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slavesThere are more than 45 million modern slaves—are you one?

The song: Up in the morning, out with the sun, working like a nig**r all day…

Over 45 million people are living as modern slaves around the world, according to the 2016 Global Slavery Index, with two-thirds reported in the Asia-Pacific region. The index, by human rights group Walk Free Foundation, increased its estimate of people born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, or trapped in debt bondage or forced labour to 45.8 million from 35.8 million in 2014.

Suburban trains cart them to work every morning. Look inside the car beside you in the traffic jam, there’s one or two. The city streets teem with them like spawning salmon forging upstream to nowhere. Nearly all carry strained faces of despair, if not disinterest. They do look like modern slaves. “Trapped in debt bondage or forced labour” Aha! Some poor sod working three jobs to pay the mortgage? Maybe there’s more than 45 million! [Read more & Comments]

Politics: never take your eye off your colleagues

Psst! Wanna be a senator?

The Liberal Party has confirmed conservative Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells will be number four on the party’s New South Wales Senate ticket. The Liberal state executive announced the ticket to be taken to the upcoming federal election following a meeting in Sydney on Tuesday night. Ms Fierravanti-Wells confronted the then prime minister Tony Abbott the night before the first failed attempt to unseat him in February, 2015, about his relationship with his chief of staff Peta Credlin,saying that there were rumours circulating among colleagues that he was “sleeping with her”. [Read more & Comments]

coralIs the Great Barrier Reef really being destroyed?

THE Great Barrier Reef’s most popular tourist sites show just two per cent of coral has died off, with the rest in “positive” signs of recovery, despite the world’s biggest mass coral bleaching event on record. New research found about 68 per cent of reefs from Cairns to Lizard Island had varying levels of coral bleaching, but most of it likened to sunburn on a human body where the coral glows pink before fully recovering. Latest findings by the Reef and Rainforest Research Centre give hope about the resilience of the living wonder after scientists this week revealed 93 per cent of the 2300km-long reef system was in the grip of a mass bleaching event.

The Coalition and Labor, where are the damned watermellons?, are trying to outdo each other with massive pledges to save the coral that some scientists claim is already 93% killed off. The following article published in The Courier Mail on 22/4/16 gave a different set of figures that may indicate that many “scientific” reports could be rather selective in opinion. It would not be the first time that scientists have fudged the numbers when it comes to reporting matters of climate. What do you believe? [Read more & Comments]

gorillaOutrage over gorilla shooting in US

The BBC World Radio crackled overnight with news about the killing of Harambe, the gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo that toyed with the 4-year-old boy that somehow fell into its  enclosure. More than 200,000 went online to sign a petition of outrage. Most said the animal should have been tranquilized. Sedatives take time to react. Even so, the gorilla might have fallen on top of the child who would be crushed or drown before being rescued. In view of the litigious society in which we live in today, the zoo did the only thing possible at the time. The gorilla was agitated and thus unpredictable from all the fuss and yelling. Like a rag doll in the ape’s hand, one dash against the concrete wall would have produced a very different outcome for all. What would be the petition then?

Cincinnati: Animal lovers mobilised as outrage mounted over the Cincinnati Zoo’s killing of a gorilla to rescue a 4-year-old boy who fell into the animal’s enclosure, a move the zoo’s director defended. More than 200,000 people had signed online petitions on Change.org protesting the shooting of Harambe, the Western lowland gorilla, whose species is listed as endangered. Some petitions urged police to hold the child’s parents accountable. The 204-kg animal had dragged the boy through shallow water and up a rock wall on Saturday, but he did not appear to intentionally harm the child. [Read more & Comments]

scottTony Abbott’s backstabbers should worry

Tony Abbott was a solid supporter of then Liberal candidate who went on to win the seat of Lindsay. Scott went with the Turnbull/Bishop et al backstabber deal to roll Abbott for the good of the nation. Fiona Scott is being strictly handled by party handlers lest she say something to bring further grief to a staggering Coalition. What could she say if media asked her why she sacrificed the man who led her to parliament? That’s why she is being controlled. July 2 will decide her political fate.

For a candidate running in one of the Liberals’ most marginal NSW seats, and the seat that usually goes the way of the election, the member for Lindsay, Fiona Scott is proving strangely elusive. As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull toured the seat on Monday, the candidate, usually a fixture by his side was kept out of sight at the scheduled press conference.  Later the Prime Minister and Ms Scott did a street walk for the cameras, but again no opportunity for questions. A request from Fairfax Media to spend time with Ms Scott made two weeks ago met with the response that the candidate was too busy. [Read more & Comments]


Time to change our Anthem?

Jack London

In Australia, the idea of our own border control was instituted over a hundred years ago.

In those days it was called The White Australia Policy.

Today, with the word “white” being a word that patio intellectuals sneer at and makes journalists salivate like Pavlov’s dogs, the very concept of securing our borders at all was done away with in 1973 by Al Grassby. Our immigration policy became based on “Come one, come all.” [Read more & Comments]

erdoganAllah’s new prophet—Turkey’s Erdogan!

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan should have the EU more than concerned about his intentions of wanting free access to European countries for his people. What Erdogan says and believes would leave only a fool to ignore the intention to colonise Europe with strict observers of Islam. The flow has already begun and continues as stupid leaders wring their hankies and close their eyes.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Muslims to reject contraception and have more children.” In a speech broadcast live on TV, he said “no Muslim family” should consider birth control or family planning. “We will multiply our descendants,” said Mr Erdogan, who became president in August 2014 after serving as prime minister for 12 years.

Mr Erdogan himself is a father of four. He has previously spoken out against contraception, describing it as “treason” when speaking at a wedding ceremony in 2014. [Read more & Comments]

Very funny Humor Cartoon Jokes on Defence Exclusive


Bushranger 71

[Bushranger71, an MM reader, is also a decorated Australian combat veteran. He has a different view on the question of alliances to others.]

It is irksome to hear the claims by politicians and the media commentariat that ‘the vast majority of Australians’ are supportive of sustaining a tired US Alliance. [Read more & Comments]

abcfontElection: “five things we need to know”—says the ABC

Important matters on yesterday’s campaign trail, according to the ABC.

It’s hard to know if the ABC is serious about its “five things you need to know” in order to make a considered decision on where your vote should go. The list of five as stated herein is needy enough to have many voters wanting to use the ballot papers as dunny paper in this predictably boring contest between two people of frightening incompetence.

The star of today’s show has been the Great Barrier Reef. The Opposition went north to announce $500 million to help protect it as new surveys revealed the extent of coral bleaching. [Read more & Comments]