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Morning mailers #14

Conservatives must be wondering?

Was Cory Bernardi forceful enough when speaking to the SSM Bill in his Senate address on Wednesday?

Your Off Topic Forum. [More]

By-election: Fun and games in Bennelong

Rolling the dice in Bennelong.

Newly resigned member for Bennelong, John Alexander, is clear to re-contest his old seat. Ready also is the deposed premier of NSW, Kristina Keneally who was brutally savaged at the polls, and Cory Bernardi who says the Australian Conservatives will field a candidate. Bennelong has a large Asian population and may not go for a Turnbull man given the PM’s shocking performance as a leader. A test for Turnbull?

Cory Bernardi reveals Australian Conservatives will field candidate in Bennelong by-election
beral backbencher John Alexander will have to fight for his political future on two fronts, after Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi announced he would run a candidate in the Bennelong by-election. [More]

          AMA interferes in political matters

If the AMA is so deeply concerned about the welfare of the Manus Island criminal refugees they might start with cleaning up their own backyard first. It’s affectionately used called “Medical Misadventure” and stats could be found on the ABS under that. Not so anymore. Such stats might be there, somewhere buried, as doctors do with more than 5,000 medical misadventures each year as reported a decade ago. The Manus miscreants are deliberately inflicting harm upon themselves. All they have to do is obey the law and move to brand new accommodations and gourmet cuisine.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for the Federal Government to allow independent doctors and other health experts to help more than 400 asylum seekers languishing inside the recently-closed detention centre on Manus Island. [More]

SSM: Gerard Henderson credits Tony Abbott

Doesn’t it make you want to throw up watching or listening to Malcom Turnbull patting himself on his back as seemingly the sole reason SSM is being wildly celebrated today? Gerard Henderson knows full well it is Tony Abbott who should be thanked.

There are only two nations where the introduction of same-sex marriage was widely celebrated as an affirmation of equality by the LGBTI community, namely Ireland and Australia. There was much less public excitement when same-sex marriage was legalised by a parliament (Britain) or legitimised by a court (US).
It may be unfashionable to say so but the person primarily ­responsible for the celebrations on Wednesday was Tony Abbott. Sure, ­Abbott was opposed to same-sex marriage when he was prime minister and played a leading role in the recent No campaign.

Wait for it, wait for it!

It is well known that the Australian military values politically correct notions over combat readiness. When our retired leaders prance around in women’s high heels you can guess what they were up to when they had direct command.
Now that shirtlifting has been accepted as normal, indeed even superior to normal, we can expect a slew of dismissals in our armed forces as servicemen and women are told to show more enthusiasm for sexual perversions, and refuse to do so.
Think not?

Our military has devoted itself to tolerance, diversity, and inclusion; therefore, there is no place in our armed forces  for normal Australians with traditional views. [More]

‘Livid’ Parents and sex ‘education.’

SHine SA sex education course is to be introduced to high schools throughout South Australia.
Basically the course teaches that sex is fun and is OK to do with whomever you like as long as you do it safely; it makes no reference to monogamy, abstinence or waiting for the right partner; is based on harm minimisation rather than harm prevention, is sympathetic to homosexuality; is explicit and has the usual extreme, poorly researched and incorrect attacks on Christianity.
After protests from parents, the section that encouraged boys to lick and masturbate each other was removed.The rest stays.
Australia is not alone in having parents concerned with school sex education, in the US there is a strong backlash at the teaching being too explicit for young minds. [More]

Join the North Korean army today: free medical, good food, learn how to survive

Fat Kim il-drongo appears to be cutting corners to pay for his rocket scheme. ICBMs that Fat Kim likes to launch can cost anywhere from abour $40 to $100 million a pop, and some of the do go pop immediately after launch. Maybe that’s why the soldier in this article was in such poor medical condition when he defected to South Korea.

Dozens of parasites, some as long as 27 centimetres, have been found in the ruptured intestines of a North Korean soldier who fled to the south, surgeons say.The defector was severely wounded by gunfire while escaping to South Korea and has had two surgeries, hospital officials say, but it was too early to tell whether he would make a recovery. [More]

Victoria elects a Green: some people don’t learn

It must be something in the water that causes mental confusion. Or, perhaps that the 22% that failed to vote had more sense than the majority. Victorians dumped Labor, a wise move, to install a Green—from the frying pan into the fire. They must not have known that the premier of their state is a Labor union stooge. Now the lights are really going to go out! And gang crime—what’s that?

The Greens have won their third Victorian lower house seat, defeating Labor in Northcote, a seat the ALP has held for almost a century. It is the first time Labor has lost a Victorian by-election since 1948.  Only 78 per cent of people voted in the by-election at the close of polls, the electoral commission said. [More]

SSM: the sting is in both tale and tail

Caroline Overington raises one of many cogent points that will soon be proffered about SSM as the euphoria, if not mania, settles down. The long term ramifications never for one moment pondered by, as it seems, the “overwhelming” number of Australians that voted Yes will begin to bite into many unintended arses, and we shall call that collateral damage. Given successive governments’ propensity to flood the land, cities in particular, with foreigners in the true sense of the word, the demographics are changing and rapidly. This article explains how many politicians will face retirement not at a time of their choosing.

Never mind that NSW has Australia’s most flamboyant ­capital, Sydney, with its rainbow-striped pedestrian crossings; never mind that it regards itself as ­fabulously tolerant and diverse; ­discount even the fact Sydney has the world famous, four-decade-old Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras — ­because the truth is NSW had the lowest Yes vote in the nation, and what dragged its vote down? [More]

Janet Albrechtsen’s encapsulation of Turnbull

This article by Ms Abrechtsen is virtually self-commenting and therefore requires none from this editor.

Janet Albrechtsen writes:

Monday, November 6: Swerve to the left, mid-morning interview with Greens leader Richard Di Natale. Media adviser sounds surprised. Explain it’s to pay credit over his boss’s early and spot-on stance on citizenship. It’s a sign of brazen collusion between the two major parties when the Greens are the only ones taking the Constitution seriously. [More]

SSM: Hail the Conquering Hero!

“The party in Canberra’s Lonsdale street on Wednesday night was like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Oh dear! The ABC doesn’t keep all its trash in a bin, some of it remains at a desk manipulating truth with a keyboard, still being paid for pathetic scribbling with your money. David Lipson, clearly a Turnbull brown-noser, places his idol as the driving force behind the SSM Yes victory. Lipson gets a lot wrong is his work but in this case maybe Turnbull did more than we know about pushing the issue? Time might tell. But, on the other hand maybe Lipson is still writing crap?

MM recently posed the ABC’s story about three Liberals crossing the floor to vote for a royal commission into the banking industry, contrary to Turnbull’s policy. The three named have since refuted the ABC’s assertions. News Corp put the story right but the ABC never did. Warren Entsch, George Christensen, the member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis all refuted the ABC scribbler David Lipson’s story invention. [More]