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Morning mailers #30

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Training to be a vet

Training to be a vet


China’s mates: Beijing Sam and now, “Willy Won Ton”?

How embarrassing, while the Labor Party was having its annual national conference in Adelaide, the ICAC coppers were raiding the ALP Sussex Street offices in Sydney over alleged undisclosed or illegal party donations in 2015. Brad Norington in The Australian today exposes what might be a smoking gun on the matter. There certainly does appear to be chummy relationships with lots of familiar names.

Bill Shorten was present with other senior party leaders at a Chinese Friends of Labor fundraising dinner in Sydney that is believed to be the focus of a raid on the NSW ALP’s headquarters by the Independent Commission Against Corruption. Officials from the NSW corruption body swooped on the ALP Sussex Street offices early yesterday in search of financial records related to an investigation into allegedly undisclosed or illegal party donations in 2015. [More]

Hinch, the human headline has another one

Australia’s political circus keeps adding new stunts to an already repertoire of stupids. Senator Hinch’s Justice Party added Catherine Cumming to his collection of misfits which was about to give an en-bloc clout in Victoria’s Upper House. However, newbie Ms Cummimg is not coming, she is going, before she is sworn in.

Derryn Hinch’s fledgling Victorian party has lost a rookie MP before she was even sworn into State Parliament. Senator Hinch’s Justice Party won three Upper House seats at last month’s state election, with a primary vote of 3.7 per cent. But the day before the trio were due to be sworn in, Catherine Cumming has announced she will quit the party and sit as an independent. [More]

Japan’s Izumo

Now it’s Japan Vs Russia?

It must be a concentration of methane collecting in the Northern Hemisphere that has China, Japan, Russia and North Korea looking over their shoulders at each other. The only one not yet in the mix is a Trump card. Now it’s Russia building military installations on a blip of dirt in the ocean the Russians call Kurils and Japan calls it their Northern Territories. The Russia/Japan niggle has been in play for years and that might be why Japan is about to launch its first aircraft carrier since the end of World War II. It is a refit of the Izumo, a helicopter carrier into a ship that can deploy US-made F-35B stealth fighters capable of short take-offs and vertical landings. You have to wonder how all this posturing, and that’s what it is, will be with several countries spending billions on little mole hills in the middle of various oceans that can be vaporised with one hit. It will be fun to watch as Fat Kim’s out of control rockets start dropping into the sea around them all. A bit like banging an ant’s nest to see how they run in all directions.

Russia said on Monday it had built new barracks for troops on a disputed chain of islands near Japan and would build more facilities for armoured vehicles, prompting a diplomatic protest from Tokyo. [More]

ABC’s global warming at work?

Oh dear. If the ABC seeks to press the global warming theory it should read what it writes. The headline: Perth Christmas Day weather forecast to be the hottest in six years. The lead text says this: Perth is set to experience its hottest Christmas Day in six years with a sunny day and a top of 34 degrees Celsius expected. Okay, so it’s going to be 34c on Christmas day. But then it says: If it does get to the forecast maximum, it will be the hottest Christmas since 2012, when 39.6C was recorded. And then the story goes on incoherently, might we say? [More]

Malaysia files criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two former executives

Let’s see now. Goldman Sachs, hmmm, that rings a bell?

If you are in a political position of power do you steal outrageously or just say, ten time more than you could possibly spend in three lifetimes—and get nailed?

Malaysia has filed criminal charges against Goldman Sachs and two former executives for their role in the alleged multi-billion-dollar ransacking of state investment fund 1MDB. Attorney General Tommy Thomas said the Government is seeking several billion dollars in fines from Goldman Sachs for breaches of securities laws that involved it making false and misleading statements to investors. He said his office will seek prison sentences of up to 10 years for the former Goldman executives, Roger Ng Chong Hwa and Tim Leissner. [More]

The yellow vests

The yellow vests: A populist, nationalist rebellion

One of Australia’s greatest shames is our ability to sit back and take what’s thrown at us and just whinge about it. We need to get off our backsides and fight against those that take us for a ride. All political parties seem to ignore us, the normal working person, taking us for granted. They did that in the US, eventually people rebelled and they got Trump in to save them. [More]

Join the army and do your duty—wrong!


Too many billions

Just too many billions to count

I bet $200 billion and raise you $1000 billion!

I don’t know about you, but reading the headlines this morning about all the billions of dollars suddenly falling into the hands of both Morrison and Shorten, seemingly from nowhere, is simply too much for an old curmudgeon living below the poverty line, in similar strife to the reported 1.1 million Australian kids too broke to buy books and school uniforms to grasp. “Billions” the latest one in the OZ, “$413bn in savings for next decade,” trumps lesser figures of double digit billions. I struggle to rationalise thousands. What’s the bet that some idiot bidding for the top starts talking trillions before the election?

Scott Morrison is preparing for a $10 billion summer spendathon to woo back voters with stronger commodity prices and more taxes from the nation’s businesses delivering a desperately needed budget windfall to the government.The mid-year budget update shows the federal government on track for a deficit of $5.2 billion this financial year before the first surplus in a decade in 2019-20, worth $4.1 billion. [More]

Andrew Broad: making Australia great again!

A sequel to the old movie, “Where no Vultures fly”—”Where the drongos breed!”

Goodness me! Years ago Australia had a reputation of being wild party-goers and drinkers, mostly emanating from Kangaroo Court in London. That seems to have died out over the years but we must thank two rolled gold idiots, Deputy PM Mc Cormack (Turnbull’s pick) and minister Andrew Broad for putting Australia back on the map. And if you doubt that, this article runs in today’s UK BBC, making Australia great again. You bloody beauty lads!

An Australian government minister has resigned from his position over allegations of inappropriate conduct.Andrew Broad, a junior minister, used a “sugar baby” website to meet a woman for dinner in Hong Kong last month, Australian magazine New Idea reported. The government said Mr Broad had quit “due to the nature of the allegations” against him, but did not elaborate. Mr Broad told the magazine that “the person making the allegation may have engaged in criminal activity”. [More]