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goodnewsTesco to Give All Unsold Food to Charity in its 800 UK Supermarkets

Why haven’t Woolworths, Coles, IGA, etc done the same as Tesco? You can bet there’s a PC law against it!

Tesco in the U.K. announced the nationwide rollout of a program that dramatically reduces the amount of food that goes to waste by giving all of the grocery store’s surplus food to charities.

Through its new Community Food Connection, Tesco will redirect millions of meals to shelters, food banks, and community centers by end of 2017. The initiative was given a trial in Merseyside, England, near Liverpool, and is making a big difference to local charities as a result. [Read more & Comments]

Sagging oil prices hit Saudi.

Business is not so good for the Binladen Group in Saudi Arabia. Not of the Osama Bin Laden family that started the game of terrorism that now grips nerves of all in the free world.

The company terminated the contracts of 50,000 foreign workers, Saudi newspaper al-Watan quoted unnamed sources as saying on Friday. Binladin has employed 200,000 over the past decade. The report also said daily protests are taking place in front of the company’s offices as some workers have not been paid for more than four months. [Read more & Comments]


So how is that greeny thing working out

Bret Harte

Part 1

No wonder the American layabouts love Bernie Sanders. More socialism will mean less work.

Socialist Venezuela has just proved that – it has gone to a 2-day workweek.

The country’s public servants, a full one third of the work force, are off duty for the bulk of the week. They can sit through rolling blackouts at home doing nothing rather than doing nothing in the office. Mondays and Tuesdays for them. Primary schools close on Fridays. [Read more & Comments]

Call to study gay issues at preschool

Reported in The Australian today.

Preschoolers should be introduced to the concept of same-sex marriage, according to a leading early education academic who is advocating against the notion of “compulsory heterosexuality” in the classroom. Melbourne University research fellow Kylie Smith, a contributor to the education curriculum in Victoria, has published a paper about the importance of political activism in the early childhood sector, focusing on the marriage equality debate and ideas around gender.

[Read more & Comments]

fairfax longbowWill this election be occupied by climate change?

The Fairfax twist is no surprise just short of an election, especially that their comrade Shorten appears to have the grand prize handed to him on a platter by his waffling opponent. But here we have the Fairfax long bow at work.

Greg Hunt “is going around basically telling lies” about Labor’s plan to drive up electricity prices by 78 per cent.

What Greg Hunt really said in his interview with Naomi Woodley on PM
GREG HUNT: Well I think that is a misrepresentation, an absolute misrepresentation of the McKibbin modelling. What we see is that he was doing comparisons with the other countries and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s report made it clear that the right assessment of a carbon tax would be the figures that are set out in Treasury’s own modelling. [Read more & Comments]

dopeRefugee activists in Brisbane—again

There were not “hundreds” of protestors, but one of them was a dope. can you pick him?

Hundreds of protesters against the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres have gathered in Brisbane to demand better treatment of refugees. Chants of “close the camps, bring them here” rang out across King George Square in the heart of the city on Friday evening. The event was planned in response to the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court earlier this week ruling Australia’s detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island was illegal.

This time over a 23-yer-old who self immolated proving himself to be just the calibre of refugee Australia wants. None of the activists has offered to provide for a refugee family at their home at their expense—bloody hypocrites! [Read more & Comments]

richtorBank inquiry: One banker at least sings

One banker who will be removed from the banker’s Christmas invite list is outgoing ING Australia boss, Vaughn Richtor who is the first banking executive to come out in support of a royal commission into the banks.

“I support anything that will help us in making sure we grow as an industry and continue to develop our products and services for our consumers,” he told The Business. “Are we doing the right thing at the end of the day for the consumer? That’s the thing that I think we have to focus on.” [Read more & Comments]

zumaWhat does S/African Jacob Zuma and the CFMEU have in common?

The word “corruption” figures prominently and in similar numbers, perhaps with the same result—zilch!

South African President Jacob Zuma should face almost 800 corruption charges that were dropped in 2009, a judge said, piling further pressure on the embattled leader. The charges, relating to a multi-billion-dollar arms deal, were dropped by the chief state prosecutor in a move that cleared the way for Mr Zuma to be elected President just weeks later. [Read more & Comments]

pennyThe pendulum swings: Europe lurches to the right

The penny has dropped, but not for Merkel!

A ripple of concern shivered across Europe this week in establishment circles after a right-wing populist candidate stormed to pole position in the first round of Austria’s presidential election.

“Triumph for the extreme right,” proclaimed Spain’s El Pais newspaper. Britain’s Guardian warned of “turmoil” ahead. Italy’s Corriere della Sera bemoaned a victory for the “anti-immigrant far right” while Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called on traditional political parties to “listen to this wake-up call!” [Read more & Comments]