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The MM family wishes Queenslanders a safe day in their trial against Mother Nature
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  Being poor: too much month at the end of your money

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Reports of Wilders death-
greatly exaggerated

If one was to believe the media (har har) the world was saved at the recent Dutch elections from a flood tide of hatred. This joyous news was further augmented by the announcement that ‘populism’ had peaked and traditional politics and internationalism had been rescued.

Wherefore all this juice and all this joy?
Why, Geert Wilders had been put back in his box. The sighs of relief from the likes of Fairfax would have blown out every candle ever lit. It was a close run thing and they were mighty relieved.
Or so they said.

You can only reach this state of euphoria by ignoring the maths. The score line was 27/27 – a draw in voting terms. [Read more & Comments]

ABC’s slapstick comedian Justine Milne

Simon Collins writing in this week’s Spectator, like MM’s report, views the new ABC chairman as an unfunny jokester. Another vaccinated clone to the ABC’s Marxist throng of stunted dolts. While building their ABC on public money they at least pretended a degree of humility but that’s over. Nepotism, failed socialist agendas and supreme arrogance is now de rigueur as they ride their dragon into the battle for survival against the conservatives. The crusading deplorables must be routed. But being dopes like chairman Milne, they overlook their fragility—withdrawal of public funds and a restructure. Their socialist ideology is of no consequence at Centrelink for the terminally unemployable. All that is required is a government to act!  [Read more & Comments]

shorten the boor

Parliament: a mob of boors and bullies with no manners leading the way

Arrogance personified: Shorten asks a question and turns his back for the answer—see pics at bottom!

The disgusting performance yesterday in Question Time establishes with any doubt that those who lead our nation, government or Opposition, are nothing but a gaggle of rude, arrogant and contemptuous boors with not a decent manner among them. Further to the mayhem of hatred across the floor the disgraced Peter Slipper was acknowledged by the Speaker. Peter Slipper – the man who brought a swirl of robes to the parliament before scandal disrobed him – was back, this time to unveil an extravagantly proportioned portrait of himself as the 27th Speaker of the House of Representatives. [Read more & Comments]

Latham gets axed

The PC baseball bat clobbers Mark Latham

Oh yes, for god’s sake don’t be critical of the leftie darlings and other aberrant twits because fools like Sky News boss Angelos Frangopoulos choose to pander to PC doctrine to protect the very stupid. Harmer can dish out her unfunny nastiness with doltish approbation but Latham must be muzzled—he’s a danger to their cause. Frangopoulos mumbles about “civil and respectful manner.” He should tune into Parliament Question Time and see firsthand how our leaders of the nation, the grand examples of propriety for visiting school kids,  are riotously uncivil and shockingly disrespectful. As for manners, pigs have more!

SKY News has sacked host Mark Latham after he questioned the sexuality of a Sydney schoolboy and offended Malcolm Turnbull’s most senior bureaucrat. Sky News boss Angelos Frangopoulos has confirmed Sky terminated the contract of the former Labor leader, co-host of the Sunday show The Outsiders, effective from today. “While we support strong opinions and robust arguments we pride ourselves in doing so in a civil and respectful manner,” Mr Frangopoulos said. [Read more & Comments]

CFMEU scofflaws: $ fine them into bankruptcy

The Federal Court has increased by tenfold a fine imposed on the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union over a blockade at Perth Airport, declaring it “industrial bullying”. The court increased the CFMEU’s total penalties from $23,500 to $242,000 after upholding an appeal brought by the Australian Building and Construction Commissioner. [Read more & Comments]

Turnbull’s Team “sloth” dragged kicking & screaming to sense

Why did this take so long to achieve Mr Turnbull and Mr Joyce—WHY??

It took George Christensen and One Nation to wake up Turnbull’s team of sloths to do the right thing for Queensland sugar cane farmers who were being screws by a foreign company. They still won’t vote for the Coalition. Too little, too late!

The Federal Government has announced a mandatory code of conduct for the sugar industry in a bid to resolve a long-running dispute affecting canegrowers in North Queensland. Queensland sugar mill Wilmar and sugar marketer QSL have been locked in a bitter payment dispute for years. LNP MP George Christensen and One Nation have put pressure on the Government to step in and help resolve the issue, with One Nation senators earlier this week threatening to abstain from voting. [Read more & Comments]

Is George Soros evil?

Soros, the money behind left wing groups in Australia

The man has power driven by money to change the world for the worse. He is successful because of the greedy mongrels who take his money to destroy what is good in society. George Soros is everything that made up Hitler, Pol Pot and Mao, but he does with money that they did by killing. His paid and volunteer army is everywhere. Here in Australia he funds through the Get-Up group. We have seen much money spent to get the “right people” into parliament and use of social media to develop a sympathetic following. Greens and Unions are major supporters. What he does overseas is very much a precursor of what he will do here, watch out for attacks on our  justice system. [Read more & Comments]

Trump: don’t believe his detractors!

Donald Trump is doing what he said he would do.

It is hard to imagine a more concerted agenda than that which dogs US president Trump. The Left are fanatical, their hatred palpable, and a rabid Left media fuels their viciousness with unrelenting regularity. Hatred is the very oxygen to a fractured society, a segment of which refuses to accept the democratic vote. Reading The Washington Post, for example, declares Trump as spent, about to be impeached, the world wants him gone. Well… that is not the case in reality. He is fighting back, tit for tat with the Russian affair.

… More troubling still, was the $500,000 speech Bill Clinton delivered in Moscow that was paid for by “a Russian investment bank that had ties to the Kremlin” at the time of the Uranium One deal, the New Yorker confirmed.

And, in motion as we write: WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Donald Trump will roll out a new executive order on Tuesday that eliminates several Obama-era climate change orders in favor of policies centered on energy independence. [Read more & Comments]

Tony Abbott condemns China extradition treaty

This treaty has been hanging on the Liberal’s coat rack for 10 years. Tin-ear Turnbull now wants to ratify it. Surely that is coincidence considering China’s Premier Li Keqiang’s chummy visit last week? Poor old Malcolm jumps out of bed every morning with another brain-fart, like Snowy 2.0, note ZERO, believing something, just one of them, would launch him above the status of Bill Shorten; the idiot in Parliamentary Question Time who asks the PM a question, sits down and immediately turns his back and begins giggling with his front bench hucksters. And we wonder why our young have no respect for anything? Anyway, looking at a Party revolt Turnbull dumped the treaty idea. But Tony Abbott was there to niggle, sparring in his corner.

Former prime minister Tony ­Abbott has made a devastating intervention to oppose the Turnbull government’s effort to ratify the decade-old extradition treaty with China. “I’d be very, very cautious about ratifying this treaty at this time,” he told The Australian. “In my judgment, China’s legal system has to evolve further before the Australian government and people could be confident that those before it would receive justice according to law.” [Read more & Comments]