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MorningMailers 11

Where are you?

Reader Wallace made a good point that many of us have wondered about—where are our readers and commenters located? Those who wish to participate could simply comment here using your “handle” and approximate location. State, region, city or town. For example. Wallace – Shoalhaven, South Coast NSW.

Your off topic forum [More]

Alan Joyce should keep the bedroom out of the boardroom

Justin Campbell writing in the August 18 edition of the Spectator raised the question of corporations meddling in social policies that are political matters. The case in point being that the homosexual crusader and CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, is using the corporation’s commercial significance to champion his personal sexual bent.

Writer Campbell reasonably questions the position of a corporate CEO espousing  sexual proclivities under the pretext of a “safer working place” and other red herrings that would crumble under reasonable scrutiny. [More]

The old buggers’ votes count

Nick Cater asks us to:

“Cast your mind back to 1989 and the golden age of political incorrectness when a prime minister could call a pensioner a silly old bugger without being lectured by finger-waggers.

Nick says the demographics suggest that the “old buggers” could be a powerful voting block at the next election. MM suggests the unknown is whether the oldies who have seen better governments in their lifetime are fed up enough to consign the current major parties to an oblivion they so richly deserve? [More]

Political perfidy prevails in parliament

“I swear to uphold my right to the trough of plenty above all else.”

While it is yet another blow to the practitioners of the “noble profession” it comes as no surprise to many that the “noble” ones have soiled themselves in their own nests on a regular basis. None more so than in the dual citizenship intrigue. Some of us mere plebes of Heinz 57 varieties may also hold rights in as many countries—and to pensions? “Dear Queen of Denmark, it has come to my attention that I could be…..

To be on Australia’s ‘honour roll’ of federal parliamentarians is to be consigned to historical obscurity. Forsaken at Part Six, page 424, of the illuminating but seldom read Parliamentary Handbook, are the names of each and every member and senator who has graced — or even disgraced — the leather benches of the nation’s Parliament since 1901. To date, there have been 1766 of them. Or have there?

The Federal Government has raised questions over the citizenship status of a number of Labor MPs, including Susan Lamb, Justine Keay, Maria Vamvakinou and Tony Zappia. [More]

LGBTIQ: they wanted to “bring it on!”

Same-sex marriage advocates say a confronting poster in Melbourne shows how hurtful and “mean spirited” the debate is becoming ahead of a national postal vote on the issue.

Oh yes! It was so much fun at the gay Mardi Gras in which weirdo exhibitionists minced along the avenues wearing nothing more than platted G-sting dangling from their derrières like the ripcord on a parachute. Basking in the perceived approbation from a curious throng who attended for the spectacle, gay marriage was the lisping mantra flung far and wide. Hissing and spitting at jeering yobbos. Bring on the debate they chorused, confident of victory, although in the cold light of dawn among the visions of smeared lipstick there hung the dark cloak of rejection. But a conscience vote from parliamentarians stacked with their ilk would prevail—they thought. It’s not as easy as many thought. Too much too soon, perhaps? Bringing it on has consequences. We saw how deeply some people feel about abomination when the champion of it all, Alan Joyce of Qantas, got pied in the face. The true nature of both sides are about to be set loose. And a pain the arse it will be! [More]

NBN: lies, deception, failure—it’s government

Is there anything this government can do with even moderate success? And now we are to swallow the following waffle!

Advertising campaigns used by all the major telecom companies to lure customers are “pretty dreadful”, according to the chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Rod Sims. While the ACCC is currently powerless to improve the quality of the vague undertakings on internet speeds the telcos use in their advertising material, it has issued guidelines to improve industry-wide standards.

Again a major expenditure. Again a major failure. Again the beleaguered punter pays the bill. Again there will be an election. Will you again vote for these really stupid bastards of incredible incompetence? [More]


Sack the whole damned lot!

What an almighty shambles our governments have made with their blind, unthinking, willing acceptance of evidence-free “climate change”.
The billions squandered on useless water purifiers!
The billions wasted on solar power incentives! And bureaucrats!
Wondering what happened to the money that was supposed to be ring-fenced for our pensions? That money was stolen then squandered. Lost. Pissed up against the wall in schemes including green schemes. Money snatched from us in tax.
And it still goes on today. Our brain-softened ‘leadership’ closes coal-fired generators, not because there are more efficient ones, but because it is the politically correct thing to do. Turnbull calls for a report on energy and gets a deep dyed green one that the bloody idiot takes seriously because his mind is still locked in his adolescent fantasies.
There are many reasons why we have crippling electricity prices, but they are all political. Political green lunacy and mad regulatory over-reach. But if ever one picture tells the story of how badly we have been misled and duped by our politicians then turn the page

We will all be happy
when the taboos fall?

We take where we are at this moment of time very seriously. We think of Malcolm Turnbull as an eejit. And can’t believe he’s our leader. We think of Bill Shorten as a  gormless union goon made good.

We worry where our pollies were born, and what head gear they wear in Parliament.

Just like we worried how bad Rudd and Gillard were just a few years ago, now forgotten. In a few months or years Malcolm and Bill won’t be memories of any importance except by those that have suffered under their green lunacy.

I can never quite make up my mind whether politics is important or unimportant to me. I have only to read the latest headline to feel either a surge of rage or despair, moderated by a brief burst of bitter laughter. Is reality satire, or satire reality? It is difficult to say these days. [More]

Ask any farmer—they have the solution to the migrants

Question: what would you do to stop cattle (migrants) getting into the homestead vegetable garden? 1: sell the cattle. 2: shoot the cattle. 3: close the gate.

Jennifer Oriel writing in today’s Australian exposes the mindset infection driving the UN refugee regimes of open borders. For those people harbouring anxiety about jihadist murderers slipping through the vetting systems of those countries under the spell of UN dictate, one moron suggests such xenophobia could be controlled by robust tranquillisers.

 “Given the right circumstances, oxytocin may help promote the acceptance and integration of migrants into Western cultures.” [More]

Will the man born to be king of Potts Point abdicate?

The Turnbull government has taken a battering after a week of turmoil over the citizenship of key ministers, with the Coalition trailing Labor by 46 to 54 per cent in another brutal verdict from voters.

Members of the Coalition must be plotting behind closed doors as they see their political careers being flushed down the dunny by a politically tin-eared Turnbull. Clearly Malcolm’s egomania shields him from reality. It is sad that Australia lurches through a procession of the worst PM ever to an even greater bungler than the one before. The garden plot of potential leaders of Australia is suffering a large dose of RoundUp. The soil is contaminated. Go Mr Turnbull—GO! [More]