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Today is Wattle day

wattleIt’s Wattle Day!

The bush was grey
A week to-day
(Olive-green and brown and grey);
But now the spring has come this way,
With blossoms for the wattle.

It seems to be A fairy tree;
It dances to a melody, And sings a little song to me (The graceful, swaying wattle): [Read more & Comments]

abuseChild Abuse—the savagery is frightening


by Jack Cade

A child beaten to death by its Mother’s boyfriend is now an all too familiar occurrence.

A little girl is reported missing and is later found beaten to death and stuffed into the roof cavity of the home she shared with her mother and two siblings.  The estranged father is left with the heartbreaking task of visiting the morgue to identify his baby daughter, who at two years old didn’t get much of a go at life.   He says that her tiny face looked like a professional boxer had beaten her.  In a scenario that is becoming all too familiar, the mother’s new boyfriend is taken into custody.

It is not always the mother’s boyfriend and child abuse within the family is reaching staggering proportions that see a case of child abuse is reported every two minutes across Australia. [Read more & Comments]

Labor’s lost war

cardsLabor’s lost war

Realising the legal, if not social ramifications of handing Labor and its unions an early Christmas gift, one beyond their wildest dreams, Justice Dyson Heydon bravely stepped up to the plate and put the shrill spruikers of foul play back in their boxes with legal argument that trumped their worthless Joker in hand.

The unions may take this further and if they do, another lawyer would be wise as the one seen on TV news babbled like person unhinged will surely waste more of union members’ money. An amateur in the classroom of Heydon!

Today’s Australian explains further: [Read more & Comments]

merkelEU Refugees: Merkel ignored the inevitable

Merkel’s “colonisation” of Deutschland!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says “Europe as a whole needs to move” on how to deal with refugees and migrants arriving in the EU. “If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won’t be the Europe we wished for,” she said.

Germany plans to take 800,000 mostly economic “colonists” in the next four months. No nation can withstand such a massive social dislocation and Germans are starting to comprehend the difference between addressing humanity and reality. Reaction has begun and Angela Merkel appears rather shocked at the growing violence being vented by her countrymen.

Merkel warned, …there would be “no tolerance for those who question the dignity of other people” after a spate of arson attacks on refugee shelters and anti-migrant demonstrations. [Read more & Comments]

wormDid Minister Dutton accuse Fairfax of bias?

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has accused Fairfax and the ABC of trying to topple Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his Coalition Government. Mr Dutton told the ABC’s AM program there was a “huge move by Fairfax at the moment to try and bring the Government down”. “I think regardless of what Tony Abbott does, Fairfax will say it’s bad,” he said.

So, has “the worm” finally turned, grown a backbone and giving back to Fairfax a metaphoric cuff about the ears for their daily mission of trying to destabilise the Abbott government? The Marquis of Queensbury Rules are no match for left-wing gutter level brawling! [Read more & Comments]

same sexExclusive

The new ‘unco guid’

Tim Black

Brendan O’Neill is a clever man, an editor and journalist who believes in free speech. He visited Australia recently and appeared on Q&A on the topic of sodomic marriage.

What happened to him and anyone who thought differently to the mindset of the Labor Party shocked him. He ran smack bang into Australia’s ‘unco guid.’

The uncu’ guid are the narrow-minded, rigid, self-righteous people, who denounce and punish those who think differently – very similar to the extremely PC.

This is a report of O’Neill’s encounter with the Q&A unco guid lynch mob. It is from a co-editor on ‘spiked‘ – the strongest voice on the net today for free speech.

“Gay marriage is not a liberal issue; it has a deeply illiberal streak.” – O’Neill. [Read more & Comments]

turnbullTurnbull lends a hand in Canning, WA

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has accused Labor of failing to promote its candidate in an upcoming West Australian by-election, as he dodged questions on internal Liberal Party tensions.

Contrary to his usual renegade stand against party policy, Malcolm Turnbull was in WA yesterday in support of Liberal candidate for the canning by-election, Andrew Hastie. Malcolm performed well fending off questions about disunity within his party. Good boy, Malcolm! [Read more & Comments]

extra2In 67 pages Justice Heydon tells Labor to nick-off

It would have been a sad day for Australia’s justice system had Justice Heydon caved in the Labor Party and thus the unions in this matter.

Bravo Justice Heydon! [Read more & Comments]