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bendigo mosque censorshipCensorship in Bendigo

The Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page was shut down.

No sooner had it happened that the Fairfax Bendigo Advertiser announced it .

Who asked for it to be shut down? How did the Advertiser know? Did it have advance knowledge?

Mike Holt thinks he knows – he wrote this letter to the Advertiser, but they refused to print.

Who shut down the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page? A bunch of left wing islam appeasing Latrobe uni students calling themselves “the antibogan” who include Geoff Brown, Pete Smith, Nathan Wingrave, and Alex Gollum (sic).

Why was the Bendigo Advertiser able to announce the shut down of the Facebook page immediately? Could it be that the Advertiser is also a part of a nasty left wing cabal dedicated to spreading malicious lies? [Read more & Comments]

bird scorcher
Unintended consequences
Jack London

There is a word for birds that fly through a solar power plant’s concentrated rays — “streamers,” for the smoke plume that comes from birds that ignite in midair.

Solar power is unreliable, three or four times the price of coal fired generators, displaces dear little creatures, relies on coal for the base load and death on wildlife – what’s not to like? It’s sustainable and clean. [Read more & Comments]

Investors beware: ATO deems Bitcoins not currency!

[Read more & Comments]

"Bullshit—I'm not guilty you bunch of bastards!"

“Bullshit—I’m not guilty you bunch of bastards!”

Clive Palmer’s day in Court: not as he predicted

Just days ago on national television program Q&A when Clive Palmer was busy giving his Chinese business partners a nasty spray, one of his loud boasts was that his fight with CITIC Pacific over the matter on syphoned money would soon be his victory.

Not mentioned by Clive was that he has many issues between him, and or, other of his holdings and CITIC Pacific. The Federal Court yesterday handed down two rulings adverse to the MP’s repeated inferences of total court room victory against CITIC Pacific, Palmer’s Chinese trading partner. [Read more & Comments]

[Ferguson, USA. On a tip from Angus] Comments

Behold the scavengers of mankind

What punishment befits such human vultures?

[Read more & Comments]

fleaeggsAt your peril Mr Abbott—heed Benjamin Franklin!

qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.

  “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas”


by Chaucer

History’s most successful leaders in most enterprises have one thing in common; they had knack of surrounding themselves with who were experts in the many facets of which that leader was not. Nobody can be the best at everything.

The Abbott government during recent weeks is displaying poor strategy on too many fronts, most of which could have been avoided through better planning. Promised policy back flips, speech delivery gaffs combined with administrative confusion is giving Labor daily opportunity to free kicks. [Read more & Comments]

palmer offenceGet a grip
Jack London

“Despicable slur poses threat to our reputation”

That headline in the Australian just about sums up the view of the unco’ guid, the nervous nellies, the politically correct, the political establishment and the media coalition .

Poor Clive. How simply frightful!
How humiliating! How delightful!

Time to get a grip.

What about the time the departed Kevin Rudd of unlamented memory said that he had been ‘rat-f’d’ by these same Chinese?

Did our ‘reputation’ really get trashed then?

Did Turkish diplomats refuse to attend our functions? Did the Yanks snub us? Did the Princess Kate draw her dainty foot away from contact with those dreadful Australians? [Read more & Comments]