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Hitlers MuslimsHitler’s Muslims
Bret Harte

In Iraq, this instant, this very day, homes and businesses are being daubed with a sign that signifies “a Christian lives here”.

It is impossible to not see the startling parallel with Hitler and the marking of Jewish businesses with the word “Jude” and the Star of David.

In the photograph here the sign is actually the letter “N” meaning Nazrani – referring to Jesus of Nazareth.

Behind the sign is something even more terrifying.

The owners of the property are given three choices
1. Convert to the Religion of Peace.
2. Pay a special tax (“jizya”) every month.
3. Be executed. [Read more & Comments]

cameraA guardrail repair—Nope, a speed camera!

Queensland leads the way in speed camera innovation at Maryborough, QLD.

[Read more & Comments]

chamberlainWill NSW Premier Baird offer appeasement to Moslem bullies?

My turn to be offended…


by Jack Cade

Why are our politicians, both state and federal, so absorbed in themselves that they can’t hear the cries of concern from the citizens of Australia about a growing Muslim problem in this country. They say some of the most astounding things and their lack of realisation of what is going on in this country and the world in general is astounding. [Read more & Comments]

putin ukraineHas Putin overreached?

There is a general view that Vladimir Putin governs the Russian Federation as a dictator, that he has defeated and intimidated his opponents and that he has marshaled a powerful threat to surrounding countries. This is a reasonable view, but perhaps it should be re-evaluated in the context of recent events.

Ukraine is the place to start. The country is vital to Russia as a buffer against the West and as a route for delivering energy to Europe, which is the foundation of the Russian economy. At the beginning of this year, it is fair to say that, under Prime Minister Yanukovich, Russian interests in Ukraine were secure. [Read more & Comments]

bishopThe world admires Australia

Utterly incapable of praise when due is Labor’s venom-spitter, Tanya Plibersek ‘s response to the world acclaimed top performance by Australia’s Foreign Affairs minister Julie Bishop in her handling of the MH17 disaster.

Piers Akerman’s article offers a measured account of that situation in Europe that by its complication confuses many. We will never know but can surely surmise as to how Labor under Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek might have performed in the same situation. Given their performance in opposition is just as bad when in government, little is left to one’s imagination. The Australian government has shown the world that it has the maturity of international statesmanship second to none. But the sad creatures in the Labor camp driven by an unhealthy hatred can’t see what the world lauds. [Read more & Comments]

Dear senator Lambsfry, I am rich and am...er...well... hung... and would like to...ring your division bell!

Dear senator Lambsfry, to use your words; I am rich and…well hung. Would you like to…

Telling it the way it is


by Francis Langton

Clive Palmer’s merry little PUP band in Canberra have been accused of all populism and no policy but now at least they have enunciated a policy designed to attract lady voters and a certain element among male voters.

Tasmanian PUP Senator Jacqui Lambie has gone on Hobart radio and made it perfectly clear what she wants in a man. There is already speculation – which, it should be noted, has not been denied by either – that her now publicly enunciated preference is what originally attracted her to Clive. They share a strong belief in the fact that size matters. [Read more & Comments]

caliphate shariaTell him he’s dreamin’
Bret Harte

Q. What is this Caliphate business?
A. A dream for some, a nightmare for others.

“Caliphate” means succession. It essentially means the succession of the political and religious structure established by Mohammed.

Depending on who is using the word it can entail a union of Muslim nations under the leadership of a Caliph – successor. Or it can entail a union of every country on earth becoming Muslim and uniting under a world leader, the Caliph. This caliph was often known as “Commander of the Believers”.

Just who exactly was the Caliph at any time was often disputed and at times there were rival claimant caliphs in different parts of the Islamic world; and Shi’a and Sunni communities often disagreed as well. [Read more & Comments]

stylebookFairfax’s stylebook in action?


by Chaucer

Further into the quagmire descends Fairfax’s Sarah Whyte with her poorly researched piece July 24,2014 Christmas Island asylum seekers attempt poisoning with, Harrowing eyewitness accounts from the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission and a team of medical experts say there is a mental health crisis on Christmas Island, confirming multiple suicide attempts and self-harm incidents.

Even more “harrowing” is the writer’s selective reporting of facts and the omission of balance, as perhaps instructed in the Fairfax stylebook. [Read more & Comments]