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ROUHANI-BAN-KI-MOO_2684592bAnother reason to ignore the UN

The IPA has published an article with concerns about Australia’s schmoozing up to Iran. Our leaders exhibit a propensity to jump into bed  with serious violators of Australian standards. China for their record on humanity violations and now Iran for their record on women. See Female Genital Mutilation.

And so it goes with the UN’s election of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the Executive Board of UN Women. Maybe Kevin Rudd will change this when he replaces UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon?

Despite its horrible record in the area, the Islamic Republic of Iran was recently elected to the Executive Board of UN Women, a body created to lead and co-ordinate the UN’s work on gender equality and the empowerment of women.
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abbopassportPractical joker, troublemaker or simple fool?

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Such splendid publicity might thrill his mindless mates but probably not his “elders” trying to convince Australians to vote “yes” to Constitutionally split Australians by race. Good work son, you could become the Aboriginal prime minister!

An Aboriginal sovereignty campaigner says he is frustrated he was “hassled” by customs officers when he tried to enter Australia on an Aboriginal passport.

Callum Clayton-Dixon, who is the chairperson of the Aboriginal Provisional Government, said he was questioned for around 30 minutes on Friday evening when he arrived at the Brisbane International Airport from a trip to New Zealand. [Read more & Comments]

googleGoogle makes changes to search preferences

More than half of Australia’s biggest companies will “disappear” from Google on mobile devices as the US technology giant changes the way it ranks searches. From Wednesday, Google will prioritise companies that have “mobile-friendly” websites when people use the search engine on their smartphones or tablet computers. [Read more & Comments]

WebOfDeceptionMP Andrew Wilkie might be spot on

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has a history of switch-hitting allegiances for political opportunity. But having been an intelligence analyst based in the Middle East dealing with data from Iran, his warning should be taken on board.

As Wilkie would know only too well, many of Australia’s security analysts are not on top of their game, especially when it comes to the cunning liars inside the Iranian security system that easily outfox Western ideology by believable deception.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie has accused the Federal Government of “dancing with the devil” by entering into an intelligence sharing agreement with Iran. Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop announced Iran had agreed to trade information on Australian citizens fighting in Iraq, as part of efforts to counter the Islamic State militia. [Read more & Comments]

Lone Pine


Another Lone Pine

Damon Runyon

“Lone Pine” was part of a diversionary attack to draw the Turkish attention away from main assaults. The Australians managed to capture the main Turkish trench line in the first few hours of the fighting but occupation developed into a stalemate. Seven Australians were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions during the fighting at Lone Pine. Today it is the official cemetery.

Like Thermopylae for Greeks, like the Alamo for Americans, Lone Pine (what a name!) stands as the epitome of the raw courage and fierce attitude of the Australian fighting men.

Oddly, there is another Lone Pine. It is remembered for an entirely different reason. [Read more & Comments]

monopolyThe game of monopoly: Chinese style—buy utilities

It’s easy to enter a marriage with China, a nation that ignores equality. Getting a divorce is not so easy, as other countries have found. China believes in domination—at any cost.

China will invest $46 billion in Pakistan in the hope of ending a chronic energy crisis and transforming the nation into a regional economic hub. The two countries are also set to cooperate in gas, coal and solar energy projects to provide 16,400 megawatts of electricity – roughly equivalent to the country’s entire current capacity, Mr Iqbal said. [Read more & Comments]

Climate Change kills

global warming killsExclusive

Climate change articles – MM’s guide.

Damon Runyon


Surf’s down: Climate change may flatten famed surfing waves.

Climate specialists say signal global records set in 2014 may be broken this year

Climate change threatens the Australian tourism industry and may result in the loss of coral reefs.

They call it the “corridor of death” – and climate change may be making it worse.
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churchil on islamExclusive

…and still they come

Bret Harte

And still they come.

Thousands of acts of wanton destruction, thousands of assassinations, and still Australia welcomes migrants from cultures which are aggressive to our own.

What is the point inviting settlers from cultures which believe that beheading is the way to silence critics? That believes that children can be kidnapped and forced into their way of life? Children who can be driven out of their country? That believes girls can be sold if they are not Muslim? [Read more & Comments]