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heatstroke2Climate change: a lawyers’ bonanza
by Chaucer

“Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun.”

Never missing an opportunity to fan the flames of global warming, now sugar coated as climate change, are the doomsday prognosticators and this time the bell tolls for the end of sport as we know it—according to the Climate Institute, a cozy group of income makers.

SPORTS officials are questioning whether Australia is getting too hot for sport as we know it, following predictions of hotter days. Already, on extreme days, cricketers must swallow a “thermometer pill” to track their core body temperature. And four consecutive days of 41C-plus during last year’s Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne caused players to hallu­cinate, collapse and vomit as their sneakers and water bottles melted. More than 1000 fans were treated for heat exhaustion and one player said he was concerned he might die. [Read more & Comments]

palaszczukQLD Labor victory: let the recriminations begin

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland’s new premier?


While the drink cups of victory still litter the floors you can bet many surprised Labor heads are wondering just how they will handle the mess that still exists from the Bligh disaster.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town a stunned LNP will running around in circles looking for someone to blame for one of the worst upsets since federation. Guess who will be the scapegoat? [Read more & Comments]

Germany says no to Greece

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected the prospect of debt relief for Athens, adding to tensions between Greece’s new leftist government and its international creditors. [Read more & Comments]

churchill black dogWinston Churchill and the ‘Black Dog’ of greatness

It was 1930. Winston Churchill was a 55-year-old Conservative Party politician who had been a member of parliament for three decades. He had eventually risen to the position of chancellor of the exchequer six years earlier but, in the peace and prosperity of the 1920s, had done a terrible job. Neville Chamberlain, who, as mayor of Birmingham, had run the city for years, would later manage the treasury much better.

The Conservative prime minister, Stanley Baldwin, was impressed by one man more than the other. When he retired in 1937, Baldwin selected Chamberlain to succeed him.

People liked Chamberlain; he was calm, sober, polite, friendly. [Read more & Comments]

then what happenedAnd?? And??
Chauncey Pilgarlic

Every so often I read a story something like this, “The cycling vicar of Pett Bottom, Surrey, was arrested yesterday for flinging a chamber pot at the Mayor when he opened the May festival.”

And that’s it. Never an explanatory follow up. Maddening. Not even to a story about a man who is ‘recovering after a rare buffalo stood on his big toe’.

So here is a follow up for certain sanctions everyone has forgotten about.

Last year, after Russia invaded Ukraine and pretended they weren’t, that it was only rebellious local lads who just happened to have rocket launchers, heavy artillery and endless supplies of ammunition; the West had enough. [Read more & Comments]

Don’t pay bills

extra2First Greece, now Spain—don’t pay bills

Greece has already had a meeting with the EU accountants and announced the new socialist government’s plans about how to solve their debt problem—don’t pay the bills—simple!

Now Spain is talking the same agenda and the EU bean counters are not at all happy. Spending big with other people’s money does have an end date.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Madrid in support of new anti-austerity party Podemos, a week after Greece elected its hard-left ally Syriza. The protesters chanted “Yes we can” as they made their way from Madrid city hall to the central Puerta del Sol square. The party and its anti-austerity message have been surging in polls ahead of elections later this year. [Read more & Comments]


terrorism summitImagine that you are a Jew living in Australia (II)
Bret Harte

Conditions for Islamism in the West are ideal. The West has no strategy – no aligned strategy.

Each nation only has tactics – appeasement, rehabilitation of returning jihadists, reaching out, unified religious services, recognition of ‘leaders’ in the community, jail when they cross the line, doubling down on multiculturalism, turning a blind eye to Sharia tribunals and Islamist ‘no-go’ areas, tolerating misbehaviour in courts, politically celebrating their religious days, providing places for workers to pray, even providing “Muslim only” toilets. [Read more & Comments]

 From the english rhyming slang 'porky pies', which rhymes with lies.

From the english rhyming slang ‘porky pies’, which rhymes with lies.

The “certified” porkies of Halal


by Jack Cade

Halal religious tax costs us all

Again and again Kirralie Smith of Halal Choices turns up credible evidence of the dishonest and deliberate deception of the Australian public by Halal fraudsters and the Australian companies that are supporting them for no apparent gain.

Too many Australian companies refuse to advise the buying public of their involvement in Halal certification, they refuse to display the Halal symbol on their products and should you complain they will write you a letter that leaves you in no doubt that you are another ignorant Islamophobe who doesn’t know what they are talking about. [Read more & Comments]