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Is this the way it is?

Is this the way it really is?

Probably not so funny if you are going through a divorce—particularly touchy if you’re a bloke! It’s not quite the same for both?
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winkLabor gives people smugglers “the nod”


by Jack Cade

Make no mistake, the boats will come again under a Labor government.

Labor lunacy and underhanded intention was revealed for all to see at their convention last weekend where it was voted to sell Australia out for the benefit of votes for this disgusting cabal of fools.

Under the policy expounded by Richard Marles it is clearly Labor policy to return to the fatally flawed border protection policy that resulted in over 1200 deaths of illegal immigrants and an influx of unwanted, incompatible “refugees” who, contrary to the rules, destroyed their documentation and passed through a number of safe and Islamic friendly countries to reach the welfare haven of their choice—Australia. [Read more & Comments]

mausManus Island: more trouble than it’s worth?

Asylum seekers who have had their claims and appeals rejected on Manus Island have been told to prepare for deportation.

Anyone found to be stateless will remain at the Australian-funded detention centre or be transferred to “any location, including correctional institutions”.

In documents obtained by the ABC, Papua New Guinea Immigration told the so-called “double negatives” they have no option of remaining in PNG and will never go to Australia. [Read more & Comments]

Goodes: hysteria won’t change the history

There have been widespread gestures of support for Sydney Swans player Adam Goodes this weekend across Australia’s sporting arena. Players and fans from all codes showed they were standing by Goodes after he took indefinite leave over continued booing from opposition supporters.

We have seen the social media urges to #IStandWithEverySillyThing before. It’s a stimulation to those that have little to occupy their struggling minds. Those who ignore social media and opportunistic mainstream media will now quietly review the push for Constitutional Recognition even more deeply now. Especially as it seeks to treat Australians differently—indigenous or non indigenous—black or white? [Read more & Comments]

abc interviewerExclusive

That’s the way to do it!


Sabra Lane of the ABC handles the Goodes affair in a way that is a model for all interviewers. She lets Bolt and King explain how they see the issues with civility and avoids the screeching and sneering and combative over-talk so often used by ABC interviewers who are pre-armed with caustic one-liners,sassy chat and an unjustifiable good opinion of themselves.

She is a breath of fresh air. [Read more & Comments]

Judges who know-it-all.

judges activistExclusive

Know-it-all Judges


Australia has largely been spared the policy-making judges who see rights where no one else does. How long will such a condition remain?

When Parliament makes a law, there it is. It takes a new Parliament to change it. Not quick, but at least it is done by people elected by the people.

We can sneer at politicians and curse the system and call them into the spotlight for rorts, but would any person think that unelected judges can do a better job? Is there any need for Parliament when judges make the call? [Read more & Comments]

twowayGoodes going one way in a two-way street

Indigenous Australians have opened up about the harsh personal toll racism has taken on them, as debate rages over the booing of AFL star Adam Goodes. The chairman of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine, revealed on The Drum that he is in therapy because of racism. “Can I share with you a very personal thing at the moment? The personal thing for me is I am in therapy because of racial taunts and attacks that happened,” he said. [Read more & Comments]

extra2The saga of Goodes brings no good

Columnist Chip Le Grand writes in The Australian today offering a history lesson on what some would view as the rise and fall of Adam Goodes. The author, however, seems to have boarded the knee-jerk bandwagon of supporters in sympathy of Goodes, ignoring the years of slow-drip aggravation, a festering “boil” between so-called indigenous and non indigenous, a matter governments have pushed by creating a them and us scenario. That “boil” is now being lanced and it promises to be ugly! [Read more & Comments]