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windGone with the Wind: a “golden years” great!


by Oscar de Matinée

This year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of one of the greatest movies ever made – Gone with the Wind – and next year will be the 75th anniversary of the 1940 Academy Awards which saw this blockbuster score a then record of 10 Oscars from 13 nominations.

Made for a then staggeringly high budget of $3.85 million, the movie has over the years grossed almost $400 million in actual dollars which, when adjusted for inflation, translates into somewhere near $5 billion. It is the most popular movie ever made and has had more come-backs than Dame Nellie Melba and John Farnham combined.

It was only in 1966, that The Sound of Music finally outstripped the actual dollar earnings of Gone with the Wind. [Read more & Comments]

Gay rights activist Rodney Croome named Tasmania’s Australian of the Year

Anita Brickfield of 16 Smart Street Hobart has been given the coveted “keys to the City” for the correct placing of her empty Gin bottles in the appropriate “yellow” bin rather than the “Red” bin. Ms Brickfield said she was humbled by such a high community acknowledgement, although, “it did come as a surprise because I didn’t know I was colourblind.”

UPDATE: Hobart’s Mayor Walter Mildew has advised that Ms Brickfield will not be receiving the prestigious award as she was mowed down by a hoon stoned on pot as she crossed the road against a red light. Funeral arrangements to be advised.

[Read more & Comments]

gay weddings

Target for today?

Aggro Gays?
Jack London

Hostility, no, but something in a way approaching fed-up-ness is happening with public perception of the gay community, with none of the hostility attached to Muslims, but a change in perception nevertheless.

What could be called the Militant Gays, or the Provisional wing of the LGBT’s, are the ones affecting this public perception.

And not all gays are happy with the militancy which threatens to push back the achievements so far in public acceptance. [Read more & Comments]

extra2Israel/Palestine: pressure in the cooker?

“The area around Al-Aqsa, also known as Temple Mount, was closed to all as a security precaution, an act Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas denounced as “Israeli aggression” and was “tantamount to a declaration of war”.”

[Read more & Comments]

AVM Mark Binskin: A soldier's man or government puppet?

AVM Mark Binskin: A soldier’s man or government puppet?

Age of entitlement ends – except for politicians


by Montgomery
The government is quick to tell us that the age of entitlement is over. Recently, the chief of the defence forces, AVM Mark Binskin said loud and clear that the wages and leave entitlements of our serving service men and women was not an entitlement. What he was really saying was that, ‘I agree with the government in giving you a reduction in pay and leave entitlements because it doesn’t affect me and there is nothing you can do about it.

Of course such a pay cut doesn’t apply to those over a certain income and so the senior officers like Binskin are not affected. Now, who would have thought? [Read more & Comments]

National calamity: Fairfax front page news!

The rarified air soaking the mutton heads of Fairfax’s editors suggests it causes a psychotic abandonment of journalistic judgement. That a Coalition MP is discovered taking a coffee into parliament makes front page news says it all. It’s amazing how hatred of the Abbott government can addle the brain so radically regarding substance. Helping to destroy the publication so effectively from within! [Read more & Comments]

midlifeI forgot to have a mid-life crisis


by B J O’Reilly

A chum of mine who is still on the sunny side of 50 – a bit of a lad really – is so bloody politically correct that he wants to know what is the right age to have a mid-life crisis.

The thought that he might have missed it, the fear that he is already over the hill mid-life-crisis wise is consuming him and, frankly, driving everybody he knows mad. He spends a good part of his day surfing the net trying to get answers which, in my considered view, is a symptom of having a mid-life crisis in itself.

As yet, he hasn’t bought a ludicrously expensive sports car or abandoned his good lady wife for a chit of a girl young enough to be his daughter or become obsessed with thinning and greying hair and an ever-widening paunch and he worries about that. Yes, he is depressed about the fact that he may have missed the depression he thinks automatically comes with a mid-life crisis. [Read more & Comments]

fairfaxFairfax reporting: mischief, interference or muddling?

Yesterday afternoon Senator Jacqui Lambie delivered in Parliament a complaint about Fairfax’s article “Parents face jail and $34,000 fines under Jacqui Lambie’s burqa ban proposal” 28/10/2014 and on 29/10/2014, “A burqa ban would have negative security implications, says ASIO report.”

Innocuous to many that may seem until both articles are read observing the times of publication and the date of the ASIO report “obtained by Fairfax Media” dated February 8, 2011. The outdated ASIO report was published a day after Senator Lambie made public her proposal to ban full-face coverings in public in Australia.

Regardless of your view of Jacqui Lambie as a person or a “shoot from the lip” senator her Senate delivery posed several questions that need clarification from both ASIO and Fairfax as Lambie contends that the ASIO document might be a fraud and why did Fairfax publish an out of date, given more recent Islamic activities, report that the senator suggests was done to damage the passage of her proposed bill. [Read more & Comments]