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Paris climate week has strife

At Climate Week Paris, French insurer announces biggest fossil fuel divestment push to date, encouraging others to follow.

Attracting little interest at large is the Paris climate gab-fest. One star performer, a climate authority as presented by the BBC kicked off the fest by telling the assembly that doom is upon us all and the sea level will rise by two metres. He gave no timeframe! [Read more & Comments]

The birth of a bee

Honey on crumpets? The birth of a bee in 60 seconds. Watch..
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reportcard2A damning report for Muslim leaders

Riven by power struggles, questionable accounting practices and allegations it is pushing a hard line in its schools, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils has never in its 50 years been so needed in the Muslim community nor so incapable of delivering what is required.

And so goes the story about Australia’s Muslim society. This will come as no surprise to many having  witnessed that community’s willingness to wave off any condemnation of Islamic behaviour raging around the world today where Islam is involved in nearly all armed wars delivering the most vile atrocities ever seen by mankind. [Read more & Comments]

meter bullshit1Fairfax boosts Greens – dumps on Abbott. Again.

The Fairfax glowing report of renewable energy in Germany is meretricious nonsense at complete odds to reality.

It appears to have been pushed out in what is becoming a very bad week for the Labor leadership.

The article by Peter Hartcher has all the appearance of a puff-piece by a mouthpiece for the Greens. A cursory search on the net quickly reveals a litany of reports contrary to the Fairfax story. Three only excerpts are chosen at random, all are specific to Germany. Links to full story are provided.
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I don’t give a damn for their religious beliefs


Damon Runyon

How does it come that a bakery broke discrimination laws by refusing to ice a cake with the image and slogan shown here?

While the ‘gay cake’ case in Belfast has the useful function of identifying the partisan and idiot character of the Equality Commission, which sued the bakery on behalf of homosexual rights activist Gareth Lee, an offended customer;…

… and has the useful function of exposing what dolts are able to find their way onto a court bench; …

… that’s where it ends.

The cake was available to be consumed by any customer of the bakery, regardless of race, religion, political opinion, or sexual orientation, he could even be an East’s or Manly supporter. “Gay Gareth” Lee, the offendee, could have purchased every cake, bun, and loaf of bread in the shop – no problem. [Read more & Comments]

big mistakeAnybody can make a mistake

Mr. Fannin pulled into a supermarket in Atlanta and put the car in park; that action caused the car doors to automatically unlock.

At that point another man (Horn) jumped into Fannin’s car and said, “You know what this is?”

Well, Fannin wasn’t sure, but he had an idea that it was nothing good, so he pulled a gun and ordered Horn out.

The carjacker said basically OK he was leaving.

Fannin responded angrily, “No, there’s no leaving, leaving was before you hopped into my car … at this point there is no leaving.’” [Read more & Comments]

spinning-topAbbott: Labor must show policy cost

If Labor leader Shorten does produce his policy costs everyone knows exactly what the contents will be—fanciful data, spin and BS!

The Federal Government has called for the full release of independent modelling used by the Labor Party to bolster its argument that the budget will hit low-income families the hardest. [Read more & Comments]

squarepegThe passage of M. Turnbull


by Chaucer

A square peg in a round hole

Perhaps Malcolm Turnbull’s generous self-appraisal sets him distant, if not at odds with his Party colleagues? Maybe he views them as less sharp and less accomplished in commerce by comparison? Undeniable, however, is his unrelenting quest for success—in the style of Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm’s form has a repeating factor—what he wants and who he wants to be is variable. The goal posts are movable. Hardly the cohesiveness and consistency suited for political policy and the Me, before Us presents as a constant in the man’s character—a character that many would consider flawed.

Where would Malcolm be today had Kerry Packer not leapfrogged his legal career into the various boardrooms of mercantile moguls? Turnbull showed his appreciation by dumping on Packer over a business deal in 1991. Acrimony between the two was palpable. His detractors will remember it well. [Read more & Comments]