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MynaAngela Merkel’s EU topia

The German government says there have been almost 500 attacks on homes intended for asylum seekers this year – three times more than in 2014.

While leftist numbskulls and do-gooders keep rolling out the German welcome mat, concerned citizens who were never asked if they would agree to take 1,000,000 refugees in a single year are left helpless under Merkel’s great plan. Frustration has caused retaliation with more than 500 attacks on refugee housing.

Laws have been rushed through under which the German government can immediately expropriate any unoccupied building to house the unprecedented migration of the aggressive Muslim Myna Birds to Europe. [Read more & Comments]

sandfleaSyria: US stuffed up big-time

Islam again!

According to BBC International broadcast this morning, ISIL is making meaningful progress as they capture and recapture towns, severing heads as they go. The report below shows a shocking lack of understanding about the psyche of the Middle Eastern sand flea.

The US is to end its efforts to train new Syrian rebel forces and says it will shift to providing equipment and weapons to existing forces. Its $500m (£326m) programme was heavily criticised after it emerged that US-trained rebels had handed vehicles and ammunition over to extremists. It emerged last month that only four or five of the fighters were in Syria. The programme had aimed to train and equip 5,400 fighters this year and a further 15,000 in 2016. [Read more & Comments]

allahIslam: the festering sore

It is becoming more evident every day that where there is is trouble Islam is front and centre. Worldly conflicts confirm that without argument. Our governments at all levels have ignored the will of the majority and matters are turning ugly. More than 1000 police across Victoria alone at what cost? Islam has become an unaffordable cost. No other religious group causes such liability and social mayhem!

More than 1000 police will be ­deployed across Victoria today in a bid to prevent violent clashes between anti-Islam protesters, their opponents and members of the public. Far-right groups including the United Patriots Front, the Australian Defence League and Rise Up Australia are planning to converge on the central Victorian town of Bendigo for what the UPF promises will be its biggest rally yet. More than 400 police will be sent to Bendigo, which has ­become a flashpoint for anti-Islam protesters opposed to the local council’s approval for the building of a mosque. [Read more & Comments]

Beware! Phone scammers at work

Major accounting firm H&R Block has warned people to beware of scammers as the end of the month deadline for tax returns draws near. H&R Block said that over the past few days it had received multiple reports of scammers phoning taxpayers and claiming they were being audited. They have been asked to call numbers with a 02 area code, but the numbers appear to be diverted to a mobile phone. [Read more & Comments]

clownTunisia: the Nobel Peace Joke

The Tunisian mediators who won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize are credited with saving the democratic transition in the birthplace of the Arab Spring when it was deep in crisis. Thanks to the work of the National Dialogue Quartet, the North African nation last year adopted a new constitution and democratically elected a president, Beji Caid Essebsi, for the first time. The award is a “tribute to martyrs of a democratic Tunisia”, said the head of the UGTT union, part of the quartet which has not been active since the start of this year. [Read more & Comments]

Empire’s had enough?


Empire’s had enough?

Bret Harte

If the skittish and tremulous Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration, heard that someone wanted a visa and had said this, “High migration makes a cohesive society impossible,” the REJECT stamp would hit the application so hard that it would break his wrist.

And if that applicant also said that a country does not need net migration at current levels, adding that the net economic effect was close to zero “at best”, the applicant would be denounced as a bigot and a racist and an economic pygmy.

Furthermore, Captain Jellyfish, Prime Minister of Australia, would fiddle insanely on his two-string violin the old song about how Muslims saved the Greek Classics and did marvellous things in mathematics a thousand years ago. Or something.

Well, somebody did say those things.

And that someone is the British Home Secretary, Theresa May. [Read more & Comments]

Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi awakens?

A lesson for the chairman—Proverbs (KJV): 27 : 23

“Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.”

“If you don’t like Australia, leave it.”

These are the words Parramatta Mosque chairman Neil El-Kadomi will utter when he stands before his congregation on Friday for the first time since the Sydney terror attack last week.

Why did it take so long for the Parramatta Mosque chairman to find his tongue in the most serious matter of premeditated religious slaughter of an innocent Australian?

With more than 400 worshipers attending his Mosque how did the 15-year-old Farhad Jabar escape any measure of detection?

Has chairman El-Kadomi suddenly awoken from  the usual coma of denial and forced by societal rage to speak out in condemnation, remove the heat and return to business as usual? [Read more & Comments]

salimWonderboy and supreme showoff gets his wish

He sought fame through ostentation. Surrounded himself with thugs to intimidate. Expressed his dream to lead the nation as prime minister and now has been charged by police. The cocky Salim Mehajar, basking in the glory and power of Bankstown’s deputy mayor, is realising his modus operandi—media attention!

Controversial Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer has been charged with intimidation for allegedly making threats against the father of a Lindt Cafe siege survivor. Mehajer, who made headlines for his show-stopping August wedding in western Sydney, is accused of threatening Bruce Herat, the father of Joel Herat. [Read more & Comments]