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Frivolous litigation against trump

The US has laws against frivolous litigation and this action may fall foul in this case. Regardless of law, there is an obvious attempt to stir trouble. A massive damages award for Trump might temper the agitators!

A legal watchdog group has filed a lawsuit alleging that US President Donald Trump is violating the constitution by allowing his businesses to accept payments from foreign governments.

The liberal-funded watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York. What a coincidence that this leftist mob advised Barack Obama? [Read more & Comments]

Trump the doer dumps TTP trade deal

He said he would and was true to his word. Who would have thought, a politician honouring a promise?

US President Donald Trump has signed executive orders withdrawing America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and instituting a government hiring freeze. In an Oval Office ceremony, Mr Trump delivered on his campaign promise to formally withdraw from the TPP, which was negotiated by Barack Obama between 12 countries including Australia. [Read more & Comments]

Trump and pajama boy

[Read more & Comments]

2016 as the “worst year yet” for Christian persecution

Most people would think that martyrs are a thing of a thousand years or so ago. Sadly, christian martyrs are created daily in middle eastern countries and places like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Africa. In Iraq the Christian population has been decimated from around two million in 2013 to less than 200,000 today. It is true that people of other faiths also die because of their beliefs, but the following report concentrates on those of the Christian faith.

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Janet Albrechtsen goes to Washington

Ms Albrechtsen in today’s Australian cuts through the hysterics caused by the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the most powerful nation on earth. Her article gives the opinions of quiet thinkers who voted for Mr trump rather than the apoplectic mindlessness of those who probably failed to anyway, or followed the lemmings for a day of anarchy and destruction of other peoples’ property.

Ms Albrechtsen writes:

Steve Murad and his wife, Ann, are from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Together with five of their six children, aged from one to nine, they are kitted out in matching red hoodies.On the front of their hoodies is a picture of Donald Trump. On the back it says: “Trump is our president.” [Read more & Comments]

When slimeballs ooze forth—the new class

The gullible, the feeble minded, the group-thinkers, the anarchists, the Marxists and socialist ideologues have incubated a contagious disease collectively known as—SLIMERS!

Slimer: (also known as Onionhead or Little Spud) was a ghost made up of pure Ectoplasm and the first ghost successfully captured by the Ghostbusters. Slimer is well known for his gigantic appetite and the slime he leaves behind when he passes through solid objects. (Wikipedia)

The election of Donald Trump heralds a change in world politics whether the psychopaths on the left like it or not. Bruce Springsteen and his band has caught the hatred of Trump “slimers” disease than now courses the grey matter of the mentally deficient. Television images of people caught in psychotic episodes of emotional destruction establishes that. [Read more & Comments]