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Morningmailers # 18

Our break ends January 30.
Skeleton staff attending.

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Paris to Lyon by canal part 2


by Chaucer

Part one here

Given John’s assurance of a shipshape vessel waiting in Florida we were somewhat shocked to find the Wanderlust II in a murky Fort Lauderdale canal at the back of a house, also abandoned. She lay with all the indignity of a pirate’s wreck, keeled over and sitting on the bottom in about five feet of water for she had sunk. All batteries were dead and of course garbage; the forward cabin was jammed to the deck with surfboards, sailboards, diving equipment, a vacuum cleaner and, it seemed, a lifetime collection of everything superfluous to an Atlantic crossing—a year of fun left as it was. The galley was a mess of decaying food with the attendant swarm of winged beasts so prolific in the tropics. John’s last minute change of plan to arrive a few days later than us became understandable, to my mind, at least. [More]

Such bias is likely to become a self fulfilling prophesy

This nine-minute interview on American PBS presented only dedicated Trump detractors both black and white. In lockstep they advanced that Trump was indeed a racist wrecking the social harmony of the US. Statements as presented by Jelani Cobb are bound to cause racist sentiments among many observers where none existed before. Such hatred in Trump haters is palpable. We see this from the nasty left in Australia. What say you? [More]

Kristina Keneally looks set for Dastyari’s senate seat

Another unelected snout, a tiresome has-been, is set to take a seat at the smorgasbord of plenty as a law maker for Australians. At a time when politicians are on the nose with most Australians, classified as having lesser integrity than a cheating used car salesman, Labor chooses Keneally whose reputation is dubious to those who followed her political career. Australian politics is indeed sprinting to the bottom of the cesspool and it has a winner here!

Labor insiders say former New South Wales premier Kristina Keneally looks almost certain to take the Senate seat vacated by Sam Dastyari. There has been a fierce internal debate over who should replace Senator Dastyari, who quit Parliament last year after being embroiled in a scandal over foreign donations. Ms Keneally made an unsuccessful tilt for the seat of Bennelong at December’s by-election. Some unions in NSW have been waging an internal campaign against her. [More]

NSW driving penalties: sowing the seeds of societal destruction

Events leading to the senseless killing of the Falkholt family members in the December 26 head-on crash on the NSW South Coast by the veteran scumbag Craig Whitall shines a fierce light on those who watered down driving penalties in that state. Citizens deserve to know who those fools are and why they reduced penalties.

THE state government has quietly slashed penalties for motorists who drive while disqualified and dropped its ­Habitual Traffic Offenders scheme despite the number of banned drivers committing ­offences reaching a new high. The decision to soften penalties was made late last year despite research showing ­idiots who drive while disqualified are three times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes, like the tragedy which yesterday finally claimed the life of Home and Away actor Jessica Falkholt. [More]

Assange should be dumped

Ecuador wants Wikileaks’ Assange out of London Embassy, stay ‘untenable’

Why the hell doesn’t Ecuador just boot the bastard out? It really isn’t their problem if some other country would like to look after him for a few years at their cost. MM is sure some of his Swedish victims would love to pay him a visit, probably pay their own fare to the US to do so. Ten to one, however, our beloved leader will fall for some arrangement where he is sent home to mummy in Australia. The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister has said Julian Assange’s continued stay in their London embassy is “untenable”. [More]

Another flight over that famous cuckoo’s nest

President Trump’s dynamite mot, “shithole” has sent more than his detractors overboard screaming blue murder. It’s hard to believe that accused Jihadists held in Guantánamo without coaching could dream up such ludicrous notions on their own. The Trump haters are like dog poo, all over the place.

Eleven accused jihadists held at the U.S. military detention center in Guantánamo, Cuba have petitioned a federal court to end their alleged indefinite imprisonment, citing U.S. President Donald Trump’s “anti-Muslim bias” as grounds for their request.
In the petition filed on January 11, which marked the 16th anniversary of the arrival of the first detainees to the prison, the inmates argue that Trump’s “suspicion and antipathy” towards Muslims is fueling his pledge to keep all remaining 41 captives locked up, reports the Guardian. [More]

Decisions by executive morons

It would make a good comedy skit were it not so bloody stupid. Decision makers for the Australian Open have decided the best option for bottled water was to choose from one of the most polluted air and water nations on earth—China! Yep, it’s true. China, a place where suffering citizens dare not even open a window for fear of lung collapse. Most wear face masks outside their homes. The affluent have expensive filtration systems installed in those homes. And no bottled water can be found in Australia? Shame on these idiots.

IT might be the Australian Open, but the water on sale at the nation’s premier sporting event is decidedly unpatriotic.
Tennis fans attending day one of the tournament have taken to social media to express shock that the bottled water on sale is imported from China. [More]

Fake news or simply regurgitated news?

A large crowd is expected today at the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by Malcolm Turnbull and Captain F E De Groote—who will be mounted! (not by Mr Turnbull. Ed.)

Two News Corp daily papers yesterday ran the story below about government staff pay rises. Channel Nine on their 6pm news also ran it second cab off the rank for such a joust at the Turnbull government. Who owns Nine? Other media did not run such an important story—why? Because it happened and was news in most media last October. Well… news departments around the nation are still off on holidays and perhaps the tea lady knows the password to the editor’s computer. Sadly for News Corp, the dollar amounts quoted in both papers varied by $9,000. There must have been two busy tea ladies. [More]

Submarines: government doing what they do best—failure

There must be something that government has achieved effectively, on time and within budget—maybe someone can tell us what?

The cost of Australia’s Future Submarine program is likely to blow out by billions of dollars because it is already missing key deadlines, a former defence contractor turned senator has warned. In December, Defence confirmed two planning documents due to be released last year had yet to be finalised, but the department insisted there had been “no delays to key milestones” and no “cost or schedule impacts” to the $50 billion project. [More]

Green Tea madness

The environmentalist lobby attacks green tea
Is your shopping trolley full of carbon-neutral, fair-trade vegan goodness? Well, don’t expect me to be impressed any more. The latest research says that as soon as my back’s turned you’ll be stealing children’s lunch money and experimenting on war widows. In their tests, Canadian psychologists Nina Mazar and Chen-Bo Zhong found that people who spent money on green products were, straight afterwards, less likely to be generous and more likely to steal than those who bought non-green stuff. Apparently we feel that ethical shopping gives us license to be selfish in other areas.
It also means you will jump on bandwagons that support your need to feel virtuous and the following story highlights this trend no matter how little common sense is involved. [More]