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Morning Mailers # 29

MM’s forum for proud Delcons and Deplorables


Abbott makes excuses for Turnbull’s hatred

The white ant family doing what they do best.

It appears that Tony Abbott is ‘turning the other cheek’ over the Turnbull tribe’s position to get behind, in one way or another, or ‘follow’ the Instagram plot to ‘Vote Tony Out’.

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has offered his old political rival Malcolm Turnbull the benefit of the doubt over a controversial Instagram follow that plunged the Liberal Party into turmoil this week. Speaking with 2GB’s Ben Fordham on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Abbott suggested Mr Turnbull – along with his wife Lucy and son Alex – may have followed the ‘Vote Tony Out’ Instagram account for reasons other than supporting the campaign to vote him out of the seat of Warringah, which Mr Abbott has held since 1994. [More]

All about “Advance Australia”

There was some confusion on MM about the new Advance Australia lobby group. Its web site said it was not a political party, but the word “machine” in the Australian might have confused many: An alliance of well-known Australians has launched a centre-right political machine in a bid to rival union-backed activist group GetUp and vowed to campaign as a registered third-party organisation against the Left ahead of next year’s election.

The ABC explains—after talking with GetUp!:

Australia has a new conservative lobby group that wants to knock on your door, get in your ear and ultimately swing your vote. Advance Australia’s named with a nod to our anthem and the hope it can rival the powerful left-wing lobby Get Up! [More]

US law and female genital mutilation

When the law is a complete Ass!

The World Health Organisation estimates more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM.”

A federal judge in Detroit has declared a law banning female genital mutilation unconstitutional and dismissed charges against two doctors, in the first US criminal case of its kind.

District Judge Bernard Friedman said US Congress lacked authority under the Commerce Clause to adopt the 1996 law, and that the power to outlaw female genital mutilation (FGM), belonged to individual states. [More]

Albrechtsen on Trump

A Trump supporter in academia?

As Ms Albrechtsen says in her article in The Australian, “Trump-loathing is a default setting,” particularly so in the great halls of learning institutions around the world that have taken the path to be incubators of modernised PC and failed Marxism. Therefore, one must wonder how Salvatore Babones finds the temperature in corridors of the University of Sydney?

A US academic published a little red book this month. Yawn. It’s about Donald Trump, populism and the threat of the new authoritarianism to our liberal democratic order. Cue eye roll. [More]

Elon Musk: a curiosity of our times

There seems to be no definitive answer to the most often asked question about Elon Musk—is he for real? What is for real, however, is the sheer grandeur and magnitude of his schemes that one day will establish him as genius or one of the slickest conmen that conned the highest order. Perhaps to keep the pot boiling he has renames his spaceship, the one that will shuttle eager adventurers, for a goodly dollar, around the moon or some such. A small matter is that the spaceship has not been built, as yet. Anyway, Bloomberg’s article brings more questions about the wunderkind’s empire that might be striking back—at him?

In a recent article, Bloomberg questions whether Tesla CEO Elon Musk has forgotten about the company’s “Gigafactory 2” based in Buffalo, New York. After describing the factory — built with $750 million of taxpayer funds — as looking like an “empty Walmart Supercenter,” the report reveals that Tesla walled off areas of the plant to hide the full extent of its idled production lines. [More]

Anti-White Racism: The Hate That Dares Not Speak Its Name!

Kristina Wong is a comedienne. A third generation Chinese American.

Smart enough to graduate from UCLA in English and smart-arse enough to be second on Black Enterprise’s list of “10 Best Trump Twitter Trolls.

A feminist who evolved her feminism – a typical stunt designed to show reluctance to join the ranks but so over-powered by the sheer intellectual weight of the argument that she had to agree in the end. It is along the same lines as those who say they never believed in astrology but … It’s bullshit used to convince you.

