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Morningmailers #8

Tell our youth the brain is an app, they might start using it.

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Migrant riffraff making fools of us

The faceless unelected turkeys overruling elected ministers. Nick Cater writes in today’s Australian:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has received a stern ticking off from the Law Council of Australia for undermining public confidence in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Yet the tribunal has been busily undermining itself with a series of soft-headed judgments that defy common sense.

Consider the case of the Iranian who arrived by boat in 2011 and was given a protection visa on the grounds he faced execution at home. When he returned safe and sound to Australia after his third trip back to Iran, Dutton decided the jig was up and ordered his deportation. Yet the tribunal stayed the minister’s hand. [Read more & Comments]

Navy: broken ships might be ready in October

A confusion between a calendar, tide charts and Wardroom menu, perhaps?

Oh dear! Conflicting statements from confused people. To wit:

The Chief of Navy says he expects Australia’s two largest and most expensive warships will be back in service by October this year.

And then:  “The expectation [is] that both ships will be able to be back in service by the end of the fourth quarter of this year.” Said Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Tim Barrett. Most people would think that October is at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year, December is the end of that quarter—is it not? [Read more & Comments]

The getting of Pauline Hanson

The best way to get rid of rats is to poison them

A new secret recording has emerged of Pauline Hanson, with the One Nation leader appearing worried the alleged donation of a light aircraft would be revealed, months before it became a public controversy. The recording is of a phone conversation between the party’s former treasurer Ian Nelson and Senator Hanson on November 20 last year. It is the second covert recording to emerge from within One Nation in the last fortnight.

There is obviously a nasty rat in the One Nation camp. Revelations of covert recordings. The law has a stand on that sort of thing but it is rather complicated as various states and territories have different rules—it seems. Hear recording at bottom! [Read more & Comments]

ABC: true to is word about a full week of Aboriginal propaganda

Noel Pearson’s Tent Embassy in stone—a headstone?

The Aboriginal industry leaders are now fighting their war on two fronts, constitutional recognition and now perhaps dozens of treaties. As usual, in keeping with the traditional Middle East policy in which a room full of official delegates, stakeholders and a bevy of opportunists all fail to agree on a single matter. Such crusades are always a conundrum to the mass being swept along in a stampede of utter confusion which in the end leaves noble precepts like bull dust blowing across the sunburned plains. But it feels good for a while—or something like that.

A constitutionally enshrined Indigenous representative body in Parliament would be the Tent Embassy made sandstone, Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson says. Mr Pearson was one-fifth of an entirely Indigenous panel on Q&A on Monday night, the week after a delegation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders from across the country working with the Referendum Council released the Uluru Statement from the Heart. [Read more & Comments]

Ready for another shafting?

Taxpayers cop $440 million slug over three years—with much more to come!

If things were normal about government administration this story of bewildering waste of our money, which has been dragging on for years, would be  an outrage. It is not supposed to be normal! It is, however, just another day bringing yet another case of maladministration and indifference to rorts and waste. It is so common that such wild events have become a social conditioning, an expected and accepted  sideshow of government industry. Most don’t even make the news anymore. A convenience for politicians that are powerless to stop it.

Taxpayers cop $440 million slug over three years—and much more!  One of Australia’s largest vocational education providers, Careers Australia, A Labor initiative, has been placed into voluntary administration with up to 1,000 staff members stood down immediately without pay. Classes have also been cancelled for 15,000 students at 13 campuses across the country. [Read more & Comments]

False Prophets

It was said of the great Samuel Johnson, “There is no arguing with Johnson; for, if his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt-end of it.”
It is exactly the same with Climate Prophets. No matter what the evidence on any one issue reveals, they will argue that another issue confirms the world is doomed. Unless…

Tim Flannery comes to mind.

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Slavery, Surprised?

Slavery is also a western problem

It was a surprise to many when Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Australia’s third richest person and passionate philanthropist donated through the Minderoo Foundation that he co-founded with his wife Nicola in 2001 initiatives aimed at ending modern slavery. To be a slave is to be owned by another person. A slave is a human being classed as property and who is forced to work for nothing. An enslaved person is a human being who is made to be a slave. A chattel slave is an enslaved person who is owned for ever and whose children and children’s children are automatically enslaved. Chattel slaves are individuals treated as complete property, to be bought and sold. [Read more & Comments]

Will government now restore its theft from aged pensioners?

Social Services Minister Christian Porter said that when the ­Coalition took office in 2013 the welfare system was costing more than 100 per cent of all personal income tax raised. A 30-year decline in the share of the population paying more in tax than they receive in benefits has been reversed as the government tightens control on welfare and the low paid miss out on tax cuts.

So much pain for so little gain waged against aged pensioners’ assets puts this foolish government in an even worse situation regarding competence, or more so, its lack thereof. Forcing pensioners to dip into their meagre savings, money they earned and paid tax on, and paid for their pension, now appears completely unwarranted. A pensioner with $500,000 cash in term deposit @2.6% returns $13,000 pa, or $250 per week. They are not so rich after all, are they Mr Porter? Even dole bludgers get more! The Coalition trails Labor 47-53 per cent in two-party terms after weeks of campaigning for its economic plan. Turnbull’s 27th bad poll! The baseball bats await. [Read more & Comments]

Canada: gun licence rules for Muslims

The Australian bureaucracy does not own all the idiots on earth—some live in Canada!
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