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Morning mailers # 21

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Something we should adopt from the French

Maybe some people think a handshake causes pregnancy?

Outside France the French have a reputation for being rude, even arrogant. Perhaps they are according to our ways, or what used to be our ways until the place was “swamped” as Pauline Hanson once said, but having lived with the French for a long time one learns that it’s just their way. They are nationalistic, pragmatic and passionate about politics. In Australia, what little passion we had for politics has morphed into full-blown hatred for the bastards. This story is something Australia should take on board as policy.

A French appeals court has upheld a ruling denying an Algerian woman citizenship after she refused to shake the hand of a senior official. The woman, who has not been named, said her “religious beliefs” prevented her from shaking the hand of the male official in the citizenship ceremony. [More]

The dump on Trumpathon cruises merrily on

North Koreans in the dark about Trump summit – but officials know ‘he’s crazy’  Says the Guardian.

As they beg—For as little as $1, you can support the Guardian – and it only takes a minute. Thank you.

Donald Trump may well have Trumped is detractors regarding the proposed meeting between him and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un when he sent his emissary Mike Pompeo to have a preliminary chat during Easter. One-on-one Mr Trump I’m sure is charismatic, either he or his wallet is according the number of ladies he appears to have “notched” up. If the Don clinches a deal, any deal, as there has never been one, with Kim Jong Un, it going to be more difficult for the Left to keep slinging mud. Although they will according to mindless habit. I wonder if Donald will take Turnbull along for a bit of support? After all, as Malcolm told Trump, “We are both businessmen.” All the headlines about this story are negative in world press.

As the Trump Administration moves closer to talks with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, fears are mounting from allies and U.S. national security officials on whether President Donald Trump can secure a landmark nuclear deal without giving away too much. [More]

How I turn truth into lies, by Scott Morrison

There is nothing more pathetic, more obvious and sickening than a politician squirming like a squirming snake underfoot when they are caught in the driving lights of truth. Morrisom might try to pull a Peter Beatie, fess up to being an idiot and beg forgiveness. But that deception has had its day, the electorate is onto them. Incompetence, blame and stupidity won’t wash any more as voters turn to minor parties in despair, searching for hope. They are fed up and unwilling to forgive. This article is a chronology of a babbling buffoon that has the key to the nation’s vault. It’s all so damned “honourable!”

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s opinion of a banking royal commission has changed dramatically over the years.
From calling the idea a “populist whinge” to warning “disturbing” behaviour revealed in the inquiry could lead to jail time, here is how his opinion has changed. [More]

Speaking of the devil—Peter Beatie

It was more than comical when Peter Beatie fronted the cameras to defend his shocking administration of the Commonwealth Games. Through his silly, wide grin, “I give myself a zero out of ten,” He coyly said. Did anyone really expect better from the long time scoundrel? A darling from the left he is and always was. Returned to the trough by his Leftie, PC mates to scoop up as much cash as possible and then disappear until the next rort. Sort of like a squirrel industriously gathering nuts to gorge all winter. Beatie does not fool Patrick Smith.

Peter Beattie is a goose. And even with that impudent observation we are in danger of sycophancy. The closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast did him in proper. No athletes dancing and prancing, setting free the strait jacket of months and months of discipline. Just a forum for everyone who thought they were pretty good to say so publicly. HUBRIS writ large. [More]

The royal commission we didn’t have to have!

For the record, MM always called for an RC into banking.

The Sydney Morning Herald asks this question: Does royal commission turncoat Scott Morrison really think the public is so dim?

The answer must be an obvious YES! The Liberal Party and the silly suckers called Nationals, under the amazing faecal touch of Malcolm Turnbull have blundered again with a doozy—the banks, and they are trying to hose it down with pure BS. If there is any politician in this country that would be the best versed person to know about the financial sector it would have to be Malcolm Turnbull—the man who fought tooth and nail against Labor’s proposed royal commission. Turnbull had to know and if he didn’t, then the man is an even bigger fool than we thought and totally unfit to lead this nation. It’s all very well for resignations and sackings within the industry but that saddles us with the real failures—the government. We have grown to expect institutions to shake us down but not the bloody government. The following article destroys any and all credibility motormouth Morrison might have had. It serves him right because he cowed to his boss surrendering all his principles and now he is going under Turnbull’s bus—just like Barnaby Joyce! [More]

Cultural differences

Cultural differences

Tara Smith is an Irish born lecturer in law at the University of Bangor, Wales.

She is not your suburban solicitor handling property sales and wills and compo. No way, not Ms Smith.

Nor a barrister who tells the jury you didn’t do it and, if you did, it was an accident. No way.

She specialises in subjects that make up about 0,00001% of actual court cases, stuff you never hear of – post-conflict and transitional justice, human rights, and international human rights, which is no doubt significantly different to ordinary human rights. Then there is protection of the environment in armed conflict, the prosecution of environment-related crimes under international criminal law, and human rights in the context of climate change.

In other words, she does research and gives opinions on stuff nobody gives a curse about. Just the one you don’t want for your divorce. [More]

Sheit Wins!!

One of the most controversial moments of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games came when Laurel Hubbard, the transgender weightlifter from New Zealand, took to the stage in the women’s +90 kilogram category.
Since Hubbard became eligible to compete in international events at the start of last year, she has polarised views in the weightlifting community and so she/he/it should, even though she/he/it didn’t make a medal.Anyone born a man would have the genes to be stronger than anyone born a woman, so unfair. It’s not just the Comm games being stupid.
If our world survives a few more generations, historians will doubtless look back at our current era and ask, “Was there something in the water? Something in the air? How is it that an entire society went mad at the same time?” [More]

Cap for sale, cheap!

New C of D to ban symbols of “death”

“Who dares wins” has lost!

Excuse me General, I’m confused. Are we still allowed to kill the enemy? Or will they laugh themselves to death at the ADF? No more ‘death from above’ sort of stuff, eh?

Symbols of death such as crossed swords, daggers and rifles may be replaced with crossed knitting needles and Estee Lauder makeup kits. If this is a precursor to the yet to be installed Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Angus Campbell’s ruling style we may assume further erosion of moral. Terrifying the enemy with painted faces and bodies accompanied with loud yells was invented by cave dwellers. Even the Scots used frightening moves against the enemy when they would tear down the mountainside, bagpipes squealing like stuck pigs and at the same moment would raise their kilts exposing their flopping quarter pounders, thus terrifying the enemy who would turn and skelter like hell fearing more than God! War is Neanderthal, but we still do it every day.

Australia’s Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, has issued a directive that prohibits the wearing of ‘death’ symbols. Lieutenant General Campbell said the practice was arrogant, ill-considered and that it eroded the ethos of the Army. [More]

Climate: it’s Barrier Reef Friday

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at work!

What would the week be without a dose of climate change disaster? The climate ‘warmistas’ must run their copy through advertising agencies to arrange special effect for their latest findings and predictions. Now we have DHWs, degree-heating weeks. There is a stream of hot water that in a degree of reality of sorts is ‘cooking’ the reef and its inhabitants.

Well, let’s look on the bright or warm side of things. Tourism will be up as seafood lovers make a beeline for Queensland. Imagine the feast of ready cooked lobster, crabs, mussels and all sorts of fish for the taking. All you would need is a scoop net and some garlic butter. Yummm! [More]