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MorningMailers 11

Where are you?

Reader Wallace made a good point that many of us have wondered about—where are our readers and commenters located? Those who wish to participate could simply comment here using your “handle” and approximate location. State, region, city or town. For example. Wallace – Shoalhaven, South Coast NSW.

Your off topic forum [More]

SSM: a NO vote is homophobic, discriminatory, bigoted and hate speech—is it?

Capital Kids Parties owner, Madlin Sims, boasted on Facebook that she had sacked a staff member because they posted that they believed it was okay to vote NO in the same-sex marriage postal survey.

This story has gone around the world. A woman was sacked because of her support for the NO vote and said so on social media. It is actions like this that have good people greatly concerned that a mania is being unleashed by the savage PC Marxists that seek to control.

If the NO vote encompasses all the breaches of law that the YES proponents claim, why has it appeared on the government instrument called a survey in the first place? [More]

Is there a valid reason to have a government?

When you read this article, apart from raging anger, you may well ask if there is good reason to have a government like the one we have. If ever there was political incompetence and mismanagement we have in buckets from Labor in the past and Liberals under Malcolm Turnbull. Every day another bungle tests our sanity. To wit:

Australian factories are at risk of shutting down and sacking workers as the nation’s gas exporters starve local customers in favour of overseas clients, according to a dire warning from the competition watchdog that clears the way for a gas crackdown. Words fail! [More]

Trump is easy to understand

It sounds weird but often the more extreme Donald Trump’s language is, the more orthodox, sound and reassuring is his ­message. Writes Greg Sheridan in The Australian.

It seems the only people who can’t figure Donald Trump is Main Stream Media. When it comes to politicians they have been brainwashed with progressive stages of fancy names, like the Russian Glasnost, meaning open government, and the French, Détente, meaning release from tension. they are more honestly called the art of bullshit. The ability to talk for two hours and say nothing. That is what MSM expects from politicians. Straight talk derails their groupthink minds. Trump is a straight talker, no frills, no glib waffle. To understand Donald Trump is easy—just listen! The UN is apoplectic, it’s the first time someone said in their hallowed halls of purposeless what they mean in straight talk—shock, horror! [More]

Ross Garnaut: another of his amazing schemes

Like a bad penny it returns

Steel baron Sanjeev Gupta and climate change expert Ross Garnaut sound like strange bedfellows. But they’re teaming up in an effort to disprove conventional wisdom that you can’t run a steel mill with renewable energy. In the process, they’re also aiming to deliver much cheaper electricity, to improve the competitiveness of Australian steel-making and possibly bring down household power bills as well.

MM has written much about Ross Garnaut and has absolutely no faith in him. Google Lihir gold and follow his path in that venture. About Garnaut here. Prepare for huge government input for this Garnaut scheme. [More]

Interest rate rise next year?

Good news for self funded retirees. 

The ANZ has become the second big bank in a week to forecast the Reserve Bank will turn hawkish and raise rates twice next year. The move follows the NAB change in call on the RBA last week of a two rate hikes next year, from an earlier call of no change. [More]

Denmark government still doesn’t get it.

There are 26 Muslim schools in Denmark. While they operate independently of the public schools, the state sponsors them heavily — as it does other independent schools in Denmark — covering 75% of their budget…
…which is a big growing budget – Muslim schools have increased their number of pupils by almost 50% in ten years; they now cater to almost 5,000 pupils.
But it is unknown how many Muslim children learn in the so-called “Koran schools,” where Islam and Arabic are taught after school to those children who do not attend a Muslim day school. Koran schools are not under any supervision from state or municipal authorities – or anybody.
Danish educational authorities are currently investigating a quarter of Muslim schools for failing to follow the educational laws… [More]

Human behavior: Obscene in the past, decent today

Can you imagine, yesteryear, it being decent for children to decide to change sex, or allow gays to marry or to use abortion as a birth control method?
Yet today we almost take it for granted. How can we have changed attitudes so much in just a few years? Well the internet certainly helped – once it was Lady Chatterley today it’s mass porn. [More]

Trump: US warns North Korea with destruction

It is difficult to know what is in the mind of Kim Jong-un. His dangerous talk might indicate a pressing brain tumour. Has his upbringing made him a child in an adult’s body? Is he calling a bluff? Or, is he simply insane? Either way, the world may soon learn the answer.

US President Donald Trump has told the UN General Assembly that America would destroy North Korea if forced to defend itself or its allies. [More]

Colours of the rainbow carnival are running

The misguided zealots of SSM paint the entire issue with a slogan, “love is love.” That’s true enough but in this case that has the same nebulosity as the Greens handy slogan, “don’t you want clean air and fresh water?” Such glib mantra totally avoids the collateral damage, a matter the gullible can’t grasp. The colours of their rainbow are bleeding and the colour is not harmonious. The balloons, the T-shirts, the bullying and the euphoria are turning into the morning after in which the headache is real—not fantasy.

The gay marriage debate has been a largely fraudulent affair. The acrimony and intolerance on both sides have masked a lack of frankness about what is at stake. [More]