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airport3“Don’t tell me you’re a woman; not with that thing”

Mumsnet is Big.

It is 16 years old and is one of the world’s largest websites for parents. It has a Bloggers Network with 5,000 registered bloggers and a network of 180 local sites run in partnership with local editors. The site is very influential, with literally millions of users – it is also very feminist.

Currently, its stories are All the reasons why new babies really are lovely; Why your teen should consider an apprenticeship (rather than uni); Why should I buy a new school uniform every year; – so you get an inkling of its content. Reading them you also get a content of their good quality writing.

Mumsnet has had something to say about false “gender roles” for decades. But this “transgender” ideology that comes along to assert and want to make “self identification of gender” all there is, with the corollary of men posing as females to be included in the women’s agenda? Well, no way, Jose, said the feminist mums of Mumsnet. Loudly, too. [Read more & Comments]

Thomas 1At the ABC, Pantsdown and Proud of It

“I will call out misogyny wherever I see it”
–  Julia Gillard, defending the mussel-averse Peter Slipper in Parliament by attacking Tony Abbott

The ABC complaints department chief, Denise Musto,  thought it was OK for the ABC to depict The Australian’s Chris Kenny raping a dog  under the caption “Chris ‘Dog Fucker’ Kenny”.[1]  No surprise, perhaps, to learn she also thinks it’s fine for the ABC to fawn on an LGBTI activist  Simon Hunt, the drag queen and academic who satirizes Pauline Hanson as “Pauline Pantsdown”. No surprise, either, that Hunt has been a University of New South Wales media lecturer for 15 years.[2] [Read more & Comments]

S18C18c: The sledgehammer of intolerance used by the left

Gerard Henderson writing in The Australian proffers tangible evidence of how forces from the left have been brainwashed and programmed for hatred and violence toward all those with alternate views. This is a very important article!

Gerard Henderson:

It was an overwhelming leftist baying mob that rocked up at Docklands in Melbourne last Monday as audience members of ABC television’s live Q&Aprogram. Presenter Tony Jones seemed powerless to moderate the public expressions of anger and loud feigned laughter directed at Communications Minister Mitch ­Fifield and, in particular, Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill. [Read more & Comments]

sarahhansonyoung2Greens’ Hanson-Young as trade minister. Julie Bishop must be laughing her head off at the madness?

It’s easy to give a proven fool like Hanson-Young the portfolio of minister for trade because even leader Di Natale knows such a disaster would never come to pass. Thank god for that. However, it’s comforting to know that all the happy little green compost worms are having hissy fits as they vie for Party relevance.

With trademark form, the poor woman, Sarah Mungbean, doesn’t know what she is about. For example: Ms Hanson-Young expressed anger at the post-election shake-up by Mr Di Natale and has promised to continue fighting for the rights of refugees. And then: Senator Hanson-Young has also pledged to embrace her new portfolios of trade and education. Di Natale must be thrilled by such stupidity in public! [Read more & Comments]

bendingYoui: Better to stay bent over ready for the next shafting!

Perhaps the warning is in the insurance company, Youi’s aggressive advertising messages, their slogan, “We get you!” The operative word appears to be, “GET!” and after you read the following Fairfax article you will understand exactly what they mean by “WE GET YOU” which really means WE GOT YOU!

An investigation by Fairfax Media can reveal that insurance giant Youi has been billing people who provided credit card information in the course of obtaining a quote. Potentially thousands of Australians have been billed monthly without their consent. [Read more & Comments]

lipsThe Mehajer family like BIG weddings

Morning Mail’s social reporter, Verity Frivolity, simply could not disappoint her readers by not attending and paying homage to Sydney’s hottest socialites, the Mehajer tribe. Salim’s sister Kat married someone, or a white Lamborghini, or something. Amid the roar of fast cars, police helicopters hovering above, Lebanese drummers banging away and traffic chaos, who married whom or what might be better understood this morning after. It was the bride’s lips, however, that will have the rich and famous gossiping for ages—they are big—perhaps a fetish instruction from the groom. As one twit wit said through a mouth full of baclava, “With lips like that the hubby will always know where his chattel wife is—stuck like a magnet on the fridge door.” [Read more & Comments]

Turnbull ruefulNT goes Labor: Your coffee tastes bitter this morning Mr Turnbull?

Labor has romped to victory in the Northern Territory election, wiping out the Country Liberal Party government after just one term.

Oh dear! Like terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, Turnbull has nothing to do with Labor’s landslide victory over the Liberals in Northern Territory—does he? Sure, it’s different in NT, things are just different some say. But, they do have TV and newspapers way up there, far away from Malcolm’s patch in Canberra, and premier Baird’s Jackboot politics in his dictatorship of NSW. And what they hear, see and read about Liberals they don’t like. Little backstabbing darlings like Julie Bishop, and the deposed dope, Ewen Jones in Herbert, QLD and more. They are all LIBERALS and they don’t like it. It’s coming after the Wentworth Waffler too! [Read more & Comments]

jackbootNSW: Baird’s rule by Jackboot may get the boot!

Just desserts for the arrogant, self-confessed schmuck.

Was it Napoleon that taught us to beware of little men holding an unhealthy obsession with power?

A run of controversial policy decisions and hospital scandals has seen support for the NSW government crash to leave Labor and the Coalition neck and neck almost 18 months after Premier Mike Baird’s 2015 election victory. An exclusive poll conducted for Fairfax Media shows support for Labor and the Coalition at 50–50 on a two-party preferred basis, using preference flows from the 2015 election. [Read more & Comments]

shortenTurnbull’s future looks grim in many ways

There’s a joke doing the rounds of Liberal MPs at the moment that neatly sums up the challenge facing Malcolm Turnbull, and the mood in his partyroom.

Even before parliament sits this coming week, Liberal MP’s are sneaking about the place, just as they did to backstab Abbott, whispering about their boss. Not a good omen for a stable government from a so far useless bunch of manic brats that have failed to do anything substantive during the past year—except cost us plenty. More of the same perhaps? Meanwhile, the Cheshire Cat Shorten gloats! [Read more & Comments]