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Janet Albrschtsen on Peter Dutton for leader

Our next PM?

For some time now those remaining with hope for a Liberal Party salvation have thought the only person to effect that might be Peter Dutton. Research by the politically astute Janet Albrechtsen presents a good case for such theory. But what about Malcolm Turnbull? With Dutton gathering momentum how will Turnbull react to the man he elevated in a very bold way? Can we expect Turnbull to drop out sighting health reasons? That would be the only way old tin-ear could save face—the ego thing! Besides Mal does look rather ragged of late.

Ms Albrechtsen writes: [More]

Multicultural tribalism

Tribalism Encouraged Under the Multicultural Smokescreen
by Jack Cade

It began with protests in towns across Australia as residents became concerned that Islamic Mosques were being proposed and built in residential areas. It was expressed that the proposed mosques were not to emulate neighbourhood Christian churches designed to seat a hundred or so worshipers on Sunday mornings but rather huge edifices planned for over a thousand worshipers and were complete with offices, administration centres, minarets with loud speakers to blare out Islamic calls to prayer five times a day. In some cases schools and parking for a thousand vehicles or more. [More]

Old people hogging big houses—get rid of them!

They never thought it could happen!

Almost 200,000 Australians are on waiting lists for housing but a large number of them can’t find accommodation because larger homes are being occupied by single, elderly people.

The picture is from Dr Zhivago when Russian peasants took over people’s houses and property—but they let the owners live there too, in one room. Is this what Australia is to become also! Just let them try!

The bloody social engineers have decided that old people, and there are just to many of those selfish bastards, are making life miserable for young people who struggle to find housing. How dare these old people live in a big house that they worked their guts out to pay for in a lifetime of toil and tax paying—damned gall! [More]

Curry and Bagels

Indian PM Narendra Modi reads the papers.
He noticed Trump had legitimised discussion on immigration. Particularly Muslim immigration. Modi has Muslim problems.
Before Trump you were not supposed to mention immigration. It was (and still is) ‘racist,’ and simply calling you a racist suffocated discussion.
Then Trump visited Israel and announced that the US embassy would be moved to Jerusalem.
“You leave them be, now. They’re with me, now,” was the message.
Right! said Modi, Book me in for two days is Israel. I want to have a chat with Netanyahu – just like Donald does. [More]

“I want to go to Mars too!”

Off to Mars: “There’s a sucker born every minute!”

From Morning Mail’s believe it or not desk we’re going to Mars!

In September last year, the SpaceX founder [Elon Musk] used the International Astronautical Congress in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara to unveil ambitious plans to build a human colony on Mars.

Perhaps bringing truth to that often spoke adage, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” the universe’s top salesman, Elon Musk has another super deal for the South Australian Premier, Jay Weatherill. Having struck pay dirt with his world’s biggest battery, Mr Musk has returned to SA’s well of plenty to flog his revised plan for an unmanned mission to Mars. They say lightning does not strike twice in the same place. South Australia is out to prove that it does. What next will Mr Musk sell SA? [More]

Victoria: euthanasia to be tested via conscience vote

Victoria will become the first state in Australia to legalise voluntary euthanasia if a conscience vote passes parliament later this year. It is a big if, and one that will wrestle with MPs’ morals and ethics as well as test the political mettle of Victoria’s elected representatives. A tight vote is predicted when legislation is put to MPs in a conscience vote. [More]


Kids Butcher Prisoners

A vengeful Iraqi who chillingly calls himself the “The Beheader” after decapitating 50 ISIS fighters is having a great time now that ISIS is on the run. Without Obama’s protection they have no hiding place.

Falah Aziz claims to have killed more than 130 jihadis in a long-running battle to free his war-torn country of those who have dished out the horrors for years. He says it’s his “specialty.”

The Minneapolis shooting

Neighbour of Justine Damond’s killer gives shocking new insight into his behaviour

Draw your own conclusions.

Sarah Blake in Minneapolis, for News Corp:

KILLER cop Mohamed Noor is known in the townhouse complex where his large family lives as quick-tempered, “jumpy” and “extremely nervous”. [More]

Is there a god of politicians?

Thank you Saint Blunder for mercies received on this good news Friday!

If there was a god of politicians what would it be called? A god, however, is far to exultant to be used in the same sentence as “god” isn’t it? A lesser title, perhaps, like Saint something or other. Saints seem to be out vogue these days. Saint Christopher, for example. He was pensioned off, probably because of the high road toll. Or, the dangling St Christopher swinging from a vehicle’s rearview mirror caused fervent supplication as one cruised through a train crossing. MM suggests “Saint Blunder” is appropriate?

The blessing!

Greens leader Richard Di Natale­ is facing dire warnings of a slide in his party’s popular support with a leaked internal analysis showing it is on track to lose three of its nine Senate seats, as it reels from the loss of two of its most popular senators. [More]