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Election day 2016

Get out the baseball bats, it’s July 2, 2016—Election day—whoopee! [Read more & Comments]

The compulsion to vote

voteThe compulsion to vote

A day of reckoning for candidates. A day of joy and disappointment for voters.

The democratic right to vote is sacrosanct for many—couldn’t care less for others. It’s only a 20-buck fine if you don’t for a few. None of them are worth voting for, they say. Maybe so, but if you don’t vote or do vote informally, don’t complain about the result.

However, the AEC changes to voting rules, particularly for the Senate, will cause confusion. Whether unintentionally informal, or deliberate, like “Get stuffed all of youse” scrawled across the ballot, the informal vote count for 2016 may set a record. That might mean that most politicians are not worth voting for at all. [Read more & Comments]

bowersAnglican priest supports Grand Mufti on “perverts”

Peals of laughter from the Mosques on this one!

Social media star and Anglican Church activist Rod Bowers, who has described the national plebiscite on same-sex marriage as a “hateful” platform for abuse, has defended the Grand Mufti who has called gay people sexual perverts.

The Gosford NSW Rod Bowers has past form for his “avant” activism. But this cozying up to the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr  Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, might suggest Bowers is either a screw-loose or has sniffed too much bad incense. There may not be too much in the plate this Sunday after Bowers squirms from the pulpit as he tries to explain his affiliation with a person at total odds with Christian beliefs. Islam seeks to kill gays, Bowers want us to embrace them. Go figure! [Read more & Comments]

climate calendarExclusive

Immigration and climate change take a big hit.

Bret Harte

On the 28th of June – David Cameron PM of Great Britain had dinner with his fellow movers and shakers of the EU.

He spoiled the taste of the bottles of Domaine Leflaive Montrachet Grand Cru when he told them straight out that the English people were as angry as a gorilla with gout at the lack of control and the sheer scale of immigration. It took them back a bit. That was why Brexit won, he said – on the immigration issue.

He might well have added that the quantity was bad enough but the quality of the so-called refugees and migrants was such that they were a blight as bad as prickly pear on the national landscape and a growing hit on England’s cash reserves, but he thought he would keep it polite. The grandees at the table knew that very well. [Read more & Comments]

Thank you from ALA

ALAThank you from ALA

From Kirralie Smith, ALA NSW Lead Senate Candidate:

A MASSIVE “thank you” to all of our members, volunteers and supporters. You blow me away with your commitment, encouragement and support. Despite little press coverage and even less paid advertising it is you, my friends, who have succeeded in making people sit up and take notice of Australian Liberty Alliance! The recent AIP poll puts us in 4th place at 3.4% with independents around 2% and all other minors less than 2%!

[Read more & Comments]

griggsA surprise move by Griggs in Solomon, Darwin

It will be interesting tonight, especially for labor, to see if Griggs’ last minute ploy with shut out Labor in Darwin will work

A Coalition MP in a marginal seat junked her how-to-vote cards on election eve, telling voters to direct preferences to the far-right, anti-multicultural Rise Up Australia Party. Natasha Griggs is the Country Liberals member for the Darwin electorate of Solomon. Labor has laid siege to the seat, which she holds by just 1.4 per cent, and leaders from both major parties have made multiple visits to Darwin over the eight-week campaign. [Read more & Comments]

hoferJustice prevails in Austria—not the damned Greens

Perhaps the Greens have been caught out messing with votes. There will be a new election in Austria and Norbet Hofer, the Trump-like ultra nationalist leader looks likely to be the new president of Austria.

Austria’s highest court has ruled the country’s presidential election must be held again because of irregularities in the counting of the votes. The decision follows a legal challenge from the far-right Freedom Party (FPOe), whose candidate lost by a narrow margin. “The challenge brought by Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache against the May 22 election … has been upheld,” Gerhard Holzinger, head of Austria’s Constitutional Court, said. [Read more & Comments]

welcomeSyria’s al-Assad: come home after war

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said he would like refugees who have settled in countries like Australia to return when the civil war ends. Mr Assad has been criticised for maintaining leadership throughout the Syrian war, which has killed at least 250,000 people, displaced more than 6.6 million inside the country and forced another 4.8 million to flee.

Unfortunately, a taste of Western democracy and Centrelink largess is unlikely to see many return to a pile of junk and hardship. Some will visit, some will take advantage of the many opportunities available after such wars, but most will stay in the west, in Australia in particular. [Read more & Comments]

hazardVictoria CFA can punish the Labor bully Andrews tomorrow

The Victorian state government is pretending that the outrageous push by premier Andrews to unionise CFA volunteers is purely a state matter and nothing to do with the federal election tomorrow. Andrews is a dope and wrong! Labor will be punished tomorrow, it is the only way to show that bullying from a fool beholden to union control is simply not on.

The CFA volunteers, celebrated for the role they play in helping professional firefighters keep suburban and rural communities safe, were in open revolt. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, in debt to the UFU for its support during the last state election campaign, was cast as a union lackey. Federal Labor watched nervously as ill-feeling spread into the marginal electorates of Corangamite, McEwen, La Trobe and Dunkley. [Read more & Comments]