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The Supreme Court of Redefinitions


Sodomy enthusiasts have been celebrating the US Supreme Court’s decision legalising same sex marriage.

It was no cause for celebration; in voting to make it legal the Supreme Court descended to the worst kind of a political/judicial jiggery-pokery judiciary; with the worst kind of bastardisation of English, with the most attenuated wild “logic” discerning rights where none existed or were even thought of to the drafters of the US constitution and its amendments.

While simultaneously proclaiming themselves to be independent, they willingly and voluntarily gave over to enforcing the will of Obama thus adding jaw-dropping hypocrisy to their crime. [Read more & Comments]

bradleyRicho—some kind of bloke!

Love him or hate him, the “what ever it takes” bloke, Graham Richardson, is one very special kind of man. A man battling a nasty cancer. A man suffering horribly, in virtual silence, as he continues his public persona. His story should be told for the good of others—in one way or another!

Andrew bolt who debates Richo every week on Ben Fordham’s 2GB show while Richo has been enduring his trial wrote: …Yet he’s stayed sharp, informed and passionate. The body is frail, but the mind it carries is strong. Still, I’m embarrassed to think how I congratulated myself whenever I thought I’d scored a point against him. [Read more & Comments]

Scientific proof for the ageing

Have you ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind, only to completely forget what that purpose was ? [Read more & Comments]

dailydumpFairfax: their Sunday dump

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without a Fairfax Daily Dunp!

Like good news, good journalists are hard to find. And so it goes over at Fairfax HQ as national political correspondent, Adam Gartrell, might have been relegated to their mining section, a cute handle for the skilful task of digging dirt in spades.

Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, is being “excavated” today!

Gantrell’s sense of balance could be better enjoyed were he to dig his pick into Labor’s monolithic dunghill of profligacy. But that wouldn’t cheer their readership dolts—poor little things.

Here is just a start and a BobCat is required: [Read more & Comments]

imagesMosul to be liberated—we shall see

Iraqi jets dropped leaflets over Mosul telling residents Islamic State (IS) fighters would soon be driven from the northern city, saying details of the operation would be broadcast on a new radio station.

Dropping leaflets is all very encouraging we suppose, but those leaflets say, “The solution, with God’s help, is close.” Many will ask what action god will be taking. Besides, there has been no evidence of a government attack being mounted. The government has, however, told residents of Mosul to carry small radios on them to receive battle instructions—slingshots will be provided? [Read more & Comments]

ISIL enlisting Syria children to defend seized areaUK schoolgirls marry ISIL Jihadiots

A 16-year-old and a 15-year-old schoolgirls married one or two ISIL idiots and the families are blaming the police. I’m sure the girls will settle into a cozy, lifelong marriage of mutual respect and total bliss—exactly how true love would be!

Two of three teenage girls who travelled from Britain to Syria sparking criticism of the police response have married Islamic State (IS) group fighters, the lawyer for their families says. [Read more & Comments]


If only America had 18c..

Jack London

The video below shows Christians being stoned, assaulted, cursed, and threatened by Muslims on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan, USA, now known as Dearbornistan.

Dearbornistan was the the first American example of a phenomenon that is already common in Europe: the No Go Zone, places that are off-limits not only to non-Muslims but to the police as well.

What the burning carnage of World Trade Center is to al Qaeda, the No Go Zone is to the everyday Muslim. Dear to his heart. The No Go Zone is their own little piece of 7th century Arabia. [Read more & Comments]

fairfaxFairfax cuts: SA today, where tomorrow?

Fairfax Media has announced a shake-up of its South Australian country operations with the loss of about 35 jobs. Staff across regional areas were briefed on Thursday about the proposed changes to 18 publications. [Read more & Comments]