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MerkelMerkel: None so blind as those who will not see

“The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way.” (Dale Carnegie)

Frau Merkel has had time and proof enough that her Muslim refugee colonisation of not only her Germany, but most of Europe, is fraught with strife, a strife that promises future ramifications unimagined by most.
Recent attacks in Germany involving asylum-seekers would not change its willingness to take in refugees, Chancellor Angela Merkel has said. She said the attackers “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this”. [Read more & Comments]

jones3Seat of Herbert a ‘Catch 22’

It is more than difficult to understand why the election held 28 days ago still can’t define the victor in the Queensland seat of Herbert formerly held by that leering Ewan Jones, who, in a garrison town says burning our flag is simply “free speech.”. At this stage, Labor’s Cathy O’Toole leads by about 35 votes. Malcolm Turnbull, however, might yet challenge the result, albeit at his own peril as the following article points out.

UPDATE: 9:am HERBERT is likely to remain in limbo for three months or more, with a complicated court challenge likely

By-elections can be inherently dangerous for governments, even more so when a court order rather than a death or resignation is the reason for the fresh vote. It can look like a case of sour grapes, irrespective of the validity of the legal complaint. [Read more & Comments]

immigrationImmigrants from Lebanon slows to a ‘trickle’

When it comes to immigration, the government and opposition are in agreement. Our migration program is proudly non-discriminatory and that is how it should remain. Yet the Australian government is pursuing a migration strategy that makes it extremely difficult for large numbers of Muslims from the Middle East to settle here, even if that is not the policy’s aim.

However, the very successful immigrant, Frank Lowy, is one of Australia’s most successful immigrants, also a Holocaust survivor who founded the $22 billion Westfield shopping empire who landed in Australia as a 21-year-old. Mr Lowy said that immigration should be ‘controlled by the government rather than being a reaction to global upheavals.’ No doubt the business mogul was referring to Islamic extremism and international ­terrorist attacks.

[Read more & Comments]

judgeOutspoken Judge to lawyer, ‘You are stupid.’

 A judge repeatedly called a lawyer incompetent, called his questions “incredibly stupid”, called him “stupid”, and said his failings meant his client could not get a fair trial. The extraordinary clash between Victorian County Court Judge Mark Dean and defence counsel Benjamin Lindner in a criminal trial has Victorian legal circles buzzing.

Judge Mark Dean might know more about lawyer Benjamin Lindner than a first time meeting in County Court. Like all vocations, there are those that should not be in that job and that seems to be the opinion of Judge Dean. [Read more & Comments]

peacockRudd: Will Mr Turnbull pass this test?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will personally decide whether Australia should nominate Kevin Rudd to become United Nations secretary-general, with an announcement expected on today.

The word Turnbull has become synonymous poor political judgement. Can he climb from that hole and say to Kevin Rudd, “sorry Kevin old chap, Australia can only afford one peacock poncing about the international political landscape and that peacock will be me!”

Cabinet resolved to hand responsibility to Mr Turnbull alone, who said he would communicate the decision to Mr Rudd in a phone call to Brisbane. [Read more & Comments]

thompsonChina uses good-old American BS

Beat out at their own game—advertising!

China has reportedly leased a giant billboard in New York’s Times Square, showcasing a video asserting its claim over the South China Sea and falsely suggesting a British MP supports its claim over the disputed waterway.

The advertising agency must be one America’s greatest inventions. Outrageous creativity to sell a product, especially if you did not need it. Slick food ads that caused instant hunger, macho car ads that you borrowed to the hilt to own. China has used the ad spin to sell their grab on the islands in the South China Sea to the Americans—in Times Square! And, snookered by something absent in China—freedom of speech. Gotcha! [Read more & Comments]

trump latest polling.

we love trumpExclusive

Donald is me darlin’

Jack London

Latest polling information should sicken supporters of “Crooked Hillary” Clinton. Nor is it cheerful news to the self-anointed purists of the Republican party.

Ever since Trump decided to nominate, Republican and Democrat establishments kept crowing about what they thought was their best card – Trump cannot possibly defeat Clinton.

But the latest CNN/ORC national poll has Donald Trump in the lead by 5 points, partly a sign of a post-convention bump for him but in keeping with the creeping ever-upward figures seen since Trump’s other Republican competitors threw in the towel.

In a race including Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein the breakdown shows:
[Read more & Comments]

keysartradMuslim school Malek Fahd gets Keysar Trad

The president of Australia’s peak Muslim body has stepped down and been ­replaced by community spokesman Keysar Trad amid a battle against one of its largest schools, Malek Fahd, over $13 million.

Remember Keysar Trad, the longtime spokesman for Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj bin al-Hilaly? The idiot Sheik that staged a break-in to his own Mosque, all of which was caught on the Mosque’s CCT? And remember when Keysar Trad sued Sydney radio station 2GB for defamation? And remember that Justice Peter McClellan in the NSW Court of Appeal branded Trad a dangerous, dishonest, racist person and unbelievable liar? This appointment has to be a joke? But it’s not! [Read more & Comments]

hampsterWhat they didn’t tell you about alternate energy

First they were supposed to be destroying birds, then sleep. Now wind turbines are being blamed for destroying the Australian electricity market and pushing prices as high as $14,000 per megawatt hour. As Victoria gives the green light for a massive $650 million wind farm with up to 104 turbines at Dundonnell, 200 kilometres west of Melbourne, and with talk of more wind farms in NSW a Liberal senator has been calling for a moratorium on new turbines until the Productivity Commission examines what they are doing to prices. [Read more & Comments]