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Come on Aussies, dig in, I need the dough!

Come on Aussies, dig in, I knead the dough!

Woolworths’ customers “ripe” for the picking!

The power of Woolworths’ market share (approx. 43%) has for some time been savage on many of their suppliers who must march to the supermarket giant’s tune or else.

This air of arrogant confidence might be short lived as two other food giants from Europe are eyeing the Australian supermarket business confident that there is plenty of room to reduce prices.

Using celebrities like Jaimie Oliver to market “add on value” of a packaged chicken breast, for example, can nearly double the per kilogram price of a fresh breast.

Clever marketing telling consumers that they should not waste their valuable time hovering over a stove comes at a cost. People might have to learn how to cook again and save money, reduce an encyclopaedia of chemical preservatives and manufactured flavours, and maybe escape the increase in allergies being found among the population. [Read more & Comments]

email-cartoonYou’ve got mail. Try not to read it.
Karl D. Stephan

The other day our wireless hub here at home went out, and it took a day or two before we could get a new one going.

In the interim, my wife, who was initially distressed at her lack of connectivity, remarked that actually it was a refreshing thing to go without email or looking at the Internet for a couple of days.

Without meaning to, we accidentally endured what you might call a period of fasting from email and the Internet. And we found that it wasn’t all that bad. [Read more & Comments]

islam politicsEurope in June 2014
Soeren Kern

How did the last June play out in Europe for Islam? Is it possible that it shows once again that Islam is not just a religion – it is a political movement? And is it possible that the mosques do a lot more than urge people to be kind to each other?

Suppose that the Greens were a religion (not hard) and wanted governments to have Greens only toilets, and swimming pools? Would the government be prepared to pay from Australian’s taxes money to support Green Chapels and their preachers? [Read more & Comments]

ANUAustralian universities not so smart

Australian National University vice-chancellor Ian Young should go to the top of the class for his astounding delivery of the truth about our university standards. Also surprising is that the ABC published the vice-chancellor’s comments spoken at the National Press Club, a matter which no doubt nettled more than one ABC Marxist editors.

What vice-chancellor Young did not canvass was the probable cause of declining standards—one-eyed, leftist professors, etc. Socialist doctrine, the very same nonsense that has failed wherever practiced is a dead duck and can never work in a society in which its people strive for improvement through ingenuity. One size fits all does not fit all and never will. [Read more & Comments]

Green laws push farmer over the edge

Green laws push farmer over the edge

NSW Native Vegetation act kills


by Chaucer

Bubbling beneath the surface like a festering sore for some time has been the draconian laws imposed upon rural landowners in NSW. The clearing of vegetation became governed by the rules set out by the greens and passed into law by the past Labor government.

Farmers lost control of their properties as restrictive laws hatched by environmentalists made farming with all its hardships of droughts, floods and wildfires even more difficult.

Properties came under satellite surveillance whereby a tree or section of land cleared without permission from a manufactured bureaucracy attracts fines of a bankrupting amount.

It was only a matter of time and that time was yesterday north of Moree. [Read more & Comments]

russia birth rateRussian decline
Jack London

In the millennial year of 2001 it looked very much as though Russia would go the way of the dodo. Not because of climate change (how did they miss that one?) but because Russian families only had 1.2 births per woman – not enough to keep the population steady.

Last year it rose to 1.7 – but that is still way under what is needed as a minimum of 2 per woman, or better 2.1 per woman, is needed.

For twenty straight years, 1992 to 2012, deaths exceeded births by far. Only now are the figures roughly 50/50 but the population will continue to fall. [Read more & Comments]

Branwell Bronte

Precrastination hits everybody. Writers and music composers in particular. It happens.

But it is a way of life for politicians and bureaucrats.

The writer (any kind) gets his computer fired up, puts his notes beside it, makes a cup of coffee, opens the window, gets a note-pad and pencil, sharpens the pencil. In fact he spends so much time preparing to write that he does not write.

Precrastination has long existed. Composers were accused of ‘sharpening the quill’ rather than actually compose, it just wasn’t called precrastination, just quill-sharpening. It could take hours to get the right point. [Read more & Comments]

Labor: rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic

With their party in tatters, this Labor love-in indicates what is important—a congregation of the politically failed.  [Read more & Comments]