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oathRefugees please observe!

Natasha Bita in The Australian today gives the Oath of Australian Citizenship. Few have ever heard those 28 words and fewer will ever take them to bosom as meaningful.

What will be embraced as rightful title is Centrelink, and Medicare and a myriad of other pathways to the beleaguered taxpayers’ purse. It vexes many of us that an oath, although a pledge or even a contract, verbal is legal, has zero influence upon its violators making a farce out of Australian Citizenship. What worth is then the Australian Passport?

I pledge my loyalty to Australia
and its people, whose democratic
beliefs I share, whose rights and
liberties I respect, and whose
laws I will uphold and obey. 

Oath of Australian citizenship
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gillard2Gillard: no crime committed!

by Chaucer

In a week where various Labor stars dodged the long arm of the law nobody should be surprised that Julia Gillard walked as queen among that ilk. While royal commissioner Dyson Heydon says Julia Gillard did not tell the truth he also found no criminality in her dealings in the HSU slush funds saga. Morality was never a test.

To the ordinary bloke in the pub the commission’s finding appears as another one of those mystical quirks of law understood by, well…only by a select few legal minds. It’s one of those things where a dismissal from a crime does not mean the person did not do it, it means that for 10 million reasons guilt was not established. But, still casts a cloak of guilt in the minds of many is not most.

However, excerpts from the commission report do not place Julia Gillard in frame that she would no doubt like to appear, even though she is already crowing loudly for public apologies from all who said she was a crook and other nasty labels. That she brought shame and disdain upon the highest political office in the land was of no consequence to the commission.

Also following these excerpts is a Fairfax article in which a few unbiased truths are included. Not exactly in the usual leftist form at all. You can read the entire commission report here—if you are planning retirement! [Read more & Comments]

pope francisCuba’s OK now?
Jack London

It is very rare that the arch-narcissist President Obama does anything more than pour petrol on race relations, on international relations, on US industry on behalf of his electorate.

However, the agreement to recognise Cuba may be something to his credit.

He will of course make political mileage out of it, the Republican Party has two strong presidential candidates in Texas Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio whose electorates contains many refugees from Cuba and who passionately detest the communist Castro brothers. [Read more & Comments]

thomson loopholesCraig ‘Loopholes’ Thomson fined.
Jack London

In a week when attention is being drawn to decisions of courts, the case of former HSU secretary and Federal MP Craig Thomson has been lifting more than one or two eyebrows.

Thomson avoided conviction for fraud on the basis that the charges were incorrectly framed. Fraud has a specific meaning in law, there has to be precise wording so that the judge knows exactly what the prosecution is actually claiming. It was a loophole for Thomson.

It is not impossible that the matter will go on further appeal. And it ought to, because somebody has goofed – either the police in wording the charges incorrectly or the judge for seeing problems of language and loopholes where none existed. [Read more & Comments]

constitutionTribalism – a destructive form of identity politics


by Jack Cade

The terrible consequences of Al Grasby’s multiculturalism, which saw the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government open the floodgates to take in tens of thousands of incompatible immigrants, hit us like a ton of bricks Monday 15th December with the senseless murder of two hostages by a Muslim terrorist who had been in trouble with the law ever since he came to Australia as a refugee over a decade ago.

Spineless politicians and their do-gooder PC tainted agencies have a lot to answer for in their support of the multicultural senselessness.  In their breakneck dash for the appeasement switch they are encouraging Islamic influences to establish a parallel society complete with its own laws and medieval culture while being ‘snowed’ by endless whinging and the constant playing of the ‘victim card’ by Islamic leaders in Australia.  This leaves us with no option but to call it what it is, tribalism. The dangerous concept of multiculturalism breeds tribalism and tribalism which is the most divisive and destructive form of identity politics. [Read more & Comments]

UN’s begging bowl: $8.4 billion for Syria—ask Allah!

“The United Nations has launched its biggest ever humanitarian appeal for Syria, seeking $8.4 billion after only securing about half the funding it asked for in 2014.”

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woolworths2Woolworths: the fresh food bullies?

“The Australian Food and Grocery Council says there is widespread concern about claims Woolworths is bullying suppliers. The council’s chief executive Gary Dawson said they have received complaints from a number of suppliers about Woolworths’ behaviour.”

Only days ago Coles copped a $10 million fine for bullying some of their suppliers following an ACCC action. Maybe the “new boys on the block” like Aldi, Cosco and the expected UK chain Sainsbury has reduced the massive hold both Coles and Woolworths have enjoyed for so long giving Australians the most expensive food prices in the modern world.

Given the Aussie penchant for the larrikin, how long will it be before Woolworths’ trade theme, “Woolworths the fresh food people” hits Youtube with, “Woolworths the fresh food bullies”—riding on the backs of struggling suppliers? The current wave of smart-arse, upstart adolescents setting policy need to learn that screwing honest suppliers for maximum profit is not the path Australians will accept as the word “decency” is removed from their mindset. Shoppers will vote with their feet—loyalty has been trashed! [Read more & Comments]

extra2Russia: Putin makes excuses for crashing economy

“Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the West of behaving like “an empire” and reassured Russians over the country’s dire economy during his annual end of year news conference. The Russian leader said the country was more and more determined to protect its interests. He also ratcheted up his anti-Western rhetoric, accusing the West of treating other countries like their underlings.”

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