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8 Ways Trump’s Already Made America Great Again

Here at MM we all wish Donald well for his Inauguration and know he will succeed in his ambitions for the US. He has all ready started. Even before the United States President-elect Donald Trump  officially takes the oath of office on Friday, Jan. 20 at Noon Washington time he has had a massive impact on America and the world.

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Mike Baird has gone

GOOD NEWS: arrogant NSW premier Mike Baird has gone!

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Di Natale: the Greens gelded leader

Incitement to ignore public order?

Message to the obviously neutered Federal Greens leader Richard Di Natale and his coterie of societal pests and mental deficients—PISS OFF to another country, Siberia, perhaps! Financial help can be arranged.

Federal Greens leader Richard Di Natale has refused to ­condemn a campaign by anarchist Greens who have declared war on Australia Day. The Daily Telegraph has reported that Left Renewal, a radical splinter group which sprang out of the NSW Greens and ­includes party members­, candidates and polit­ical staffers, is trying to orchestrate a week-long “resistance” against the national day. [Read more & Comments]

From under his ancient rock the Grand Mufti crawls

The Australia Government should not follow other western nations in banning radical Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir claiming the group is ‘actually pro freedom of speech’. (Ibrahim Abu Mohammed)

Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Grand Mufti of Australia likes to be called “Doctor.” He is, a doctor of uselessness to all but the followers of Islam craving the requisite brainwashing. This kaffir-disliking Mufti has form that the 97 plus percentage of all Australians will find objectionable and disruptive to their social harmony. They would likely agree that the doctor is far better suited to the rubble-reduced towns in ISIL held Middle East.

In November 2015 News Corp published some of the good doctor’s accomplishments of interest that should be of major importance to our law makers when considering his thrust to install  blasphemy laws in Australia. [Read more & Comments]

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