released her DNA test results to the far-left Boston Globe’s Annie Linskey, who has already had to issue two humiliating corrections. Hoping to spin the results in the best way possible, Linskey botched the math on the DNA findings, naturally, in Warren’s favor. [More]

Parliament’s Muppet Show tickets on sale!

The astute master of human comedy, James Jeffrey at The Australian makes light of a day in politics that the government would like all Australians to forget—when I count to three you will wake up and remember nothing! In truth, no comedy writer could have written the script for what happened yesterday, it was just too bizarre, too damned stupid for competent government behaviour!

The Muppet Show at least worked to a script. You see them come up for auction now and then, carefully and cleverly typed sheets of A4 that were followed to the letter. In the past day and a bit, the Morrison government has been more a cascade of improvised slapstick. Behold the shambles over the Senate’s vote on Pauline Hanson’s “It’s OK to be white” motion. [More]

Julian Assange—remember him?

Good heavens, talk about a voice from the past. With so many important worldly events in play poor old Julian has slipped off the radar. His plight has become consequential to him and a handful of loyal adulators, and the London coppers! Six years he has been locked up in the Ecuadorian London bunker with only the occasional balcony appearance, sort of like the Pope does. And probably the ladies he was alleged to have diddled for fun are in the old folks home complaining about the lack of sex? And as for America wanting a piece of him—maybe Donald will pardon him and use his skills against the Chinese internet hackers regiment? However, it seems his welcome is fraying somewhat as his cat craps all over his quarters and room service seems to have stopped unless he cleans up his filthy bathroom. Sounds like the honeymoon is over.

Ecuador has ordered Julian Assange to stick to a new set of house rules, including avoiding contentious political issues, cleaning his bathroom and looking after his cat if he wants the internet reconnected. In a nine-page memo, published by Ecuadorean website Codigo Vidrio, the WikiLeaks founder is prohibited from “interfering in the internal affairs of other states” or from activities “that could prejudice Ecuador’s good relations with other states.” [More]

A Muslim push against Australia?

Indonesia is considering putting its imminent trade deal with Australia on hold over the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s statement he would consider moving the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The Bloody UN demands Australia obey its daily commands and our pathetic leaders tug their forelocks. The US moves its Embassy to Jerusalem and Hamas sets about murder. PM Morrison stupidly enters the fray about an embassy move to Jerusalem and the Muslim world screams their towel-heads off about punishing Australia. Will Scott Morrison stand up for Australia or will he also genuflect and grovel? Donald Trump has restored pride in his ‘making America great again’ after it became a punching bag for every shithole country. Australia needs its pride restored also. Our ruling class need to remove their heads and restore pride and unity for all australians and make Australia great again like it once was, before we began apologising to every shabby complainant while demanding our money!

Mohamed Khairat, Egypt’s ambassador to Australia, said representatives from 13 Arab countries met in Canberra on Tuesday, and would be sending a letter to Senator Payne, voicing their concern about Mr Morrison’s comments. [More]

Pocohontas rides again

Pocohontas rides again

In The Seven Year Itch, Tom Ewell said,
“You are picking on me because I’m in a minority.”
“You’re in a minority?? What minority??”
Elizabeth Warren using a cheap Bullshit Generator from Woolies claimed to be in a minority, a racial minority and to be precise, Native American, what we used to call Indians before we learned better.
She had a purpose, Harvard, a university so deep in bullshit it is another world with other world attitudes, as much cut off from society as a Trappist monastery in Antarctica. [More]

Marrying Daphne

Come again?

The Daily Tele yesterday ran a story on Prince Harry and how he had greeted an old aquaintance – a lady – who had been sporting her husband’s medals for bravery. It was OK – up to a point, then maybe the editor got sick or had to go home early or… [More]

Telling immigrants where to live is  truly laughable!

This brain-fart by PM Morrison to flood rural areas with more or less refugees, mostly unskilled, so they won’t add to the overstocked city areas is exactly that, a brain-fart and it stinks. Anyone that lives in rural Australia would be astounded that any politician, let alone the prime minister, would are utter such an asinine statement. The administrative machinery to control such a matter would be expensive and useless. The only control mechanism might be Centrelink and that would soon be scammed. Judith Sloan writing in today’s Australian should be forced reading to a government so bereft of original thought. Morrison can’t be serious!

One evening last week, I was chatting with a taxi driver and he told me he didn’t know his way around Melbourne because he had only been driving two weeks. He had come from India to Perth initially, but decided there were more opportunities in Melbourne, where he was living with relatives. [More]

Pauline’s “It’s OK to be white” bill defeated

Pauline Hanson’s ‘It’s OK to be white” bill was defeated by three votes in the senate, a matter that seems to have flown under the Australian MSM’s radar. This report comes from the BBC.

Critics say the motion by Pauline Hanson was a publicity stunt. Australia’s Senate has narrowly defeated a motion condemning “anti-white racism”, by just three votes. Pauline Hanson, the leader of Australia’s far-right One Nation party, wanted backing for her motion which stated “it is OK to be white”. It also spoke of the “deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilisation”. Critics have dismissed it as another stunt by Ms Hanson, who last year hit the headlines for wearing a burka. Yet a number of ruling party politicians backed the motion. [More]