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morning mailers 9

If electricity comes from electrons,
does morality come from morons?

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When will Tony Abbott strike?

Politics is about timing. The enmity between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull is palpable. No party can continue in this paralysis. The Liberal party is mostly destroyed and the Nationals must be nervous about their future being shackled to Tunbull’s mission of political suicide.

TONY Abbott has told colleagues he is determined to stay in politics until Malcolm Turnbull is gone, promising he will be there to help pick up the pieces “when” the Prime Minister’s leadership falls apart. [Read more & Comments]

A kangaroo dies and so does the once Aussie larrikinism

A dead kangaroo has been found dressed up and tied to a chair on the side of a road in Melbourne’s outer north-east, prompting a stern warning from Victorian authorities investigating the incident.

The new Census results indicate that the Australia that once was is no longer. On another front the PC brigade set on controlling our every thought, word and deed has infected the brains of our young. That which for the past 100 years has endeared Australians to the world was larrikinism. It was a sense that bound us with an irreverence that might have seemed rude to some but it was a social glue that made unique. Was this kangaroo shot, or was it road kill. Either way, it would be interesting to know how many laughed but would not dare admit it. Anyone who travels outside cities will see hundreds dead animals on the roadside. Unpalatable as it may be, it is reality. [Read more & Comments]

Team Turnbull is deadset headed for the rocks

Is Turnbull capable of asserting leadership over his motley crew of misfits?

Speaking about tin-ear Turnbull recalls a silly old joke that could fit Malcolm’s political position. The doctor comes out of the birthing room an announces good new and bad news. The good news is the mother has given birth to a 5 kg ear. The bad news is—it’s deaf! And so is the PM regarding the gay marriage blackmail being waged within his government. Pyne should be dumped along with WA Liberal Dean Smith and NSW Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman who have been drafting a private members bill to legalise same-sex marriage.

Liberal MPs are pressing Malcolm Turnbull to strip Christopher Pyne of his position as Leader of the House. [Read more & Comments]

Another large cyber attack across Europe

Hackers have caused widespread disruption across Europe with a series of major cyber attacks that hit Ukraine especially hard.Company and government officials began reporting serious intrusions at the Ukrainian power grid, banks, airports, and government offices on Tuesday afternoon (local time).

As we snored away the night here in the antipodes, European companies were being cyber attacked just like the last one in May. Many will be wondering how safe their personal data is despite officials giving assurances that all such things are safe. Perhaps one day soon we will awake to find an entire country has been milked of every dollar it had. Including your bank account? [Read more & Comments]

Trump wins through.

Yesterday brought two shots in the arm for conservatives of the world, and shots in the head for lefties.
The first shot was the USA’s Supreme Court ruling that Trump’s travel ban was effective again, with one exception.
Although some reports indicate that the decision was unanimous and therefore conservatives are astonished, (especially those who know the serious problem that Sonia Sotomayor has in making sense) it was not a unanimous decision in the sense that there was a counted vote.
This was what is termed a ‘curial’ decision where no head count is taken.
This decision was probably inevitable. Even the touchy-feelies on the bench did not want to permanently deprive the President of any power whatsoever. They could not do that because it would have meant that a future Democratic President would be just as castrated. [Read more & Comments]

Christianity and the changing face of Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics went into meltdown one year ago through absolute incompetence. “Heads will roll” chirped the equally incompetent fellow that pretends to be Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull. As it has taken an entire year to come up with the bungled Census results we must assume that the vast army of ludicrously paid wallers at the ABS went back to pencils and papers and an old adding machine? How would the population know it any statistics put forward by the ABS are even close to the the truth—we wouldn’t! Arse covering by our bungling bureaucrats is a fine art, the data is an irksome disruption.

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun: [Read more & Comments]

Once Moderate, the Islamic Maldives Turning Radical, Putting Tourists in Danger

It seems that tropical paradises are are becoming few and far between as radical Islamists take them over. The Maldives have always been considered one of the most idyllic island  holiday countries in the world and even though they were Muslamic were always considered safe. Now the radical Islamists are barging in to destroy what has been a very profitable enterprise for the Maldives people. The rich and famous will certainly stop going now. [Read more & Comments]

Trump travel ban upheld

Just in.

Trump has just secured a considerable legal and political victory. The Supreme Court lifted all of the injunctions, imposed by the micky mouse judges, which prevented his travel ban.
It made a temporary exemption for would-be arrivals who have a clear familial connection.
Three of the judges said that as far as they are concerned they would ban those too.
The case will be argued in full in October but in the meantime it’s Trump 6, the rest nowhere.
So Trump was right to blast the lower court judges who tried to frustrate him when he banned migrants from 6 terror countries. [Read more & Comments]

The Turkish dictator dictates to Australia

The Erdogan regimen has ­attempted to exploit tensions in Victoria’s large Turkish community by pressuring federal and state parliamentarians to boycott an iftar, a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner, organised by an Australian community organisation ­inspired by exiled cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Most of the free world have heard more than enough of Islam. What then, makes an Islamic Iftar (dinner) so damned important to exhort Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to tell Australian politicians what to do? The fact that the politicians identified in the following article stampede to attend such religious Muslim events indicates group thinking. Appeasing a minority in Australia? [Read more & Comments]