Anyway, she now claims that her goal is to singlehandedly dismantle oppression and patriarchy with badass humor whereby I’d liberate all women, people of color and queers FOREVER Whites, and particularly white males, don’t need liberating. White poofs do, though, perhaps. [More]

Big bang India

To deter China, India joins the ‘nuclear Triad’ club

India possesses both nuclear weapons and extensive nuclear fuel cycle capabilities. The country tested its first nuclear device in May 1974, and remains outside both the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). However, India has a facility-specific safeguards agreement in place with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and a waiver from the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) allowing it to participate in global civilian nuclear technology commerce. India has a sizable and growing nuclear arsenal, primarily because of decades of conflict with neighboring Pakistan, which also possesses nuclear weapons. Austin Bay explains. [More]

A miracle from within the Coalition

Simon Benson in The Australian breaks the news that PM Morrison will at last abort the UN’s Global Compact for ­Migration, an instrument that should never have been countenanced in the first place. Could it be that Coalition’s supply of Turnbull Kool-Aid has run dry? Is sane thinking returning to the Liberal Party? Is the Liberal Party returning to the Liberal Party? Maybe one of the many government advisors went to a backyard barbecue and learnt what voters are really thinking and not what the pollsters think? Now, the next move might be the Paris Accord—another barbecue could do it—now that the waffler has gone!

Australia will refuse to sign up to the UN’s migration pact, which has already been rejected by the US and several European countries, on the grounds it would weaken border security and undermine the annual immigration program. Scott Morrison will today ­announce the decision to snub the UN’s Global Compact for ­Migration. The Prime Minister said the compact, which seeks countries to sign up to a global set of prin­ciples for safe, orderly and regular migration, was a hollow document that was contrary to the ­national interest and would be used against Australia by critics of its border policies. “I’m not going to sign up to an agreement that I believe will only be used by those who have always tried to tear our stronger border policies down,” Mr Morrison said. [More]

Turnbull: The fickle fingered faecal touch strikes again!

UPDATE: Radio 2GB has announced a vote has been taken, 16 -2 favour expelling Malcolm Turnbull from the Liberal Party. It will be put to the federal party.

Conserve of psychotic hatred seems to be spread thickly on the breakfast crumpets at the Point Piper mansion, washed down with a schooner of hydrochloric acid? The Turnbull mob must have nothing to do these days but exact revenge. They are now involved in a movement to unseat, you guessed it, Tony Abbott! If I had even a fraction of Turnbull’s money I would not be poisoning my system with such hatred—maybe retribution is the only joy he can get? In lesser mortals such inner bile often triggers serious illnesses—like cancer.

In a move that’s likely to cause further consternation among his former colleagues, ex-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – along with his wife Lucy and son Alex – appears to have got behind a grassroots campaign to oust his old political rival Tony Abbott from the seat of Warringah, which Mr Abbott has held since 1994. A new Instagram account titled ‘Vote Tony Out’, which posted its first picture on Monday afternoon, counts the three Turnbulls among its early followers. Malcolm Turnbull follows the account, along with wife Lucy and son Alex. [More]

Chalk up a rare win for Australia

Australia’s interests came first—who said something like that?

China again! They are as conspicuous as as dog poop on a Paris boulevard after the winter snow has melted—anyone who has lived in Paris knows what I mean.  And, because of media attention from blogs like MM and others, and the little Labor weasel Sam Dastyari, China’s expansionism is now firmly under the spotlight globally and they don’t like it one bit. The government, however, has maned up and blocked yet another run by Beijing on our gas networks. I suppose we have to be grateful that suddenly, government has Australia’s best interests at heart. Funny that! Thanking the government for doing what they have neglected for years—what next?

A $13 billion bid by a Chinese and Hong-Kong-based consortium for the bulk of Australia’s gas networks has been formally blocked by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. In June, CK Group launched the takeover bid for APA Group, which owns 15,000 kilometres of pipelines, or about 56 per cent of Australia’s gas pipeline transmission system, including 74 per cent of New South Wales and Victorian pipelines. Significant national security concerns about the sale were raised, and Mr Frydenberg foreshadowed earlier this month he would block the deal because it was not in the “national interest”. [More]