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Morning Mailer’s spread the gospel, firmly up a lefty’s nostril [Read more & Comments]

Shorten’s cure for “right-wing populism”—tax the rich

Forever seeking clever slogans, Silly-Billy Shorten has sugarcoated a proposed minimum 35 percent income tax against the “rich” as the “Buffet Rule.” Good one Bill, it conjures images of one of those grand buffet tables groaning under the weight of silver salvers laden with lobsters wallowing in garlic butter, mounds of king prawns and haunches of roast beef, lamb and pork with no end of crackle. The “buffet rule” for such devotees is the freedom to go back for seconds, thirds and fourths until they burst—all for one cost.  But Shorten’s “BuffetRule” means that Labor dines on the diner as they raise the income tax percentage with amazing appetite and unbridled avarice. The fox with the keys to the henhouse! [Read more & Comments]

ATO’s lost 9 minutes equivalent to 400 jobs

The taxpayers’ trough is bottomless it seems!

It has become clear to all Australian workers not employed by government that an independent inquiry into government employee salaries and the various bonuses and packages is long overdue. The cat got out of the bag when the CEO of Australia Post Ahmed Fahour’s $5.6 million salary was disclosed.  Finance Minister Mathias Cormann announced on Saturday he had written to the heads of seven government business enterprises demanding they reveal their executive remuneration packages. Malcolm Turnbull is now demanding more transparency. But, they could keep senior executive salaries secret under watered-down rules issued by the Coalition two years ago, Turnbull said. [Read more & Comments]

Honour Killing in Afghanistan
The latest Census in 2011 recorded 28 597 Afghanistan-born people in Australia, an increase of 70.7 per cent from the 2006 Census. The question is why? These people come from a community where an armed mob of 300 brutally killed a young couple for eloping. Yes, eloping. Can we expect the same to happen here, why not? Where a culture and religion encourages such barbaric behavior, and it’s brought to Australia, why would it not think it would not happen here? Where the police don’t stop such a horrendous crime, you would expect all in that society to go along with it. So why are we letting them in?

[Read more & Comments]

The great PC experiment backfires

Melanie Philips writing in The Times points out the manic adherence to PC doctrine by the left has blown up in their pursed-lip faces. It is those controlling cretins who gave birth to the current voter uprising and spreading forces of Trumpism.

The reason nobody saw the people’s revolt coming is that political correctness is too easily dismissed. At best it is viewed as a kind of idiocy that takes the avoidance of giving offence to absurd lengths; at worst, as the unpleasantly assertive politics of identity and group rights. [Read more & Comments]

“We begin in WA today!”

Islam WA: a religion or a political party?

Islam, the new political party in in WA?

This move in Western Australia by Muslim leaders to overtly influence a political election outcome amounts to a political campaign. Our laws waffle on about “separation of state and religion” has no meaning to Muslim leaders who feel free to do as they please obeying only the laws of their Prophet as prescribed in the Koran. If they choose to act as a political party they must register with the AEC. Furthermore, all government grants should be halted and prior grants along with tax exemptions for Mosques, etc should be repaid with interest and fines. It is only government that fails to recognise that Islam is a political ideology rather than a religion. Our laws must redefine what constitutes religion in this 21st Century. We are being screwed by our own laws and as this article establishes Muslim leaders are there to exploit them in arrogant fashion.

Shiek Hisham Obeid, Sheik Faizal Ghafoor, Shiek Yusuf Parker, Imam Mirsel Kozica, Sheik Shabir Moosa, Sheik Safdar Parker and Sheik Mohammed Shakeeb are Islamic leaders in Western Australia who told their followers not to vote for Premier Colin Barnett’s Liberal Party at the looming state election for stoking “the politics of racism” in its preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. [Read more & Comments]

ATO to repay $1.2 million

The drones at the ATO who bitch about working an extra nine minutes per day to increase their work output have been slapped down by the Federal Court for making an illegal $1.2 million grab from a company while insolvent. Anything to please their boss and win brownie points. Unfettered power to punish. Ask Paul Hogan.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has been ordered to refund more than $1 million it took from failed South Australian company Penrice, after being sued by the company’s liquidators, the ABC can reveal. The soda products maker collapsed in 2014 with debts of up to $200 million, leaving 100 staff out of work. In the lead up to its demise, Penrice paid the ATO more than $1.2 million. [Read more & Comments]

Media wars and media whores.
It is a fight which might define the 21st century. A battle to institutionalise truth in reporting.

The world and his wife know that they are being lied to by the media. Straight reporting – if it ever did exist – is a thing of the past. [Read more & Comments]

How to buy a big house by MP Michael Sukkar

The Coalition MP tasked with tackling Australia’s housing affordability problems has said a “highly paid job” is the “first step” to owning a home during an interview on Monday night. The federal Victorian MP Michael Sukkar, who is the Assistant Minister to the Treasurer and has been charged with finding solutions to the country’s housing affordability woes, also pointed to his own experience in purchasing two properties by the age of 35 as an example to struggling homebuyers.

Coalition MP Michael Sukkar decided to share his genius with all the poor bastards in Australia that can’t afford to buy a house—the now elusive great Australian dream. Tantalised by vain hope, his audience listened to the MP’s wisdom of how at the age of 32 he bought two houses. The story fails to advise on how he got the money. Nevertheless, he was on easy street. Strangely though, his business acumen must have been subordinate to the lure of about $200,000 pa as a politician. His best advise on home buying was, “highly paid job” is the “first step”! What a guy! [Read more & Comments]

“Shut up or I’ll shoot!” No free Speech

“Free speech? You can’t handle free speech.”

Simon Breheny writing in the Spectator turns the spotlight on Australia’s race commissioner Tim Soutphommasane who believes 18C is a wonderful thing. Perhaps Mr “Soupfortheinsane” lives in an  Ivory Tower insulated from public sentiment by taxpayers dollars. Probably the same hideout in which that other bumbling social meddler, Gillian Triggs dwells. Mr “Soupfortheinsane” is a real champion for the people, he thinks there should not even be a debate on the matter.

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights was in Darwin on Monday to hear submissions on potential changes, including to remove the words “insult”, “offend” and “humiliate” from the section. Of annoyance to the race commissioner must be that our Aboriginal communities are not convinced Mr “Soupfortheinsane” is right. There is no consistent opinion on the proposed changes, said David Woodroffe, principal legal officer at the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA). Someone has a few brains. [Read more & Comments]